John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John’s New Video Is Why We Can’t Have Christmas Anymore

December 5th, 2012 // 59 Comments
John Travolta Olivia Newton-John
WATCH: John & Olivia - 'I Think You Might Like It'

There are exactly two people and two people only who could’ve edited this thing: A Scientology slave who’s never seen nor touched a computer before, or Jett Travolta from the grave.

Tell me wrong. I dare you.


  1. cc

    Travolta appears to be playing the part of the ‘red shirt’ on Star Trek.

  2. joe

    She took the vinyl she wore at the end of Grease and injected it into her face.

  3. KungFuPanda

    couldn’t make it through the first minute

    • Uncle Bobbie

      It gets better after the 1st minute. You gotta give these things some time.

    • Jill_Ess

      You only made it a minute? It was so awful, I could not pull myself away. It was THAT awful.

      • Mike

        I hope…I really hope…I never get as bitter and jaded as you guys. It wasn’t that good….but jeeze….it wasn’t the heralding of the antichrist you people would make us think. God people…relax and get laid occasionally…it really works wonders on the attitude….try it….you might just like it.

  4. USDA Prime McBeef

    Video needs more huge dongs plunging into Revolta’s mouth.

  5. Max Shreck

    Ease up guys, Travolta and Santa both have alot in common: They both (allegedly) have beards.

    On a more serious note, I noticed John was wearing a chain wallet. Does this mean he’s “grunge” now? First Darryl Hall discovered flannel, and now this…

  6. See? I told you Travolta’s not gay! This proves it.

    • from Jo to Joe

      I wanted to like this. I wanted to love this. To say the least, I am disappointed. I agree that old age sucks. However, can anyone out there offer a clear explanation as to why celebs rearrange their perfectly beautiful faces to become mannequins? I apologize if i have insulted mannequin designers, but I could not think of anything appropriate to compare these plastic people to. And John – poor John. Poor confused John. That’s all.

  7. Dan Quayle

    Sandy firmed he thong tribute Zenu

  8. I thought Olivia Newton John was gay(?). Scientology hates homosexuals, so what’s the deal? The whole damn “church” must be in denial after Tom Cruise and Travolta here

  9. catapostrophe

    I like the part where I’m not watching it anymore.

  10. Smapdi

    Sigh, another red-letter day for white folk dancing. And if I understand the plot right, Olivia and John drove home and left everybody else stranded at the airport?

  11. El Jefe

    Creepiest video ever and worst toupee ever. I could only make it about halfway through and then when she started running towards him I had to go.

    Don’t these people have people that are supposed to tell them that shit like this is horrible?

  12. [img][/img]

  13. Remember when these two could actually sing without Auto-Tune? Ahhh, good times.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      Actually, no. I never owned a reel to reel player.

      • Doc, you don’t remember because you were born the same year the movie Grease was released. I meant the rest of us. Y’know…the over-40 old farts.

      • Speaking for the rest of the rest of us, they sounded badly auto-tuned then. (“Yuhdawundatiwan! Ooh, ooh, ooh, hunuh!”)

        And in retrospect, she always did give him that weirdly earnest look women give their gay male friends.

  14. Tom Cruise's Magical Penis

    I got (douche) chills. They’re multiplyin’.

  15. tlmck

    Never been a huge Travolta fan, but being able to park your jet at your house is pretty cool.

  16. mrsmass

    14 seconds in and i’m laughing uncontrollably.

  17. liberalasshole

    I’m not sure what it is, but this video helps me to shit.

  18. Tidbit

    I didn’t watch it. It was great.

  19. vandal

    Why does he always look like a fuckin’ Vulcan?

  20. MilwaukeeJoe

    Oh my God that was so good.

  21. Doctor_Joystick

    This video is gayer than Elton John blowing George Michael on the lead float in a Pride Parade.

  22. Featuring the don’t ask, don’t tell dancers.

  23. Dr, Roxo

    I just poo poo’d out of my pee pee

  24. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! What’s really sad? HE doesn’t look as awful as she does! Full disclosure; I couldn’t stop watching. What’s really true: I won’t watch it again. But damn that was a great belly laugh.

  25. that was embarrassing to watch

  26. Thanks for ruining any fond memories I had of “Grease”

  27. I had to stop watching when I threw up my breakfast…. from 6 months ago.

  28. Swede

    If there is indeed a war on Christmas, this is th nucleur bomb. It blows big time

  29. Xenu is rolling over in his grave.

  30. suck it

    Save yourself from clicking on this spam. It takes you to a page selling face cream. Lame.

  31. Cecilia

    I assume they’re both completely broke at this point? Since they let somebody shoot this crapfest for free (‘cuz they can’t have paid money for it, right??) and since John all of a sudden thinks he’s Billy Ray Cyrus minus ALL of the talent^^ No. 1, Why are they singing a country-song about christmas in a landscape that looks like the midwest in june? And 2, WTF has happened to their dancemoves?? Is this “X-factor senior edition”??

    • ProJo

      The video will win no awards. That is a fact. However, I don’t think it was bad because John and Olivia are “old” – I think it is bad because it failed to showcase any of their talents. The production value was – okay there WAS no production value… the song was either sappy or crappy. ( I have not yet decided.) The entire video was confusing. John’s wife Kelly was at the airport waiting for John to arrive so he could leave with another woman? Why didn’t Kelly get a present? Or was HER present the fact that John left with another woman?

  32. Herman Bumfudle

    that’s a very beautiful video. simple, rational and beautiful. btw merry christmas.

  33. Thanks for making me retroactively hate Grease, guys. Merry fucking Christmas.

  34. sharon

    all you weirdoes out there say what you want,I still love both of them,that was filmed only acoupla miles from where I live,wish I could have seen it live!!!!

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