Joe Francis beat up Jayde Nicole

August 28th, 2009 // 133 Comments

Joe Francis just fucked himself. Apparently the Girls Gone Wild founder decided it’d be a smart idea to beat the shit out out of Brody Jenner’s girlfriend Jayde Nicole last night at Guys and Dolls in Hollywood. TMZ reports:

According to Jenner, he and his girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, were at the club celebrating his birthday, when Jayde saw Francis hitting on an ex-girlfriend of his (Francis’), Jenner says “unrelentingly.” Jayde felt he was harassing the woman — whom Jayde and Brody know — and she threw a drink on Francis.
Jenner says Francis then pulled Jayde’s hair, punched her in the face and threw her to the ground and began kicking her. Security broke it up and Francis got dragged away — Brody followed.
Jenner says he started yelling at Francis and both men were ejected from the club.
Outside the club, Jenner says he tried to get back in to see Jayde but security wouldn’t let him. Jenner then saw Joe, punched him in the face, and then someone tased him and he fell to the ground.
Francis left the scene. The cops came but no one was arrested. Jayde tells TMZ she will press charges against Francis. Jayde has a black and blue cheek, her face is swollen, she has a bruised left rib and her lower abdomen is sore. Some of her hair also got pulled out.

Brody has since updated his Twitter to let fans (?) know about the incident:

Joe Francis beat up my lady this morning for no reason! Pulled her to the ground, punched & kicked her..what does that say about him?
How can you call yourself a man when you beat up a girl?? Joe Francis is a piece of shit
Joe Francis needs to be in jail!!!

RadarOnline reports the Los Angeles Sheriff County Department is currently looking for Francis which shouldn’t be too hard provided they follow the trail of discarded T-shirts and punched-out sorority girls.

UPDATE: So Jayde and Brody might have been full of shit.

Jayde Nicole’s Lettuce Bikini Shoot

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  1. Blahblah

    Her face look’s like baby Oscar from “Ghostbusters 2″

  2. dk

    What I want to know is who Tazed Brody? And is this person a hero or just a psychotic tazer happy freak. I was leaning towards hero until i realized a) Joe wasn’t twitching on the ground as well and b) it was a tazer and not a real gun. Stopping being pussies you vigilantes, its time to start dropping douchebags and start piling body bags.

  3. B

    She is BEAT. what is with her lazy eye, huge love handles, trashy tattoo, and that cellulite flat ass? Honestly, doesnt Hef have people that CAN see scoping new material?

    Brody clearly has a small peen, his looks scream hot chicks but he always winds up with sub par, and in this case; Golum

  4. WOW...

    …it looks like I stumbled into a meeting of the He-Man Woman-Haters Club.

    Fellas…let me remind you that if a woman throws a drink on you, or starts yelling and screaming at you, anything short of physically threatening you with a weapon, it takes a real man to walk away. You don’t haul off and punch her, you don’t get in her face, and you certainly don’t take to kicking her while she’s down. With this altercation, Joe Francis just showed what’s been common knowledge among thinking people; that he’s a pig of the lowest order and that he actively HATES the sexier and fairer half of our population in this country. That’s all there is to it. He assaulted a woman…there’s only one kind of scum who’s lower that he proved himself to be.

    And to all you douchebags who think this is funny and o.k.? You can take my comment however you want, but I know for a fact that you’re only spouting your bullshit here because you can’t do it out in the open. You know, where you’ll be shunned and, most likely, have your asses beaten as well. If you’re rockin’ out and throwin’ up the horns on behalf of Joe Francis, cheering his actions, then it follows that you wouldn’t think twice about hitting a woman for so little an offense, and I gotta say, trust you would spend the rest of your lives sipping your food throw a straw from a wheelchair if the woman you hit was someone I knew and loved.

  5. SynchG

    Maybe this time, public white guys that see Joe on the street will kick his ass for beating a girl, unlike what should have happened to Chris Brown along time ago, if it wasn’t for him being black and considered a racist hate crime if a white guy beat him up.

  6. Superbiggerevil

    If the same judge who presided over Chris Brown’s case get assigned to this one, then Joe has no problem.

  7. vile comments

    these comments are disgusting!!!!! are so right, thankfully one person has half a brain and standards….

    maybe these people don’t realize this, but often times you get drinks spilled on you on ACCIDENT…so someone intentionally doing is not that big of a deal in the first place. he was also hounding his ex girlfriend, a friend of Brody’s girlfriend. me or my friends would have defended our friend-no questions, you have no idea how much he could have been bothering her as well, given his known douchy behavior. just because she has a stupid tattoo and a douchy boyfriend does NOT mean she deserved to get punched and KICKED by quite possibly the scummiest man in America.

  8. Oops @ me, WOW...

    My typo up there should state that any dude here who thinks they would get away with hitting one of mine would definitely be sipping their food through a straw. A little grammar mistake on my behalf, but the promise still stands.

  9. Thanks 54

    Well said. If a man laid a finger on one of the women in my family, Mike Vick, Mike Tyson, Brock Lesnar…they would wake up (maybe) with holes.
    The dudes here applauding what that fairy did are symptomatic of how terrible this country has become. Amazing. Wars everywhere, tazers, felons in pro sports, etc.

  10. Anon


    Go wash your mangina.
    I notice you don’t condemn her actions.
    Well done pussy. I bet the next time a woman throws a drink in your face you put that 1 inch tail between you legs, dip your head, tell her thank you mistress and walk away like a coward.

    He went way overboard like everyone is saying but she started it so she had something coming. You can’t treat people like that and expect to get away with it.
    It’s a degrading and humiliating act that is done by cowardly women, just like when they slap you, because they don’t expect guys to react back. Lord knows other women refuse to stand up for the man the way the hypocritical female posters on her are demanding guys do for the woman.

    Women that do that need to be taught a lesson on why they should have some respect for men if at all possible for the bints and one of the ways of being taught respect is to treat others how they treat you. She uses an act of violence so does he. Maybe next time she’ll think twice before doing something like that or other women nearby will do what the man is apparently not allowed to and teach her.

    In this case throwing his drink right back at her, a push or a good hard slap would suffice. He acted like a common thug and deserves a good kicking in for it. Not because he did it to a woman but punching someone then cowardly hitting them on the floor is despicable. Let me ask you or more likely your mangina. If it was a man he did this to would it be not as bad?

    women cant expect to cross the line with guys then hide behind the fact they are women. Thats sexist.

  11. Kelley

    #37 … hit’s ??? Hits, right ? Duh …

  12. Deacon Jones

    I’m with Mike.

    If this bitch threw a drink on my face, and she wasn’t even the one getting hit on, I wouldve snapped.

    At the very least bench pressed her to the mid-air, horizontal position

  13. mikeybikey

    gotta love a woman who takes her clothes off for a living AND has the word respect tatooed above her vag!

  14. WOW

    @ Anon…

    I’m off to a meeting I’m already late for. But I WILL be back to respond to your post, whether you care to know it or not. See ya in a bit, jackass! *big smile*

  15. Reginald Reynolds

    Asshole vs asshole, no humans involved. The bimbo should have taken an ass beating for sticking her oar in where no one asked and throwing drinks on people. Jenner stood there yelling like a little girl while some guy kicked the shit out of his woman, and has therefore established himself beyond any question (as if there was any doubt) as a useless pussy who should be despised by everyone from here on out. And Francis, who spends his life abusing and living off of women one way or the other is nothing but a low rent pimp who thinks bitch-slapping is just part of the game. He should spend the rest of his life in a 8X10 box with a large black dude named “Bubba” who makes Joe re-enact his best “Girls Gone Wild” tapes every night before beating him like a stepchild and butt-fucking him unconscious.

  16. @WOW…yea, youll be back after you go wipe your ass from shitting yourself from fear of reality and equal rights.

    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander, Jim J. Bullock.

    Get with the program.

    People like you are the reason women think they can get away with being bitches and morons.

  17. pulsegrenade

    this story made me smile.
    I can’t help but wonder where Brody was when all of this was going down. Did he just sit there and watch as his dumb slut girlfriend got beat down? And then he waits in the shadows and throws a sucker punch followed by getting tasered??? hahaha. that mental picture is just so full of win. Doesn’t this just sum up hollywood?

  18. Reginald Reynolds = Jealous of Joe Francis

    U-R-N-V-US Reggie (toby?), its ok.

    Now get back to the fryer and pull those fries for the next super size combo meal…bitch.

  19. win

    @62, You were going good until you made a mom joke.

    But even so, I agree. While I can’t say I would personally punch a chick in the face and kick her to the ground… from the little I have seen from this stuck up cunt, she probably had it coming.

  20. J

    If some cunt poured a drink on me, I would’ve smashed her in the face also. I would keep kicking her in the stomach until blood comes out of her twat.

  21. deddog


    ghetto as shit. another incoherent joke from a barely functioning mind. i have to wonder if you’re the same mike oxbig posting on ballerstatus. you’re pitiful, and anyone that hits a woman for any reason other than life or death self defense is a PUSSY. mike oxbig, take your ghetto black trash ass back to ballerstatus… you meatheaded, steroid lookin gorilla.

    and like everyone else who’s got a backbone has said on this story, TRUST that i’d hand out hollowpoints and 7.62′s to any man that wants to abuse a woman in my family

    p.s. look who the meatheads in here are defending, chris brown and joe francis… i mean chris brown? i’d love to jam that little yellow paper heart on his “fashionable” vest straight through his eye socket

    this country IS going to shit

  22. Yoda

    Too bad this bitch didn’t date Ryan Jenkins.

  23. Duke Steele

    Looks like Joe Francis is another Chris Brown. What a pussy. A real man would have laughed off having a drink thrown in his face by some chick. And also, has anyone noticed that she has one of those Shannon Doherty faces?You know what I mean. One side is higher/lower than the other. And thats before the punches. I think that Grody Jenner could do better.

  24. Yure Pal

    She deserved it….. one of the biggest bitches around! So just because you’re a girl, that gives you free reign to throw a drink on someone? The world needs more people like Joe Francis……. keep these entitled whores in line!

  25. Yure Pal

    @68, it really is a glorious story on all fronts!! :) Worthless human beings….. all of them.

  26. farthammer

    Seriously though, she was asking for it.

  27. effyeray

    What kind of faggot let’s some douche whoop their dumb whore girlfriend? A Brody Jenner faggot does, that’s who.
    Also, let this be a lesson to other stupid bitches to mind their own business… if you throw a drink on a man, ass whippins might follow. BUT, Francis should have beaten the faggotry out of Jenner’s bitch ass not the dumb cunt’s.

  28. Bunny

    Any woman that dresses like rabbit food and looks like Octomom deserves to get the hell beat out of her!

  29. Jeremy

    Maybe if Brodys sister had a tattoo of “respect” above her pussy she wouldnt have gotten pregnant so easily. Respect is basically an invitation for a black dude to stick it in you. She wants some dick so bad she cant even cover her tattoo while she is getting her picture taken. Brody must be a real asshat if that is the best he can do for a girlfriend. Bruce must be proud.

  30. Beetlejuice

    Looks like he fucked her eye up. These were taken after the beating, correct?

  31. David

    While he may have gone a bit overboard it’s nice to see some repercussions for someone getting involved in something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. Seriously, she at least deserved a good bitch slap for throwing a drink in a guys face who wasn’t even talking to her. Why do people feel the need to get involved in shit that doesn’t concern them.

  32. Norad Bush

    Wow, people out there actually defend anything Joe Francis does? I call bullshit on that one because if he dropped dead tomorrow of flesh-eating bacteria, 95% of the population would not miss him. And those who would are the creepy pervs who patronized him all these years. So, either all of you are full of shit, or you’re creepy pervs. Either way, these actions do not speak well to anyone’s character.

    And to everyone replying to Mike Oxbhig (sp?): Stop feeding the troll.

  33. green_calico

    Joe Francis went wild!

  34. Annie Loves Anal

    Hey 60? You really are a douchebag, and I’m geussing single? How about this? Joe throws his drink in her face as a comeback. he pulled her hair. how pussy is that? Chicks do that to each other. There is no fucking possible way you can defend his actions, anon, so why don’t you crawl back into mama’s basement and take a nap. Things might be better in the morning.

  35. Cher

    OKAY People…

    She wasn’t hitting him, it was just a drink. He beat up a female. He’s an ass.

    A REAL man, would have just left it alone. Looks like they’re aint’ much o’ those in this comment section. Just a bunch of douchebags with small penises who’s knuckles cause sparks as they drag across the ground.

    Yep, it;’s those small-penised boys who felt she was “asking for it.”

  36. SynchG


  37. Albin Bainbridge

    @ 46

    “You people are sick. Stupid as it may have been, throwing a drink in a guy’s face is not justification for him to beat the crap out of her. Blame the victim of an assault because she’s ugly? Nice.

    That being said, Joe Francis is a massive sack of dogshit who deserves to spend the rest of his miserable, useless life in prison being gang-raped every Friday night like he’s been doing to 18 year old girls for years.

    Maybe these rich & asshole-y types should just avoid that Guys & Dolls club, ya think?”

    Best comment here. Joe Francis is a genuinely horrible human being. Before “Girls Gone Wild” he was making money selling a series of home videos showing innocent people dying that was a “Faces of Death” knock-off. The guy is straight up scum.

    And yes, Jayde Nicole is an obnoxious bitch, but I don’t understand how anyone think physically beating her is a justified response. Be a man in that situation. Wipe your face, tell her to fuck off, and walk away with some dignity.

  38. Lizzardd

    She shouldn’t be crying. After all, she allegedly spilled a drink on him. I call that assault first. He reacted! What do you expect? Just because you are a woman you think you can throw drinks at people and expect nothing to happen? Yes, he was wrong for kicking her while she was down but in my opinion, she started the whole thing. She should have minded her own business and let her friend take care of herself. Joe Francis does not deserve to go to jail for this, Jayde does. He should press charges on her first! Have common sense woman. Hit a man, get hit like a man…

  39. Pilatunes

    On a slightly different note,,,anyone ever hear why she got that specific word tattooed in that particular place? I wonder if she thinks it will motivate the guy to perform better oral sex. Or is she one of those retards that gets a random word tattooed in a stupid place?

    Almost forgot to add Joe Francis is a worthless human being.

  40. Jesus, Son of God

    My dad approves of Joe’s retaliation. Woman, of man. You are here to serve your men, not throw drinks on them. She is lucky I don’t decide to cane her.

  41. Sheena

    @ 88 Lizzardd –

    So the next time I see someone beating the shit out of you, I should just leave you alone to take care of yourself? No problem, dipshit.

  42. Sheena

    @ 88 Lizzardd –

    So the next time I see someone beating the shit out of you, I should just leave you alone to take care of yourself? No problem, dipshit.

  43. Sheena

    @ 88 Lizzardd –

    So the next time I see someone beating the shit out of you, I should just leave you alone to take care of yourself? No problem, dipshit.

  44. francis is fucking john mayor

    This is no suprise. A man who makes a living like Francis does is obviously a rapist and woman beater, I mean come on he’s probably killed girls and has managed to cover it up. The guy has a raging hate for women, it’s obvious that he’s gay and has some pathological need to humiliate, use, and abuse women. Straight men do not act like this. Me thinks his mommy made him touch her when he was wittle and now he hates all women deep down. He’s a total predator (it’s a cycle) and he preys on weak, self esteem less women. I guarantee the guys personal computers are filled with kiddie porn and shit, the guy is fucking lowlife who should be in jail permanently.

    When he was in jail briefly he cried like the biggest baby on the planet for his mommy. People like this are always the biggest phonies, they act all tough, but throw them in jail with some hardcores and they’ll be pissing their pants begging for mercy within minutes. The guy is a shit stain on the underwear of humanity. I can’t believe I agree with Brody Jenner on something.

    Also there’s no excusing this shit, but I do hope Jade does learn from this, limited as her mental faculties appear to be, you steer clear of people like Francis, you don’t get involved and you just keep as far away as possible from freak shows like this one. He’ll end up charged with the murder of his fifth wife someday, and then in the investigation they’ll figure out that he murdered all previous four too I promise you. This is nothing compared to what we will see and hear about thississy who shockingly ties spencer Pratt for biggest waste of skin EVER.

  45. SynchG

    wasn’t Joe that loser, arrested before for paying underage girls to perform sexual favors on him? wtf isnt this creep in jail for life YET??

  46. mrdvant

    Bitch shouldn’t have thrown a drink in his face. Why do women think that kind of shit is ok? Hollywood teaches women that it’s just fine to slap, kick and throw things at men just because they get on your nerves. That’s bullshit. Obviously he overdid it quite a bit, but maybe the dumb bitch will think twice next time and realize there are consequences to her actions.

  47. no

    #88. DUMFUCK ever heard of the concept of the punishment fitting the crime. Throwing a drink on someone does not equal getting punched and beaten to the ground, kicked to the point of damage to your ribs, and having your hair pulled out. Do you see the inequity here???

    Are you one of Francis’ whores or something? I agree that you should never take out your anger physically on someone else ever, male or female, becuase people retaliate and it just escalates. Most domestic murders are not premeditated people fight and et physically violent and someone falls and then it’s lights for one and jail for the other, both are lives ruined for a few minutes of lossing self control like a Spencerpratt (new word for pussy). All men and women need to learn to not take out their anger physically on others.

    People who can’t figure that shit out and learn to control themselves are simple minded little children who secretly hate themselves and are just to stupid and weak to behave like adults see Chris Brown. Now last I checked this is grown up real world land notkindergarten, it’s not about who started it and idiotic shit like that, a real HUMAN BEING would have walked away period. He retaliated and he retaliated hard. I’m sorry if you don’t have the mental capacity to understand the law, because your going to have a tough life ahead of you princess, but legally speaking getting a drink thrown on you does not give you the right to beat the shit out of a person. If you live by those animalistic laws you’ll fucking kill someone for hitting your car. Fuck I pray to god you never have children, will you throw your baby down the stairs when he gets cranky and throws his food???

    YOU need to have some common sense and figure out why you hate yourself so much and have so little self esteem as a woman, you sound like one of those ugly sluts who thinks that she deserves a beating for burning the dinner. Any fat pig who beats up on another person is just a self hating freak who secretly contemplates suicide daily. All abusers are self haters, their weak empty little babies who haven’t matured passed the age of a four year old and don’t have the brains to surpase their shit stain parents who taught them this shit also in my ex;erience most are usually hiding something like thier asses in the closet.

  48. fransissy

    #96. I agree that Hollywood teaches people that all kinds of stupid shit is acceptable, but if throwing a drink is wrong then beating someone is insanely wrong and any idiot who thinks that he was justified has no sense of reality. A real MAN or WOMAN would walk away. Life is full of shit and if you react to theis extent to something like that you’ll be in jail for murder someday I guarantee you. You have to have the maturity and sense to chose your behaviour accoring to your own moral code and not say well he or she did this that is what being an adult is all about.

    Most therapists tell couples that they should never ever take their anger out physicaly even a pinch or a nudge because over time it escalates and then one day a fight blows up and one of hits their head on the counter and two livers are permanently ruined.

    Again if throwing a drink is pathetic what is beating the shit out of someone? Your actions are your actions and you have to learn to think and act independantly of others and to make choices for yourself, if you can’t do that your life will be a pile of heidi montag. It’s not that hard and anyone with a brain and self respect can learn to live by their own standards and not be influenced by others. If you can’t go live in highschool and spend your life on twitter following others and having zero personal or professional success as an easily manipulated push my buttons because I have no self control little kid.

    Those who cannot behave independanetly of others will never amount to anything and are the weak ones and nature will take care of them eventually, I guarantee it.

  49. AbitchvsADouche

    First she didn’t spill a drink on him she threw a drink in his (Joe Francis) face on purpose, because Francis was hitting on his “ex-gf”! She decided to physically act out her “feelings” with a negative aggressive act, and unfortunately for her she did it to a douche bag that equally acts out feelings of anger, frustration, and embarrassment with aggression. An her action helped cause her punk bf (Jenner) to get hurt as well. That’s why you should KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF & DONT THROW SHIT AT PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT YOUR GENDER IS! Why is that so hard for people to accept! Also, most of these guys don’t care what actions you assign to real manhood according to your moral compass, however I “personally” don’t feel like having a drink thrown in my face (or slapped, punched, or something thrown at me) either just because someone “FEELS” justified and they have a vagina. Y’know the same way ladies don’t want to get the taste slapped out of your mouth by a man just because he’s bigger & stronger so everyone keep your hands (& weapons) to themselves!

    BTW-Please don’t believe that crap that a man that hits a women is just a coward that won’t fight a man… I’ve seen that lie get proven wrong! Many of those guys have real anger control problems and usually will fight a another guy quite happily!

  50. Yure Pal

    @97 I see a girl who will think twice about hurling her drink at another person next time. What if she spit on him? Would you give him permission to at least push her back? And I’m sure she was also berating him verbally before spilling the drink as well. She was the instigator. And based on her personality from other tv appearances, the spilling of the drink was not out of character for her.

    I love Joe Francis’ reaction. I agree that it was excessive, but I’m happy that this happened and maybe Jayde will think twice before getting out of control in the future. But I’m guessing it won’t change a thing. There’s some people that just can’t be helped. Based on her personality, I’m sure she was treated like a princess and allowed to act out her entire life. This was an excellent wake-up call for her. Mind your business and treat others with respect. If you hurl a drink at someone, you’re asking for trouble.

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