Joe Jonas is kind of a racist

March 20th, 2009 // 137 Comments

First Miley Cyrus did it, and now here’s Joe Jonas slanting his eyes for a photo. Apparently the key to being a hugely popular teen idol is to also be a raging racist. Although to be fair, it’s more likely that he probably wasn’t making fun of Asians and was just caught wiping off his mascara. Seriously, what’s with all the makeup? Is he auditioning for the circus? Or is that just something really really straight guys do?


  1. mikeock


  2. isitin

    I can’t wait till these untalented Disney kids all fall off the earth.

  3. Half-Asian Persuasion

    Call me crazy but doesn’t that seem like a redundant move on his part – he already has slanty eyes.

    I had always felt he had a little Asian in him… and I’m not referring to his thai boyfriend Pong-Pong.

  4. ming nong bing pong dong

    asians are hilarious. why is this racist?

  5. helen

    you can tell that picture is from AGGGGGGESS ago
    cos hsi hairs different and hsi face is kinda different nowadays..
    and i no you can’t see hair in the picture but its obvious its when he was like 17/18 wen The KJonas BRothers just started.

  6. Kimberly

    I actually find it more racist that someone would interpret that slanting eyes as an Asian joke.

  7. stefaniee

    HE WAS SO YOUNG HERE!! EVERYONE RELAXX!! its not that bad!!

  8. Being Asian Is Sexy...

    I can totally understand where all the anger is coming from… It’s considered racist because that particular gesture has always been associated with hate towards Asians.

    Doing “Slant Eyes” would carry the same connotation as doing a nazi salute or painted black face then taking a picture of it because you thought it would be funny. It may have seem funny and harmless to you but to people who were always teased, put down, and targeted with this racist gesture – it is traumatic. Especially since the last thing you expect is a so-called “wholesome”, Disney “celebrity” to make such a gesture (Ironic – since Asians happen to be Disney’s largest consumer group).

    On the other hand, I think that Asian action groups need to first understand the context of why this gesture was made – before yelling out racism. What if there was some other reason for the gesture? (wiping eyes, rubbing temples, etc.). This all could be Miley Cyrus’ after-shock. What about his side of the story?

  9. an oriental is a rug not a person

    #100 Mistrel shows were funny to white people, too. Russell Peters takes the piss out of himself first. for being Indian and he makes fun of all groups. However when he’s doing his impressions he’s not pulling up his eyes – this sort of shit belongs to Mickey Rooney. Miley Cyrus was called on her shit because she’s not 5 any more and she was old enough to know that making fun of how another race looks IS racism. Same for this dickwad. If you’re white, of course it’s not “racist” to you, it’s no skin off your ass so you’re going to add to your error by telling people to “lighten up”. If you’re Asian, it’s just another day with more white people refusing to let go of their racism because they find it “funny”. Worse, they SWEAR they’re not racist, they just don’t see what the big fuss is all about. Here’s the deal – if you’re white, just STFU, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Now I suggest you go to up any Asian child and yank up your eyelids and do a singsong voice and see what their reaction is. If this idea horrifies you, ask yourself why it does. Perhaps now you’ll finally get it.

  10. @108

    You talk as if doing a Nazi salute is a bad thing. It isn’t, it’s a good thing, a feel-good thing! I like feel-good things! Mississippi Burning for instance; now that’s what I call a feel-good movie!

  11. yawn

    #110 Is this all you got? You posted this same tired crap on every single thread for weeks. You’re not some internet badass, just a boring look-at-me insecure shortbusser who thinks he’s shocking everyone. You’re just as annoying and stupid as a dog that drags its shitcaked butt on the carpet to get attention. If you didn’t have such a tiny one you’d be exposing your dick in public to get attention, but point-and-laugh isn’t what you need from the world, is it?

  12. macattack

    110 HAHA a movie where the KKK whites come off looking like retard trolls then got their asses handed to them is your feelgood movie! Loser!

  13. They have NO talent…why are they still around.

  14. Monica

    Whoever #18 is needs to eat shit and die. That’s too bad you’re so freaking naive to know that it isn’t the Asians fault jobs are going overseas. Blame selfish the companies in AMERICA that are supposedly “sending” your jobs overseas. Perhaps if you were more qualified and VALUABLE, then you could have kept your job. So stop being a bitter asshole and assuming shit.

    And seriously, Joe Jonas shouldn’t be making that face when he’s wearing gayer shit than what gay people would actually wear. To think he can try to pull that face when he’s wearing a zebra cut off shirt… WTF. He should seriously be punched in the face for just wearing that shirt in general!

  15. Yardape

    Huge fucking LOL @ #18..Asian rice ape. classic

  16. Fuck U

    I hate every race…who the fuck cares?
    I hate gays.
    I hate blacks.
    I hate whites.
    I hate chinese.
    Ihate japanese.
    I hate you…now what?

  17. jb fan

    really?! this picture is AT LEAST 2 or 3 years old. why is this just becoming “racist” now?! seriously…thats just pathetic, and i dont know ANY asians who take offense to people doing this….

  18. dalailama

    #117 thats cause the asians you know are sellouts.idiot

  19. fuckuback

    #116now nothing.if u hate all races equally including your own your not racist.congratulations.

  20. Ginita

    I dnt fink joe is racist.he was just doing funny need 2 say zat he is racist.maybe when joking with his friends he did it.joe jonas is the hottest guy i have ever known

  21. Beastman AIDS

    The title of this post is incorrect. It should read: Joe Jonas is kind of a poo bandit

  22. Amaranth

    I don’t even know who this fucktard is?
    I’m Asian and I’m not offended by this gesture b/c I think its hilarious. Usually in my experience people who are racist don’t know too much of their own culture so they have to thrive on making fun of others. Most Americans are so mixed that they don’t even know where they are originally from unlike majority of Asians who keep to themselves so they know where they are from all the way up to their ancestors in dynasty times.

  23. FLipPer

    Seriously Jonas Brothers are lame so everybody chill and
    Every body race can get it period. The asian can gets it too. Moving pass this picture make fun picture and let it go, let it go..

    Comment 18 is right the asian are a perpect set o people and they out to
    kick your butt academicly…

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  25. vecchio

    The Jonas Brothers are so lame. Did anyone see where the littlest dork tried to sing Superstitious and totally flubbed. Come on now little dumbass, you’re supposedly part of this industry and you don’t know the words to that song? The look on his girly little face was hilarious though, I saw it on the Soup. Joel McHale is hilarious–or the writers–whoever.

    These kids just get ‘too much too soon’, like its been said so many times its now a cliche. Miley with that much fame and money starting at 15? Its insanity.

  26. allyse

    this was taken early 06.

  27. Evan

    I’ve seen one too many racist jokes here. It’s not funny to me ‘cos I’m Asian. I’m sick of the yellow-skinned mini sized shit. I’m tan, I don’t look yellow in ANY way, and I’m not ‘mini’. I’m a girl and I’m bloody 5 foot 6. And not all of us HAVE SLANTED EYES. Jesus.

  28. it'saubrywithanA

    honestly, from looking at this picture i conclude he’s not making a racist asian face, but simply feminely pinky wiping his tears away simultaneously (careful not to smear his eyeliner) why hes crying? well you’ve heard his voice, obviously hes getting impatient waiting for his balls to drop, on top of his facial hair getting sick of having dicks fly at it and then making the bold group desicion to hightale it to the forehead, its the only logical explanation, you cant tell me those eyebrows are just overgrown and he cant grow a beard.

    p.s- is he wearing a nametag?

  29. ana

    i really dislike people that do that on purpose
    im asian and my eyes are like. i dont hate my eyes, i love them. but i hate it when people make fun of it. yes, he might just be wiping his eyes. or he might be making fun of asians. you never know. it might just be a silly face, but cant he do something besides make asian eyes?

  30. ana

    i really dislike people that do that on purpose
    im asian and my eyes are like. i dont hate my eyes, i love them. but i hate it when people make fun of it. yes, he might just be wiping his eyes. or he might be making fun of asians. you never know. it might just be a silly face, but cant he do something besides make asian eyes?

  31. coolmint

    LISTEN you stupid white bitches. and all the other fucking ignorant, close-minded, ethnocentric whites out there.

    How would YOU white people feel if we made BIG ass pig noses and drew ugly dots and hairs on our faces and released it to the world to see and laugh at??!!

  32. harc

    joe sucks

  33. Nora

    First off i thought he was like Asian already cause he looks like he is Naturally;; and he isnt wiping nothing off he is doing to “Traditional” American Way of Mocking Asians ;; This Pictures is from years ago… he was a teenager BIG DEAL! everyone has done it and if we are going to talk about mocking anothers race how about the fact we shows and celebrities mock african americans we are always “Slow and Slaying our words” and wearing bagging cloths basically being unprofessional! so im sorry i have no sympathy for the asians or his asian fans and i love everyone(including asians) but get over it ;; laugh it off and how racist could he be if he is like dating Brenda Song *Cough Cough* shes asian…well chinese..same thing! you should be honored that he takes time out to try and look like you (asians) =)




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