John Oliver, You Rat Bastard…

As much as I’d like to distract everyone from the fact that we’re teetering on the edge of a black hole that will either result in us dying in the crossfire from the Redneck Uprising by the weekend or perishing in a white flash of light within hours of the inauguration, we all want tomorrow to just get the fuck over with. Plus there’s approximately jackshit happening because of it – Unless you’re really excited to find out Wonder Woman is pregnant. Whee! – so here’s John Oliver dropping a hell of a bomb about Donald Trump’s candidacy that will be a nice kick in the gut for anyone’s who’s been enjoying Oliver’s commentary this election season. The important thing is we really need to stop assuming anyone with a British accent is a brilliant scientist. *turns on Peppa Pig* SCIENTIST! Family of cartoon pig scientists!

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Photo: HBO/YouTube