Joe Pesci can do whatever he wants

joe-pesci-noconvict.jpgOfficials said today that Joe Pesci won’t be charged for punching a fan who photographed him in a shopping center parking lot because there wasn’t really any chance he would be convicted.

“The investigating officer was unable to determine who the primary aggressor was and there are no independent witnesses to the incident,” Richstone wrote in response to a Boca Raton police warrant request.

If a fight breaks out between Joe Pesci and anybody else, it’s usually a safe bet to assume the “primary aggressor” was Joe Pesci. This is the guy that stabbed a man to death with a pen in Casino for crap’s sake. And just because I can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality doesn’t mean he didn’t actually stab a guy to death with a pen. How is he not in jail? That’s crazy.