Joe Jonas is kind of a racist

March 20th, 2009 // 137 Comments

First Miley Cyrus did it, and now here’s Joe Jonas slanting his eyes for a photo. Apparently the key to being a hugely popular teen idol is to also be a raging racist. Although to be fair, it’s more likely that he probably wasn’t making fun of Asians and was just caught wiping off his mascara. Seriously, what’s with all the makeup? Is he auditioning for the circus? Or is that just something really really straight guys do?


  1. billabong021


    What the hell are you talkin bout?

  2. Molly

    Faggotry and racism go hand in hand.

  3. Emily

    I love joe and his bothers u guys r jelous and have no lives.

  4. feckless

    @42 I see your Rice Ape and raise you a Snow Ape (Detlef Schrempf) with Viking Horns.

  5. Rossi

    If you want to see actual racism, attack something like the song “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors, not a Jonas brother making a face. That’s dumb. If this seriously bothers you, then you should logically be protesting one of hundreds of blatantly racist comedians instead. Does this mean that if an Asian person pulls their eyes open wide for a silly photo, that they are being racist, as well? Hardly.

    And thank you, # 38. You shouldn’t be proud of ANYTHING simply because it’s associated with you. People of ALL races have done wonderful things as well as shameful things, but neither of these determines the worth of every similar person in that group. No one is automatically worth defending simply because they have one thing in common with you.

  6. Mer

    I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so!

  7. Mer

    I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so!

  8. Minge

    Wanking in a jail cell is racist? Thanks for enlightening me, Rossi. I won’t do it again, I promise.

  9. wet newspaper



    I ‘spose Lisa Rinna and Angelina are racists too, for mocking blacks with their rediculously plumped ‘n’ pouty lips.

    Oh and Kim Kardashian is racist too, with that artifical barge-arse of hers.

  10. CaptainMorgan

    Polish people like potatoes.

    ….so what’s the big deal here? He proably just finished watching “Beaches” and is wiping away his pussy tears. A “badly” timed photo that someone has decided to upload. Either that or dude’s lucky Bruce Lee is dead.

  11. Minge

    Joe Jonas is velly solly if he offend you.

  12. Cat

    First of all its not MILEY DID IT FIRST, this pic is three and a half years old, but thats not the point, anybody remember being a kid, or teen, and making a face for the camera or friends.. This was always one the the ones you always used. As an older sister and a counsler, I see this face all the time on kids and teens, its not racist, at least not purposely! They should say they didnt mean to offend anyone but shouldnt have to apologize for any racism! especially since he and his brothers best friend and practically sister Maya is Asian so obviously they don’t HATE Asians

  13. SoTe

    the little bitch was crying and then wiping off his mascara. Don’t cry when u are wearing make up dude, see? a woman would’ve known that. geez.

  14. Ghost of Hop Sing

    Who care ? You be heer 4 hour ! You go now round eye !

  15. Tom K

    LOL @ #18

    Asian Rice Ape?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like the remix you did with that story. Classic!

  16. Tom K

    Also I don’t think the kid is racist because I’m sure he’s fucked an asian boy or two.

  17. Amelie

    ok you know what, f*ck u
    it’s not racist, he’s just being goofy and making a face for a pic
    so what, if an asian dude opens his eyes really wide – he’s being racist? or wanting to be white? wtf is wrong with whoever wrote that post

  18. feckless

    @20 You probably shouldn’t listen to Anjelah Johnson. Just a suggestion.

  19. Galtacticus


  20. Alice

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  21. katie

    Whatever, thats stupid. They are just desperately fishing. Why would this be racist? Need to check who the racist really is.

  22. Minge

    Joe Jonas tries the cream of Sum Yung Gai. He rikey velly much.

  23. laurie

    ppl need to chill out just because they are famous and they make a face like that everyone seems to make a big deal if we were to do that us infamous nobody would think anything of it .

  24. Papa Bear

    @68 I do enjoy a little racism in comedy. Playing with cliches is often hilarious. All good as long as I know it is only humor. But Anjelah Johnson’s nail studio performence is seriously racist. There is nothing really funny in what she says she is only ridiculing the accent. And the only cliche she works with is Vietnames being all swindlers. If she wasn’t cute I would not even have finished watching it.

  25. Honky

    OMG! FACT. Too many damn Made in China’s in this world. Period.
    They travel in packs! Tables of 10′s. Sick of it. Nigro’s of Asia. Kinda like “I” talians being the nigros of Europe… BTW can’t stand this queer Jonas… T.T

  26. phoring

    Looks like he is wearing blush. Definitely gay. Being gay is not a bad people!

  27. Remember This?

    open the fridge… take out a coke…. open the coke…. drink it…. haha! me japanese, me play joke, me put pee pee in your coke

    well, me chinese, me real smart, me take out the pee pee part.

  28. methebestmethebest

    okay, just buy pulling the corners of your eyes for a pictures doesnt make you RACIST!
    and he can wear whatever he wants WHY DO YOU GUYS CARE!!!
    wearing mascara! wow that is just baddd
    he could be a in a middle of wiping something off his eyes and some person took the picture
    seriously you guys have no life!

  29. methebestmethebest

    okay, just buy pulling the corners of your eyes for a pictures doesnt make you RACIST!
    and he can wear whatever he wants WHY DO YOU GUYS CARE!!!
    wearing mascara! wow that is just baddd
    he could be a in a middle of wiping something off his eyes and some person took the picture
    seriously you guys have no life!

  30. Justin

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  31. mrie

    Youre so stupid! So what! WHo gives a fuck%%ng shit about this pic! It not racist! asians do have slanted eye! Big news! Man!! children are dying all around the worls! and you gys care only about stupid pics like that! whatever..get a life..! Get a fuck!ng life!

  32. marie

    Its not offensive! get a grip! you bunch of idiots! I cant believe im wasting time to post twice on thsi crap website.. Man! There sso many more important issues in the world! Asians are fuck??ng stupid if they get offended by that! Ya a blanck person put white make up and takes pics OMFG im so offended by that thats racism against white people! come ooooooooon! so fucking stupid!

  33. smoothcriminal

    hitorically this gesture is equilavent to the N word.when non blacks want to express their racist views they call them the N word.when they want to do it to asians they do the yeah its racist.

  34. Scdo

    Nice purity ring. Fag.

  35. The make-up is to take away the attention from his eyebrows.

    Just joking. Give the kid a break, he’s just having some fun.

  36. He’s a faggy kid who sucks. He deserves to be flame-broiled.

  37. liz4sale

    Honestly who is “offended” by this. hes probably just rubbing them anyway and got caught in the picture that way. calling someone a racist is a form of insecurity. from my experience people who are truly racist are pretty open about it.

  38. Racist ? Tell me about !
    I was just surfing around and came across this link.
    Apparently there’s some pinkos around that think this Twin Towers owner guy ‘Larry Silverstein’ shouldn’t get any ‘bail-out’ money because he already got $billions$ in insurance cash – which should have covered his matzah balls for a bit longer.
    One commenter on the site even has a link to a movie called “Missing Links” – so it sounds like these Commie bastards are even into evolution.

  39. …………………………………………..AND AN AMERICAN, folks!!

  40. de profundus

    it’s called being in a position of power, which all you white people on here saying ‘it’s no big deal’ have. YOu wont know what it’s like to be looked down on your whole life based on color.

    Being the subject of comments by another race which is the minority does NOT MAKE THEM RACIST. You CANNOT BE A RACIST WITHOUT POWER. Those minorities defaming you is a retaliation for the very serious abuse hit home everyday while being a person of color.

    Racial prejudice + power =racism There is NO other formula. When you have all the rules on your side and society deems you the standard you have nothing to complain about. The pathetic handouts that some minorities receive doesnt come close to making anything equal.

    You white people need to check your white privilege. One day you’ll see how it is and will have to.

  41. # 91 I know what you’re saying – but I think we have to deal with the mass murders of our own countryman first.
    What color were the people jumping out of the Twin Towers or are the guys and gals being blown up in Iraq or Afghanistan ? Where’s their power ?
    I know James Meredith – and he says the greatest prejudice now is the between the rich – the haves – and the poor, the have nots.
    And he knows all about prejudice and racial conflict.
    Before we can start to improve the world – we’re gonna have to catch all the murderers.

  42. I think what # 92 ‘Binky’ meant to say on the 5th line after ‘the’ was ‘one’.
    IE “the one between”… etc.

  43. So # 92. What you twying to say here exactwee ?
    Inside job ?
    #90 And Gerald – how are things over there at Vector Motors ?

  44. The Observer

    THIS is raging racism? Are you friggin kidding me, SW?

    I guess it goes without saying that a celeb blogger would lean to the left, but I never figured you to be this retardedly liberal.

  45. jzz

    let’s have fun and stick out our lips and flare our nostrils and pretend to be niggas! Yay~ It’s so fun being pale skinned!
    Fuck you whitey!

  46. well, i used to think that only “some caucasians” loves to making fun of people.
    i’ve received an email years ago, it was a picture of a group of asian children,probably taken from japanese or chinese school.
    and all of the children’s eyes in that picture had been photoshoped to a small straight line,with the word that said “all asian looks the same”.
    i don’t know who did it. but it was taken from some funny website which run by westerner,

    but,for that “Miley” and this guy “Joe”. they don’t even looks Caucasian.
    i just don’t understand why new “american by law” still think that racist is cool,
    especially miley and joe, i bet their great-great grand-parents or their roots didn’t even speak english as their native language.

    sorry for my bad english anyway
    i’m asian with that small straight line eyes.

  47. 1moreidiotintheworld

    “Racist”??? The fact that people allow worthless morons and their immature gestures and words “offend” them is half the problem…. rise above it already!!!!!!! “Sticks and Stones……”

  48. Rhialto

    Boo! Where’s my babe!?

  49. feckless

    Hey Papa Bear, I don’t think Anjelah is funny either: the accent is the entire routine. BUT Russell Peters that fine man does a wonderful impression of some Chinese people (as well as everyone else) – and it is very funny. So Joe Jonas is a really lame comedian – let him open for Anjelah Johnson but don’t have a cow.

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