Joe The Plumber Is The New Face of Second Amendment Rights (No Givebacks)

May 27th, 2014 // 197 Comments
Joe The Plumber

It’s easy, if not therapeutic, to forget that during the 2008 presidential election, John McCain gave us not one, but two perpetual idiots who by all rights should’ve been nothing more than comedic footnotes in history by now, but instead became Tea Party darlings because the invisible hand has spoken and it wants never-ending buckets of fried dumb. Which brings us to Joe The Plumber, the Shit-Adam to Sarah Palin‘s Shit-Eve, birthed into our national Garden of Eden by a man who was probably at the real one and told God to get off his lawn. Here Joe would like Richard Martinez, the father of UCSB shooting victim Chris Martinez and now-outspoken NRA critic, to know that while he feels really bad about losing him a son, he’d appreciate it if his kid’s ghost stays the fuck away from his guns. You understand, right? Via Barbwire:

I’m not talking here about the three tragic murders Rodger committed by stabbing before his driving and shooting spree; I speak now only to the families of the gunshot victims in Santa Barbara:
It’s a tragedy.
I am sorry you lost your child. I myself have a son and daughter and the one thing I never want to go through, is what you are going through now. But:
As harsh as this sounds – your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.
Richard Martinez, whose son (Christopher) was among the murdered, choked back tears at a news conference, blaming politicians the next day: “The talk about gun rights. What about Chris’ right to live?” Martinez said – and much more.
There are no critical words for a grieving father. He can say whatever he wants and blame whoever he’d like – it’s okay by me. You can’t take a step in his shoes – at least I can’t.
But the words and images of Mr. Martinez blaming “the proliferation of guns”, lobbyists, politicians, etc.; will be exploited by gun-grab extremists as are all tragedies involving gun violence and the mentally ill by the anti-Second Amendment Left.
As a father, husband and a man, it is my responsibility to protect my family. I will stand up for that right vehemently. Please believe me, as a father I share your grief and I will pray for you and your family, as I do whenever I hear about senseless tragedies such as this.
We still have the Right to Bear Arms and I intend to continue to speak out for that right, and against those who would restrict it – even in the face of this horrible incident by this sad and insane individual. I almost said “Obama Voter” but I’m waiting for it to be official.


Here’s the amazing, and soul-crushingly depressing, part about all of this: Joe The (Not A Real) Plumber could’ve just kept his mouth shut and would’ve completely gotten his way. Because here’s the sad, despicable truth which Richard Martinez brought up himself: If this country didn’t do a goddamn thing after 20 first- and second-graders were ruthlessly murdered inside an elementary school, a couple of dead college kids isn’t going to do jackshit. Jesus Christ, the best we could do in the aftermath of Sandy Hook was to get both sides of the aisle to at least openly admit that, okay, maybe we should do something before not only doing nothing, but actually making gun laws more lax. So, really, Joe The Plumber could’ve just shut the fuck up and everything would’ve come up guns, but instead he had to open his trap and give second amendment fetishists the face of an over-entitled white man who deserves what he wants and better get it or else. Which is just the perfect position to take in this situation, and I actually wish I was saying that sarcastically because did I mention the gun nuts already won? The gun nuts already won. I need a fucking Xanax.

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  1. kenny

    Where are all the anti-knife and anti-BMW activists hiding? Come on out and join the anti-fun!!!

  2. kenny

    In all seriousness it’s too bad California’s laws make it almost impossible to arm and protect yourself (legally).. maybe he would have thought twice about going on a shooting. knifing, running over people spree.

    • Yeah, the Menendez brothers had to drive all the way to San Diego for their shotguns. O, the horror.

      “Almost impossible” = 10 day waiting period with valid ID and proof of residency. And around a 76% passing score on a 30 question handgun safety quiz, plus the $25 fee, if that’s what you want.

      In all seriousness, clearly this superhuman amount of effort is beyond you, kenny boy – best let Mommy continue to drive you around rather than attempt to summit on Everest by going for that license.

      • menendez bros? you can’t think of a more timely reference?

        Lemme think here…. surely there is somebody more recent that navigated through the impossibility and ended up with like 4 handguns and a 400 rounds of ammo in his BMW…..

      • kenny

        Guess you missed the part where I said “arm yourself legally” .. as in legally walking down the street armed… reading comprehension must not be your strong suit.

      • Guess you completely missed the part where I mentioned the state requirements. See, that’d be the “legal” bit. Stay in school, kids!

        “Walking down the street armed” is an entirely different matter from “arm[ing] and protect yourself” which is what you opened with, and it’s alarming that you obviously can’t discern there’s a major difference. CCW permits here have a “good moral character” caveat, which is being challenged for unconstitutionality, and there is no open-carry law here, so appears you’d be disappointed regarding that fully-strapped badass shootout fantasy you’ve got going on, Wyatt. You can buy guns to protect yourself in your home, and you can even carry if you can prove a need to, but outside of that no one’s gonna be your fucking huckleberry here.

      • Ego

        Because a different state gun law would have helped how? This was at a school. Even in the most gun loving states such as Texas, you’re not allowed to carry a gun on your person on university property

      • Oh for God’s sake, don’t tell Kenny that – he’ll just lose all hope.

      • Yeah, right. Like homicidal maniacs go and ask permission before bringing their murder-machines on campus. Get a fuckin’ grip!

      • OMG they killed kenny.

    • No, really he wouldn’t. Setting aside the fact that he was obviously willing to die, when you’re dealing with a shooter (even if you yourself have a gun) the odds are overwhelmingly in the attacker’s favor as to whether or not you can even draw.

      So, unless by “arm and protect yourself” you mean “walk around in the Weaver ready position at all times,” it probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

  3. malaka

    its impossible to arm yourself?? have you ever been out west??

  4. what was it that these politicians were supposed to accomplish after sandy hook that would have prevented this?

    • kenny

      Ca is one of the most strict gun states in the country, they force you to only have 10 round magazines, this (rich) kid had 40 of them full of ammo.. plus they force you to wait 30 days between gun purchases which included a 10 day wait and background check.

      This kid had multiple therapists, they had the chance to put him on the “no gun purchase” list but they didn’t.. for some reason this is still the NRA and gun manufactures fault.. oh and don’t forget the gun nuts, it’s their fault too.

      • Ralph Kramden

        His guns and ammo were legally purchased. California’s strict laws kept him from having better guns and more rounds in each clip. How many more would have died if California’s laws were more like Texas?

      • kenny

        That depends, there’s many, many more armed citizens in Texas, he may not have made it very far.

      • Ralph Kramden

        Does the NRA kook-aid come in cherry flavor? I like cherry. I suppose all of his victims should have had guns in holsters ready to shoot the the bad guy rides into town. Or perhaps just a helpful bystander who exercised in God given 2nd amendment rights. Maybe, being the crack shot he is, he’ll get him and not the old lady across the street. Or perhaps several helpful bystanders (since everyone in a free country is supposed to strap one on), will here shots, pull out their weopons and start shooting. I’m sure they’ll all know which guy with a gun is the right one to shoot.

      • kenny

        Ralphy boy you’d probably be their first one crying and wishing average Joe next to you was carrying a concealed weapon if a crazy person decided to off everyone in his path (including you).

      • Or the first one to go down in a hail of front-and-back crossfire when all the gun nuts started trying to return fire through the throes of their orgasms over finally getting caught in the firefight they’ve been wet-dreaming about for years.

      • Ralph Kramden

        No, the guy next to me is an asshole. If some random crazy guy starts shooting, the last thing I want is a bunch of people taking pot shots.

        Kenny, is there a way to keep criminals and crazies from having easy access to their tools, without interfering too much on hobby? Is your liberty really threatened if you can’t have any weapon, any time, any where?

      • kenny

        Ralphy laws only stop those that follow them.

      • And now you see the NRA’s real agenda: Sell the gun & ammo manufacturers’ products. Sell, sell, sell, and fuck-all who gets in the way or is mowed down by a rich fuck’s kid because he hasn’t gotten laid or mommy hasn’t bought him enough games.

        Hmmm…Maybe we *should* all go back to Old West justice. Let’s hear the outcry from the same Teabag fuckwits when negroes, Mexicans, Jews, and battered wives light them up with their very own 2nd-Amendment-blessed openly carried sweet, sweet equalizer. Funny how it was Reagan and the Republicans who cried for stricter gun laws when the Black Panthers started packing heat. And funny how “well-regulated” doesn’t get a mention from the 2nd Amendment’s loudest fans. I suppose it reeks of “gubmint” too much for the Skeeters and Cletuses of this great country.

      • Fuck you, Carla. And everyone who thinks like you. You’re a lot of fucking idiots.


      • Carla, I know this might be sudden but will you marry me?

      • How hard is it to get through your head that things don’t work like they do in the movies? “Good guys” with guns rarely stop “bad guys” with guns during a mass killing for the simple reason that “bad guys” are already drawn and shooting. Setting aside the fact that most people have never been in a gun fight and would probably do more damage then help.

      • KIngrAMSES

        That depends, there’s many, many more armed citizens in Texas, he may not have made it very far.”

        Hey there dumb-dumb. The ARMY BASE in Fort Hood Texas has had two deadly mass shootings in the past 5 years. In Nov of 09′ the shooter killed 13 and injured 30 others. This past April a gunman killed 3 before turning the gun on himself. Hence, your argument died faster than an innocent victim caught in the crosshairs of violent gunman, who all too easily can obtain a cache of weapons and ammo.

      • buzz

        He wouldn’t have had a problem scoring frat girls in Texas driving a new BMW and having a father who directs movies in Hollywood.

      • kenny

        buzz, so true!

      • Kenny you prove with every post why you and your ignorant ilk shouldn’t be allowed to own guns.

      • He would have been gunned down pretty quick if he were in Texas.

      • kenny

        dcougar gets it.

      • DBN

        Let’s see, Friday night in a SoCal college town. Folks are out drinking and having a good time. Let’s not forget folks are drinking. You want them armed too? Unless you know something I don’t about the relationship between judgement, firearms and marksmanship, that doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. Oh, I know–folks who’ll carry guns on a Friday night in a college town won’t be drinking. That’s right. They’ll be standing on street corners, armed and ready–sober sentinels of justice! You know what I like to call those sober folks with guns? Cops. I like to call them cops. How about we just hire a few more of them. No no no no no…..forget that. That would mean raising taxes. Let’s just arm drunks. We’ll all be safer.

  5. Well we don’t use common sense for any other issue in this country, why should guns be different?

    • claims of “common sense” or something along the lines of “common sense ain’t too common anymore” is a huge red flag that the speaker is full of shit and believes that “common sense” is some sort of objective idea rather than just self rationalization of one’s own bullshit. Go to and you can read a million posts saying what you just said, verbatim.

      You can do better.

  6. I love Joe the Plummer. He was THE ONLY ONE to ask a single tough question to that shit for brains president in 2008 and he was vilified for it. Still is apparently.

    • Mama Pinkus

      The fact that you could refer to Obama as a “shift for brains president” after EIGHT YEARS OF THE BIGGEST NITWIT PRESIDENT EVER (your precious DUBYA) says all we need to know about you.

      • liberalism really is mental disorder

      • Kronaz

        Smart people are capable of hating Obama *AND* Bush. Your false dichotomy amuses people with triple-digit IQ scores.

      • Dubya was smarter in a minute than your gay crackhead Jihad President has ever been. Each and every person who voted for 0bama is an asshole. Yes, an asshole, and you assholes prove yourselves shit-filled every fucking day.

      • ^^ Possibly the least intelligent post ever on this site.

      • Be thankful for the internet jr because in real life you are a coward and owning a gun doesn’t change your being a coward.
        It only means you are now an armed coward so if a gun fight ever did happen its good to know all you will be doing is crapping yourself and crying for mommy while clutching your gun.

    • Captain Sarcasm

      Nobody asked Obama tough questions in 2008? Not Fox News? Not McCain? Not Palin? Well, definitely not Palin.

    • What exactly did Joe the Plummer (sic) do to your “plum” to make you love him so?

      Or is that your little secret?

    • Yup but to question the Messiah is anti-American or racist…or something….

      • Maybe if the teatards could “question” without using racial epithets and insisting it’s time to overthrow the government, people would stop accusing them of racism and anti-Americanism. For example.

  7. Speaking of shit for brains, I meant “Plumber”, not Plummer.


  8. Oh great, another pissing match between the right wing wackos and the commie liberals.

  9. Tired

    Why does this site keep going into politics man, yes we get it you’re a liberal. It brings the site down and drains me every time i come here and see this pointless crap. Its funny when you go after celebrities. But I’ll give you a heads up there are just as many if not more liberal idiots out there that never get called out, if you’re gonna do this crap at least go both ways with it.

    • A. Because it’s his site and he can talk about whatever the fuck he wants.

      B. It only “brings the site down” if you let it bring you down by clicking the post and reading it. It’s not like the political posts are cleverly disguised. Quit playing the fucking martyr when YOU BROUGHT IT ON YOURSELF BY CLICKING ON IT. YOU GO TO HELL. YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE.

      C. He has absolutely no obligation to give equal space to opinions with which he disagrees. Fuck them. They can get their own damn website to be wrong on.


      • Tired

        I’m trying to understand why you are so angry? you told me you hope I die and to fuck myself how many times? You know nothing about me. Thats fine its easy to say these things behind a computer screen that you would never dare say to someone’s face. I come to this site to laugh cuz most of the time it is hilarious, except when these things come up and i can voice my opinion in a polite manner unlike yourself who give liberals like yourself a very bad name. All you do is call people names if they don’t agree with you, kinda funny though not one has called me names or anything like that to my face in any discussion i have had with them, most are very polite. Carry on internet cowboy you are a true tough guy =)

      • kenny

        Jezzer sounds like he about to go off the deep end… just another reason/reminder to arm myself.

      • Other than classic overcompensation, you mean.

      • kenny

        take your meds Jezzer? good job.

      • For gawd’s sake, someone make sure kenny isn’t armed!

      • Kronaz

        Yeah, because well-endowed people just beat people to death with their dicks, right? There’s literally no other reason to be armed.

      • Kenny you are a coward and owning a gun will not change that fact.
        Brave people are brave without guns and cowards like you are cowards even with a gun.
        Good to know if anything serious ever happens we can be assured you and your cowardly ilk will all be clutching your guns while hiding under a desk.
        Crapping yourselves then talking smack how you could have done something had they confronted you under your desk smelling like your hero Ted crap my pants Nugent.

      • Here’s a link to wordpress for blogging software:

        Here’s a link to Godaddy to get a domain and hosting:

        Knock yourself out dude, start your own site.

      • Fuck you, douche. You’re proof liberals are pompous assholes.

    • Mama Pinkus

      conservative assholes believe in freedom of speech only for Fox News

      • not true asshole say what you want I serve my country and I would
        give my life for you to continue to say the bullshit you say

      • I call your bluff.

      • jezzer you are an asshole and yet if I had to fight for your right to say stupid shit I would
        loser that’s something you would never understand

      • Considering you’re the one who’s spraying a fully automatic stream of idiocy here, I’d say that your willingness to fight for everyone’s right to be stupid is actually taking a stand for your own self-interest.

      • blerg

        Members of the military are tools of the government, who in turn are tools of the rich. If you think anything we’ve done militarily in the last 50+ years did anything for the American people you’re a goddamned mental case.

        Soldiers and cops are the real enemy of the American people.

      • Blerg, you’re apparently a fucking idiot.

      • While I think the average rank and file members of the military are not knowingly or willingly doing their jobs for those reasons, I don’t think what Blerg said there is too far off when you really take a look at it. No disrespect to our military guys, but the result of their work is mostly pretty accurately described in what he said. Except for the cops part.

    • argleblargle

      This is how I feel every time I see a Kardashian post. But then, I scroll on to the next story instead of subjecting myself to it and I feel better.

  10. Seriously? This guy was just so excited to start yelling and bitching about his guns that he couldn’t wait more than 3 fucking days before downplaying the deaths of the victims? His gun rights are so important that he couldn’t give the parents and family members time to digest what happened and start the grieving process, let alone give them time to bury their children, before he started going off on this rant?

    It’s called tact, ettiquette, and common decency, you stupid fucking twat. Look those up.

    • Have you no soul? Some people simply prefer not to get gun oil and Cheetos all over a perfectly pristine dictionary.

    • No one is down playing anything the lame stream media and politicians
      are already talking about making it harder for law abiding citizens to buy
      guns let’s make it harder to buy a knife or a bmw god I hate fucking liberals

      • That sure is an awful lot of stupid crammed into one poorly punctuated, run-on sentence.

      • It’s not that often that you actually get to see 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag.

      • I don’t believe there is anything in the Second Amendment that prohibits regulating firearms. If you fucking gun nuts are such “law abiding citizens” then what is your problem with wanting firearms (just like automobiles, BTW) to require licenses and registration?

      • What vito said.

      • Goddamnit, vito, if the Founding Fathers wanted to regulate firearms, they would have put the word “regulated” somewhere in the 2nd Amendment. SECOND AMENDMENT!!

      • 1) This idiot IS downplaying the shooting. How? Because he’s turning it from what it actually is, a fucking tradgedy where people died from being stabbed and gunned down by a madman, into a fucking political platform from which to preach gun rights. He did it within 3 days of the incident, not even giving the families a fucking second to try and deal. As soon as he said “your dead kids don’t trump my gun rights,” he downplayed the situation.

        2) What the fuck are you saying about “making it harder to buy a knife or bmw”? That is fucking stupid, and you know why? Because while BMWs have an intended use (driving, seeing as your logic seems to be off today), knives have multiple intended uses, but guns only have ONE intended use – killing/destroying whatever the fuck is in front of it. That is why there should be more regulation on guns, because there is only one reason to get one and that is to kill, either hunting, in self defense or because you’re an asshole, you are prepared to kill at that moment.

      • AND what cmonreally said.

      • Exactly. People use tragedies as an excuse to press to restrict the right of others. This guy is speaking out against that. Gun grabbers need to shut up. The asshat laws you morons favor will do NOTHING. They did nothing in SB, but then, the authorities are hobbled by so many regulations as to make the whole exercise a joke. Oh, and you faggots saying the 2cd amendment doesn’t bar “regulations”; the part about “well regulated militia” refers to a militia outfitted with guns in good condition. You idiots.

      • @welldouche
        I don’t buy this rant or any of your others as coming from a real person. Every *point* is laced with low-wit level abuse like “faggot” and “moron” and “waah I hate liberals”. I think he is actually a Babelfish asstroll bot.

  11. Frank Burns

    Martinez castigated the media for focusing on the shooter while ignoring the victims. “If there’s all these things in the media about the shooter, and there’s nothing about the victims, then it sends the wrong message and the people need to understand that real people died here,” he said.

    Fish, can you make a rule for the site that you’ll either list or link to a list of victims for any future posts like this one?

  12. Mama Pinkus

    What a sniveling coward he is.

  13. Colin


    Am I doing the idiot conservative gun nut impression right? Not that all conservatives are idiots or all idiots are conservatives, but this guy clearly is all of the above.

  14. This guy is just a dick! Im ok with gun ownership, but am not some extremist jack-off like this guy who has to get a political jab in at the Democratic party while talking about a senseless tragedy.
    Fuck him!

  15. This is a gossip blog I don’t care about your stupid liberal opinions
    about politics what makes you think people care talk abou celebrities
    you dick

    • Captain Sarcasm

      You also don’t care about punctuation, spelling, or grammar. But don’t worry, if you don’t like the commie talk, there are plenty of tittie pictures to keep you amused.

      • Hey jackass this is not an english class it’s a stupid gossip site
        where I can see dumb celebrities do dumb shit so if my lack of punctuation
        offends you oh well and I get my fill of tits and ass on this site

      • And if the site runs out of ass, you’re apparently ready to fill in at a moment’s notice.

      • See, outside of English class people actually use those pesky things like punctuation, spelling and grammar to facilitate communication and express their ideas. Oh, sorry, let me rephrase that in a way you can grasp: they use those extra big letters and little spots and squiggles to help them talk betterer to each other. And sometimes they come in real handy if you want to do more in life that just clean out the fry bins and mop floors.

        Thanks for representin the conservutive party as their poster child your everything we’ve come to expect frum them and more keep up the good werk

      • Tired

        I’m pretty sure they do not have jobs in his mom’s basement, unless they started paying people to eat Cheetos and drink Mountain Dew while sitting around in skidmarked tighty whiteys all day

      • mtj4164…If this is where you come to get your “fill of tits and ass…” then you are missing out on some of the best parts of the internet. And BTW…go fuck yourself, you mouth-breathing, drooling, inbred, cretin.

      • Captain Sarcasm

        You don’t offend me, you amuse me. You’re like Kim’s ass or Justin’s tattoos – ridiculous and fun to goof on.

      • argleblargle

        So, if I’ve got this right – You don’t like something (political posts), then fuck everyone else. Other people don’t like something (your ESL use of grammar and spelling) then fuck everyone else. Oh Jesus we have a guy over here who thinks everyone else should always be fucked and not him. Hide the guns. The virgin has spoken.

      • well for all of you tough guys on the internet I wish we could actually
        meet and not one of you dick sucking homo’s in your parent’s basement
        would utter a word to me

      • cmonreally

        I can’t believe you’re also a homophobe. Shocking.

      • “homophobe”! wow, you really told him off, didn’t you! Your president is a queer Marxist America-hating crackhead. How’s that for “homophobia”, asshole?

      • …not one of you dick sucking homo’s in your parent’s basement would utter a word to me.

        Well no, not if our mouths are full – a lot of us were brought up to be polite, y’know? Anyway, aren’t you supposed to be off fighting somewhere, selflessly standing up for our right to spout bullshit – or, presumably, not? Really, make up your tiny mind – it seems there’s just no pleasing you these days.

      • Justifiable, that’s why I find it easier to tell the truth online. It’s so much simpler to keep track of things. I feel I should tell you all that I’m not actually a Kodiak bear though. That was just a goof. My application was rejected. Feels good to get that off my chest.

      • cc

        ‘not one of you dick sucking homo’’

        Thanks for your witty, well reasoned arguments, Mr. Stereotype. I don’t think you’ve called anyone a ‘faggot’ yet so don’t forget to leave out that staple of the foulmouthed bigot’s lexicon.

      • Look little internet brave dipshit, you are the one who needs the gun to feel brave.
        Brave people are brave without guns and cowards like you are still a coward even with a gun so your pretense no one would say anything to you holds no weight.
        Especially since based on your posts you were probably beat up a lot buy 5th grade girls when you were in high school….

    • You dont like it? THEN DON’T READ IT!
      Go to some funny Conservative gossip blog. What’s that? There aren’t any?
      Of course not, how many Conservatives do you know that have a decent sense of humor ??
      Thought so

  16. cc

    What a fucking clown this guy is.

    • cc

      PS ‘gave us not one, but two perpetual idiots who by all rights should’ve been nothing more than comedic footnotes in history ‘ amen

  17. I am going to tell you how it really is in The South. Almost every business has a sign clearly stating no guns are allowed on the premises, hospitals, movie theaters, apartment complexes, you name it.

    I saw some idiot one day walk into a store one day with his gun sticking out and you would think being The South no one would care, right? Wrong, the people were clearly upset and if any of them had had a gun on them they might either have drawn on him or shot him.

    You here is the problem with a Laissez-faire attitude to guns and gun laws, you get situations like this. You have potentially legal gun owner walk into store with gun showing. Clerk has no idea if this is a legal owner or someone coming to rob them, you get the wrong person, potential legal gun owner gets shot and killed. Situation #2, other legal gun owner in the store does not know if legal gun owner #1 is a robber and pulls out his gun, legal gun owner #1 thinks legal gun owner #2 is a robber also and pulls out his gun. One or both get killed.

    Here is where it gets really fun. Say with the situation like this in CA this weekend, someone called the police and said there was a kid going around shooting people. You the legal gun owner shoots this kid and he is lying on the ground. You now have to hope the other legal gun owners in the area know that you were not the killer and the one that stopped this killer or you yourself might get shot, this also pertains to the cops who might think you are the killer and shoot you. Do you really want someone without police training seeing you and drawing down on you in a heat of the moment, high pressure situation like this? He never saw the gunman, just sees you standing over a dead body with a gun in your hand. 50/50 chance he thinks you are the killer, maybe higher. Add in darkness and it gets even dicier.

    Keyboard warrior stuff sounds great on the Internet, but in practice usually does not work so well.

    • Did it ever occur to you that setting the weapon on the ground at your feet and raising your hands and interlacing your fingers on the top of your head might be a fairly good idea?

      • How are you going to do that if you just shot the guy and the gun was still in your hands? What if you just wounded him and he still had his gun so you could not drop yours yet? What if you were in the process of firing when someone rounded the corner and thought you were the shooter? You are not a cop, you have no uniform, how the fuck am I supposed to know you are not the killer? For all I know you are both gangbangers and trying to kill each other and don’t care if you kill anyone else.

      • Better yet, let’s make this more interesting, let’s make the good citizen a young black male or Mexican, shit, let’s give him a hoodie too. So now there is a well dressed, well groomed rich white kid lying dead on the ground or wounded and you are standing there in the dark with a gun and other people with guns come running, what do you think will happen?

    • Great post, El Jefe.

      Here’s an equation to ponder (but I know nobody will):

      Lack of mental health services in the USA + lots of guns + social alienation = mass murders

      Mass murders have become so common in the USA that this one doesn’t even rate.

      If the murder of those little kids at Sandy Hook Elementary by a psychotic gun nut didn’t change anything in America, nothing will.

      And that’s why your nation is doomed. It’s just going to rot away from the inside out because a Constitutional amendment written when it took a full minute for a trained marksman to load a gun and fire a single shot with any degree of accuracy still applies a nation where an untrained shooter can spray 800 rounds of ammunition from an AR-15 in the same minute.

      Here’s America’s epitaph, stolen from the movie “The Natural”:

      “You had a great gift, a talent. But it’s not enough. I think you’re a loser.”

      • Hahahahaha. Oh no, someone from Perfectlandia doesn’t like us.

      • I’m pretty sure the guy who said that in The Natural—Darren McGavin’s character, Gus Sands—was proved wrong in the end. (In the movie version, anyway.)

        But at least you’re not quoting from MacBeth and attributing it to Waiting for Godot this time, Veronika.

      • Eh, it’s all Godot, bro. I think I know Stoppard from Shakespeare.

        Rather weak disputation of my thesis that America is a failing power because its government refuses to grapple with serious and growing problems.

        Americans don’t realize how dysfunctional their society is and that is all the more shocking because outsiders see clearly how bad things are and that they are getting worse as the gap between rich and poor grows and the middle class is ground into non-existence.

    • That was a remarkably well reasoned and calm explanation of the topic at hand sir, as such it has absolutely NO place on the internet!

    • You’re full of shit. Nobody draws on a person because they are open carrying. You’re a lying shitstain.

      • While I haven’t seen anyone draw, I certainly had people freak the fuck out and call the cops when I used to carry. So, yeah, it is highly disruptive, and I don’t doubt that someone seeing a gun under someone’s coat might decide to try to be a hero before whatever robbery or mass shooting is about to happen.

        So fuck off.

  18. Linda

    i was raised with gun-owning parents and never had a real visceral feeling against gun ownership growing up. but now i hate all you stupid NRA-loving shitheads. just like every other issue, it’s the extremists that turn those of us on the fence completely to the other side. so maybe we should be thanking joe the dickhead for shining a spotlight on the idiocy of this line of thought. his self-serving, horribly-timed, opportunistic rant makes him and anyone who defends him look like scumbags. just makes me more likely to vote against gun rights. and i do vote.

  19. America is a lost nation. The good people of the country–and it’s most Americans who are good people–surrendered their nation long ago to gun nuts and a military-surveillance-corporate state that creeps closer and closer to fascism every day.

    The only thing for the rest of the world to figure out is how to protect ourselves when the American Empire crashes and burns. It won’t be pretty.

    Oh, almost forgot: Fuck you, Joe the Fake Plumber.

    • Fuck you, Veronica. Long time. Guns aren’t destroying America. There were always guns. Only in the last few decades are there suddenly all these shootings. They are due to mentally deficient lefty assholes raising mentally deficient lefty assholes. Fuck you you bitch. You suck.

      • cc

        As much as I hate to step into the middle of this, do you have anything to contribute other than profanity and insults?

      • It’s VeroniKa with a K. As in KKK, which I’m sure you consider a liberal organisation. I would think you of all people would know where to find the letter K, since your favourite word is fucK!

    • Dox

      1) Pretty sure we didn’t surrender anything. More like, legislation got rammed through that violates the basic precepts of our country. (See the Patriot Act for Example.)

      2) Quite a few of us are attempting to fight back. There is, of course, a reasoned, intelligent middle ground to address the vast majority of these issues that come up. The sad truth is though, polarization is a new trend… and its not just occurring here, its occurring in every country. Makes for great television, not so great governance.

      3) You are of course, welcome to protect yourselves. Since World War 2, I have yet to see a European nation really do much in the way of creating an actual European Defense force that would be capable of protecting itself against an aggressor. And if you think there are no more aggressors, simply look to the Ukraine for what appears to be an expansionistic regime gaining power.

      4) You are incorrect, Welldoneson. Mass shootings really started talking off in the 80′s during the Regan administration. Most of it probably had to do with the completely privatization of the Mental Health industry, and dumping all of the former patients into the streets with no support, no treatment, and no connection with society. These disenfranchised have made every reasonable attempt that can be made by a person that suffers from an illness to integrate into a society that neither wants them, nor wants to hear about them. The simple fact is, this is not a political problem so much as it is a societal one. And quite frankly, the polarization you display in attempt to minimize the actual problem itself simply contributes to its continued existence. The simple fact is, until we address how our society views mental illness, and treats it… events such as this will continue to happen. Your blatant hatred for anything you consider “leftist” will further complicate that, as you seem to refuse to be willing to discuss anything that does not conform to your narrow political viewpoint.

      The decades of individual nations are over. We are all inextricably linked together. Sink or swim, thrive or die, each countries failures or successes has a very real consequence for the rest of the world. Its something to consider as you gleeful wait for “The American Empire” to crash and burn.

      • When I said “protect ourselves”, I didn’t mean from Russia. I meant from YOU. From America.

        Decrying “polarization” sounds well and good, but it’s actually quite unreasonable. You’re either for gun control, or you aren’t. There is no middle ground on some issues and this is one of them.

        Or would you attempt to strike a reasonable “middle ground” on genocide, for example? What about rape? Americans do love that “middle of the road” talk but in my experience, that’s where you get turned into roadkill.

      • Dox

        I’m well aware you meant from America (Im assuming you actually mean the United States), my point however is Europe’s failure to field anything more than a token defense force capable of withstanding an aggressor. My point in bringing up Russia is that the aggressors that “Empire America” has been protecting Europe from seem to come from Europe. Not the American Continent. See World Wars 1 and 2 for examples.

        Being for gun control and realistic restrictions does not entail sending Seal Team Six and the US military to “take away weapons”. Middle ground entails legal gun ownership with sensible precautionary measures to attempt to insure that said weapons are not easily and readily available to anyone with a credit/debit card. There is a middle ground in there that doesn’t involve DNA registration and banning every weapon more modern than a blackpowder rifle.

        And thank you for showing the dangers of polarization. I talk about middle ground in gun control, and you rush off into the extreme of genocide. One does not equate the other, and is not even remotely close in discussion. Compromise has always been what made our political system work. Compromise is what we lack. It has instead been replaced with ridiculous polarizing conversations that use ludicrous extremes as their examples of why it simply wont work. It has always been my experience when you have a group on either side, the only place you can actually meet is the middle ground. If both sides happen to think that discussion is best done on an interstate…. well… that’s just plain stupid.

      • I include Canada in “America” because I suspect the Canadians will throw in with you lot when the shit hits the fan.

        You think them sending Justin Bieber into the USA is an accident? It’s clearly a signal of imperial aggression.

      • Canada won’t have much choice. They have much stricter gun control. Just check the stats on gun related deaths for Canada vs US.

      • Dox, thank you for this civil, reasonable post. It’s a breath of fresh air.

  20. These gun nuts never forfeit an opportunity to piss on the bodies of the murder victims, do they? The ghouls couldn’t even wait until the bodies are out of the goddamned morgue.

    Damn them all to hell and any politician who is too cowardly or corrupt to stand up to them.

  21. It makes no sense complaining because as Fish said, if nothing changed after Sandy Hook nothings going to change now. gun nuts are more than willing to sacrifice everybody else so they can keep their precious death machines.

    • Mitch

      They are only death machines in the hands of the mentally defective.

      Look at Chicago – home of some of the most restrictive gun controls in the country. Despite this, African Americans are offing each other in record numbers every day of the year. If you want to solve the gun problem, you have to start with the root of the problem – generations of people who were raised in single parent households with no discipline, no education and who feel no empathy towards other human beings.

      Blaming the gun for the actions of people makes as much sense as blaming cars for drunk driving accidents or blaming food for obesity.

      It’s time for people to take responsibility for their raising their kids properly.

      • I do agree that rampant single motherhood has had a very negative effect on society.

      • You mean fathers who abandon their families has a very negative effect on society? But that’s what the government wants them to do, or at least encourages them to do.

        You do realize that US government policy punishes poor families when the father stays in the household, because the government reduces or eliminates benefits entirely? In other words, many fathers are forced to abandon the mothers of their children and their kids so that the woman and her children can receive enough government benefits to survive?

        And don’t give me that shit about how poor people are lazy etc. Most poor people are the WORKING poor or else live in areas where there are NO jobs or only low-wage jobs. Poor people in the USA get screwed from birth to death by government policies and society in general: born in a high-crime neighbourhood, go to bad schools, no jobs to be had, and then people blame THEM.

      • Mitch


        When the day comes and you graduate from high school, you will then have the ability to apply logic to your arguments.

        Those who live in Oakland, south Chicago, NOLA and other “poor” areas have the same ability to make something of themselves if they just try, something that the majority of them refuse to do because it’s easier to hang out on the corner and commit crimes.

        Anyone who can’t make something of themselves in America, or at the very least, support themselves at a basic level isn’t trying at all. This is the land of opportunity as long as you just get out of bed before noon.

      • “Those who live in Oakland, south Chicago, NOLA and other “poor” areas have the same ability to make something of themselves if they just try, ”

        You don’t understand.

        Poverty is inherited. There is very little social mobility in the United States because government policy favours the rich.

        Wealth is also inherited. Most of the wealthy people in the USA were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

        Sorry to burst your Horatio Alger myth, but that’s all it is, a myth.

        Oh and by the way, your examples of Oakland et al imply that most poor people in the USA are black. They aren’t. Most poor people in the USA are white.

        Try? Bad schools = bad education = no chance at a good job. American public schools in poor areas are a goddamned joke.

        In the USA, your social class (poor, middle class, rich) is as inheritable as your eye colour, your height, and your weight. It doesn’t have to be that way, but there’s so many (like you) brainwashed into repeating these tired old myths about “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” that nobody ever tackles the real problem:

        “he American Dream is supposed to mean that through hard work and perseverance, even the poorest people can make it to middle class or above. But it’s actually harder to move up in America than it is in most other advanced nations.
        It’s easier to rise above the class you’re born into in countries like Japan, Germany, Australia, and the Scandinavian nations, according to research from University of Ottawa economist and current Russell Sage Foundation Fellow Miles Corak.
        Among the major developed countries, only in Italy and the United Kingdom is there less economic mobility, according to Corak.”

        To paraphrase Will Munny in “Unforgiven”: “‘Try’ has got nothin’ to do with it.”

      • Oh go fuck yourself, Mitch. The “Land of Opportunity” only exists in the minds of white people who are trying to justify the crippling poverty millions of African-Americans stay trapped in for their entire lives.

      • Mitch you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
        So no matter how many times you pat yourself on the back and tell yourself how smart you are its just not true and you are only lying to your dim witted self…

      • Very good points, I agree. But there are also women who kick the fathers out of the home on fraudulent charges, or because they prefer to live on the alimony whatever. There are many different factors that are at play here.

      • No question people make poor choices in their lives, in all social classes.

        But many people in the USA have a very narrow range of choices.

        Most poor people aren’t drug dealers or criminals. Most poor people have jobs but can’t make ends meet because they’re trapped in a cycle of poverty perpetuated generation after generation.

        African Americans, to take one example, fought in World War Two but were denied VA housing and education benefits after the war (the same one white veterans got) and also found it hard to get jobs in the postwar economy because racial discrimination and segregation was still legal.

        That was in the 1950s and that wasn’t so long ago.

        In fact, Devil With a Blue Dress, set in 1948, is premised on history: Easy Rawlins is an African American who loses his job after the war so it can be given to a white veteran, so he becomes a freelance detective. Great book and even better movie (with Denzel Washington).

  22. Mitch

    Elliot Rodger was a card carrying liberal democrat, just like the rest of these mass murderers.

    It’s time for strict gun control applied to these liberal democrats. If we can take all of the guns out of the hands of liberal democrats, we will have far fewer mass murders.

    That is a fact.

  23. The SB killer was a mentally handicapped douche.
    So, typical showbiz. Kinda like Fish and the other lamebrain lefty assholes who write these blurbs. Pretty sure you assholes should either keep your moronic politics out of this, or go fuck yourselves.

    Take a look at your gay crackhead moslem President.
    You actually think he’s doing a better job than would McCain or Romney? And I note the Dem’s war on women, so virulent you cock suckers are STILL sniveling about Palin.

    Honestly, you assholes are a disgrace to your country.

    • AMEN. Boy do I wish there were more of us who would come out verbally swinging like that instead of all this PC crap. The “tolerant” Hollywood and liberal crowd don’t have a problem with it. They forget it’s the Constitution that gives them the rights to speak as such. If it’s so bad, head elsewhere..Iran, Venezuela, China…people are lining up to get in there.

    • You sound like a very angry person welldoneson. I’m reading a lot indicators of persecution complex in your posts. You haven’t been scoping out any gay crackhead Moslem playgrounds, have you?

    • Well free to get out.
      Not like any intelligent people want you and your ilk here anyways, hey I hear Russia is perfect for you and your knuckle dragging ilk.
      chickenshit to afraid to move to Russia aren’t ya…

    • I signed up to serve my country, I’ve never had a run-in with the law, and I’ve been gainfully employed my entire adult life. Just because I feel differently about politics than you, I’m now a disgrace to my country? That’s a pretty narrow world view you have.

  24. Gutttboy

    I can see the polarizing effect of any mention of guns and health care on you Americans….
    I can’t resist the temptation to pontificate a bit so here goes….

    FYI – the rest of the civilized world has realized that we don’t need so many guns to “protect” ourselves and that socialism isn’t a bad word. Paying a little more in taxes is worth the services we are provided, the World isn’t a perfect place but I can’t for the life of me understand why you Americans with all of your gifts seem to make it more difficult. I have always found it strange that a country founded with Christian beliefs as a central pillar should have such a “me first” mentality.

    Thus endeth the sermon.

    • Dox

      I feel this deserves a response. Although, to be honest Im a bit hesitant to jot my thoughts down on this. So bear with me, if you will.

      1) Guns- America is a scant 238 years old. (For arguments sake we will assume 1776 is the “birthday of the US.” although, realistically the constitution wasn’t even written until 1789, and the bill of rights until 1791…. but you get the point. Which is…) The US is in many ways a young, “frontier” minded society. It was founded on rugged. individualistic people who had a serious (and arguably justifiable) fear of government over reach. Its part and parcel with the country. Furthermore, there really hasn’t been an era in our history were we have not been engaged in some measure of conflict. (I’m not arguing the validity of these conflicts, just stating their existence.) This has, in essence produced a warrior culture.
      Attempting to shift that Warrior mentality is not going to happen overnight, nor is it going to occur without some measure of discomfort, argument, and potential conflict… Is there a need for a warrior society? I would say ask someone smarter than me, I just follow the evidence and form an opinion.

      2) Socialism- Not a dirty word. No more so than Capitalism. However, you are again talking about a relatively young, 200+ year old culture that has been raised on a steady diet of ownership, personal work ethics, and a steady stream of anti communist/socialist rhetoric. Lets face it, the cold war was all about hating socialism/communism. “Better dead then red” kind of sums it all up. You aren’t going to change, or even convince a culture overnight that an idea that they have been taught since… birth is an anathema to their entire way of life, is somehow no longer taboo. If you have a simple and easy way to change the culture of an entire nation, I’d love to hear it. Furthermore, some of the arguments about the corruption and potential instability of socialism are valid points. Of course, they are equally valid when applied to Capitalism as well…. and quite frankly I have yet to find a single “ism” that cant be coopted by mankinds odd need for more and more material wealth. But that’s just me.

      3) I don’t know how I can say this pleasantly, but the simple fact is… Europe hasn’t protected itself since world war 2. Europe has lived under the umbrella protection of NATO for the last 60 years. For better or worse, you married yourselves to the United States and cut your military spending to practically nothing. The end result is that against any truly aggressive nation with any actual military presence, Europe would wind up yolked all over again. What this means, is that while the United States has spent a huge amount of money developing, staffing, creating, garrisoning, patrolling, and essentially doing the job of what should have been European military… Europe for the most part has been free to focus mainly on domestic issues. It is by no means an attempt to say that Europe should be thankful, or somehow beholden to the United States, but a simple statement of fact. If the United States pulled out of everywhere tomorrow, exactly how would Europe deal with incidents that seem to crop up like wildfire in EurAsia? And honestly, do you think if the US pulled out that South Korea would survive? How about if china or Russia decided to annex outlying countries? Because lets be realistic here…. its nice to believe that diplomacy solves all issues…. Reality does not support that.

      4) You’re right. The United States is venal at times. There’s corruption in our politics, and corporate sector, and a huge wealth gap, social inequality and injustice….. that and more. We aren’t perfect. Sometimes I think we are barely functional. But we are generous to those in need, we do what we can within reason to help everyone around us, and we horribly flawed. But… since European nations have been around for so much longer… why exactly haven’t you got it right yet?

      • Gutttboy


        Please bear with me while I generalize a bit more:)

        I am Canadian so our culture is at least as old as yours. We made the transition from European rule a bit differently as we had to wait for the English and French to finish their squabbling before becoming a member of the British Empire thereby retaining the linkage to old Europe.

        I concede that we’re far from perfect and that we have a horrible record in the treatment of our aboriginal people and we aren’t immune to racism but our proximity and similarities to you while being SO different minded are what perplex me.

        I have been to the U.S. and Europe many times and there are aspects of America that I truly love, but truth be told I would choose to live in any European country before living in America.

        Canada has a similar history to the United States but diverges from the culture of paranoia that seems to pervade America. Your so called “warrior culture” is an invention of industrial military complex and the NRA. The fact is that the British aren’t coming any more and you should adapt.

        Nobody expects the U.S. to change over night but the same old fearful responses and resistance to change (see the metric system) are what continue to define America as isolationist and backward. Your President has sought to make some minor changes in an effort to bring you forward and is stigmatized as weak and “socialist”.

        This isn’t an argument about geo-politics. Everywhere else in the world people exist and thrive without guns and their lives are not diminished in any way, in fact their prospects of surviving are enhanced by the mere absence of guns.

        Oh….and health care:)

        I would be happy to meet you near he border in Buffalo for a (Canadian) beer so we can discuss this further.

      • Oh so many laughable non-facts here, but this is the juiciest bit:

        “Europe has lived under the umbrella protection of NATO for the last 60 years. For better or worse, you married yourselves to the United States and cut your military spending to practically nothing. ”

        NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Many European nations are members.

        The military spending of a nation such as Germany is not comparable to that of the United States for many reasons, but an important one is that the USA has a global empire. Germany does not have a global empire.

        Empires are expensive. If the USA only spent money on its own defense, it wouldn’t have such a huge military budget that cripples its ability to provide for its own people.

        The Soviet Union was not quite the threat that the USA would have had us believe. That’s all a bunch of lies the CIA and the military-industrial complex fed you and you believed it because your corporate-owned media went along for the ride. We Europeans always knew that the Soviet Union’s military spending was only a fraction of the USA’s, even at the peak of the Cold War.

        Don’t blame the Europeans for overspending on the military. You’re the ones who wanted an empire. You are the ones who wanted to make the conquered nations of Germany and Japan dependent on you. Do you really think any US President would have campaigned for rebuilding the militaries of Germany and Japan post-1945? As for the Brits, they lost their empire and were flat broke after WW2.

        Oh, and by the way, the USA did not defeat Germany. The Germans went into the Soviet meat grinder. It was the Soviet Union that lost 20 million people, not you.

  25. Cock Dr

    Hate the blogger for making me look at that douchebag’s face up above one (hopefully final) more time.
    Now back to watching the slow motion crackup of civilization as we know it.

  26. Like Mitch typed in earlier, Elliott Rodger was a Marxist liberal Democrat. I don’t see the point attacking an opposing political point of view on an entertainment website when it is clear that the person who is solely responsible for this tragic event shared most of the same beliefs as the webmaster.

    People come to this site for entertainment and to escape from the normal news services, not to read some hateful biased political rant. I worked in politics for years and the main thing I learned from it is that people don’t change their political opinions and it’s pointless to even try to argue about them. I’m glad Fish gets something personally out of rants, but, in all honesty, it’s not making any difference or is important in any way to society, and it’s not really entertaining.

    I used to come to this website every day, now it’s a couple of times a week, and I’m probably going to stop coming here with a couple more articles like this being put out. I don’t enjoy reading tirades about politics, either side of the aisle, and I don’t see how they really need a place here.

    • Whether or not he was a democrat (no idea if he was or not) is incidental. It was still the right-wing and the gun lobby that pushed the laws and the culture that allowed this to happen.

    • Mitch

      I’m right there with you and only made that comment because “Fish” loves to go off on political rants on what used to be an entertaining website full of witty banter. In the last couple of years it has gradually sunk to new lows, thanks to his BS rants. I honestly don’t understand how they still manage to sell advertising anymore.

      If Fish had half a brain, he would keep his politics to himself and stick with the bikini and nip slip photos…and more importantly, remind everyone that Kim Kardashian is only famous because she made a sex tape of her being pissed on by a black dude and not because she has any talent worth $5, other than sucking dick.

      • “If Fish had half a brain, he would keep his politics to himself and stick with the bikini and nip slip photos”

        And Mitch, if you used the other half that Fish has left over, you’d start to understand how website get paid. As I type this, there are 156 comments on this article. That’s about 10 times more than normal. Websites make money from ads when people click on the sites. Do you see where this is going?

        Every time you post on here to tell Fish how stupid he is, he gets paid. If youactually want to send a message, stop clicking on things here. However I bet it’s more important for you to spout off and make sure everyone knows what a super smart person you are.

      • Really, both of you, please do make good on these threats to leave the site for good. There’s a big ol’ X button at the top of your browser. Use it. Go. Now. Shoo.

    • “I used to come to this website every day, now it’s a couple of times a week, and I’m probably going to stop coming here with a couple more articles like this being put out. ”

      That’s ok, Don Zaloog makes up 85% of the page views for The Superficial anyhow. As long as he’s happy, fuck you.

  27. wait…this is the guy that was anti-union too but now has a union job?

  28. Something definitely needs to be done, but is restricting gun rights the answer? The victims at most mass shootings have mostly been unarmed, and the shooters usually get their weapons from shitbag parents that don’t believe in safety.

    Another point is even if guns were outlawed criminals will still get them. I will admit if someone breaks into my house my knife won’t protect me, especially when it’s hard to call 911 without making myself a target and living through 20 minutes for the police to arrive. So banning arms (not just guns even though stupid people equate it to 1 type of armament) won’t help.

    I think the first step is to arrest and convict people who allowed crazy people access to their weapons as accomplices – a responsible owner has their shit locked up so dumb shit like this doesn’t happen.

    School environments shouldn’t be an extension of the NRA, so arming teachers and students is so far beyond retarded, like banning arms entirely. With an in-your-face gun presence in schools students and faculty will be constantly on edge with fear, which doesn’t facilitate good learning habits. I don’t see anything wrong with a small security force that makes random walks around campuses – I do believe a show of presence is a deterrent, like back in the day before the police became revenue gatherers for the state (speed traps during rush hour is stupid).

    • Here’s the problem, and I actually agree with you for the most part, but your common sense solutions like “regulating” how a person stores guns in their house and which family members, whether a child or one one with mental illness, has access to them is considered a “restriction on gun rights,” and so the argument shuts down right there. There are too many people who just throw their hands up in the air and go, well, criminals are going to get them anyway and I want mine, so fuck you. When in reality, we all know there’s some friction that can be put in place – which may or may not do anything useful – but the NRA has conditioned people to believe that leads to tyranny and jackbooted thugs coming through your door to let Obama rape your wife.

      • No, the NRA have NOT convinced most Americans of their position. They’ve bought off some key Congressional representatives who block effective gun control legislation at the federal level, and they also do so at the state level (with a few notable exceptions).

        Polls show that the majority of the American people WANT gun control. The USA is not a democracy, it is a plutocracy. That’s why the Koch Brothers count (they’re billionaires) and you don’t.

      • rican

        Ugh Veronika, you really are an imbecile.

      • And yet still smarter than you.

      • rican

        LOL, Only in your peanut brain, chattering wench.

      • rican

        Go to the NRA website and find out for yourself where they stand on background checks and keeping the crazies from getting to guns. You’ll be surprised.

      • You make a valid point. That being said, if we don’t “ban” them but regulate on a different level like I proposed then their argument about “taking their guns away” falls flat – which is the foundation of their other arguments; take one away and the house of cards fall down. How can they argue anything if we aren’t taking their toys away?

        It will also put the NRA out of business, or rethink their business model, because they can’t seed fear into stupid minds.

  29. So cowering in Canada and hoping the crazy doesn’t infiltrate is the way to go.

  30. Premise: “If you make common sense gun laws, only criminals will have guns.”

    The last time I checked, none of the two mass shootings a month we have averaged over the last 5 years have been perpetrated by common criminals. Those guys are busy jacking people in a sketchy park or robbing gas stations. They aren’t walking around killing entire classes of kindergartners. Time to get realistic.

  31. Bob

    Obsessive gun-nuts are always going on about how they need their guns to “protect themselves and their families” or how if THEY were present at one of these shootings, they would have heroically stopped the gunman.
    Yet, I’ve never heard of one of these Shooting Gods ever doing it. After as many of these shooting sprees America’s had, there has to have been a few instances where a gun owner was nearby carrying. Where were the heroic saves?

  32. thetruthhurts

    Good God the entire country is going down the shiter thanks to the fucking Democrats and the Idiot in Chief Obama, and all this site can do is post “hurr durr teh tea partiez be dumb yo!”

    It’s like reading political commentary but Justin Fucking Bieber.

    Stick to celebrity tits and dick jokes, please.

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