Joe Francis didn’t punch Jayde Nicole. He just pulled her hair.

So it appears Joe Francis didn’t punch Jayde Nicole last night then proceed to kick her while she’s down, and security footage at Guys and Dolls confirms his story. TMZ reports:

Joe tells us he was hanging out with the General Manager for Guys and Dolls when Jayde Nicole pushed him from behind and poured a drink on him.
Joe says he turned around and pulled her hair in reaction to the attack. Francis says this is the only contact he made with Jayde or Brody the entire time … and security footage from inside the club shows exactly this.
Joe says Brody had punched him and ripped his shirt off. He says the club’s GM then escorted him outside to the parking lot and he lit up a cigarette.
Joe says the next thing he knew, he was on the ground. He was later told Brody had blindsided him.
That’s when Francis says the club’s security tasered Brody.

Well, it looks like Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole are a bunch of liars, and Joe Francis has proven he couldn’t possibly have beaten a woman because it turns out he fights just like one and therefore has a vagina. Glad that’s cleared up.

Photos: WENN