John Travolta Has Cross-Dressing Photos Now

May 24th, 2012 // 50 Comments
John Travolta Hairspray
Good Morning, Ash-Hole!
Jeff Conaway John Travolta
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Besides these.

Before I get started, there’s a rumor floating around that John Travolta either attempted to, or is currently attempting to, leave the Church of Scientology hence the recent onslaught of tabloid stories rife with anus puckering and surprise BJs. And that rumor seems more and more likely considering The National Enquirer is suddenly in possession of old cross-dressing photos of Travolta, and somehow the New York Daily News found out he’s trying to pay off all the masseurs he “allegedly” solicited for butt sex. Which is surprising because you’d figure the House of L. Ron would just go straight to, “John Travolta killed his son because our crazy religion made him believe he has magic space-hands.” This just seems like a lot of work is all.


  1. Dick Hell

    Sometimes a guy just NEEDS to feel pretty…

  2. cc

    Pretty sure those shots are Sarah Jessica Parker…

  3. EricLr

    We joke, but Scientology has done some INCREDIBLY nasty stuff to people who crossed them before–including framing them and getting them thrown in prison and even (allegedly) murder.

  4. The Royal Penis

    This isn’t John Travolta, there’s no cock in his mouth.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Oscar De La Hoya says deny, deny, deny.

    (Then admit it.)

    • Evelyn

      No, why would you believe antnhiyg that comes out of the national inquirer. It’s magazines like those that ruin celebrities’ life with ridiculous rumors just to get attention. Haven’t you seen him with his wife and kids? So what does that tell you?

  6. “Please excuse Vinnie’s unusual wardrobe. It’s part of a religious ceremony.” Signed- Epsteins’ mother

  7. Cock Dr

    Come on out John….the shame isn’t in liking some dick now and then, the shame is in the cheating & lies.
    Come on out, the entertainment industry doesn’t give a shit.
    That “church” might though.
    He should spill the beans on that goofy shit as well.

    • Dick Hell

      Agreed. Being honest about who he really is and publicly acknowledging the corrupt and sleazy nature of Scientology are two things that would raise my estimation of Travolta.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        If your estimation of Travolta is raised, fuck knows the dude’s gonna try to touch it.

      • Lemmiwinks

        Dick’s luckyl with Juan Epstein out of the picture there’s another Sweathog around to pick up the slack.

  8. Maybe he is realizing that if the gay thing is all they have on him, that particular threat may have lost its potential for impact.

    If masseuse molestation is already on the table, The “church” may have lost a bit of leverage.

  9. The Most Interesting

    “Making fun of Travolta is revolt-a-ing!”

    No? Sorry bum chum, I tried for, like, a full tenth of a second.

  10. Scott

    This is from the 2007 movie Hairspray. These were never hidden.

  11. Like someone else mentioned- it may seem far-fetched, but not when you compare it to the lengths this “church” has gone to before.

    It’s just changed from “We’re powerful and can protect you from the gay rumours” to “We’re powerful and can make sure everybody knows you’re gay”. The sword- it’s double edged.

  12. Kate

    You bone heads probably think he looks “Curvy”

    • kimmykimkim

      She’s baaaaaaack!

      • I don’t think she ever left. It’s probably Forrest, Randal, Angie, ArtofWar; I think they are all the same person.

      • By the way, kimmy, if the Co$ is really behind these leaks, I guess you can breathe easier about their coming after you for telling that story about your masseuse friend’s experience. Hey, they might even send you a fruit basket for helping them out! (Don’t eat anything from it.)

      • God dammit, TomFrank, you had to go and ruin it, didn’t you? I almost had kimmers convinced that I could provide her with an alternative to Witness Protection, selling cake and sexual services out of my guesthouse.

        Do you have any idea how much people would pay for a red velvet handjob? Well, neither do I, offhand – but market research is the fun part of any job. I was literally five minutes away from her frosting that moist little fucker when your post blew (sorry) everything out of the water. Now she’s negotiating a book deal and a personal appearance tour.

        You owe me, bigtime.

      • I don’t owe you crap. (Besides, didn’t I send you shoes?) I’m working my own angle on kimmy. It’s not as elaborate as yours—it mostly involves buying her clothes, having her model them for me privately, and then, um, nature would take its course, I imagine—but at least I’m not pimping her out. No…I want her all to myself.

      • Good luck with that -the handjobs and cake were HER idea. She could teach MBAs tricks when it comes to being an entrepreneur. I’m the one doing the market research, she’s not paying rent, so I’m on the losing end – although I do admit I rock a mean pimp cane. Jason Isaacs has nothing on me.

      • kimmykimkim

        Justie, cake and hand-job selling was actually McBeef’s Travolta inspired idea. Do I need to get him in on this? ;o)

      • kimmykimkim

        Those co$ fuckers don’t scare me! Haha, you two! TomFrank, thank you for not pimping me out. You’re quite the gentleman. Justie, I’m suddenly confused about your gender. I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out if you’re a man or a woman and I don’t want to take a guess for fear that I’ll be terribly wrong. Regardless of your gender, TomFrank seems to have offered me a better deal…that is, as long as I don’t have to have a job and can stay home and play house all day. TomFrank, we’re going to need to go over this contract and make a few adjustments before I’ll be willing to sign. In the meantime, my dress size is 2 and my shoe size is 8. Looks like you got some shopping to do! ;o)

      • In recent weeks, justifiable has a) confessed an inexplicable love for Jennifer Love Hewitt; b) asked you for a handjob; and c) something else I don’t remember—all of which lead me to conclude that he’s a dude. Or do women call it a “handjob” when they’re being fingered?

        And kimmy, you’re supposed to go shopping with me. Do you think I dare buy clothes for a woman without her present? Play your cards right and I’ll take you to Neiman Marcus!

      • kimmykimkim

        TomFrank, you’re talking to a stoner! I don’t remember things! Ok, Neiman’s, that will work. But I still don’t want to have to work anymore! And since you live in NYC, we’ll have to hit up Obscura so you can also buy me something weird and wildly expensive from there. Ok? Ok, sounds like a plan! I’ll be waiting for the revised contract!

      • Khalegh

        because if you are in a position of ertxeme power such as a president or the highest grossing actor at some point in your career you are under a magnifying glass with any personal beliefs or decisions being amplified greatly. your right some thhings go unnoticed while others draw a great deal of attention but this is just the way mass media works and regardless of how secretive you are some of your personal life will be leaked onto center stage where you will be judged because this is a highly judge-mental society.

      • Cockblocked again! I’m gonna see if JLH wants to spend a weekend at my place eating her way through several acres of red velvet cake to find the three rings I’ve hidden there. If I’m lucky, she’ll be too blissed out by all that chocolate to care that they’re two shower curtain rings and a push-tab off a beer can.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        you ain’t workin’ no fucking angle, son.

      • kimmykimkim

        Beefy! :o)

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        goddamn right it’s the mcbeef. talkin bout apples, tommy. how you like them fuckers?

      • You guys are awesome, you know that? :)

      • Hilarious. All of it.

  13. Triscuit

    This story really only increases my dislike for his ‘church’ more than anything, if it is all coming out because he’s trying to leave it. Either way though, if Travolta wants to dress up like Mary Poppins and blow chimney-sweeps in his off time, I will still pay to watch him in movies. I love him either way. He doesn’t judge me for my indiscretions, I’ll not judge him for his.

  14. Kennis

    Listen to the secret audio recording a reporter dug up!

  15. John Travolta loves his family !!! We love you John Travolta He’s a very sweet man.Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people. And John and Kelly are very good people.
    I had 100% faith in his innocence when he was first accused and I stand by him. He’s one of the greatest actors in America and these sensation seeking morons should be ashamed of making false accusations. I love John as an actor & he seems like one of the most compassionate people on this earth!

    • Cock Dr

      Nice try. Keep trying to convince yourself.
      You know a bisexual or gay man can genuinely love his family while still loving the cock. It’s not mutually exclusive.

  16. El Jefe

    I don’t care if he is gay, I don’t care if he cross dresses. I like him as an actor and he seems like a nice guy.

    I don’t care.

  17. Marie

    As soon as I saw the picture of John T cross dressed at a party I immediately suspected it was the Scientology mafia using it as an attempted scare tactic or warning to keep him under control. I really hope he finds the courage (with the support of those who truly do want the best for him) to bite the bullet and leave this prison they have him in. I don’t believe he’s a bad person at heart – I’m also condoning assault. I think he is emotionally pushed to the edge and the only way to true freedom and healing is to either let the Scientologists do what their going to, leave anyway confident with the truth out and some genuine contrite ness on his part that he will gain more respect and acceptance than he ever will or could by continuing the lies. He needs to get that he has more power than he thinks against this cult. I think if he doesn’t take his chance now to start a new (happier, freer, healthier) life now, it will end tragically. Disappear to some island with the help of (real) friends for a while and at some point do a coming out interview with someone he trusts. Then MOVE ON. Look at Ricky Martin, Ellen, etc…

  18. Marie

    In my message above I meant to say, I DON’T condone assault – of any kind.

  19. A BiPolar Buy

    The LRonHeads would never use the “our religion made him kill his son” thing you suggest. That would discredit them! If they were to do something, and I’m not saying they are, it”s John Travolta they’d want to discredit so no one would pay attention if he criticized them.
    This is the perfect way to do it. Nothing people like more than a sex scandal. For the anti-gay crowd, this is a perfect double wammy, and for the more enlightened on homosexuality, the coercion/harassment angle is even more of a winner than for the first group. It doesn’t matter a bit that’s it’s irrelevant to scientology. Blacken his name and no one will pay attention to anything he says.
    As for paying them off, many an innocent person would pay just to get it out of the news rather than the trial brining even more bad publicity. Even if he won every suit, it would not matter. People believe what they want to, and people want to believe this.

  20. Imagine the amazing stories of extreme gayness we’d get if Tom Cruise tried leaving that nest of fruitcakes!

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