Joe Jackson confirms Omer Bhatti is Michael’s son

July 30th, 2009 // 106 Comments

It was always rumored that Michael Jackson had a “secret son,” Omer Bhatti (above), who was mysteriously sitting with the Jackson family at Michael’s funeral. Well, the speculation can end because Joe Jackson confirmed in an interview with NewsOne that Omer is Michael’s son. Which is insanely fucked up because that means Michael Jackson had sex with a woman. How was that even possible? Can moonwalking on a bed while holding a teddy bear get somebody pregnant? Because, honestly, that’s all I got.


  1. effyeray

    Is he the “Don’t want you back” dude?

  2. PedoMichael

    I’m with #32…..Billie Jean makes a lot more sense now.

    I was always confused about that song back in the day.

  3. KG

    Easy to confirm/deny with a DNA test.

  4. This dude looks like “white” michael. Black Michael, which is what he is gentically, could not create this dude. Joe Jackson needs to get pimp slapped again.
    The Rake

  5. Bigo

    Omar has said he isn’t Jacko’s son.

    But if he decided to change his mind, then he should have a rectum swabbing for DNA so that there will be no mistake that he really has Jacko’s genes in him!!!

  6. j-sin

    I like all the people on here who thinks they know what a biracial kid is supposed to look like. Like they’re experts. You can have mixed kids who look as dark as Barack Obama or as light as Rashida Jones. Hell, my gf looks white and her dad is white and her mom is black. So please stfu.

  7. vito


    Nobody gives a flying fuck!

  8. Feckless the Second

    **(sung to the tune of “How cool, how cool can one black man be?” )———-
    How many, how many white kids can one black man have??

  9. shankyouverymuch

    This mystery is EASILY solved ….. It just so happens that MJ has graciously left LOTS of DNA with the LA corner, all that needs to be done is a bit of DNA testing.

    If B.O. or O.B. or whatever he calls him self is the real jizz baby of MJ, that test will confirm it …… Mystery Solved!

    But remember- this the Jackson family we are dealing with, & things just aren’t that logical or easy :O(

  10. Husky

    His nose is just like Michael’s!!

  11. Limbaugh's Diabetes

    Ummm… *NO*. The idea that this man is MJ’s son is hogwash. And saying “But Joe *said* so!” is asinine. Didn’t Joe also say he never hit Michael, and didn’t we all groan and roll our eyes when we heard it? Well don’t stop groanin’ and don’t stop rollin’, ’cause Joe is only out to make some money. And dear Omer there is his winning ticket.

    Omer is the *now* money. And MJ’s kids are the *future* money. For Joe, Michael dying is like winning the lottery. It’s disgusting, and anyone who cared the least bit for Michael Jackson should switch channels whenever Joe comes on. He’s a lying ball sac, and the fact that he still walks the earth while Michael is dead is sick and twisted.

  12. ardgelina


    lol i was thinking the same thing… Hello ne one heard of slash? Mariah Carey?

  13. Heather

    The song Billie Jean couldn’t have been about Omer. The song was made in 1982, and Omer would have been born in 1984, wouldn’t he? I read that he’s 25.

  14. kay

    If its true, then I do see the resemblance.

  15. Zee

    He cannot be his biological son because Micheal was castrated as a young child. Catch up with the info Fish!!! Joe had him castrated before puberty to keep his voice perfect.

  16. Plus1

    #32 hahahahahahahahaaaaa

  17. crsfc

    You cannot tell me after looking at this picture that he is not his kid:

  18. Idiot


    Yes I can, because his son wouldn’t look like Michael POST PLASTIC SURGERY. His son looks nothing like Michael PRE PLASTIC SURGERY.


  19. nokturnal

    there’s no question this is MJ’s kid. he has the same eyes and features, and is obviously of mixed race you idiots.

  20. bee

    He looks more like MJ then those other little white babies he has.

  21. shirleytemple

    holy cow… he’s got michael’s eyes.

    you can’t deny his eyes are the spitting image of michael’s.

  22. prettyontheoutside

    Wow the ignorance is astounding. First of all, mixed race black+white doesn’t guarantee you will be black, nor does it mean you will have all features of one parent.

    There is only one race, the human race. We’re all apart of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone has a little African heritage because life started in Africa afterall ;)

    Race is just a divisive issue that is societal. In order to have these racial divides you must have stereotypes and what is deemed culturally acceptable.

    Not just racial but gender too.

    If you are a minority in a fabricated stereotype that you aren’t supposed to be apart of, people get vicious. for example, white people aren’t supposed to be able to dance well really means, if you are white don’t dance well or you’re stepping on someone else’s stereotyping ignorant turf.

    If you are black, you aren’t supposed to be educated with a good job and if you are then shame on you for trying to be white.

    If you are female, you better put down that rock guitar. It’s a white male’s turf but the funny thing is, that was actually apart of black culture but turned into a white thing so when that band In Living Colour came out, people sneered at the thought of black males playing rock and it wasn’t just white people doing it but also black people saying they were trying to be white.

    Then there was Vanilla Ice. He wasn’t supposed to be able to dance and rap. That was not acceptable.

    Then we have Obama our own president who is biracial but everyone only acknowledges his black ancestry however it was his white other and grandma who raised him into the fine man he is now.

    I’m so sick and tired of hearing only white people can be racist too because I see it from all races. I am biracial and I get to hear alot of ignorant BS. “What are you?” My answer? I am a person. What are you?

  23. crsfc


    fuckin idiot. He doesn’t look like the post surgery michael one bit yet he is the spitting image of michael before he turned into a white woman. Obviously Omer has whiter skin which happens all the time to kids with one black and one white parent. But then again your name is idiot so I don’t see why I’m even attempting to explain myself to you. You obviously can’t think like a normal person.

  24. JoziGirl

    I didn’t read all 73 comments but can nobody see the striking resemblance to Britney? Pity that’s impossible because that would make a fantastic story!

  25. resemblance wouldnt be an evident. should be confirmed genetically

  26. Dread not

    This can’t be Michaels son! Can’t be! The voodoo curse MJ tried to have put on Spielberg didn’t require the sacrifice of his first born son?! WTF!? What kind of bs curse is that?! No wonder MJ didn’t land the role in Spielberg’s, movie, Hook. He should’ve offered up his first born, not some chicken! He probably would of gotten the role of Peter Pan, not, Robin Williams. On top of that, he would still be alive, flying around in his rented private plane, while getting young boys blasted on Jesus Juice, repeatedly inducting himself in the NAMBLA equivalent of the mile high club. If he wouldn’t still be alive, he would at least be a zombie, which really isn’t that big of a difference.

    Think about it; what would be the difference between a still living MJ and a zombie MJ? Both would be lumbering around, soulless, like their brains were rotting. The living MJ because of all the prescription drugs he used to cover up his haneous child molesting acts. The zombie MJ because, well, he’s a zombie.

    Both would be constantly going in for plastic surgery touch-ups. The living MJ because his nose was falling off and he was addicted to the procedures. The zombie MJ, because his nose would be falling off, along with most of his hair and flesh.

    Lesson is: if you’re going to do a voodoo curse on someone, don’t use a chicken. It’s the first born child, or nothing.

    Conclusion: Is this MJ’s kid? Who the fuck cares!

  27. Nanotyrannus

    Shenanigans! Joe Jackson has already taken to the airwaves to claim he never beat the shit out of Michael. And did it, conveniently, when there is no possibility of Michael coming back to offer his side of the story. My guess is this is his sick twisted version of spin control. Rumors are still popping up here and there that MJ was gay. What better way to put those to rest than to produce a kid that resulted from MJ putting his wiener in a woman? ‘Cause that’s what guys do. Or so I’m told.

    Anyhoozle, a blood test would probably only show that a member of the Jackson family could be the father. It could be any one of them. Tito, Joe, Jermaine, LaToya…

  28. Wow, he’s goodlooking. I can see a bit of resemblance.

  29. Darth

    MJ’s original nose resembles his a bit.Maybe it’s true.

  30. aidan

    hell his daughter is white too.

  31. Jammy

    Maybe “jacko” is how the job got done.

  32. Tyra

    I believe that this kid is Janet Jackson and Debarge’s son. It was rumored that she had a child and married Debarge as a result of being pregnant at a young age. Of course this child is a Jackson, how else could they explain him sitting with the family at the memorial services. This boy looks like a Debarge, pull out your old photos of the Debarge family. That’s my theory.

  33. Gorgeous boy : ) Clearly has Michael’s eyes. And for all you idiots who have remarked that he couldn’t POSSIBLY be MJ’s son becaus of his name (?!), it’s just a name dummies! If his mother would have decided to call him Ming,, would that make him Asian? I don’t think so.

  34. Gorgeous boy : ) Clearly has Michael’s eyes. And for all you idiots who have remarked that he couldn’t POSSIBLY be MJ’s son becaus of his name (?!), it’s just a name dummies! If his mother would have decided to call him Ming,, would that make him Asian? I don’t think so.

  35. paris

    listen everyone stop saying things about Michael Jackson. so wat if he has a weird face it was hes choice to do his face like that. this is none of ur business. just because hes dead does not mean that u idiots fools should say that about him.u guys are a fan of him thts supposed to support him not say bad things. Michael Jackson was a really nice man who taught this world loads of things but actually had a bad life himself.please stop thinking about other peoples appearence and think about urs.

  36. tina

    so what Michael Jackson has a weird face. it was hes choice. i mean at least u people don’t have a face like u can all shut up about his appearance. Michael was a really nice man who could have done anything for children.just because his dead does not mean tht u can say all these stuff. sometimes i am ashamed because all of u fans are supposed to support him not say things about his childhood he had to bear so many things for example his dad hitting him.if omer is his son then so wat at least he got some manners.anyway all humans make mistakes maybe this was a mistake as well.

  37. Beautyandbeast

    I think we should live the guy rest in peace and stop making money and show of is life.

  38. A person

    I think it could be his son. Omer looks similar to him, not exact. I don’t look exactually like my father. Omer also looks like Blanket also. You know how Michael likes to hide the identy of his kids. He doesn’t want people attacking them, just because their his kids. I think he got drunk and slept with Omer’s mom. Then she didn’t know she was prego or who the father was, something like that. Later when Omer was older she told Michael that he might be his father. Thats just what I think. Guess we’ll have to wait until the DNA results come back…

  39. ladams

    Yeah right, MJ fathered a son that looks similair to him after all his plastic surgery. No one is that stupid Joe. get a real job.

  40. whatserbucket

    I don’t know. That eye-shape is really distinctive and unique, and if MJ and Omer aren’t related, it would be a mighty coincidence for them to share it in common. His mouth and the general shape of his face is pretty similar to pre-surgical MJ’s too. Plus his mother, Pia, is Norwegian and very blonde, which would explain his light skin tone, and European-ish nose.

    And apparently Omer’s had a little nose work done himself, because it used to be a bit wider:

    All that said, however, Joe Jackson isn’t exactly a rock-solid source for pure truth and, considering their shitty relationship, I doubt MJ would have confided in Joe about having knocked somebody up, especially in 1983-84, a couple short years after MJ’d fired Joe’s crazy ass. I don’t know why anybody consults Joe Jackson as a source on anything.

  41. Elle

    Don’t know why or how this rumor got started but he IS NOT HIS SON. He has that look Michael liked – did you notice all the little boys that stayed with him kind of looked like this kid. This guy’s father is from Pakistan and mother is European so that is why he has that “look” which just so happens to resemble what Michael WANTED to look like. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Michael’s music just not a delusional fan. I heard the boy was getting a DNA test to prove he’s Michaels son and now I hear he is denying that he is – which means he took the DNA test and it came back negative. Joe, the despicable character that he is will try to capitalize on the situation. He’s going to sign this kid on his label and pass him off as Michael’s to obtain his(Michael’s) fanbase.

  42. Micheal the second

    Omer does not has to be the son of M.J, most of the times i walk pass people who looks much like me, i knew this was going to happen, even when M.J is gone you freaks are taking around stupid rumours,WOULD YOU GUYS LET HIM REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Micheal the second

    Omer does not has to be the son of M.J, most of the times i walk pass people who looks much like me, i knew this was going to happen, even when M.J is gone you freaks are taking around stupid rumours,WOULD YOU GUYS LET HIM REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. blood test shouldbe confirmed..

  45. Omah God

    Hes Joes second choice for the first member of the new Jackson Three if the others dont work out. He can invent one or two more or ring bubbles if he needs to go to plan c.

  46. guys seriously. i know this guys family. He is half from pakistan and half norwegian. cut out the crap please.

  47. linda

    after they get off the jet ski Omer touches Michael on the arm and it sounds like he says, “Dad….I want to go…”

    And this one

    at 3:02 Omer calls MJ dad again

  48. Terrell

    This is not MJ’s son,how in the heck will all of his kids come out fully white,fully Indian or whatever that is.They can’t listen what Joe say half of the he don’t know whats going on or what he’s talking about.On soul train years ago he was on the show and Don Cornelius and Joe was looking at a Jackson home video,and Don ask what the name of Tito’s baby’s name he said Jackson.You got to watch what you say in interviews.He didn’t say the Omer was Michaels he just yes i know he have another son,they take stuff and flip and put it different from what you said.

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