Joe Francis offers Ashley Dupre $1 mil – again

Ashley Dupre is currently suing Joe Francis for $10 million claiming she was tricked into filming for Girls Gone Wild. Being the saint that he is, and I wholeheartedly mean that, Joe put his $1 million offer back on the table for Ashley. All she has to do is tour with Girls Gone Wild and help promote their new magazine, according to NY Daily News:

“She should keep in mind it’s considerably more than the governor of New York paid her, and our activities aren’t illegal,” Joe Francis said.
He said Ashley Alexandra Dupré has “zero” chance of winning her lawsuit, adding that yesterday’s offer was not a ploy to get her to drop the suit.

To back up his claims that Ashley’s lawsuit is a lost cause, Joe Francis released a video today that shows her on camera giving her consent to Girls Gone Wild and was not “tricked,” as she claims:

In a video released Tuesday by Francis, Dupré appears covered by a terrycloth towel and gives her name as Amber Arpaio. An unseen questioner asks if she is 18.
“Yes, I am,” she says.
“Do you know what ‘Girls Gone Wild’ is?” the questioner asks.
“Yes, I do,” she replies with a laugh.
“Can I use this on ‘Girls Gone Wild’?” she is asked.
“Of course you can,” she answers.

Seriously, if I were Ashley Dupre I’d take Joe Francis’ offer. There’s not a lot of work out there for high-profile prostitute. I mean, except for high-profile prostituting. Which I hear is a decent living. She should really look into that. Maybe scope out the benefits package and see what kind of advancement opportunities they provide. Remember, kids, an informed employee is a good employee. And that’s one to grow on!

Thanks to James who thinks hookers deserve 401k’s too. He’s good people.