Joe Francis is back to work (Sweet!)

Joe Francis may have just gotten out of jail yesterday but he’s already back in his LA office making sure that drunk chicks are showing their boobs to guys with cameras. He’s got 50-60 heroes in 14 cities right now doing, what can only be described as, God’s work. Page Six has the details:

Unlike past years, when he’d hit beach resorts in Florida, Texas and Mexico to oversee the spring break filming, he’ll be in his office. “I’ve got a magazine to put out,” he explained. The first Girls Gone Wild magazine is due to hit newsstands April 15 at $9.99 a copy, poly-bagged with a full-length CD featuring drunken exhibitionist co-eds.

Hold on. It’s Spring Break, already? Why didn’t someone tell me? *strips* PARTY!! WOOOOOOO!!

Legal Notice: Anticlown Media would like to apologize for the traffic jam that resulted when The Superficial Writer pressed his naked body against the window of our building. None of us could have ever expected so many women would abandon their vehicles to try and form a “chick pyramid” to reach his body which was carved from the sexiest granite on the planet. Unfortunately they failed because it’s a scientific fact women can’t do geometry. There, jackass, I wrote it. Now please return my car and I hope to God you didn’t put your bare ass on my leather seats. I saw how much coffee you drank this morning.