John Travolta Remembers Robin Gibb

While John Travolta will tell you during a night of seduction and hamburgers that he made it big satisfying the sexual appetite of the gay Jews who run Hollywood – He’s perfectly straight himself though, for the record. Handjob? – but it was Saturday Night Fever that really propelled him to stardom and featured a soundtrack composed by the late Robin Gibb and his brothers in the Bee Gees. So naturally when Gibb died of colorectal cancer over the weekend, John Travolta felt compelled to honor his friend in the classiest way possible: A statement to TMZ.

Travolta tells TMZ, “I thought Robin was one of the most wonderful people — gifted, generous, and a real friend to everyone he knew. And we’ll miss him.”

He added, “Robin was also a great practical joker. In fact, he loved to play this one prank where he’d leave a note in a safe deposit box to be read upon his death saying that a famous movie star tried to blow him in his sleep. Haha! He was such a kidder. — Okay, Harv, I think they bought it. So are we fucking at your place or- what do you mean it’s still record- *CLICK*

Photo: Getty