Joe Simpson likes to photograph his daughters

September 20th, 2006 // 105 Comments

  1. I’ve got no problem with this. Joe’s already shown he’s obsessed with showing off his daughter’s rack, which is what I want from a celebrity photographer anyway.

  2. James

    DJ I know her measurements, HUGE. Hahahaha. Jessica needs a real man like me. My genius would rub off on her, no sexual comments needed!

  3. EveryoneLovesAnIrishGirl

    Someone doesn’t look like a monkey anymore….slightly normal, and maybe even pretty. You can’t really hate Jessica Simpson…sure she’s dumb, but wearing your shoes on your hands like mittens is just adorable! And she’s not as stupid as her sister, who showed up 2 hours late to a conference because she couldn’t find clean underwear.

  4. I saw the Simpson’Father on TV and he got this kinda Killer Eyes which made me thought he could do anything….even shooting his daughter’ boobs like paparazzi.

    Anyways, i like Jessica ’cause she’s hot and idiot but i think she’s proud of it.

  5. wow, this is really disturbing….

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