Joe Jackson denies beating Michael Jackson

July 21st, 2009 // 43 Comments

In an interview with Larry King last night, Joe Jackson denied ever beating Michael Jackson as a child. To back up his claims, Joe inexplicably goes on to say that “beating started with slavery,” and any parent who says they never spanked their kid is “a liar.” Except for apparently Joe Jackson who immediately followed that statement with “But I never beat Michael.”

To dig his hole even deeper, Joe also believes Michael was raised properly because he didn’t “run the streets like other kids in his neighborhood.” But, you know, he’s right. Michael simply went on to surgically alter his face into Peter Pan and invite young boys over to his house for wine and porn. If that was anymore wholesome, puppies would jump out of a birthday cake and help the elderly cross the street. True story.


  1. wtf

    I really like when Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton appear Joe Jackson. It confirms my opinion of all 3 of these losers. If those two were Moses, the Jews would still be slaves today.

  2. wtf

    ….appear *WITH* Joe Jackson….

  3. Daryl G

    Personally, I didn’t know this guy was alive until his son was dead. He’s got to be on a list of evil people.

  4. gil

    suck some penis and call me in da mORNING!!! FIRST

  5. Daryl G

    He also says that most of the kids that grew up in Michael’s neighborhood “aren’t living anymore.”

    Good point to make in comparison to your dead son.

  6. IKE

    Joe has some land in Florida and a bridge in California to sell you.

  7. Micheal was an icon, no doubt…but he had the tendency to pull the wool over his fans eyes, now you can see where he inherited from…Joe is an old pimp!

  8. A

    Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and especially Joe Jackson need to be severely beaten to death already. Where are all the drive by shootings when you need them. I am no Michael Jackson fan but it is getting very disturbing now watching his father continue pissing and dancing on top of his grave.

  9. michael jackson's brain

    Not to point out the obvious, but Joe Jackson is a pathological liar. I hope Janet never lets those kids near that bastard Joe.

  10. “I made no mistakes”

  11. The Jerk

    Amazing how Joe Jackson is pulling the bullshit slave card as an excuse for denying he ever beat little Michael to the point he regretted being born black and turning into a fairy princess while moonwalking his way into nearby Chuck E. Cheese restaurants.

  12. yeah sure

    No, no of course he’s a fantastic dad that’s why all of his kids are so well adjusted. Beatings? what stop accusing me of slavery!

  13. Clare

    Interesting that he waits until Michael is dead to deny the beatings. Why didn’t he say so when Michael was still alive? I guess because he is full of shit.

  14. dk

    Most child molesters have soda and a fucking super nintendo, this motherfucker had anesthesia and an amusement park. I hope hes burning in hell, twice!

  15. Hello Kitty

    “Most kids that were Mickael’s age they’re not living anymore”
    I think he realized he made a mistake as he was saying it…

    But his point is that he makes a distinctino between spanking a kid and beating a kid. He’s saying he never beat Mickael, but is also saying he used to spank Mickael.

    I’m not defending him, I think he’s scum. But lets get his arguments clear at least.

  16. Just wondering here, but where does Joe get money for those nice suits?

  17. He’s such an asshole…

  18. Shep

    Well good to see he’s not quick to anger “WAIT WAIT, don’t cut me off Larry!!” What patience that guy has, you can totally see it in his demeanor. lol

  19. Quinn

    Did he ever publicly deny beating MJ when MJ was still alive??? If not, he’s a LYIN’ bastard.

  20. Tom K

    Joe Jackson is by far the coolest old black man on the planet!!! LMAO!!!
    He is hilarious and always entertaining to watch. You never know what he’s going to say.

  21. ritzy

    he’s full of shit.

  22. Aerialgreen

    Joe already has a gargoyle mug that just can’t be trusted, everything he says is laced with poison, probably smells like Old Spice and gutter gravy.

    Yeah, he IS a real life demon. and karma is going of ass-rape him and hard.

  23. robert

    He’s just angry that Michael never invited HIM over for Jesus juice and porn…

  24. Xanthia

    #16: that is not a nice suit – unless you call a cheap suit you can see the puckered up stitchlines on as nice…………. and he probably got it on a street corner, scuzz-ass jerkoff that he is. Kathryn should have neutered that bastard years ago.

  25. um

    He may be TRYING to say he only spanked them but clearly he’s equating anything even remotely close to the actual allegations of nearly all his children – Micheal has said it twice on Oprah and those extensive British interviews, and plus his older sons – as something akin to slavery – which is obviously over- compensating. Besides giving his arguments face value seems to be a little pointless don’t you think?

  26. you silly crackers

    There’s a difference between spanking and abuse. You silly crackers are too spoiled. Go watch your Hannah Montana and STFU about how other people raise their children.

  27. mini-mega

    This is the pre-autopsy promenade…grab your partner & circle left….

  28. Albin Bainbridge

    @ 26

    Oh, shut up Joe Jackson.

  29. Wow, I thought the dude was dead.

  30. I don't understand.......

    I don’t understand why people are so against parents spanking their children in this country. Children need to be disciplined sometimes and a certain level of fear of their parents need to be instilled in them.

    But it is also important that despite the spankings, which should obviously be used as sparingly as possible, the parents genuinely show their love for their children. Obviously, Joe Jackson failed in this respect.

  31. XX

    Joe Jackson says that his wife supposedly “beat them” more than he did. Now he is saying he never beat them. I think he associates discipline with this type of abuse and tries to relate it to something little like spanking. He makes it seem like its all the same thing. Nowadays, he realizes what he did was physical abuse and sees how all his children have lived with this all their years and now Joe Jackson is still using the same tactics but now is going back on his words because he doesn’t want to admit it.

    So he does and he doesn’t…. which story is it, Joe? You have to stick to one and we know which one it is. His children didn’t have all that mental distress for nothing.

  32. bah

    Yeah I was spanked and I think spankings fine – but he did not spank them he beat them . This guy is KNOWN for abuse, your children just don’t make up stuff like that for fun, and Michael has talked about is so coming out now when he can’t say anything is so cowardly.

  33. oxen

    i cant stand this piece of shit.

    why didn’t he die instead??

  34. Well, his son is no longer there to say other wise. As far as no mistakes in raising his son, is some what arrogant I think. What parent does not make mistakes? Only saints can raise Children with out making mistakes and I do not known of any so far.

  35. Joe Jackson: “I Made No Mistakes”
    Look at your kids, Joe. Something went wrong somewhere. They all cut their noses off.

    All Joe knows is, pimpin’ ain’t easy.

    I read that the werewolf in the “Thriller” video is modeled off Joe Jackson.

  36. zee

    When i was a kid, liked the KID Jackson’s songs…Ben, etc. AS a freshman in high school, i was unimpressed with Off the Wall, the title i feel was capitalizing on the already released and chart-topping Pink Floyd-The Wall. I was in college when Thriller came out, my friends and i were into classic rock, heavy metal, etc. NOT top-40. We LOATHED his music. We started a Michael Jackson Strangler’s Club, complete with T-Shirts. (yes, like the Disco Stranglers) Years later, as he got weirder and weirder, i warned my MJ loving cousins and friends that someday they would find out how seriously F’d up he really was—-AND THEN the boy-luvin came 2 light, and i expounded on my theory that Michael’s crazy, money/power hungry abusive dad couldn’t stand 2 c his best meal-ticket go thru the ‘change’-puberty, and CASTRATED poor Michael so his voice would stay beautiful. Castratos were highly esteemed in societies throughout history as wonderful singers. I think his dad was sick enough t2 do this. And his mom, and the rest of the family, was beaten down enough 2 keep silent. That possibility aside–Dr. Drew and other professionals say that when an adult has a little kid voice, it signals a childhood trauma and the person is stuck in that age that it happened. He dated Tatum ONeal, who said he FREAKED out when she came over one night and attempted physical luvins, and she let him go. I believe he didn’t want her 2 find out what he was missing–balls! decades later, his masculinity in question, he married Lisa Marie Presley, Publicity stunt sensationalism all z way! A really awkward forced kiss on a stage, did it fool some? apparently. “And they said it would never last!”- MJ bragged—and how long DID that marriage last? Isn’t it ironic–don’t u think? SO. NOW he had 2 prove he was a REAL man. That meant offspring. So he ‘had’ kids with women, and passed them off as his own genetic spawn. REALLY, how hard would it b? He had lots of money 2 buy silence and lies. People just believed he actually fathered these children–but i don’t. He was a Eunich. He gravitated to boys—trying 2 recapture the boyhood innocence he himself lost at the hands of his monster-dad. He couldn’t relate 2 his own age peers, and definitely not 2 women! except as friends. I think we will find out the REAL truth behind his weirdness’s….. and his EVIL DAD! I do feel sorry 4 him. Such a tragedy, in so, so many ways.

  37. right Joe.. we all know that you killed your son.. see this

  38. @ 36 – Maybe Neverland Ranch was for breeding genetically engineered supermodel kids.

  39. I denied beating my meat… no one believed me either…

  40. Is there a vid of this interview online? I’d love to watch it. I don’t own a TV :(

  41. Ellie

    There is a HUGE difference between spank and beat but parents shouldn’t do either. There are other ways to assert authority. We bring these children into the world so raising them to be happy healthy adults should be our 1st priority. Joe Jackson raised a lot of f*cked up kids that turned into f*cked up adults because to him they were NOT children they were cash cows. Michael should be burning in hell for becoming something worse than the father he so hated.

    He’s an idiot for leaving his kids to his mother knowing she will not leave Joe to raise them. Also she was NOT a good mother – if she was, she would have protected HER children and left Joe long ago.

  42. Its too bad that he tries to take over everything. Pretty lame that he never tried saying this while MJ was still alive.

  43. No no, he is alive. They found him in the woods. Then the video taper got it!!!!

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