Joe Francis serving time, going nuts


Joe Francis plead guilty to criminal contempt yesterday and will be fined $5,010 and serve 35 days in jail, minus time served. Additionally, he’s reportedly going crazy and breaking down because his ward-mate – a convicted cop killer – keeps taunting him and shouting: “Girls Gone Wild! Joe Francis! Whoo!”

Last week, said Dyer, Francis missed the medication cart and “went into a full-blown anxiety attack.”

I almost feel sorry for this guy. And by almost I mean not at all. He could be an orphan who got sick trying to help the homeless, and right when my heart was about to break I’d see a picture of his face and scream: “Give him the chair!” Then people would explain to me he isn’t set to be executed and I’d pause, put my finger to my mouth, and reply: “Gas chamber?”


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