Joe Pesci is an angry little man

*joe_pesci_thumb1.jpgProving that he takes a different approach to pounding college students than most Hollywood actors, Joe Pesci has been accused of punching Juan Carlos Montenegro, 24, after Montenegro took a photo of him. The college student snapped the 62-year-old Pesci in a shopping center parking lot in Boca Raton on Sunday.

Montenegro said in a police report that he repeatedly told Pesci he was a big fan and asked if he could take his picture. But the Oscar winner growled, “Not now,” and kept walking to his car. After he took the shots anyway, a “furious” Pesci let him have it, saying “You shouldn’t have been interrupting my business,” according to the report.

First of all, if you get your ass kicked by a 62-year-old man who’s as tall as Gary Coleman’s penis, the last thing you should do is publicize the story. What you should be doing is flower arrangements, or knitting, or writing homo-erotic ballads about the rugby team (i.e. “scrum love”). But I am curious how having his picture taken interrupted Joe Pesci’s business. Unless his business was “not having my picture taken.” But that seems like a pretty terrible business for an actor to be in. Maybe he should’ve thought that one out.