Joe Francis offers Ashley Dupre $1 mil – again

April 30th, 2008 // 91 Comments

Ashley Dupre is currently suing Joe Francis for $10 million claiming she was tricked into filming for Girls Gone Wild. Being the saint that he is, and I wholeheartedly mean that, Joe put his $1 million offer back on the table for Ashley. All she has to do is tour with Girls Gone Wild and help promote their new magazine, according to NY Daily News:

“She should keep in mind it’s considerably more than the governor of New York paid her, and our activities aren’t illegal,” Joe Francis said.
He said Ashley Alexandra Dupré has “zero” chance of winning her lawsuit, adding that yesterday’s offer was not a ploy to get her to drop the suit.

To back up his claims that Ashley’s lawsuit is a lost cause, Joe Francis released a video today that shows her on camera giving her consent to Girls Gone Wild and was not “tricked,” as she claims:

In a video released Tuesday by Francis, Dupré appears covered by a terrycloth towel and gives her name as Amber Arpaio. An unseen questioner asks if she is 18.
“Yes, I am,” she says.
“Do you know what ‘Girls Gone Wild’ is?” the questioner asks.
“Yes, I do,” she replies with a laugh.
“Can I use this on ‘Girls Gone Wild’?” she is asked.
“Of course you can,” she answers.

Seriously, if I were Ashley Dupre I’d take Joe Francis’ offer. There’s not a lot of work out there for high-profile prostitute. I mean, except for high-profile prostituting. Which I hear is a decent living. She should really look into that. Maybe scope out the benefits package and see what kind of advancement opportunities they provide. Remember, kids, an informed employee is a good employee. And that’s one to grow on!

Thanks to James who thinks hookers deserve 401k’s too. He’s good people.


  1. FIST


  2. Southerner

    Dad-gum! Them Jersey girls sure is sluts!

  3. Jumpin_J

    Thanks for the shout out, Fish. And you’re right, hookers do deserve 401K’s. Pimpin ain’t easy. Awwww yeaaaaah!!!!

  4. Nick A

    Hey, What a jip! Where’s the bottom half of that photo?! Didn’t you forget something Fish?

  5. Trover

    She ought to take the $1 million, then make a smooth transition to porn and take the Hustler $1 million. Then write a book. Otherwise, she got NADA.

  6. noneyobeezwax

    if you’re gonna give these sluts 401k’s, always remember….diversify, diversify, diversify.

  7. deacon jones

    Nice fucking titties!!!!
    Where the fuck did these come from?? Gotta be fake, which are better anyways…Can’t blame Spitzer for repeatedly tapping that

  8. Day-um, I’m in the WRONG line of work..

    Wait, how come a KNOWN prostitute doesn’t have to go to jail? She in Vegas or something?

  9. ph7

    Nice lips. Nice cleavage. And, according to her former pimp, she has the best looking vagina he’s ever seen.

    That’s the type of compliment any girl should love.

  10. MeanMofo

    It’s too bad she’s such a slut because LAWD SHE IS FINE!!

  11. My Penis


  12. Ted Mosby

    Where are the funbags?

  13. Skeps

    Joe Francis is a Saintly fucking pimp.

    “What? you’re suing me? Here’s a video that completely destroys any chance you’ve got, that I kept tucked away for just this occasion. But don’t worry, I don’t want you to go broke. I’ll give you 1 million dollars to be my bitch for a few months.”

    Damn for 1 mil I’d spend 3 months being reminded of what a PHAILURE I am

  14. deacon jones

    I bet she swallows, like all good women should.
    If she takes it on her face nightly, she’s getting a Porsche

  15. veggi

    Well, I was NOSE that the NOSE is one way to NOSE, but other NOSE that, I think NOSE..

  16. mike

    Deacon. Nobody wants to hear about your vaginal secretions.

  17. Skip Smith

    WTF is up with that cleavage?

  18. Jeezy

    Dirty bitch should be kicked to the curb like all the other used up hoes…

  19. FIRST


    I don’t think I care to see the bottom of that photo. Looks a bit off. Hm.

  20. siiiiiing a sooooong

    A whore is a whore, for sure, for sure
    and this one has turned out to be quite a bore.
    For the money you’d expect much more
    unless you’re a fat usless man that can’t score.

  21. jeff

    i’d like to see the rest of this picture please

  22. Ted from LA

    Do you need to sing that to the theme from Mr. Ed?

  23. Rip Taylor

    I’d offer her $1.98 and tell her to get out of the spotlight – she’s a whore.

  24. sing songs and stuff


  25. Grunion

    Those glasses make her look smart

  26. To paraphrase A Pimp Named Slickback, Joe Francis got Chronic Bitch Disorder.

  27. The Truth About Women

    Yes, she’s a whore. But most women are these days. Most women under 40 will eagerly hop in the sack with any dude they just met at a club. The only difference is that “Kristin” demands her payment in cold hard cash. That’s honesty . . . and good business sense. If you’re going to act like a whore, may as well get paid like one.

  28. Anonymous

    The Truth About Women:

    So very true. Which is why I will never trust another woman as long as I live.

  29. catska


    good, go to the other team and see how MEN treat you

  30. Jeremiah

    All women are dirty fucking sluts. They just won’t fucking admit it.

    The girl has the decency to at least admit she is a fucking whore before you stick your dick in her.

    All women, and I mean all fucking women are the same. Shit most of the women on this site would be happy to suck any dick for a few hundred bucks. This bitch cost thousands.

  31. Dislodged Troll (homeless)

    Hi TEd! Wow a million just like that! Sho is alot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ out there for some of us. I hope she has AIDS. She is a criminal. And so is every pile of filth that fucked her. She needs to die lonely and in poverty.

  32. veggi

    29, 30 and 32. bitter much?

  33. pucky

    Okay man, it’s NOT nice to post part of this picture. Sure, cleavage is nice, but I need BOOBS!

    You know you want to post the whole thing. You KNOW you do. /jedi mind trick

  34. I'll su ck for $$

    Yeah if I could have gotten paid for all the shitty sex I’ve had, I’d have a nice chunk of change for my retirement fund.

    Women have to be sluts. You know why? Because most of you guys FAIL in bed. Erection problems, premature ejac, small penis, poor technique, no mental stimulation (yeah, sex starts in the mind for women, asshats), lack of adequate foreplay, etc.

    Damn right we’re gonna move on from you to your friend or the guy in the cubicle next to us in desperate hopes we find a good lover. Too bad they are so rare.

    Maybe if you stupid dickwads stopped thinking that what happens in porn is how you turn on a woman, you might be able to keep one from fucking your neighbor.

  35. anonymous

    Something is wrong with her tits.
    Hella gross!

  36. SevanSins


    Women have minds?

  37. Seymour Butts

    Truth is jealous cause his ugly hairy fat ass cannot get any play. So he blames the girl rather than his toxic B.O.

  38. bolt thrower


    Men don’t fail in bed. Only women.

  39. Where the hell did those tits come from? Very different than any of her other pics.

    Oh, #1 – very very lame.

    Isn’t it funny #36 rails on how bad men are but her “name” is “I’ll su ck for $$” ahh, such a classy lady I’m sure.

  40. GalPal

    She could do highend porn and make some serious cash. Now the question is, how gonzo will she go?

  41. deacon jones

    Hey Mike, are you a fucking fag, or are you just in a “Yes Dear” relationship???
    Get the fuck out of here, go post on “The View”‘ s gossip page you ass queen

  42. Sophie

    Yeah, but she has a good point…

    “Maybe if you stupid dickwads stopped thinking that what happens in porn is how you turn on a woman, you might be able to keep one from fucking your neighbor. “

  43. jrz

    14:53 14:54 14:55…………..

  44. button nose

    What’s wrong with her nose?

  45. A2M

    I hope we see her in some hardcore porn for a few years before she kills herself.

  46. idiot smacker

    Men are bigger sluts than women. It takes two to tango. Men who call women whores are jokes. And yes, women have minds. They are much smarter than men. Their emotions get in the way, just like men’s penis get in the way.

  47. The Truth

    Men are bigger sluts than women. It takes two to tango. Men who call women whores are jokes. And yes, women have minds. They are much smarter than men. Their emotions get in the way, just like men’s penis get in the way.

  48. The Truth About Men

    Men are dumb. They only think about Sex and Food. They can only concentrate on one thing at a time. They can’t think beyond their penis. All men who fall in love become p-whipped from here to eternity. Men can’t take care of themselves. They will stick their dick in anything. They can’t have multiple orgasms. They have no idea how to please a women. They fail in bed, they can’t get it up, they have small penis and stinky hair bodies. They can’t multi-task to save their life and can’t talk their way out of a paper bag. They can’t plan anything on their own. They spend their life looking for a mommy to take care of them because they can’t survive without women. They have sh** for brains.

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