Joe Jackson wants Kanye ‘blackballed’

Somehow I missed this little item of hilarity: Joe Jackson apparently issued a statement to TMZ encouraging the entertainment industry to blackball Kanye West for interrupting Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech:

“I don’t know what he was doing, he jumped up on stage and snatched that microphone out of that poor girl’s hand. They should blackball him out of show business for that. He just leapt up there, that was bad.
I had just gotten through speaking to him, he was introducing me to his girlfriend, and then three minutes later he jumped up on stage. And people booed Kanye all night.”

Okay, granted what Kanye did was stupidly obnoxious and the byproduct of an unchecked ego drowned in cognac, but not exactly a reason to completely shun him from the music industry. Especially at the request of Joe Jackson who I have five words for: “Jesus Juice” and “Little boy’s penises.” I’ve said my piece.

Photo: Getty