Joe Francis escapes from prison – legally

Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis has settled his legal matters in Florida and is finally a free man. The boobies-obsessed Wunderkind will be back in Los Angeles sometime tonight, according to TMZ:

Francis has plead no contest to the charges of filming underage girls, and has been sentenced to time served. He will be on six months’ “non-reporting” probation, and “Girls Gone Wild” can’t film in the area for three years. Bay County, we’re told, will return Joe’s brand new Ferrari, and $60,000 that they confiscated from him last year.

The Superficial would like to celebrate Joe Francis: Pioneer, Grade A Asshole, and World Traveler. I like to believe he and I are cut from the same cloth. Except mine is made from old Star Wars sheets and Joe Francis’ is made from fine silk, gold and the pubic hair of drunk busty virgins God I hate him so much.