John Stamos Banged a 17-Year-Old

July 13th, 2010 // 40 Comments

When John Stamos‘ marriage to Rebecca Romjin fell apart in 2004, he did what any man in his shoes would’ve done: SPRING BREAK! Uncle Jesse made his way to Orlando where his lawyer admits he met 17-year-old Allison Coss but the details of what happened between the two (He banged her.) has become the center of a $680,000 extortion trial. Via Huffington Post:

Henderson said Stamos, now 46, noticed Coss and another girl at a club, asked friends to bring them over and later invited the star-struck teens to his hotel room. Stamos ordered a drink for Coss even after she told him she was 17, Henderson said.
Two women who worked as strippers eventually showed up in the room with a bag of cocaine, she said, and Coss and her friend took a picture of Stamos bending over a table where the drugs had been laid out.
Henderson said Stamos and Coss later kissed on a bed and got into a hot tub together after Stamos undressed and Coss stripped to her underwear. She said Stamos offered to perform oral sex on Coss, but she declined. Florida law makes it a second-degree felony for someone 24 or older to have oral sex with anyone 16 or 17 years old. It carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison.
Stamos eventually became frustrated, broke a bedpost with his hand and left the room before apologizing and inviting Coss to spend the night, which she did, Henderson said.
For the next few years, they maintained a “flirty kind of relationship” by e-mail, Henderson said.
Stamos received two e-mails last fall from a “Jessica T” who claimed she was pregnant and Stamos was the father, Vermaat said. Later came a series of e-mails from a “Brian L” describing allegedly compromising photos and saying they would be sold to tabloids if Stamos did not buy them for $680,000.
Prosecutors contend Coss and Sippola sent the e-mails.
Stamos contacted the FBI, Vermaat said. During testimony, two agents described a sting operation that ended with Coss and Sippola’s arrest at K.I. Sawyer International Airport near Marquette, where an agent posing as a Stamos representative had promised to leave a bag of cash.

This story had me until John Stamos broke a bedpost with his bare hands in front of a room full of strippers and coke. I absolutely believe in the wake of his divorce from his hot model wife he got sloppy drunk and banged a chick who’s 24 now, so she must’ve just been on the cusp of 18 – and was at a club. So hey, accidents happen which is the excuse I hope to use with Miley Cyrus because I’m a hopeless romantic. But back to the subject, it sounds like this story is getting embellished to make it look like John Stamos is a deranged criminal. “And then, your honor, he ripped the tags off the mattress when it clearly said not to. Afterward I heard him on the phone with Mel Gibson where he kept saying ‘Did you threaten to burn down the house? That always works for me.’”

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  1. Whippet

    US Law Enforcement need to focus on something a little more important than this shite.
    I am grateful not to live in a country with laws like: “Florida law makes it a second-degree felony for someone 24 or older to have oral sex with anyone 16 or 17 years old. It carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison.”

    Really, really? If it was consensual? So if it is a 23-year-old, you are free to go. If you are 24, you get 15 years. Are Americans insane? How is this a crime?

    • Kyle

      I’ll start by saying I agree with you. However they have to draw lines somewhere, otherwise laws are ambiguous and impossible to enforce and people like Polanski would be able to seduce 13 year old girls and get away with it.


  2. Thomas the Tank Engine

    Give the guy a break. Look at that face! He’s lucky if he can get a toothless granny to suck him off.

  3. eatme

    ok, ok. let’s see what these cunts look like already:

  4. He’s actually supposed to testify today. The post office in Marquette is mobbed right now.

    • Yooperchick

      I live up here where the trial is being held & where these idiots live. They were arrested in December and then trial just started on Monday. John is here for the trial and took the stand yesterday. Kristen’s boyfriend is a HUGE douchebag and coerced her into doing this. Not that that makes her smart by any means. Who in their right mind tries to extort money from a celebrity after having a friendship with the man for 6 years?! They’re both idiots!!!

  5. joho777

    “Banged a 17-year-old,” what B.S.

    Come on. By her own testimony, all he did was offer to perform oral sex on her. After she stripped naked and got in a hot tub with him.

    Why do you make this stuff up?

  6. Irene Barcelo

    First of all, what is a minor doing out partying anyways……….. Two: have you seen some of these teenagers? They look older than they are. John should have been more careful. He has way more to lose.

  7. Lolita

    This is so ridiculous. I say good for him and she is an idiot. Turning down oral sex?! But seriously, he didn’t do anything wrong. I’m sure she was not an innocent virgin hanging out at club at 17. He didn’t force her to do anything.
    Most 17 year old girls I know are always looking for sex anyway! It shouldn’t be illegal at that age. Hell I had more awesome sex at 17 than I’ll probably ever have again in my life…yes that is pathetic. Its called marriage.

  8. Jade

    Before everyone gets properly worked up about this: it seems that this Allison Coss is actually 23 years old.

    • Yooperchick

      She is *now* 24, this happened when she was 17 and a senior in high school. They met at a club & he invited her and a friend back to his hotel room.

  9. gil

    whats wrong with BJs?

  10. Applesauce

    What the fuck is going on with his nose…is he joining the Jackson clan too?

  11. Bosco

    HIGH FIVE John……………..

  12. ObviousOne

    All of you stating “the law sucks” and “it was consensual” are fking morons. The law clearly states a 17 year old can not give consent to someone over the age of 24. This pathetic pervert broke the law, a law that was clearly written, he should be held accountable, no matter his status in society.

    I am assuming all of you are the same ones who defend school teachers who prey upon their students as well.

    • It is a dumb law.

      This is still a free country where I am allowed to say that, correct?

    • Marcus

      A hot female teacher bangin a 17 year old male student is a petty crime.

    • ObviousOne

      Petty crime? Child rape is not a petty crime! Luckily the same free country that has been previously spoken of has grown and matured from its 19th century outlook, it has been an established medical fact for many years now kids below the age of 18 do not have the mental capability to use ration in all of their decision making, therefore state and federal laws protect minors.

      Child Sexual Abuse in this country today is where it was in the 70s with driving while intoxicated, WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

      • this is not child rape. this is some dumb girl who knew exactly what she was doing. At age 17, you have enough mental capability to realize John Stamos is trying to have sex with you when you ACCEPT AN INVITE TO HIS HOTEL ROOM .

    • Fuck you, That's my name

      Ok, it’s clear, if you want to give oral sex to a 17 year old girl be sure to make it consensual BEFORE YOU TURN 24!!, 23 its ok, but not 24… The law is not dumb… the way it has been written it’s dumb, the way you were conceived was dumb.

      The law, to be fair, should state that no one under 17 can give consent to ORAL or REGULAR sex to anyone, doesn’t matter what age.

      AND YOU SUCK Mr OR Ms KNOW IT FUCKIN’ ALL. If you are older than 17, please, go suck a bag of DICK

  13. Marcus

    How was she in a club at 17 ?? The crimes off set each other, Case closed…
    Move along now people nothing to see here.

  14. Jihad Jimmy


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  16. anonym

    can’t resist eating that fresh 17 year old pussy.

    i know I can’t. I’m pussy whipped

  17. Kimmy Gibler

    so what? he fucked me too when I was 17 and I didn’t get anything? wtf?

  18. Apostate

    I can’t believe that Uncle Jesse almost fucked a wayward tee-wait a minute,yeah I can….

  19. not surprised...

    i had the unfortunate experience of hanging out with this dude in tokyo, and hes a total predator. he kepy hitting on the models who in vip and at dinner who were way underage and he just kept coming on to each one till one of em would finally bite.

    and he was blitzed out of his mind the whole time. stubbly, gross, disappearing to the bathroom constantly and had obvious traces of coke around his nose (he was that messed up he couldnt even keep his nose looking clean)

    this was all right before his crazy appearance on that australian talk show where he claimed “sleep deprivation” or what not. bout 4 years ago i think? so hes been at this kind of stuff for awhile.

    • Fuck you, That's my name

      BS… pictures to prove it or is just BS… the same way I can say:
      one day I met your father, he seem really nice at first, but then he had the urge to go to a gay bar… where he kept hitting on fat hairy dudes who were in a VIP and at dinner who were way fatter and he kept coming on to each one till one of em would finally let him eat his ass out…

      See how this works?
      (Except my story IS TRUE… your dad’s so gay)

    • no you didnt. you didnt hang out with john stamos.

      • not surprised...

        i dont share my pics with tabloids. it was at a club called feria in tokyo. and i dont need you to believe me or not. was just amused when i saw this posted up here because of what happened when i saw him.

  20. Brooke

    NOOO!!!! Not Uncle Jesse!!! Goddamn, everyone sucks now.

  21. turdburger


  22. Yeah

    If I were him, I’d be doing the same thing. Any man who says they wouldn’t is homosexual.

    And 17 is plenty old enough to know what you’re doing. I knew what I was doing when I was 17.

  23. Andriiya

    I love how people think that as soon as a girl turns 18 that she all of a sudden becomes smarter. You can make the same stupid choices at 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and so forth. The only really dumb thing about this girl? She didn’t try to get money out of him in the first place while he was too intoxicated to argue too much.

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