Joe Francis attacks pregnant women now. Of course.

May 25th, 2010 // 63 Comments

Joe Francis is attacking women again. This time around it’s employees who were texting the media about the “bad things” he does with his company, according to RadarOnline:

After reading what was written on the phone Joe allegedly became furious. “Joe came back and physically attacked the female employee and another employee in the accounting department who was visibly pregnant,” the source said.
The police report states that it was a civil dispute with allegations of Francis “pushing” female employees who intended to distribute negative press material about Francis.
“Joe fired all involved employees even if they only viewed the attack,” the source continued. “The Santa Monica police were called and took statements.”

Because his sandy vagina demands constant frivolous lawsuits, Joe is attempting to sue anyone who runs this story even if you have absolutely zero connection to the website it’s on. It’s almost genius if you don’t think about it for more than a second. Via The Evil Beet:

In my inbox this afternoon: a threatening letter from one of Joe Francis’s crack team of legal eagles paralegals, threatening to sue me if I don’t remove a post … from Which I don’t own. If you’re going to tell me that you “take this matter very seriously,” maybe pay your legal team enough to get their links right as they send out a slew of baseless threats.

At this point, I’m going to assume the “bad things” Joe Francis is doing with his company involve financially backing Tila Tequila, so I can see how one might throw a pregnant whistle-blower out the window then try and sue the entire Internet to cover it up. Shit, I’d probably shoot a baby then sue the moon until its glowy ass keeps its mouth shut. I understand business.

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  1. peanut

    what a prick…jews gone wild! first, bitches!!!

  2. Just Some Guy

    Imagine how many lives this dude has seriously temporarily destroyed.

  3. havoc

    He”s a low life prick.

    I wonder if he had that moronic smile on his face while beating the pregnant woman?



  4. HLM

    I know he’s a douche, but does he actually have to look like a douche? Can’t he at least try to make himself look like a semi-respectable person? All that crispy, Jersey-shore hair and fake grin showing more teeth than humanly possible. He’s a turd.

  5. This douche deserves everything that is coming to him on a silver platter. He has made a living on the backs of the bridge n’ tunnel blondes who wear cowboy hats while doing body shots.

    If this were the Roman times, Joe would be fed to the lions while everyone in the coliseum watched in amusement.

  6. guy

    I hate him! and have all the DVDs!!!!

  7. overtly racist

    What a jew.a rich lonely jew.

  8. Jennifer

    @ Heavy Street #5

    If this were the Roman times, Joe would be a boy-toy for butlers, a man-whore!

  9. OMG, look at those teeth :D He looks like a strange fish or animal :)

  10. Chereth Cutestory

    So….. many…… teeth…..
    [curls into fetal position, rocks in the corner]

  11. The Gregor

    I’m pretty sure that Joe has grossly exceeded the number of teeth allowed in any mouth not named Osmond.

  12. kac

    I know, THE TEETH!!!! If you count the top row, just what you can see, there are like, 13. There are 11 on the bottom and there’s no way we can see them all so that is 2-4 more top/bottom. That’s assload of teeth.

    I will now join C. Cutestory in the corner.

  13. CrunchyCheeseTwists

    His tiny, corn kernel like teeth scare me… Someone make them go away.

  14. Badger Bob

    ANNOUNCEMENT: John Edward and Spencer Pratt welcome Joe Francis to the biggest douche in the world club. Congrats!

  15. Tek

    The man exploits girls (sometimes underaged ones) and he also beats the shit out of women, pregnant or not.

    Joe Francis, the American Hero.

  16. Soviet Snow

    Bad guy? What about the hoes that threw themselves at him?

  17. ClickClick

    Soviet Snow- I’m pretty sure assault is not the appropriate reaction to flirtation. And besides if he doesn’t want hoes throwing themselves at him, he should stay out of the haunted garden shed.

  18. Jimmy Fury

    oh hell. As much as i can’t stand the raging douchemonster I do feel kinda bad for him now that this picture is up.

    Once Lohan sees his coke-nose she won’t stop until she’s actually snorted his sinus cavities out of his head. It’ll be a horrific painful death.

    … actually. nah nevermind he hit a pregnant woman he totally deserves it.

  19. Gout

    17. ClickClick – May 25, 2010 4:31 PM

    Soviet Snow- I’m pretty sure assault is not the appropriate reaction to flirtation. And besides if he doesn’t want hoes throwing themselves at him, he should stay out of the haunted garden shed


  20. SevanSins

    How many teeth does this guy have? It looks as if he’s swallowing an albino corn cob.

  21. chicklet

    jesus he’s got a lot of teeth.

  22. Sardonic

    That face begs to punched. Hard.

  23. Lissa

    Total douche. Who makes a living out of following around drunk girls and getting them to take off their tops or strip? I’ve seen the videos, and how he can get away with saying that someone totally inebriated signing off on a contract that they can’t even see straight is beyond me. So go figure that he also hits girls, apparently all the time, cuz he’s a douche.

  24. Fyrepup

    What a Bunghole!

  25. Karen

    So if everybody hates him so much why do they buy what he sells? It’s not like he sells something completely unrelated to his personality and behavior. In fact, it’s the perfect reflection of it. And he got rich off of that. So which guys are the douchebags, exactly?

  26. Molly

    Joe Francis is literally scum. Hope he gets sued into bankruptcy.

    Or goes to jail, either way.

  27. Jammy

    He looks like the head on the side of the old Steel Pier in Atlantic city

  28. guy smiley

    he smiles like a total dumbshit…

  29. footclan

    Yea, that’s definitely the face of a preggo beater.

  30. mer

    He looks like a monster… like he has too many teeth.

  31. Sheena

    #25: I have never purchased anything from this asshat so I guess I have the right to hate his fucking guts.

    Because I do. A LOT. He’s a scum-sucking sack of filth. You can smell the stink just by looking at that smile. Hope they throw the book at his worthless ass.

    PS: Hey, #16 – May you never get to be the parent of one of those “hoes.”

  32. Obamatheassclown

    he REALLY should just be tied down and have every one of those teeth knocked out with a hammer and punch….. one at a time ……. with a pause after each one to let his bitch-ass screams die down before popping out the next one……..

  33. Dwayne

    Look, I am resolved to sucker punch this douche bag if I ever see him in public.

  34. He looks like genuinely happy, serene person.

  35. …like “a”…

  36. sick O

    If that pregnant woman were my wife I would stalk this criminal and bash his face in. I find it hard to believe that we have reduced ourselves to tolerating the media expoiting drunk teenage girls sexually. What kind of society is that? Certainly not a civilized one. And we wonder why we have no economy left. We have been raided by evil pirates like this nonhuman degenerate.

  37. KAG

    I would love to show him my fist for hitting a pregnant woman, talentless Jew prick.

  38. Billy Baloney

    If a huge piece of shit came to life and took another shit, then accidentally stepped in that shit, Joe Francis would be the smear on the piece of shit’s shoe.

  39. Alex

    he has too many teeth…

  40. Which makes one drunk girls around and getting them to stay out of the following bar up or take them off? I’ve seen this video, and he is saying that someone from far away that they could not see a contract signing can get drunk with completely straight is beyond me. So apparently every time to data that he kills the girls, cuz, she’s a douche.

  41. B.B

    How the hell did his father treat women? He must have been a chronic wife basher and all around misogynist.

  42. ROUGH appeal

    “Joe Francis attacks pregnant women now”

    That’s right! The man runs a tight ship. How do you think the Rockefellers accumulate their wealth….

  43. Mancuso

    Stop dissing the guy, he’s a staunch advocate of pheminism and wymins empowerment y’all. JusT ’cause he’s got like three time the permitted amount of dental pieces it doesn’t mean that oh my god it’s coming at us shoot it, SHOOT IT IN THE MOUTH!!!!!

  44. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Jew pervert

  45. Killitwithfire!

    Im with #33 on this one. Then lock him in the haunted shed lol.

  46. shempimus maximus

    he even STANDS like a total fucking nimrod…

  47. cc

    No one should be surprised by what a man who rapes underage girls does.

  48. Ignorant Anitsemites

    Why so much antisemitism? I always assume the readers of this blog to be of the highest intelligence but I am shocked to learn about so much ignorance! Francis would be a prick regardless of his religion or race and I have to say I thought he was Italian and never thought he may be Jewish. When I see photos of Spencer Pratt I don’t think Christian-scum douche-face prick so why is the Jew part thrown in with this asshole?
    Now to all of you anti-Semites, go close the front door of your double wide trailer and think about your sad little place in the world. I’ll go count my money and thank G-d I didn’t lose out in the sperm lottery that is your place in life, like you did.

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