Joe Francis escapes from prison – legally

March 12th, 2008 // 37 Comments

Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis has settled his legal matters in Florida and is finally a free man. The boobies-obsessed Wunderkind will be back in Los Angeles sometime tonight, according to TMZ:

Francis has plead no contest to the charges of filming underage girls, and has been sentenced to time served. He will be on six months’ “non-reporting” probation, and “Girls Gone Wild” can’t film in the area for three years. Bay County, we’re told, will return Joe’s brand new Ferrari, and $60,000 that they confiscated from him last year.

The Superficial would like to celebrate Joe Francis: Pioneer, Grade A Asshole, and World Traveler. I like to believe he and I are cut from the same cloth. Except mine is made from old Star Wars sheets and Joe Francis’ is made from fine silk, gold and the pubic hair of drunk busty virgins God I hate him so much.


  1. The Laughing God

    Yay First

  2. 2 shiny pennies

    i’m sure as he fled that facility that his ass cheeks were flapping like palm trees in a hurricane.

  3. Jimbo

    I would so lick the tiny donut of his anus

  4. SoCalSteve

    Everyone who posts below me are retards.

  5. The Laughing God

    Also, I would like to applaud this man. Somehow he has managed to convince girls across the planet to expose themselves for little more than the price of a trucker’s gas station hat. Bravo Sir. You’re doing God’s work. Bravo.

  6. NotBlonde

    Joe Francis is a disgusting pervert who will go right back to doing what he did before. I doubt any amount of jail time could make him change being a douchebag.

    But he’s even less of a douche than the person who says “yay first” on a blog comments section. You haven’t won anything. What are you “yay-ing” for?

  7. deacon jones

    Jimbo! I too would do that. tee hee. Makes me blush.

  8. JoBOO


  9. The Laughing God

    @6 You totally win something. You’d know if you were ever first, why do you think they ask for a valid email? So they can email you instructions to your prize!!! Duh!!

  10. Conscience_Found

    and then the advertiser said, “the images won’t slow your site down at all…”

  11. He’s a role model for all men. Not despite the raping, but because of it.

  12. one of many jimbo trolls

    come on. jimbo doesn’t know the word despite!

  13. will

    OK um…those girls are not virgins. They have diseases from getting came on by dozens of guys.

  14. JoeFrancis' Distended Anus

    Nice nose job, A-hole. Was the sex good in prison? And by sex, yes, I mean the daily ass-raping. “Kay, then. Carry on.

  15. tight lipped smiler

    Now he can get back to the business of encouraging the rate of STDs in young girls from one in 4 to maybe every 3 of 4.

  16. whore

    The hulks mistress revealed.

  17. john

    Hey… just in time for Spring Break 2008!!! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t get this year’s installment of it.

  18. norton

    The best part about this douchebags’ life is that everyone in Hollywood including his supposed friends laugh at him. He’s a fucking joke and doesn’t even realize it.

    So, in the end he’ll die a lonely, broke fucknut and it really couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  19. dudue

    “I like to believe him and I are cut from the same cloth.”

    No, *he* and I are cut from the same cloth. Not “him”.

    If this website is to be know for it’s impeccable taste and class, one must use proper grammar.

  20. noneyobeezwax

    not only does TCLTC but i believe that JFLTC too.

  21. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    #12, you nailed it (ooh, bad choice of words). See the grimace on his face and his left hand reaching back? He’s holding his sphincter shut…it’s so wide from all the assraping in prison if he doesn’t hold it shut, his lower intestines would fall out.

  22. Igottabemeeee

    Ass raping? Are you kidding? The guys in prison probably IDOLIZE this guy. He’s the Jesus of pedophiles and rapists. They pray to him at night that he might bestow blessings of 14 year old girls unto them.

  23. Igottabemeeee

    Oh, and #9 – you made me LOL

    Number nine….number nine….number nine……

  24. #23…don’t spoil my lovely illusion.

  25. mrswentz

    You are all so jealous of him. Just listen to your whining selves. He will be back on top (of something) sooner than the next drunk girl lifts her shirt. He has money and he has done his time. The world better watch out for what he has up his ass…..I mean sleeve… next.



    i’m jealous for a rich brat grom laguna beach making millions off of exploiting insecure intoxicated drunken teens and then risked going to jail to avoid paying taxes like the rest of us. and he actually serves a year in jail for being just that stupid. wow, i wish i was smart enough to go to jail for tax evasion.

  27. JoeFrancis' Distended Anus

    @23 Pedophiles and rapists are at the bottom of the food chain in jail and regularly get drilled in the ass. Often while guards look the other way. A candy-ass like Francis would be like dangling raw meat in a shark tank. Everyone’s gonna get a taste. If only so they can brag later that they raped Joe Francis. I bet that piece of shit squeals like a pig. Love to see that in his next video.

  28. L

    Worst nose job. Ever.

  29. L

    Worst nose job. Ever.

  30. RaraAvis

    Seriously, I hope he was raped in prison. Seriously.

  31. Awww. Bummer, I thought they were going to let him rot in jail longer…I hope he was at least some big dudes bitch in the clink.

  32. agree

    He is a cuttie. I saw his profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. Is he single now? Just curious.

  33. sicasso

    Joe Francis: Dude with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. You can see it in the pained smile and the dark rings under his eyes. He looks like so much fun.

  34. Veroonica

    In my book, kudos to him. If these stupid skanks are dumb enough to show thier titties to this fucktard for little or no money, good for him. It’s not like the dumb bitches have never heard of “Girls Gone Wild”. Maybe the fucking sluts will learn a lesson or two about “trust”. You just don’t go showing your mams to any asshole that says your “hot”! You don’t find respect that way. Fuck the whores, they get what they deserve!

  35. Hamper Lint

    Wow, I really love his “jacket over printed tee-shirt” look.

    I was so taken back by this look, I failed to see his beautiful smile !

  36. kellyrocks

    once again bay county is newsworthy. i’m ever so proud to hail from its shores.

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