John Travolta Looks Different

February 21st, 2011 // 190 Comments

For years John Travolta has meticulously tried to hide his baldness, even going so far as demanding re-shoots of magazine spreads if his hair piece was the slightest bit obvious. Cut to this weekend where a surprisingly sloppy John (Also, his Internet handle.) actually stepped outside in Hawaii without a rug as the paparazzi waited in the bushes. You’d figure The Force, or however Scientology works, would’ve alerted him to their presence, so I can only assume it was a woman taking these photos.

KELLY: John, I think someone’s watching us.
JOHN: *puts fingers to his temple* … Nope, not getting anything.
KELLY: She’s standing right there, waving at us.
JOHN: All I see are palm trees.
KELLY: And now she’s picking up the baby.
JOHN: Kelly, he’s flying. Does it all the time. Jesus, what’s gotten into you?

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  1. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks good without the hairpiece. And I second Opps’ comment – he (and many others) should be left alone outside of the Hollywood scene. I can’t imagine what other photos will now surface – maybe Tom Cruise inside a portaloo? Jennifer Aniston having a smear test? How personal can the paparazzi get?

  2. 3reddogs

    Anybody who’s seen “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3″ has already seen Travolta without his hair piece. In fact, he had the same buzz cut in the movie as he has in this picture.

  3. Bobby

    He looks gorgeous!!

  4. Debby

    Grow up people and get over the hair thing. He is still hot!

  5. Seriously

    I agree that he looks better au naturel (with regard to his scalp, at least.) I also think that Kelly Preston looks great for 48 or 49 – especially after that many years of being a beard. Think about it. She’s an actor, and according to widely held belief, she has been “acting” every day, every hour, every minute since she married him. I for one know that if I have fifteen or twenty years on my job without a day off I would look a heckuva lot worse than she does.
    On a side note, I am also interested in how these aging celebrity Scientology adherents are going to explain away their inevitable illnesses and declines as time goes on. The Final ShowDown: Xenu v. Father Time.

  6. joanie

    This is funny how he has presented his wealth even w a hairpiece. Why does he not share his money with everyone instead of acting like some special captain pilot king of an island+missionary king of scientology.used to love him until I realized all he concerns himself is being part of the have group and not the havenots

  7. RobNYNY1957

    He must light a candle to the Virgin every day, thanking her for Nicholas Cage’s Oscar, so that Travolta can tell people than an even worse actor than himself has received one.

  8. G

    Greenpeace sent their net for the beached whales…. but the mistake is quite understandable because of the white whale forehead…..

  9. A head like an egg, with the expression of a chicken.

  10. I don’t blame him for wearing a wig. It’s hard to pull off a bald head with a beard.

  11. Nice velcro strip on his dome. I always wondered how hair pieces stayed on.

  12. David

    Wouldn’t be the first thing he blew off this weekend

  13. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    this is hilarious. next he will be on oprah crying the blues.
    not with all his millions could someday he prevent this.
    this article is so funny, betcha he is fuming.

  14. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    he looks a whole lot less gay this way lol

  15. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    maybe I’m niave about hairpieces, but I would never be able to tell that that was one! How does this work?

  16. Merrilyloulabelle

    All his hair pieces are at the Scientology Celebrity Centre getting e-metered so JOhn will never have a bad hair day!!! These wigs don’t go to just any old hair salon!! No sireeeeeee. These are Travolta tresses & wiggees. LOL….

  17. pendecos

    cue ball in corner pocket!

  18. pendecos

    this thread is hilarious

  19. Wow

    You know, he should just be happy with the way he looks & don’t wear the wigs anymore. He didn’t wear the wig in “Pelham 1 2 3″ and he looked fine; in fact, he shaved his head for that move in Paris & it was ok. For someone who does scientology to “rid himself of self delusions”, wearing that wig is pretty delusional…

  20. Codswallop

    You comment on the hair but don’t even mention he’s in a SLING?! You’re slipping.

    Oh well, I guess John Travolta being in a sling is about as newsworthy as Lindsay Lohan being in court.

  21. R.

    John Travolta has come a long ways from Welcome Back Kotter. He deserves his props even if he doesn’t have any hair.

    • He came back from the “Look Who’s Talking” series… The last one was about DOGS! With Roseanne Barr as a dog voice I think!!! Props? He deserves a freaking medal….

  22. Never has a picture more completely captured the thought of “Hey, did I leave my butt plug in?”.

  23. Irene

    What’s the BIG DEAL? He looks “NORMAL”‘ for God’s sake!

  24. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks fine withouth the hairpiece. Allie, the paparazzi wouldn’t care about catching Tom cruise in the portaloo, they might catch in the bathouse though, I’m sure he spends more time there anyway.

  25. Julia

    He looks sexier…

  26. Dan Cobb

    He looks great without his hairpiece!

  27. abbby

    I’m more intrigued by the “sex swing” he’s sitting in….

  28. Jerry Cornelius

    He seriously looks like he could play L Ron Hubbard in a movie. Google pictures of L Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology), look at the hairline, the lips, chin dimple and eyes. I laughed a lot seeing that!

  29. i love how all the old bald guys on here are now saying OMG ITS NORMAL FOR A MAN TO BE BALDING AT THAT AGE! and when a woman comments on an older actress is starting to show wrinkles saying its normal, she gets torn apart. Hardly any person, male or female, could look the age of 18 forever. People have peaks.

    you could be judgmental, but at least be fair about it.

  30. ValdaDeDieu

    He doesn’t look bad at all…and if Bruce Willis can get away with it, so can John.

  31. jen

    He’s bald, sooo………………………….

  32. nonminti

    somehow he and Tom Cruise are very weird.Oh,I get it,it’s scientology! but he looks better without wig,otherwise it’s like a broiler would want to hide behind some feathers.Be bald,it rather suits him :)

  33. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    He is a Thespian caught on his down time.

  34. Jill Ess

    looks different, and confused.

  35. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    YUM, barefoot Johnny , nice toes, in a sling.oh my imagination………….

  36. DAO

    that is so photoshopped

  37. lex

    I like it both ways

  38. Doodette

    Hm! Kinda BritRocker. Could be some good villain roles that would work the look.

  39. Sweets

    He looks like that actor who was in LA Law – Corbin Bernson? He should talk to Bruce Willis about how to go bald with flair.

  40. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    I have suspected for years he wore a rug. Many pics of him where it looks off.
    Wendy they can do this several ways. The rows of hairs are weaved together towards the bottom and attached to a device that you slide into your god hair or there is a fitted nude/color matched mesh like thingy that has the hair weaved to it and it has a sticky back or is glued. There are many other ways it just depends how much dough you have.
    I am a balding male and would never dream of any type of rug, transplant or combover. I think I look better without hair.

  41. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s a good, and entertaining, actor. Who cares about his hair, or lack thereof? If he saw them he should have just gotten up and started dancing!

    They go too far with their invasion of privacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. joeb

    Actually, he may look better without the rug. Goes from an “aging pretty boy” to some real gravitas. That stare in the first picture is killer.

  43. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah yeah, privacy and all that. He’s a famous actor; that’s the price you pay. It’s a price most people try to pay thanks to the inter-ma-nets anyway.

    As far as balding goes, on one hand I don’t think he should worry about it anymore. There’s nothing wrong with male-pattern baldness. The most you can do is handle it with grace. (this is speaking as someone who’s grandfather was as bald as a baby’s bottom)

    On the other hand, you know that if he wants work there’s some pressure to maintain his image, though a lot of other actors seem to do fine without full natural turf. . . Malkovich, Bruce Willis, Michael Chiklis, Kevin Spacey, etc.

  44. Incredulous

    It looks like a poor quality photoshop to me.

  45. JimNauseam

    “Yo, Vinnie! Nice chrome-dome.” – Horshak

  46. Rev Rick White

    This scumbag and his wife denied their child the drugs that would have kept Jet Travolta alive. Why haven’t the police investigated them for child abuse and neglect?

    Scientologists don’t believe in using any drug that would affect the brain. There was also another case in the past of a 40 something male scientologist that also died of seizures because the medication is against their beliefs.

    They murdered their kid.

  47. He looks like he can’t figure out why people keep calling him Bruce Willis.

  48. John Travolta Bald
    Commented on this photo:

    “I left it at the bath house. I need to go get it.”

  49. melanie

    I like it! Damn John you’re still sexy! Go natural,who the heck cares

  50. DC

    A board unmonitored is a complete waste of time, and does little more than replicate the most disturbing irresponsible and anonymous thoughts that can possibly emerge in belligerent below average brains. And the publisher makes a buck. Won’t be back.

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