Joe Francis sues Jayde Nicole for ‘threatening to kill him’

October 27th, 2009 // 33 Comments

Despite the existence of a video that basically shows the exact opposite, Joe Francis is suing Jayde Nicole for not only threatening to kill him but being mere seconds away from using a bottle as a murder weapon. Jayde’s lawyer responds to RadarOnline:

“We will be responding with an Anti-SLAPP motion as this lawsuit is retaliation for her exercising her right to file a police report for being a victim of a crime,” Richards said. “Joe Francis can try and bully her all he wants but she won’t capitulate.” Anti-SLAPP lawsuits attempt to protect the rights of persons who engage in protected speech and aim to shield such persons from forces who may try to intimidate them into silence.
Richards says Nicole was exercising her free speech by filing a police report. Nicole claims Francis pulled her hair and knocked her to the ground while Francis claims Nicole threatened to kill him. He has also said that he was fearful for his life, claiming he saw Nicole reach for a bottle which he believed she was going to hit him with.

I’m pretty sure/watched it fucking happen that Jayde simply poured a shot on Joe Francis’ shoulder. But I can see how he might construe that as a diabolical attempt to end his life since he’s a giant vagina that only fights women. So in that context, I got your back, Joe. You show that mean old girl!

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  1. First….. wheres my shirt joe francis!!!

  2. Joe's vagina

    Big man hitting women. Why not try a man your owen size? Sorry, they would knock the crap out of you, you little vagina.

  3. Joe's vagina

    Big man hitting women. Why not try a man your own size? Sorry, they would knock the crap out of you, you little vagina.

  4. dan

    I hope that in an unprecedented move of legal brilliance the judge gives both of them the death penalty.

  5. Rod

    i’d totally angry pirate this chick. Yarrrrrr.

  6. SoHot

    If Jayde Nichol would suffocate me by placing her naked snatch on my face then I would be ready to die today.

  7. toolboy (but everyone here calls me Vicki)

    One can only hope that Joe this is one of Joe Francis’ hard and true stances, that “no one tosses a drink on Joe”, and that Chuck Lidell tosses a drink on that little puss. Chuck and his friends would take turns pissing in Joe’s ocular cavities afterwards. This way to the cafeteria!

  8. Boogiddy

    If you watched the video then you saw her hit Joe in the face before pouring a drink on him. Why does everybody leave that part out? He’s walking by and she hits him in the face then pours a drink on him while he’s not even looking at her. Bitch deserved more than she got…

  9. toolboy

    didn’t leave that out. I also don’t consider that slight contact to be hitting Joe in his face. That was more like foreplay, but I guess maybe my testicles are getting in the way of me being objective and all.

  10. lol

    Agreed with 8. Everyone leaves out the part where she smacks him in the face. It certainly doesn’t justify dragging the ugly cunt to the ground, but even so, stop raising her up when she’s just as much of a fool as Francis. What you sad fucking losers will say for a nice pair of tits.

  11. Bleh

    Sorry but I don’t care what she did. Was she stupid for doing it? Of course. But what self-respecting man grabs a woman’s HAIR and drags her across the floor? That’s how GIRLS fight. He’s such a woman! I’ve never seen a grown man do that, unless he dates men lol. What straight man does that and then runs away? Certainly not any I know. All men with self-respect that I know would find her bf and tell her to keep his girl in line. Who fights a girl? Seriously. Maybe filming girls all these years has made him think he IS a girl.

  12. Georgeo

    Look at her belly hanging out of her shirt. What a slob! I’d love to punch this lardbucket right between her crooked eyes.

  13. Plagiarist

    @12: You’re an idiot. That’s simply her shirt going over her jean skirt.

    But you wouldn’t know that because you don’t get to touch women.

  14. Dude of Dudes

    Im suing that delicious ass for torturing my balls. Case closed.

  15. Randal(l)

    You people need to stop living in the 50′s. You are all sexist pigs. I am a firm believer in equal rights, and I believe that she has every right to get punched in the head 6 or 7 times if she pours a drink on some dude just like any man in that club would. if it were up to you chauvinists, she would have been too busy making you dinner and being pregnant at home to even go out to a club. For shame. Martin Luther King gave his life so people would be seen as equal and you are all dropping your pants and squeezing out a smoking pile of intolerance all over his dream.


  16. Jayde'sHusband

    If Jayde would sit on my face I would forgive her for fucking the mailman and the milkman at the same time. I would forgive knowing that we have no mailbox and milk hasn’t been delivered in about 20 years so I have no idea how she would have met them.

  17. Georgeo


    Get off her nuts you fatass bitch.

  18. DannyBoy

    Georgeo you’re a dumbass and most likely morbidly obese yourself.

    Randal(I) you’re a bigger dumbass, sexism has nothing to do with the fact Joe Francis aka Douchy McWhineyNuts went way overboard in response to having a drink thrown on him girl or not. I mean holy shit it’s a drink and a shirt boo-hoo wash it off. The same douche bag that hits a girl also files a lawsuit that is ridiculous, he felt his life was in peril? Because she walked away and sat down at the bar before he came over and pulled her hair? That guy is a first class ass hat if there ever was one. I every once of honesty I have I hope someone kills that child molesting pervert. And yes he is a child molester (at least child pornographer) for filming underage girls and then going, “What like I’m supposed to know they weren’t 18″?

  19. Randal(l)


    Maybe i was too subtle when I referenced Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when discussing A pornographer and a playboy model having a catfight. I do however find it very racist of you to think it conceivable to anyone that Martin Luther King would stand for beating a woman upside the head just because he was a strong black man. You sir, are worse than Hitler. Go shave your head and wring out your tampon.


  20. Michael Jackson's Brain

    Who are these nobodies and why are we supposed to care?

  21. Joe's Defense

    JOE WINS!!!

  22. RoniMikey

    Somebody should take Joe the pussy Francis out back and beat the shit out of him. That also goes for anyone else who thinks it all right to hit a woman.

  23. What a pussy

    This dude is such a pussy. His pathetic SLAPP lawsuit is going to be dismissed on it’s face, and he’s going to be shown as the limp wristed wimp that he is. I’d call him a queer, but that would be an insult to homosexuals…

  24. Pair of dumbasses

    They’re a pair of fucking dumbasses. This stupid bitch has the word “respect” tattoo’d above her twat; what a classy whore. And, joe “pussy boy” francis IS a twat. These 2 braindead dumbasses deserve each other.

  25. JungleRed

    Cunt vs. cunt in a SLAPP fight. Classic. I’d watch that on basic cable.

  26. So her face is a bit asymetrical. That’s not what they are looking at in Playboy anyway.

    I can’t believe the DA is not filing charges. That video is extremely disturbing to watch. She pours a shot glass on his shoulder and he responds by ripping her from her seat by the hair and throwing her to the floor, then punching her in the face.

  27. Tracy

    That girl’s face always looks weird. Since she’s been in Playboy & dating some dude stupid chicks are into, I guess I am confused. She reminds me of a girl we made fun of in college.

  28. DannyBoy

    Randal(l), you aren’t going to send a picture of a seven legged spider or a man eating shark are you?

  29. pedro

    Randal(I) – don’t be a smart ass with all that MLK and Nobel bullshit.

    Trying to mention a black man who has nothing to do with this crap.
    If MLK is alive, he would love to see Jayde’s ass.
    Who wouldn’t…. Shit!

  30. Nero

    There could be easily a murderer hidden in her.Most murderers are unexpected to be murderers.

  31. More money..more problems..

  32. joe's defense

    I bet Jayde is starting to wish she didn’t fuck with Joe Francis.



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