Walter Bishop Might Be Your New ‘Star Wars’ Villain

“I was thinking, Agent Dunham, what if this Death Star served custard?”

So another day, another wildly speculative item about this war in the stars I you kids can’t enough of. This time around io9 is reporting that John Noble, or Walter Bishop on Fringe which probably still means nothing to you if you have regular intercourse, might be the main villain in Star Wars: Episode VII. Which actually makes sense considering J.J. Abrams created Fringe and wouldn’t mind pulling from that stable. More importantly, this reminded me of these tasteful naked pics Anna Torv posed for in Esquire and how you might want to look at something like that. Then again, who am I kidding? You clicked on a Star Wars post. Now who wants to start a petition to get Lance Reddick cast as a rebooted Lando? I already drew him flying the Falcon with McNulty on my Trapper Keeper.

Photos: Esquire