John Stamos Wants To Give Margot Robbie ‘The Stamos Straddler’

Our last post about Dave Coulier’s penis went well, so here’s one about how John Stamos uses his and where he’d like to put it because these are the questions on America’s mind right now. I’ve read your diary. Via Fox News:

The 52-year-old actor made a radio appearance on “The Kyle & Jackie O Show” on Thursday, where he gamely answered if he had “any little tricks as a lover.”
The Stamos Straddler, I do that sometimes.”

So that was the how, and now here’s the where in case you skipped the headline where it’s written in bold letters:

It appears Australian women are definitely Stamos’ type — specifically, “Suicide Squad” star Margot Robbie.
“I sat next to her at the Oscars once,” he dished. “I was drooling.”

Of course, John Stamos might’ve had a chance until everyone found out he licks holes that Dave Coulier stuck his wiener through, which I’ve paid to have written in the sky above Margot’s house along with the name of my signature move “The Crying Nub Dick Man.” It’s a journey of the eyes and ears. Girl.

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