Joel Schumacher Just Came

July 19th, 2010 // 34 Comments

Russell Brand and Luis Guzman on the set of Arthur yesterday which is somehow still less gay than Batman & Robin even when factoring in the Bat-Pubes. Go ahead, call me a liar.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Anonymous


  2. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Ha ha ha SO funny!

  3. eric

    that’s not nearly as gay as zooming in on his crotch.

  4. Russell Brand as Batman
    pink ink
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    how come guzmans have such short stumpy legs?

  5. I’m sorry but “on the set” is not an adequate explaination for what I’m looking at.
    Rusty shaved. He looks almost normal…… from the neck up.
    Wonder if that average guy look will turn KP off & she’ll ditch him?

  6. Russell Brand as Batman
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    I knew he would be doing gay porn before long……


  7. Russell Brand as Batman
    pink ink
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  8. Russell Brand as Batman
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  9. Russell Brand as Batman
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    yay first!

    i want that in my mouth!

  10. Pat C

    Oh god – the flashbacks to that terrible terrible movie !

  11. What the hell is that on his dick??

  12. Rush

    while katy’s away, the brand doth play (pic 18)

  13. Russell Brand as Batman
    Cock Dr
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    It’s a horse toothed jackass.

  14. Russell Brand as Batman
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    Nice bat-ass.

  15. Russell Brand as Batman
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    He’s been usin’ Brand Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. YUMMY

    Wow!! I think I just came!! Clean up on aisle 3…HAHA

  17. Lady Blah Blah

    Am I the only one who finds Brand extremely annoying (and about as edgy as a Paris Hilton sex video)?

  18. Da Trooooooof

    Amazing buns.

  19. Sugar

    I bet his dick is pretty big when it’s hard. I knew that there had to be something appealing about this guy. Other than his “sense of humor” that is ;)

  20. Russell Brand as Batman
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    Its the suit,that guy dont have muscles like that in his back either.

  21. The MAN

    Not nearly as big as my DICK! 14 pleasure pulsing inches says my wife!

  22. WTF bruh

    The fully costumed pics remind me of “Buffalo Bill” dancing in Silence of the Lambs.

  23. ppl


  24. Lisa Beth

    Cool coin purse attachment.

  25. volt


  26. captain america

    ……………….and went back to bed.

  27. Russell Brand as Batman
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    i dont remember that in the movie or sequels

  28. Russell Brand as Batman
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    GROSS how dare he look frighteningly similar to Ben Barnes on the thumbnail…only to turn into RUSSEL BRAND when I click to full size! What kind of place are you running here Fish!? :(

  29. Russell Brand as Batman
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