Joe Jackson gets the boot in custody deal

August 3rd, 2009 // 37 Comments

Joe Jackson will be reportedly forced out of his home per the custody arrangement agreed to by his wife Katherine and Debbie Rowe the biological mother of Michael Jr. and Paris, according to Showbiz 411:

When the custody deal for Michael Jackson’s kids is filed tomorrow in Los Angeles Family Court, it will spell the end of Joseph Jackson living at the family’s home.
Part of the deal made by Debbie Rowe, the mother of the two eldest children, is that Joseph is gone for good from the Hayvenhurst Avenue, Encino, compound that he bought in the 1970s.
Rowe–as noted before–will allow Katherine Jackson to be the official guardian of the children for the time being. It was Rowe who suggested that a psychologist be involved in her meetings with the kids, Prince–whom she calls Michael–and Paris, while she gets to know them.
As for Joe Jackson, Rowe’s lawyers made his absence from the children a non-negotiable part of the custody arrangement. There will be no more talk of Joe the manager trotting out his grandkids as “the Jackson Three” or anything else like that.

I’m in full support of this move. Mostly because “The Jackson Three” is a terrible name. I know Joe’s old, but couldn’t he come up with something more original? Something catchy like “The MJ Vanilla Babies”; “Jesus Juice & Kids”; “Unmolested Funk.” And I’m not even trying. You worked with Berry Gordy, man. C’mon.

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  1. Que

    Que dang.

  2. I’m Joe Jackson, bitches. Ask me if I give a f*ck.

  3. Joe

    He’s not a woman; he’s not under 25, and he’s not wearing a bikini.


  4. Zee

    I don’t blame her. She probably knows that Joe had Micheal castrated as a child to maintain his perfect voice. Castrating boys before puberty was common by the church in old days to keep a young boys voice from changing…. but NOT in modern days!!! that’s just sick.

  5. Alby Damn

    Am i the only one who wants to see “Supernanny: The Joe Jackson Edition”??

    Sweeps? Anyone?

  6. well

    Hm, turns out Debbie Rowe came through despite everyone saying she was evil.

  7. Nanotyrannus

    Oh Zee, don’t be silly. If he had no nuts he couldn’t be the father of that dude from somewhere else. Omar, or something.

    How relieved must Katherine Jackson be just now? She’s probably already packed his Depends and Alzheimer’s meds by now. Or maybe not. Shitting your pants and forgetting where you parked your pancakes can be pretty humiliating…

  8. PeterPumpkin

    hmmmm MJ being castrated actually explains alot, his ‘never growing up’ obsession, cause he never hormonally went through puberty, his self esteem issues blahblah

  9. TJ

    How will anyone know rather Joe is living in the house are not. Seems a waste of time. The other Joe Jackson wannebe’s are still around. That whole family will take what little money they can’t get their hands on from those kids.

  10. Quinn

    Vanilla babies LOL Joe needs to be kept as far away from any kids as possible, or any human beings for that matter. He’s an aggressive f%$#er and needs to be shot. I heard those castration rumors in the 80′s and then again when he was acquitted for molestation after his dreaded genitalia exam. ((shiverrr))

  11. Humpinfrog

    He can still do “drive by beatings” though, right? I mean, Jesus (oops), quit trying to hold a brother down!

  12. Newcastle

    Haha, karma’s a bitch if your name is Joe Jackson.

  13. Tom K

    I don’t care what anyone says. Joe Jackson is a hilarious old black man!!!!

  14. More Britney please and don't spare the MILF boobs

    Britney! Britney! Britney! More Britney!

    Oh, and fuck Joe Jackson.

    Britney! Britney! Britney! More Britney!

  15. Womb renter up

    Old Pimp down

  16. Urbanspaceman

    And another thing: those children are no more “his grandkids” than they are mine.

  17. Darth

    He looks like a harmless old man!? What are his kids whining about!?

  18. Nero

    All old people look harmless .Another trick of Nature.

  19. We need somebody to tell that fool that gold chains on someone his age look ridiculous.

  20. the only opinion that matters

    I have to say, I’m kind of impressed by Debbie Rowe. She obviously has the kids best interests at heart making sure that mean old (silly looking) bastard isn’t living with the kids. Darth, he isn’t harmless, Michael was barely dead and he was talking about kid Prince into the business. He is a mean sleazy old man and should be kept about from those kids and his poor wife was probably happy to agree to him permanently moving out.

  21. Joe Jackson is a bottom feeding, limp dick, disgrace. He needs his saggy dried up nut sacs hooked up to some sort of shocking device. He doesn’t deserve to breath the same air as the rest of humanity. I hope he gets every vile thing he’s done to his family back on his shriveled ass 10 fold. Maybe now we won’t see him in the news anymore.

  22. abby

    Ha! Great commentary.

  23. Max Planck

    Hey…he has Megan Fox’s hat!

  24. Veronica

    Unmolested Funk — beautiful!

  25. Narcissus

    Unmolested Funk – priceless. Almost spit my drink out reading that.

  26. kelly

    I thought he lived in Vegas! –

  27. FACE

    As big an a hole as Jackson is, it is a shame that some low class fat ugly trailer trash white bitch can dictate anything to him. SHe lucke dup on a meal ticket that would not have even been there if it were not for Joe.

  28. robert

    Joe Jackson scares me… I’m not sure who would have been a worse babysitter, him or Michael.

  29. cookiepuss

    @7 – well they only said she was evil because she doesn’t look like Megan Fox, so…

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  33. Jackson is as big as a one hole, it’s a shame that some low-fat white trailer trash bitch ugly category can direct him to something. He was a meal ticket that is not there, which if it were not for the lucke dup.

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