Joey Likes to Drinky and Other News

June 28th, 2010 // 55 Comments

- Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are officially divorced. [Popeater]

- Beatrice Borromeo’s royal swimwear. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Taylor Momsen was wearing shoes? [Dlisted]

- JWoww apparently hasn’t stopped wearing the same bikini. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Robert Pattinson is ready to stop playing a dry-humping vampire. [Lainey Gossip]

- Halle Berry works out. [Popoholic]

- Christina Hendricks and I should get to know each other. [IDLYITW]

- Vince Neil arrested for DUI again, but he didn’t kill anybody this time. Baby steps, folks. Baby steps. [The Fab Life]

- Kirsten Dunst is a daywalker! [Just Jared]

- Celebrities Getting Drunk Before Your Very Eyes! [Celebslam]

- Fergie is not leaving the Black Eyed Peas because a boy band is a terrible thing to waste. [StarPulse]

- Jessica Simpson is finally going on a diet. [Popsugar]

- Dina Lohan is about to learn why no one wants to hire Lindsay. [The Blemish]

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Photos: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News


  1. skang

    joey has not aged well.

  2. Bowman

    When did he turn into my grampa?

  3. Taz


  4. J
    Commented on this photo:

    Joey got old!

  5. Cock Dr

    Were there no attractive male celebrities at the beach today? A girl can’t live happily on a diet of Mel Gibson, Chris Brown & this drab wasted unknown.
    Thank U Supreme Court! Don’t mess with the 2nd amendment!

  6. Dominique

    Is that Brittney Spears behind him?

  7. Jammy

    Jesus, i barely recognized him at first! what the hell happened to him, he looks like he’s 80 years old!

  8. Cassie
    Commented on this photo:

    that can’t be joey!!!! omg, that makes me so sad!

  9. Bryan

    I don’t see him behind the wheel of a car or anything. When did it turn into a big deal for a grown man to get drunk if he wants to? And, though I happen to be a straight man, he looks OK to me for a guy in his 40s. Sheesh.

  10. hmna

    When did Joey get all that gray hair? Holy shit!

  11. Rush

    Looks like the host of the Dean Martin Show; what was his name…

  12. TS
    Commented on this photo:

    Dude looks miserable.

  13. Ils

    SO sad :S

  14. TS

    Dude looks miserable

  15. bar room hero

    Joey T. is PISSED.

    sleep it off Joe.

  16. Fati87

    Oh my gooood, he looks so ooooldddd!

  17. frankw
    Commented on this photo:

    He is NOT aging well…

  18. Id

    What a lie! Everyone knows Dr. Drew doesn’t drink!

  19. Fati87

    Keep you shit together everyone. He is actually a very handsome man, it’s just that we still watch Friends reruns and we are used to seeing him as a young boy.

  20. wow

    good thing jennifer aniston is still hott, cuz everybody else from friends fell off

  21. Damn he looks AWFUL. WTF.

  22. assman
    Commented on this photo:



    assman scoffs with disdain at how the mighty have fallen

  23. Jesus Christ

    correct me if Im wrong, is that Britney -bad influnce- Spears behind him in the photo?

  24. Liz

    Yuck! He really let himself go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Yatzew

    He smells like my dad. I can tell.

  26. Taylor
    Commented on this photo:

    I like a good drink too…. he looks unhappy thou, what? With all the money, o who cares~~~~~~~~~~~

  27. SATAN

    I don’t get it, is there a story behind Joey Tribianni’s drunken behavior? Cuz otherwise I could give two fucks about this.


  29. Rough&Roses

    That is some hat trick. How does Matt Le Blankie get Dennis Quaid and Britney Spears as security? I didn’t know those residual checks could be stretch so far.

    Ohh I see Fergi’s career has a death wish. Good luck sweetie!

  30. Marcus

    Poor Joey, I thought he would of moved in with Monica and Chandler by now.

  31. captain america

    Shitty, Awful, Disgusting are now related to his person, folks!!

  32. Dawn Weatherby

    I just looked it up. He is only 42. He looks like he is 62.

  33. yayo
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  34. Spungehead
    Commented on this photo:


    …somebody get a mop………….

  35. Scott
    Commented on this photo:


  36. Tey

    I kan’t believe he looks like that…. when his show Joey went down I quess this happened

  37. YEAH!!


  38. yawn
    Commented on this photo:

    wtf is he dying or something?

  39. Ron Burgandy's BallSack

    How youuu doin’???????

  40. dontlooknow

    Kid Rock sober vs. Kid Rock drunk: how could you tell which photo was which? Who else besides me thinks Lindsay Lohan looks better drunk? Not to mention, how did you find a pic of Tara Reid sober??

  41. SATAN

    Again, without an actual story, or any kind of context behind these pictures, there’s no way to tell what’s going on here. For all we know, his hair is gray for a role….

    hahaha, OK, obviously it’s not for a role, but i dunno, maybe he just got drunk and decided to try the Just For Men salt ‘n pepper coloring for a more “distinguished look” or somethin.

  42. terri

    when did he get so old

  43. jeff

    he looks like craig ferguson. that’s pretty scary, considering he’s probably 15 years younger.

  44. Dave

    He’s only 6 years younger than Craig Ferguson, not 15. What I see that’s so surprising is the dude is going bald. Grey I understand, Hell 90% of Hollywood colors their hair. Kudos for him for not faking his looks, and as long as he isn’t driving, who gives a shit if he’s drunk in Europe?

  45. luung
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  46. Alan

    Listen everybody, show this man some respect, okay? This guy has made you laugh when you needed it, so shut the fuck up now.

  47. Haley

    I really worry about him……He does not look good……

  48. Slig

    What happin he why white coulour hair friend

  49. Kaz

    Ohh joey u remembar me haha, oh old man so patehic complet drink drinck , god luck

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