Joe Jonas thinks he’s Justin Timberlake

June 3rd, 2009 // 88 Comments

Here’s Joe Jonas inexplicably dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” ala Justin Timberlake on SNL eight months ago. For those of you keeping score at home: Touching a vagina before marriage makes Baby Jesus angry, but effectively rocketing out of the closet in a black leotard is now peachy keen all of sudden. Someone should probably let Spencer Pratt know.

Thanks to Kristine who basically just stabbed me in the cornea. Good times.


  1. azalea


  2. Charlie Caligula

    I just rethought my stance on Prop 8.

  3. cnn

    both are faggots anyway.

  4. plant huggers oath

    i am so scarred.
    why is he thinner than I?

  5. Danklin

    Errr Justin was at least funny, this just screams on a 20 year old gay virgin.

  6. ugh

    fucking sad.

  7. Nick

    If anyone caught me watching that would have thought I was gay.

  8. jj

    im pretty sure this was a joke with the fans and they had the idea to do this even before the SNL skit it just took them a while to do.

  9. jj

    ps. #7 you are gay

  10. H_Chick

    Is that the Jonas Brother that they say is “the ugly one”? Shame – Hes sorta cute but hes so out of the closet that hes out the freakin’ french doors and into the swmming pool! Nice shoes though

  11. Jim

    I’m so angry right now, I could skin him alive.

  12. H_Chick

    Shute! I KNOW why hes acting out – its ’cause he heard that Lady VaGaGa wanted to tear him a new one huh!

  13. This person thinks the Jonas brothers love jesus and hates vaginas:

  14. Ashleah

    Question: Is he drunk? Because that was just retarded….

  15. Sierra

    he looks mentally retarded…

  16. stu

    retardly gay

  17. NADia

    Gee sus calm down. just because he’s doing this for fun don’t mean he wants to be like JT. FYI; JT is not the only man who has done this. get a life ppl.

  18. lori

    I can’t believe how unbelievably stupid and unwatchable that was.

  19. lori

    I can’t believe how unbelievably stupid and unwatchable that was.

  20. lori

    I can’t believe how unbelievably stupid and unwatchable that was.

  21. lori

    I can’t believe how unbelievably stupid and unwatchable that was.

  22. lori

    Sorry for the quadruple post. I should have trusted the process.

  23. Dr Truth

    He moves pretty good in high heels, almost like he’s worn them before.

  24. jessica

    He was kind of funny, give him a break.. he’s a brainwashed Christian

  25. There isn’t a substancial difference, folks!!

  26. Mmmmm

    This is hilarious. His orientation doesn’t matter (none of you would know, anyway), but who’s a gutsier, more secure person:

    (1)An evangelical Christian guy who gets in a leotard and heels and dances, jokingly, to a girl’s song about wedding rings for an audience including tons of people who regularly call him gay or make fun of his purity ring…


    (2) Some dude sitting on his computer typing “faggot” and other insults.


    Yeah. So. He clearly couldn’t give a f*ck what you think. He wins.

  27. uuuuh

    #26 – is your name the sound of you munching on cock?

  28. Jibbly Biggins

    I’m sorry, your friends and bad acting intro can’t salvage your pretense of masculinity.

    So gay.

  29. Mmmmm

    Sorry #27 did I embarrass you by reminding you that you’re a bigger loser than anyone you hurl your homophobia at? Awww. Sorry, my bad.

  30. MaryJane

    I thought this shit was super funny, my boyfriend didn’t…. oh well I laughed and I really don’t know about the Jonas brothers other than the whole promise ring thing. Funny!

  31. angry face

    That was so lame and gross.

  32. WTF

    WHAT THE F#ck… these guys were the only disney group i had respect for… now he is prancing around like a B*tch??…no.. F*CK NO…ps # 7–> genius

  33. hint- I mean a whale

    uhmmm he looks like he’s doing a cross between an impression of a chicken and surfing,? But saying that, he’s copying Beyonce’s moves, so he could be “right on” as she has a lot in common with animals /sea dwelling creatures

  34. IKE

    I was going to say that he looked gay, but he’s too flickted to be gay. Timberlake did such a good job that I was kinda wondering. Given the opportunity, I’d love to discuss this issues with Jessica Biel….in private.

  35. tomorrowsparty

    They need to use their celebrity to get laid before falling into obscurity… And soon.

  36. WTF

    …I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit…

  37. if he wants to be Timberlake he needs to get a lot dorkier than this.

  38. Sandy

    In this case the lyrics should be:
    “If you like it than you shouldn’t have put a ring on it.”

  39. Northia

    I thhought that was funny, although I don’t really know who the guy is or am a fan of the Jonas Brothers.
    If you want to see the romanian version of this, see the link below. It’s performed by a romanian actor/comedian. (the lyrics are in romanian)

  40. Pathetic,BIG TIIME !!

  41. MUST SEE!!


  42. jake

    He’s not copying Timberlake. This fag and timberlake are both copying Shane Mercado who made a video that became a viral video and later got on a few tv shows with it.

  43. miau

    haha actually it was pretty funny..and he kinda got nice legs..

  44. Well if i didn’t know who he was, I would’ve guess its a gay guy having a seizure…this is as funny as a female being a drag king!!!

  45. cady

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  46. Kels

    I got bored around 1:50.

    And also, people really need to stop using that “I just threw up in my mouth a little” 2001 Zoolander comment deal.

  47. Russell

    ok, so first he dumps Taylor Swift, one of the most beautiful women in existance, and then he dances to Beyonce in tights. when is he gonna come out already?

  48. Jeezy


  49. katell

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  50. Gina

    there was a vote and the fans voted for him to do that. I think it’s kind of good the way he is, doesn’t mind making an ass of himself, just being a boy.

    i find it weelll funny

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