Joe Francis beat up Jayde Nicole

August 28th, 2009 // 133 Comments

Joe Francis just fucked himself. Apparently the Girls Gone Wild founder decided it’d be a smart idea to beat the shit out out of Brody Jenner’s girlfriend Jayde Nicole last night at Guys and Dolls in Hollywood. TMZ reports:

According to Jenner, he and his girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, were at the club celebrating his birthday, when Jayde saw Francis hitting on an ex-girlfriend of his (Francis’), Jenner says “unrelentingly.” Jayde felt he was harassing the woman — whom Jayde and Brody know — and she threw a drink on Francis.
Jenner says Francis then pulled Jayde’s hair, punched her in the face and threw her to the ground and began kicking her. Security broke it up and Francis got dragged away — Brody followed.
Jenner says he started yelling at Francis and both men were ejected from the club.
Outside the club, Jenner says he tried to get back in to see Jayde but security wouldn’t let him. Jenner then saw Joe, punched him in the face, and then someone tased him and he fell to the ground.
Francis left the scene. The cops came but no one was arrested. Jayde tells TMZ she will press charges against Francis. Jayde has a black and blue cheek, her face is swollen, she has a bruised left rib and her lower abdomen is sore. Some of her hair also got pulled out.

Brody has since updated his Twitter to let fans (?) know about the incident:

Joe Francis beat up my lady this morning for no reason! Pulled her to the ground, punched & kicked her..what does that say about him?
How can you call yourself a man when you beat up a girl?? Joe Francis is a piece of shit
Joe Francis needs to be in jail!!!

RadarOnline reports the Los Angeles Sheriff County Department is currently looking for Francis which shouldn’t be too hard provided they follow the trail of discarded T-shirts and punched-out sorority girls.

UPDATE: So Jayde and Brody might have been full of shit.

Jayde Nicole’s Lettuce Bikini Shoot

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  1. Mike Thomas

    RT99 “I “personally” don’t feel like having a drink thrown in my face (or slapped, punched, or something thrown at me) either just because someone “FEELS” justified and they have a vagina.” Nicely said.

  2. Jamie's Uterus

    Getting beat up by Joe Francis was a good career move. No one knew who the hell this girl was or gave a shit, now we do. Next, she’ll get an E! or VH1 Reality Show.

  3. lolwehavecanineteeth

    look how unhealthy and sickly those veggie folks look…all pale and shit.

    We have incisors and canines for a reason idiots.

  4. yogy bearher

    #100. You’re cleary too stupid to understand how much you are contradicting yourself. Throwing drink=bad (even if upset by disrespectful behaviour), beating the shit out of someone=ok (if provoked by incident that results in no injury or use of force). DUMBASS neither are ok.
    Joe Francis and any person who would act the way he did is a flaming piece of shit. You seem to have forgottent to finish your ill gotten little logic train here. Joe Francis hasn’t learnt his lesson yet genius and if Jade Nicole has some ex con angry ass borther who doesn’t like to see his sister get beaten up regardless of her behaviour and decides to find Francis and break his legs will Francis deserve it and learn his lesson too??? Because clearly some people will think it’s justified.
    See how the world would work if people operated by your child-logic, it would be a never ending stream of violence, if it’s wrong to throw a drink it’s even more worong to beat someone up. How can you not get that???I hate to use simple cliche, but clearly that’s all you are capable of understanding, Two wrongs do NOT make a right, we will never be able to function or progress as a society if people cannot behave independantly and stop using the he/she started it crap and that’ll teach’em bs. If you have any understanding of life or yourself as a person you’d know that it is NOT your job to teach someone a lesson and as much as Francis himself is begging someone to beat him to death no one has that right, you haven’t been ordained by the high douchery of lameness to teach shit fucks a lesson. That isn’t how life works, even if people are miserable you do not have the right or the responsibility to go handing out lessons via force or otherwise.

    Fuck I feel like I’m on sesame street here. For shits sake people listen to your idiocy here every fucking person excuse=ing Francis is a flaming hypocrite, you are all contradicting to yourselves to the point that I can’t fathom how you even feed yourselves. By your logic it would never end, someone will palayze Francis someone will kill that guy someone will kill that guys family and so on if you like that sort of thing then become a terrorist because clearly you advocate never ending violent retaliation. Go and fucking hijack some planes and take out the world trade centre again, because you are advocating the same shit those fucking pshyco’s were. Fucking freaks no wonder the world is so fucked up you defenders are no better than common terrorists. WAKE THE FUCK UP RETARDS. I’ve never seen so many weaklings whose buttons are so easy to push, how do you even function???

  5. Hey WACKO #104…

    Do you like fish sticks?

  6. WOW

    While I was away, a couple of bloggers decided to spit some noise in my direction, so here are my answers.

    @ Anon…mangina? That’s the best you could come up with, you sloped-backed bastiche? Ha ha ha! Your post is filled with comedy and failed attacks on my manhood. I’ll explain.

    How’s your reading comprehension? I said, anything short of physical threats against his life by a female merits a real man walking away from the altercation. Did Miss Jayde have a blade? No. A handgun? Not according to the article or witnesses. She threw a drink on him! Who the hell cares about a little alcohol and a lotta water? I didn’t condemn her actions because her actions were not that serious.

    And not for nothing, but any man who speculates on the possible size of another man’s package is indeed a true pussy. I’m not gonna go into details, but let me assure you that if I was given a night with one of your ex-gf’s or even your current gf, assuming you have one, she’d not only tell you she was well-satisfied, but she’d wonder why she’d be talking to you in the first place, because she’d forget who you even are. PUH-LEASE. You and I both know you wouldn’t call me a pussy to my face, because you know you’d get punched right in your mouth. Oh, and way to go on your post, saying Joe Francis overreacted but she got what she deserved, in your opinion. Contradict yourself much? I bet it’s a bitch for you to even get outta bed in the morning!

    You truly are a big honkin’ dumbass. Please don’t breed.

  7. WOW

    @ Mike Oxbhig…

    It’s been noted that you’re a troll (and most likely you are also Anita Hanchob. Geeeeee, it must’ve made you smile pretty wide to think THAT one up, huh?), but I’m gonna have a go at your stupid ass anyway.

    Like my friend Anon up there, you should refrain from making statements, comments, and/or conjecture about another man’s appearance…what he may wear, what he may smell like, and so forth. It makes you sound pretty damn gay, and if you are, good, celebrate that. But you can’t really come in here with elementary-level schoolyard “insults” and expect to be seriously applauded.

    I’m here to offer you some much-needed perspective, Mike, and it’s this; troll or not, you’re on a site cheering for a known scumbag who assaulted a woman, a woman who, while possibly stepping outside her boundaries in a public setting, was not a threat to his life and safety. You’re on here saying shit because you can’t say the same things out in public. I’d love to see you on video chatting up women and laughing about this incident, just to see the reactions you’d be sure to receive. Every woman in your city would be on the lookout for you, for reasons that would prevent you from ever getting into their collective pants. Troll or not, you’re just another sorry, sad, fucked-up boil on the lowest dregs of our society, and you have my pity.

    As for the comments about my mom…yeah, you’re safe over there on your keyboard. A real test of one’s manhood in an argument is, would I say this shit to his face? And we know the answer’s a resounding “NO!”. But we’ve established, through your post, that since you think it’s ok for a woman to be attacked, that perhaps it’s YOUR mother who’s been or is being assaulted, and you’ve got too much bitch in you to do anything about it, “guido”. So from here on out, your Man Card has been pulled, you big sissy!


  8. Yure Pal

    @104. The difference is that one instigated the violence, and the other was reacting to violence against them. Now if Joe Francis just walked up to Jayde and started punching the crap out of her………..

    And how funny that it turns out this Jayde cunt was fabricating the events. Security cameras show that Joe never punched or hit Jayde. What a worthless lying cunt.

  9. WOW

    @ Anita Hanchob

    Maybe you’re also Mike Oxbhig. Maybe you’re not. Either way, here’s my response to you.

    You don’t know me. What I look like, where I live, my experiences or my prospects. NOTHING. So your idea that I went off and “shit myself from fear” of reality and equal rights simply doesn’t wash when I myself have benefitted greatly from delving into both. You can’t talk to me about reality from any standpoint because you don’t engage yourself in it at all. Why do I say that? Because anyone with a smidgen of understanding human behavior realizes that sometimes, women act up, just like us men, and they act OUT, just like we men do. The difference here is, when you face off a man against a woman such as Miss Jayde (I’m sure she’s had no combat or defensive training of any kind), in the circumstance we’re discussing, you MAY be able to call her a “bitch” or a “moron”, but a man walks away. It’s that simple.

    But here you are, Anita, most likely a dude hiding behind an oh-so-cleeeeeevvvvveeerrrrrrr nickname, trying to tell me what’s up. LOL Fool of Atook!

  10. Justice

    hey WOW (talk about GAY…WTF is up with your nickname honey?)

    you got served and look like a bigger asshat taking the time to come back 5 hours later and trying to re-but.

    Fucking simpleton

  11. WOW

    @ Justice…

    Does it really surprise you that some of us have lives outside of the internet? You sure do sound surprised! Not that I have to explain my life to you at any rate, but attending a meeting, running errands, and visiting friends WOULD take about five or six hours. I’m not like you, dude, I don’t make time to sit here and post as you deem fit. Now, on to the other points in your comment;

    Gay? I’m far from it, sweetheart. The nickname is an exclamation to my sheer and steep wonderment at the sewer dwellers who posited that Jayde Nicole was given a proper punishment for a splash of fluid.

    I got served? On the internet? Seems to me that you take this blogging thing more seriously than you should. How do you “serve” someone online? And who says “got served” anymore anyway? I only came back because I said I would, and here I am. NEWSFLASH, YOU BITCH-MADE MUFFIN!!! Telling someone they “got served” has the same weight and consequence as telling someone ONLINE to STFU. It can’t happen in an online setting, and it ain’t gonna happen just because someone says so. Ponder that, willya?

    Now, if you wanna get into semantics on the simpleton remark, let’s compare jobs and see who comes out on the bottom. But something tells me you’d make up a line of work that’s well beneath mine because the bottom’s where you like to be. Cheers, matey! :)

  12. Justice

    HAHA…see, youre back again..

    compare jobs..ok, Im a web developer specializing in php/ as well as OSX server certified with an obvious specialization in Unix.

    funny how you come on with a cool liberal arts specialization in linguistics thinking youre above everyone, yet you stoop to compare jobs. Pretty classless for a gay guy. Ill bet you are an avid Obama supporter huh?

  13. WOW

    @ Justice…

    Oh, and so you found your way back as well! Which raises the question…who is more worthy of the title “asshat” when the players are 1) a visitor who made his opinions known during the heat of posting, or 2) the stone-cold geek who piped up at 10:16 PM on a Friday night? Hi, pot, I’m the kettle!

    So, your job…I won’t take anything away from you, your workspecs are impressive. You’ve apparently put in the work and the time, congratulations. Me, I’m a writer/artist in the midst of negotiating a contract for independent production and distribution of a comic book series I created and owned as well as the same for my first film project. In this day and age, with downsizing and outsourcing jobs as rampant as venereal diseases in L.A., it’s all about being your own boss.

    And you got me all wrong, webhead. I’ve never held myself above anyone else. In my ideal world, as distasteful as it may be to some, I prefer that everyone walk a path where communication and mutual respect between each other rides above everything else. Me looking down my nose at everyone I come across just ain’t me. As for the gay crack (again), I’ll tell you what I told Anon…if any of the women you’ve dated gave me the pleasure, I’d make her forget all about you. Trust me. Come up with better material, if you can.

    And yeah, I don’t know about avid, but I voted Obama. And the man’s doing his thing! We won!

  14. WOW

    @ Justice…

    One more thing? Straighten out for me the incredible leap in logic it took for you to assume that I have a liberal arts degree in linguistics, because you’re way off the mark, and then wrapped that little bit of erroneous up in a neat tidy package that questions my outlook on everyone else I’ve ever run across AND my taste for females? I mean, I’m aware that those who lives their lives dependent upon computers slowly lose touch with their fellow man, but come on…

    And I still think it is you, sir, who is in fact a bottom-loving twink.

  15. Darth

    It’s like the lamb sitting next to the wolf is complaining it got bitten?!

  16. Rhialto

    Lamb? These girls are always on the hunt for some easy whore money.Don’t expect they treat you like some fragile princess in these worlds.

  17. Nero

    Be glad you’re still alive!

  18. Jessica

    “we only care about the pretty people” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    they are all trash.
    who throws a drink on a guy in club? trash
    who hits a woman? trash
    who datesthe type of girl who would throw a drink on a guy caus he was chatting up her friend ? trash.

  19. That’s really brave of Joe Francis!

  20. Would he get a medal of honor for this?

  21. C

    Joe Francis just did what we all want to do.. correct silly women.

    American women are the worst in the world.

    The way I read it.. Brody was tasered. That is funny.

  22. Eva

    Fug face. This way Playmate of the Year? Photoshop does wonders!

  23. trampstamp

    she has “respect” tattooed above her woohaa. LOL. stupid bitch. you just know she thought she would get away with it, too.

  24. bitingontinfoil

    Why would Joe punch out a chick with obvious Down’s Syndrome? FOR SHAME!!



  26. LMAO

    Of course men shouldn’t beat ladies. But Jayde Nicole’s no lady. She’s a melting waxwork from Madame Tussauds. A pseudo super-model. And yes she’s the final piece of evidence that Hef suffers from cataracts and dementia. But she’s no lady.

    Slant-jawed, cock-eyed freaks who wear falls(type of wig) and look like melted, slutty, christmas candles, while handing out beauty and haircare advice are fair game.

    This must be the only time “knock out” and “Jayde Nicole” could ever be used in the same sentence by sober people without visual imparement. I’d like to knock out Jayde Nicole, but Joe Francis beat me to the punch.

  27. LMAO

    Of course men shouldn’t beat ladies. But Jayde Nicole’s no lady. She’s a melting waxwork from Madame Tussauds. A pseudo super-model. And yes she’s the final piece of evidence that Hef suffers from cataracts and dementia. But she’s no lady.

    Slant-jawed, cock-eyed freaks who wear falls(type of wig) and look like melted, slutty, christmas candles, while handing out beauty and haircare advice are fair game.

    This must be the only time “knock out” and “Jayde Nicole” could ever be used in the same sentence by sober people without visual imparement. I’d like to knock out Jayde Nicole, but Joe Francis beat me to the punch.

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  30. Carly

    Jayde is such a bitch.. it isnt ok to hit a girl.. but it isnt ok to throw a drink on someone either.. she is ugly to… hot bod though… butterface thasts what we call girls like her…

  31. bitch

    Jayde Nicole is a nasty slut bitch sorry to say it. If i were angel i would’ve knocked that bitch out, Shes never been if a fight who was slacking off in high school! If i were there and she said that stuff to me shed been on the floor bleeding like the dirty pis she is.

  32. Hannah J.

    omg, so thats whats wrong with her face! shew, and I was beginning to think she was a victim of horrible plastic surgery.

    I can’t stand this girl or the way she talks — please someone give her a muzzle and a bag to put over her face!

  33. WOW

    Jayde is cunt bitch, wish Joe Francis would make a special appearance on Holly’s World.

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