Joe Francis didn’t punch Jayde Nicole. He just pulled her hair.

August 28th, 2009 // 71 Comments

So it appears Joe Francis didn’t punch Jayde Nicole last night then proceed to kick her while she’s down, and security footage at Guys and Dolls confirms his story. TMZ reports:

Joe tells us he was hanging out with the General Manager for Guys and Dolls when Jayde Nicole pushed him from behind and poured a drink on him.
Joe says he turned around and pulled her hair in reaction to the attack. Francis says this is the only contact he made with Jayde or Brody the entire time … and security footage from inside the club shows exactly this.
Joe says Brody had punched him and ripped his shirt off. He says the club’s GM then escorted him outside to the parking lot and he lit up a cigarette.
Joe says the next thing he knew, he was on the ground. He was later told Brody had blindsided him.
That’s when Francis says the club’s security tasered Brody.

Well, it looks like Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole are a bunch of liars, and Joe Francis has proven he couldn’t possibly have beaten a woman because it turns out he fights just like one and therefore has a vagina. Glad that’s cleared up.

Photos: WENN

  1. Gabe

    What is wrong with her face? ? Seriously, her one eye is lopsided. Way to overrated, I see hotter girls sitting in Mcdonalds chowing down on a Big Mac…. next..

  2. Gabe

    What is wrong with her face? ? Seriously, her one eye is lopsided. Way to overrated, I see hotter girls sitting in Mcdonalds chowing down on a Big Mac…. next..

  3. WOW

    @ Anon…

    Hey, are you Joe Francis’ personal fluffer or something? Or are you just angling hard for his attention so he can come on here, exchange personal info with you, and maybe send you some free DVD’s?

    Look here, you crying little queen…while this story does indeed vindicate him of what was previously stated as a vicious assault (check your sources, Fish, or don’t post until all the facts come out), he still could’ve and should’ve walked away. IT WAS A DRINK. My word, you are severely butt-hurt over your hero getting a little liquid thrown on him. It cracks me up to see you here whining over your perceptions as to how a woman should suffer through the act of revenge. OMG! NOW WHERE ARE THE WOMEN WHO BACKED HER UP??!? WHAT WOULD THEY SAY IF THE ROLES WERE REVERSED and blah blah blah blah blah.

    Be a man, let your scrote drop a little lower, and wake up to the reality that a majority of the women in this country and the world over would like to co-exist with us men without strife and hassle. This incident involves a woman standing up for her friend when no one else was there to help. Got it, now? Be sure to discuss this angle with Joe Francis when you two scrogs are ravishing each other on a shower curtain covered in Wesson corn oil.

    And go back to school, your post is littered with grammatical errors. Sissy.

  4. were her eyes positioned weird before the attack, or after? seriously i had never noticed that about her. I just realized why, she’s a nobody. this was all for publicity. i wish he had punched her and she died. then brody killed himself.

  5. Nonny Urbusiness

    Am I the only person in the world that finds this girl horribly horrible unattractive. Her eyebrows are miles apart and her eyes are all crooked. Not to mention she just LOOKS like a bad case of herpes waiting to happen. WTF is Brody Jenner thinking??!?! She’s a hot mess.

  6. lyx

    his shirt looks like our school uniform :D

  7. C

    I was right.

    A woman in need of regulation…. by Joe Francis.

    Standard American woman issues.

  8. C

    O.. her left eye is an inch higher than her right, that is bad.. since it appears that way before she was supposedly beat up.

    She is beat up.

  9. At Wow… I cannot believe you either!

    didn’t read the story?????? There was no female friend to protect…she THOUGHT there was one…sorry, I am a woman but this one, they are all fucking guilty (the 3 of them)! I cannot believe you are defending these scumbags…you know, if ever I get beat up by a guy, I WOULD NOT GO STRAIGHT TO THE CAMERA TO TALK ABOUT IT, I WOULD GO STRAIGHT TO THE POLICE to make a complaint AND PRESS CHARGE!
    Wouldn’t you????
    Because these two idiots didn’t; it was straight to the camera! Shit, I think the reason one it took so long for Brody to punch Francis is because he needed to call the cameras first….Joe Francis isn’t better and I think he is a scumbag too but I will in no way defend these two idiots just because they want more publicity!
    And you defending them is exactly what they want. I don’t feel guilty for any of the three dorks!

  10. Pilatunes

    The three of them in one place at one time? I am surprised it didn’t turn into a douchebag black hole.

    I think her face is actually two faces stuck together to make one. I have heard surgeons can do that…this was their first shot at it.

    Can’t someone please really do a number on Fransis’ head?

  11. Nero

    He did only pull her hair?

  12. Rhialto

    Brody Jenner just did what any other BF probably would do.Obviously things got totally out of hand.

  13. Darth

    Is Joe Francis friends with Brody Jenner? Real friends don’t pull the hair of eachother’s girlfriend.

  14. jamanda

    She deserves a beatdown. Skank. She will get whats coming to her.

  15. Eva

    Wow, Brody is way prettier than his GF. She is yech. How’d she get in Playboy nevermind Playmate of the Year? WHAT!

  16. Albert Gore

    She deserves a punch in the head for having tatooed “Respect” above her Vagina. Maybe she can tatoo “Irony” on her arse.

  17. Jimbo

    Give Joe a break. Brody, you need another bromance session. Straight up lies. Unbelievable. 3/4 of their story was false as the camera proved. She is a dumb c#&t and deserved it. She need work done to her face. Peace

  18. Hey at least Joe doesn’t have to go to jail, again. –

  19. I wish for a bad-ass girl gang to follow this asswipe and make his life miserable in various creative ways for the rest of his pathetic days. Every time a GGW commercial comes on TV while I’m trying to have a pleasant night watching Comedy Central, I seethe. As soon as that steel drum music starts up, steam comes out of my ears.

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  21. lisa
    Commented on this photo:

    she is so ugly honestly how did she become a playmate

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