Joe Simpson doesn’t control his daughters, loves people ‘to death’

Joe Simpson gets a lot of flack for his involvement in his daughter’s lives whether it’s for selling photo rights of his unborn grandchild or trying to manage Tony Romo’s $67 million football contract. But ole Papa Simpson set the record straight with Us Weekly:

On rumors he controls his daughters:
“The media says that I try to plan everything – If I had half of the power they give me…They [Ashlee and Jessica] don’t call me and ask me. They call me and tell me.”

On Jessica and Tony Romo:
He adds that Jessica “… is as happy as I’ve seen her in years.” and gushes about the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, “He’s a great guy. I love Tony to death….He’s just a good kid….”

On Ashlee and Pete Wentz:
“I love Pete to death…He has a patient spirit and a kind heart…I’m honored to have Pete as my son-in-law.”

On his daughters’ breasts:
“They’re just great investments… I love them to death!”*

*Maybe possibly not an actual quote. But, if it sounds believable, then it’s gotta be true. Enjoy that journalistic nugget. On the house!

Photos: Flynet