Joe Simpson sells daughters

jsimpson_covers.jpgThe NY Post reports that Jessica Simpson’s father and manager, Joe Simpson, made a $200,000 deal with OK! magazine for Jessica Simpson to appear on the cover of their premiere issue as well as six additional covers, and for her to host the magazine’s September 20 launch party. Unfortunately for her, “the deal also precludes Jessica from giving any other magazines major features until all the covers are done, which will be in like two years. So basically, Joe sold his daughter out for $200,000.”

Now if only he could sell his other daughter, Ashlee Simpson, for $200,000 as well, then everything would be perfect. And by sell, I mean literally sell. Like to pirates, who will take her far away and force her to swab the decks and walk the planks and do all that other fun piratey stuff. Although if Joe confused “sell” with “run over in car” I’d probably be okay with that as well. You see, because I hate her.