Joel Madden and Shifty Shellshock fight

January 26th, 2007 // 43 Comments

Who knows how old this video is, but it’s of Good Charlotte‘s Joel Madden and Crazy Town‘s Shifty Shellshock fighting each other. And I have no idea who Shifty Shellshock is but that’s gotta be the worst name ever. Usually when you pick your own nickname you go with something cool, like Juggernaut. You don’t pick something that makes you sound like a dipshit. He might as well call himself Sissy McLoser.



  1. AmberDextrose

    I thought the trolls were bringing this place down, but now I see it’s just going downhill generally.

  2. HughJorganthethird

    When d-listers attack!

  3. AmberDextrose

    In fact, I think I’ll start a new trend and troll myself.

    I didn’t say that. Yes I did.

  4. BarbadoSlim

    GIRL FIGHT !!! get a room homos!

  5. AmberDextrose

    That bitch better stop using my name to log in. I’m gonna bring that sista down.

  6. combustion8

    battle of the shitty bands.

  7. AmberDextrose

    Golly but that fight reminds me of the two ‘girls’ fighting in Airplane. You know, the ones with the pigtails, scrapping in the sleazy bar?

  8. tits_on_snack

    What a bunch of girls.

  9. 86

    I wish my name was Shifty Shellshock.

    2, 6 …….. LOL!!

  10. Crazytown? I thought all the members of that band killed themselves when they realized what horrible people they were for releasing a song like “Butterfly” upon the world.

  11. jrzmommy

    Again, my Indifference Meter is peaking.

  12. BarbadoSlim

    It’s amazing how all their bras and panties just went flying everywhere.

  13. Azazel

    I think one of them got kicked in the vagina.

  14. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Those pussy punk posers need to go home to mama. I think Disney created those 2 bands from former Mouseketeers (?) because they thought they would tap into the punk rock genre. They are Mickey Mouse bands.

  15. black sunshine

    i’m sorry, was that a fight? where was the fight . . . i was looking to see a fight in this video . . . all i saw was some girl-slapping . . .

  16. magickal


    NEXT!!! Isn’t anyone anorexic or drunk today? C’mon, ‘Fish – this shit is lame! Not only that, but I bet if I look on tmz it was already posted like 48 hours ago. You suck!

  17. RichPort

    I have to admit, Libraesque looks like she’s been working out in that video, but damnYELL looks a little pale…

  18. jrzmommy

    16–yeah! no Nicole Kidman car crash?

  19. misanthrope

    Who are these people?

  20. Dick Vagina

    You know you’re the world’s biggest pussy when a guy WITH A BLEACHED FAUX HAWK starts calling you a fag.

    “You knocked off my trucker hat? Where I’m from, them’s a-fightin’ moves!”

  21. Chemicakitty

    shitty shellshock, more like.

  22. jesseeca

    the diseases competing for space on Paris’ v-hole put up a better fight than these two losers.

    actually, that’s not so surprising afterall.

  23. sourpatchbabe

    I read this twice and still came up with shitty shellshock.

  24. dirt chicken

    Holy shit. He should change his name to Pussy McGirlypants. This serves as proof that a ton of tattoos doesn’t make you tough. What a couple of bitches. I am certain that I could beat the shit out of BOTH those posers AND the dickhead in the gray shirt with the guido hair-don’t simultaneosly. Fags.

  25. fuctheworld

    UGH who gives a shit, why don’t they just get it over with already and fuck eachother in the arse?

  26. MrSemprini

    Cheap, wussie, girl fight. They might as well put on a bra and panties, that was so girlie. Oddly enough, I find that thought quite…OH NO, Help! I’m going Elton John!! AAAGHHH!

  27. Me

    once……….my 3 year old sister hit me……….. and it sort of hurt…..but i was like, whatever, you’re 3. I am sure that she could kick both of these asshats’ asses though………and she’s 3……..and a girl.

  28. whitegold

    That was friggin awesome haha!!! Joel Madden’s a loser, so it’s cool seeing him get knocked out like that. I like it when rich people (or in this case, quasi-wealthy kind of celebrities) who don’t really deserve to be rich end up scrapping each other and looking stupid. Good times. And btw, does Crazy Town still exist as a band?

  29. Vandra

    ahaha. they shoot over to dean may when they mention gay sex… fuggin hilarious.

  30. heisthejuan

    I hope they were drunk, because the fighting was awful. How come when two douches like that go after each other some bigger douche has to come and break it up?

  31. JaeMae

    This is quite possibly the gayest thing Ive seen all day.

  32. Twotone75

    Shifty’s real name Seth Brooks Binzer, what a gangster, I mean loser.

  33. He had to go with Shifty Shellshocked because Sissy McLoser was already taken by James Blunt, and Pussy McGirlypants is what John Mayer is touring under nowadays.

  34. fame is funny

    Sigh. In the battle of the shitty bands, our ears always end up the losers…

  35. pumpkinpye

    That is wicked hilarious. Shifty Shellshock who? Just kidding, CrazyTown is the shittiest. At Ozzfest in Toronto a few years ago they were heckeled for being shit. Anyways, I’m glad Madden kicked his pansy ass.

  36. FecalPellets

    Liberace, Elton John & George Michael–in pink sequins and booby tassels–singing “Over The Rainbow”…still not as gay as these two sissies.

  37. EliasAlucard

    lol faggots

  38. Saera

    actually, according to wikipedia:
    “Shifty Shellshock is the pseudonym for Seth Brooks Binzer.”


    RPLTC, with extraordinary enthusiasm!

  40. The Asshole

    Two no talent faggots are beating each other… WE’RE ALL WINNERS!

  41. Punkgal

    I was not aware that 2 men caressing was called fighting =P, how Ghey was that!!

    What were they fighting about anyways.. all i can say is that i’ll never have to watch Queer as Folk as thats all the male make out i can handle.

  42. crazyotto

    they should keep thier sudo-punk bitch asses on the stage playing thier fagcore muzak.120 pound homos wind up being a greezy-ink stain in the mosh pit.NO TALENT POSERS!!!

  43. ok who’s joel madden and why is he even famous?

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