John Travolta Looks Different

February 21st, 2011 // 190 Comments

For years John Travolta has meticulously tried to hide his baldness, even going so far as demanding re-shoots of magazine spreads if his hair piece was the slightest bit obvious. Cut to this weekend where a surprisingly sloppy John (Also, his Internet handle.) actually stepped outside in Hawaii without a rug as the paparazzi waited in the bushes. You’d figure The Force, or however Scientology works, would’ve alerted him to their presence, so I can only assume it was a woman taking these photos.

KELLY: John, I think someone’s watching us.
JOHN: *puts fingers to his temple* … Nope, not getting anything.
KELLY: She’s standing right there, waving at us.
JOHN: All I see are palm trees.
KELLY: And now she’s picking up the baby.
JOHN: Kelly, he’s flying. Does it all the time. Jesus, what’s gotten into you?

Photos: Flynet, Getty


  1. Landrew

    These type of photogs should not be encouraged by paying them for boring ass photos like these.

  2. sooz

    The piece is a bit better than the Bret Michael’s “bandanas are so cool I even wear them in the hospital” strategy.

  3. ProstituteForMoney

    A 50+ year old man is bald? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!?!?!

  4. Of course he is bald… Can you imagine how much testosterone he is ingesting?

  5. derpaderp

    Hah, the look on his face is priceless….

  6. Mariah

    To Hola.. Don’t know who you are, but I like your style of telling it like it is! Go Baby!!!

  7. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    Are you kidding? Those pics must be Photoshopped. John Travolta never puts on a false front. Just ask his boyfriend.

  8. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks SOOO much better without it!!! He needs to quit doing the Nicholas Cage/Charlie Sheen thing of placing a mop on top of their heads, and thinking that it looks good. Looks like a mop! John, nobody cares if you’re bald, or gay!! Come out of the “hair closet” John. (and drag..(no pun intended) Tom Cruise with you.

  9. Lisa

    I love him with or without his hairpiece!!

  10. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    John looks great with or without a full head of hair.

    People need to leave him alone. He has been through enough in his life and does not need this type of silly criticism.

  11. John Travolta Bald
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    Leave the guy alone. The asswipe person taking the photo will someday if not already have hair loss . It is part of our cycle. I had beautiful long hair in my 20′s and now 51 lost it . When he is ready to go topless I am sure you will be there to take the photos. The family has been through so much and now with the other issues facing them . Get a real Job

  12. John Travolta Bald
    In Car Audio
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  13. Kelpy

    I find John Travolta to be very ugly. Is there anybody else who thinks the same ?

  14. Cheryl

    I wouldn’t find him attractive, even if i was a man. He was georgeous in “Michael” and “Phenomenon”, but now ? Icky.

  15. Cheryl

    I wouldn’t find him attractive even I was a man. He was georgeous in “Michael” and “Phenomenon”, but now ? Icky.

  16. MsEll

    So much for Scientology. Can’t blame this on Obama and somebody has got to take the fall. I’m sure Travolta can afford it!

  17. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    it is false bald piece to make him look bald, obviously …. perhaps a re-make of “Crusing” would be a good career move, since he is not gay despite ALL the allegations. Where there is smoke….lastly greed over-rides honesty time and again. It is human nature and therefore world truth: look around you people, only those consciously aware will a clue. Perhaps he has not yet made enough money for his future.

  18. John Travolta Bald
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    If Scientology can cure everything and if it is so powerful, why can’t it cure his baldness? LOL!
    Not that baldness is bad, but why do so many celebrities try to hide it? Sean Connery didn’t. Now, he’s a class act!

  19. John Travolta Bald
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    See Grease?It was all that counted!

  20. I do NOT in anyway think that they killed their child, Jett.. and very bad to even imply it.. Who cares if he is bald, gay, whatever!! He has entertained us all with alot of laughs in Welcome Back Kotter to all his movies..He can, act , sing and also a very good dancer..So I would say that is a whole lot of talent there…And you can’t believe everything you read…What about the terrible rumor that everyone laughed about Richard Gere and having to go to the hospital to have something removed..How humilated he must have been..And it was all a lie, and he is happily married…As long as we have entertainment , that is the bottom line..

  21. CARLA

    What a bunch of pruds!!
    Live and let live!!!

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