John Stamos & Dave Coulier Were The Original Leo & Jonah

“Okay, say we manage to even find this Heath Ledger person. How do we explain a baby just said she’s going to kill him 20 years into the future? Don’t get me wrong, both of us heard it. Clear as day. But who would believe us?”

While I could write about the Kardashians signing an $80 million contract to continue their jihad on quality television, it’s the day before my birthday, so I’d rather write about something that inspires humanity as opposed to making it drive off a cliff cursing the very day it first set foot on land. So here’s a recent interview with Dave Coulier where he talks about John Stamos scoring so much supermodel pussy back in the day he was literally giving it away. Via Us Weekly:

“When I was a single guy, it used to be great,” Coulier, 55, said of his friendship with Stamos. “You’d ski in John Stamos’ wake and supermodels were bouncing off of him. It was pretty special.”
He also detailed how Stamos would ask him for help when he got into tight situations.
“John would call me up — here’s why John is such a great guy — he would call me up and say, ‘Hey, do you know any guys that could come over because there’s five girls sitting in my pool right now and I need some help,'” Coulier recalled. “So I would call my knucklehead hockey buddies in L.A., and I’d go, ‘We have to go over to John’s house and help him right now because there are some supermodels sitting around his pool and he needs some help.’ And my buddies would go, ‘You are the greatest friend ever!'”

And now I feel bad about the Jonah and Leo comparison because I get the impression John Stamos genuinely likes Dave Coulier and doesn’t tell him new Froyo shops are opening in towns he conveniently won’t be in. I can admit when I’m wrong.

Photo: Getty