Joe Francis throwing Lamar Odom’s bachelor party

September 23rd, 2009 // 32 Comments

Jesus. The bad ideas just keep coming in with this wedding. Apparently Joe Francis is hosting Lamar Odom’s bachelor party Thursday night. TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned Joe Francis is hosting Lamar’s swan song to bachelorhood tomorrow at Les Deux nightclub in Hollywood. It will be a formal affair … with stripper poles and “midgets.”
Here’s the good news — Khloe’s brother Rob will be there to keep an eye on Lamar … unless he’s distracted by the midgets and stripper poles.

Of course, I’m sure it’ll be a classy, fun-filled event complete with such classic bachelor party games as:

“Slap That Bitch”
“Pull That Bitch’s Hair”
“Pull That Bitch’s Hair while Slapping That Bitch and Frenching a Midget”
“Tax Evasion”
“Underage Titty Hunt.”
“Bitch Slap: Now with More Hair Pulling!”

And, finally, a Joe Francis favorite: “Quick, Help Me Hide Inside My Own Vagina, Brody Jenner’s Trying to Punch Me Again.” You kids have fun.


  1. udunome


  2. The Gorgeous One

    Love the party games. Can you send over the instructions?

  3. havoc

    Where’s an earthquake in the Nevada desert when you really need one?


  4. Fox

    It just goes to show you how fake it all is! Brody Jenner is her step-brother… why would Odom have someone who “fought” his fiance’s step-brother host his bachelor’s party??

  5. F*ck you back dude

    Enough already, like who gives a fuck about these Arab looking armenians anyway.

  6. F*ck you back dude

    Enough already, like who gives a fuck about these Arab looking Armenians anyway.

  7. cc

    Awesome. Joe Francis can round up some underage girls, and maybe even rape a few. Good choice asshole.

  8. JADE

    And Mr.Cow what would be your comment?

  9. miau

    haha fish once again great


  10. abby

    Ha, I am with #4 this is so stupid. Got to love it.

  11. Kelly

    He looks so gay when he smiles. His teeth are weird..Granted I know they’re fake, they just don’t fit his face.

  12. Sean

    I gotta say this. But who wouldn’t want Joe Francis to throw their bachelor party? It would be legendary. Assuming, you know, Joe didn’t smack down any 95lb women.

  13. HOOTERS!

    HOOTERS!!!!! That’s where I work :D

  14. Dr Truth

    I wonder if Jayde Nicole will be there? If she is, I hope everyone follows the instructions tattooed above her vag and respects her and treats her like the lady that she is.

  15. Randal(l)

    I’m getting fed up with this witch hunt against Joe Francis. I’m not saying I Condone hitting a lady (unless she serves dinner cold, or mouths off too much) But the fact of the matter is, Joe Francis Brought Drunken Sluts Whipping out their titties for hats and t-shirts into America’s living room. That alone should entitle him to slap at least four ladies without repercussions. Also What the hell is wrong with Lamar Odom. All those weeks of negotiating his salary to lose most of it in a settlement and the rest on back wax for his new wife Sasquatch


  16. This whole situation is fucking pathetic. No wonder so many people end up getting divorced. They have no shot at staying together longer than 3 months. Lamar might as well just give her a few million and save himself the wasted time and social diseases.

  17. PabloHoney

    Who the fuck is Lamar Odom?

  18. sam

    #11 — I was thinking more creepy than gay. His smile is like the Joker, and he’s got lyin’ eyes. And weird ears.

    #15 — Drunken sluts in your living room is great if you are a single guy, but if you are watching MTV with your teenage daughters, it’s a little weird. Blocking out the nips does nothing about the whole “this is how girls have fun on spring break” vibe.

    The only thing Joe Francis does for me is make me go eewww.

  19. mai-tai

    Why are Joe’s lips so chapped? He used to be handsome – all that soft core stressed him out apparently.

  20. Sheena

    Can’t say this enough times: Joe Francis is a walking, living, eating, breathing sack of shit.

    BTW anyone who wants this turd to host their (fill-in-the-blank) party is a stone cold fuckwit.

  21. Vodou

    Member when Joe Francis threw Mario Lopez’s bachelor party when he was marrying Ali Landry?? Then he banged some slut and they got the marriage annulled??

  22. luvGun

    i love those titty tapes and so do all you haters so stop.
    or ill slap you

  23. Stop being such a douche joe!

  24. norton

    Major douchebag.


  25. Nero

    That’s quite freaky,porn midgets and half a team of basketballers.

  26. Rhialto

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these midgets would be bald.

  27. Jillia

    I’d rather than take a bullet to the eye than be ok with Joe Francis throwing my fiance a bachelor party.

  28. I’m telling ya, if they ever make a He-Man movie, THIS GUY HAS TO BE SKELETOR!

  29. This guy is nice.

  30. Hey..Lamar needs to go out with a bang ’cause its all over after he marries her…

  31. whats with the kardashians and black guys? and I’m guessing khloe has some bun in the oven…why else would she hurry this thing up so fast and all of a sudden marry him in a matter of what….3 weeks?

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