Joe Francis tries to recruit Brittny Gastineau (Where is this man’s medal?!)

August 21st, 2008 // 43 Comments

Joe Francis continued his holy quest of everything good and righteous and nipplely by approaching model/reality star Brittny Gastineau last night outside of Crown Bar. I think I speak for all of us when I say “This man should be our president.” Not only would I campaign for Joe Francis, but I’d even consider putting on pants and going out to vote. Maybe. If there’s an Ice Road Truckers marathon on that day, I’m not making any promises. It’s trucks on ice, people!

EDIT: And, no, the irony that Brittny is standing on a street corner is not lost on me. Classy!


  1. fizzle


  2. jill summers

    did anyone else see those photos of him from jail ( ) where he was on his knees with this dudes hmmmm in his face>? girls gone wild should have more video on that action.. lol

  3. If I’m him, I’d be washing that hand STAT.

  4. Just looking at Joe Frances skeeves me out…

  5. Deacon Jones

    He could’ve hit it

  6. AC

    Who the hell is this two-bit whore?

  7. you pizza-faced losers

    Go ahead you pizza-faced losers. Tell everyone how she doesn’t look as good as your blowup doll.

  8. mimi

    I’d vote for Amy Winehouse for president!!!!

  9. NY Ted

    I confess! Don’t know much about Brit…but I have fallen madly in love with her. Pretty smile…sexy green eyes…lovely breasts…tanned curved body with nice legs! Now does she have a brain to go along with her other attributes?

  10. you dont want to know

    The Next Expose Run for your LIFE girl…. Dont be paris

  11. you dont want to know

    The Next Expose Run for your LIFE girl…. Dont be paris

  12. you dont want to know

    The Next Expose Run for your LIFE girl…. Dont be paris

  13. scherbotsky

    she looks good. but then again, isnt this the site where everything it criticized by low life nobodys? i’d tap that

  14. Hanafer

    Oh, I would hit that – HARD.

  15. Hanafer

    BTW, great hooker pose in pic #4.

  16. I would love to pick up a hooker that looked like that. Most of the ones I see have no teeth or are hiding sausage.

  17. Glen Mac

    Eff Kardashian, Gastineau is so fine. Looks she put on a couple of pounds, for the better. I would pound that snatch so hard and lay a stripe on that rack.

  18. Teef

    It would be drilled

  19. Suzie

    Following in her parents foot steps – hanging on a street corner tryin to get noticed – oh and this time her boob is in her dress AMAZING !!

  20. Jamie's Uterus

    She needs to do a sex tape where a black guy pisses on her. Oh wait, thats been done. Maybe said black guy can crap on her?

  21. John

    Picture #4…she looks like a hooker on a street corner.

  22. mimi

    Time to stop praying for Amy. I’ve finally realized that, according to the bible, everything is predetermined and begging God to intervene in everyone’s daily lives is futile.

    Amy should take responsibility for her own actions.

    Thank You

  23. (Joe’s out of jail ?)
    Well. Ok. Brit’s dad Mark sort of sucked up here in Canuckistan in the CFL. Whatever. Four games does not a career make. etc….
    But Brittny (sp?) – Hamilton Tiger Cats and Winnipeg Blue Bombers suck this year – and both could use a tight end….
    ….JEREMY SHOCKEY ? need not apply….
    ( well ok is happy hour…and NIST blames office fires for building 7 for the melt down of steel girders (ever turn on a stove boyz ?) and free fall collapse speed)
    “Seven World Trade Center is one of the key points of evidence, one of the smoking guns,” said Richard Gage, a California architect who leader a group called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. “There have been much hotter, longer lasting and larger fires in skyscrapers that have not fallen down.” NYT August 21 2008
    Cliff Notes : You may have veered off topic the last few lines there Bink.
    Binky : Oh.

  24. will

    mimi, please off yourself.

  25. Urine Luck

    Brittny Gastineau is a socialite who is the daughter of Mark and Lisa Gastineau, Mark is a former NY Jets defensive end, and Lisa is a swimsuit model turned designer. Brittny is a very very wealthy girl, and after filming two seasons of E!’s “Gastineau Girls”, Brittny branched into modeling for Yves Saint Laurenx, Anne Bowen, Anna Sui, L’Oreal Paris, Heatherette and most recently Victoria Secret.

    Brittny has a new show currently being filmed with MTV that will premeire by the end of the year. Picture “The Hills”, only with Gastineau’s lavish wealth, and equally rich pals (she counts Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Courtney Semel and Aubrey O’Day as her closest gal pals.)

  26. Nashvegas

    #21: And a hooker Id gladly pay for!

  27. haha

    she actually seems sorta conservative wit that long dress on.

  28. rough daddy

    she probably think shes too good, but shes perfect for girls gone wild! how big can her trust fund be?

  29. rough daddy

    joe must be a charmer, this is the first time ive seen this chick smiling…pimp that booty joe…

  30. Pilatunes

    Joe Francis should be in jail for rape. Why is he still free?

  31. missywissy

    Joe Francis is a loser that makes money from losers who buy his videos of underaged girls showing their boobies and kissing each other. His plastic surgery is freaky and anyone that associates with him is desperate.

  32. bonespur

    Recruit her my ass! He’s trying to FUCK her…

    (Actually I can’t blame him. She *is* pretty fucking hot!)

  33. havoc

    You watch. Someday a pissed off father is going to take this prick out.

    Hopefully right through his greasy smile…..


  34. Smile

    Is she a hand model? I don’t see it

  35. gobats

    I hope he banged her, shes fuckign hot and he doesnt look like a douchbag

  36. No

    #9. Not remotely, she’s painfully stupid. Watch her reality show Gastineau Girls (if you can get through a few minutes and you’ll see what I mean). She’s extremely spoiled, doesn’t work at all, is very whiny and mostly interested in shoes and clothing and shit like that, the woman couldn’t boil water and all she would talk to you about is her image and celebrities.
    She is also the type of girl who would not date you unless you were extremely wealthy and would not marry you unless the ring cost as much as a house. This all adds up to the undeniable fact that she is horrible in bed; lazy, spolied and whiny = chick who just lies there and complains that you’re on her hair. She looks good (though I’ve seen better brunette green eyed beauties) so that’s about all she has to offer. So basically just enjoy pictures of her here and pray she has so little self respect that she does pose for Joe’s mag.

    With a girl like this the guys who get to just look at pictures of her are in a much better position than guys who end up with her and have to listen to her and watch her spend all their money and get lots of whining bitching and occasional rag doll lame sex from her in return.

    Sometimes the fantasy is WAY better than the reality. Any girl who wants to be famous is a useless bitch, that’s a rule and it’s 100% accurate.

  37. norton

    Joe Francis is a major douche-bag…. ’nuff said.

  38. joes's 1 inch penis

    She’s not conservative at all, HELLO her boobs are on display, she always wears long dresses or pants, she has really ugly knees/thighs and some cankleness too and she hates her legs so she likes to hide them.

  39. Natty Dread

    Joe Francis needs to die.

  40. Bob White

    She is actually good looking but #36 has it on the money.

  41. Flynn

    Number 7. Who the fuck uses the term “pizza faced” these days? What are you 50? Also, you should not attack the person, just the comment. Is that not what this site is for? A laugh at the expense of the vapid? If you want to attack someone, go to the mirror and get it out. As for number 36 – “The woman couldn’t boil water” is pretty funny. Nice one.

  42. sarah

    The two episodes I saw of the Gastineau Girls made it pretty clear that she’s just as much of a waste of space as most wealthy ‘socialites’.

    In love with money and a vacuous non-talented mess.

    Her so-called ‘modeling career’ consisted (from what I saw) of some half-hearted photo shoot where she threw a temper and was shunned by the photographer who’s probably used to seeing MUCH better.

    So live it up, girl. Joe Francis may be the only real camera time you’ll get!

  43. simplicity

    She looks like a ditz

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