Joe Francis sues Jayde Nicole for ‘threatening to kill him’

Despite the existence of a video that basically shows the exact opposite, Joe Francis is suing Jayde Nicole for not only threatening to kill him but being mere seconds away from using a bottle as a murder weapon. Jayde’s lawyer responds to RadarOnline:

“We will be responding with an Anti-SLAPP motion as this lawsuit is retaliation for her exercising her right to file a police report for being a victim of a crime,” Richards said. “Joe Francis can try and bully her all he wants but she won’t capitulate.” Anti-SLAPP lawsuits attempt to protect the rights of persons who engage in protected speech and aim to shield such persons from forces who may try to intimidate them into silence.
Richards says Nicole was exercising her free speech by filing a police report. Nicole claims Francis pulled her hair and knocked her to the ground while Francis claims Nicole threatened to kill him. He has also said that he was fearful for his life, claiming he saw Nicole reach for a bottle which he believed she was going to hit him with.

I’m pretty sure/watched it fucking happen that Jayde simply poured a shot on Joe Francis’ shoulder. But I can see how he might construe that as a diabolical attempt to end his life since he’s a giant vagina that only fights women. So in that context, I got your back, Joe. You show that mean old girl!

Photos: Splash News