Joe Simpson: ‘Jessica & Ashlee aren’t failures’

With Jessica Simpson being an unemployable heap of weight fluctuation and Ashlee getting fired from Melrose Place, Joe Simpson wants the world to know his daughters aren’t failures. Read: “Have you seen their breasts?” Us Weekly reports:

“It was never a loss,” her father says of the Melrose burn. “The world says whatever it says. [The world], again, always want to make it look like we’r’e failures but we’re really just a family that works hard.”
The happy dad — who cried during Ashlee’s Chicago performance — praised both of his daughters’ ability to roll with the punches. “My children look at ups and downs and rise up above it all and remain strong…We’re just normal people, and we always try to be who we say we are.”

Joe then ended the interview by grabbing Jessica’s chest and yelling “Honk! Honk! Now that’s the sound of a winner.” It took four firefighters using Bronx Mowgli as a crowbar to get him to let go.

Photos: Splash News