Joe Scarborough Is A Little Bitch

August 14th, 2014 // 79 Comments
Joe Scarborough

Yesterday, Wesley Lowery of The Washington Post and Ryan Reilly from Huffington Post were arrested at a Ferguson, Mo. McDonald’s when armed officers entered and started asking them for IDs even though they were wearing press lanyards. When Wesley and Ryan asked why, they got this response:

They didn’t press the point, but one added that if we called 911, no one would answer.

From there, Lowery and Reilly were arrested after they filmed the cops just up and deciding to clear out all the reporters. The two were hauled off to the police station where they were eventually released with no paperwork or reason for their arrest. It’s the type of government overreach/police state that Republicans are always screaming about except this one’s aimed at black people, so why isn’t Obama handing out presidential commendations? Which brings us to Joe Scarborough, sitting comfortably in his New York studio, who thinks Lowery and Reilly just wanted attention and should’ve bent right over for the police. Via Mediaite:

“I’ve been in places where police officers have said, “You know what, this is cordoned off, you guys need to move along.” And you know what I do? I go, “Yes, sir,” or “Yes, ma’am.” I don’t sit there and have the debate and film the police officer, unless I want to get on TV and have people talk about me the next day.
“I am sure I am just the worst person in the world for saying this,” he added.

Yup, you are. And here’s Wesley Lowery firing right back at you. Via Politico:

“Well I would invite Joe Scarborough to come down to Ferguson and get out of 30 Rock where he’s sitting sipping his Starbucks smugly. I invite him to come down here and talk to residents of Ferguson where I have been Monday afternoon having tear gas shot at me, rubber bullets shot at me, having mothers, daughter, a 19-year-old boy, crying, running to pull his 21-year-old sister out from a cloud of tear gas thinking she would die,” Lowery said on CNN’s “New Day.” “I would invite Joe Scarborough down here to do some reporting on the ground, and then maybe we can have an educated conversation about what’s happening down here.”

In response, Joe Scarborough diligently retweeted Morning Joe tweets about how he thinks the Ferguson police shouldn’t look like Ukrainian paramilitary guards [Update: And now he wants to know why the cops aren’t wearing cameras. Bravery! After the fact.], so see? He’s one of the good guys (but only on Twitter) you primadonna pussies bitching about tear gas and rubber bullets. Man up – with a delicious Pike Place Roast!

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  1. Cock Dr

    If we don’t clamp down on an increasingly militarized police force we’ll all gonna be Fergusonians. You think it’s just a problem with those uppity brown people, until the SWAT team is coming through your door.

    • JC

      I’m genuinely flabbergasted that a local PD has been able to apply martial law to a town, complete with a no-fly zones and various abuses of the Constitution (e.g., arresting local politicians for b.s. like “unlawful assembly”) without the Federal government stepping in and putting a stop to it. I mean, yes, I know, brown people, who cares, but there’s a big difference between executing some black kids here and there and no one giving a shit and turning an entire U.S. town into an occupied warzone.

    • I have concerns about overreaching arms of law enforcement and our surveillance state, but I’ve noticed that not looting and burning down convenience stores in misguided yet totally unsurprising protests goes a long way towards prevention of these things.

      • Slash

        The reporters didn’t loot anything. They were sitting inside a restaurant doing their jobs.

        That’s probably what upset the police. Reporters who actually report things (instead of just regurgitating the press releases that law enforcement entities send to them) might tell people what’s actually happening, instead of interpreting everything through the perspective of the govt. Or just pointing a camera at a police spokesman while he gives us their “side” of the story.

      • Deacon Jones

        I’m with you, McBeef.

        If a bunch of people in my neighborhood lit a gas station on fire, looted a convenience store while they recorded it laughing yelling “Yo get da cash!” did this shit, the cops would be reacting the same way.

        In other news, an average of 21 black people are murdered by other blacks on a daily basis. Where’s the outrage? The protests?

      • Concerned Citizen

        Exactly how does one (police-on-black murder) have anything to do with the other (black-on-black murder). I guess your and the police logic is, “they kill each so it’s perfectly fine if we kill’em too”. Really?

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

        It’s called the Tu quoque fallacy (the appeal to hypocrisy).

      • Kimmykimkim

        This country doesn’t care if black people kill each other. In fact, they have been “programmed” for generations to hate each other, compete with each other, judge each other for being too light skinned or too dark skinned and to kill each other. Who did this programming? White people. Where’s the outrage about that?

      • D-chi

        Because white tears can’t deal with discussions of privilege. We all bleed red, right, guise??!?

      • MRF

        You’re often kinda funny, but your also kinda dumb, no?

      • My question is this-
        What are they outraged over? The fact that a man was murdered? That it wasn’t justified?

        Isn’t that the reaction you should have every time a young man in your community is gunned down? Or is it the fact that “The Man” did it? So it’s not so much the fact that this man was killed, it was who did the actual killing? These same guys are dropping like flies in Chicago. They had over 80 shootings a couple weekends ago in *Chicago city limits alone*. Where’s the outrage?
        Most of these assholes you see jumping around in the streets, busting through glass doors robbing convenience stores don’t know this kid from a hole in the wall.

      • Yes, it is more of an outrage when a police officer, someone acting under governmental authority, shoots and kills an innocent person. Even more so in that it is so chronically white police officers gunning down black men, and that historically, the officers go unpunished for their actions.

      • Why is this kid innocent? Because his friend’s story sounds better than the cops story? I could flip a fucking coin on who has the better story.

        The glomming on to this shit happens so quick it’s clear that bullshit preconceived notions and agendas are at play.

      • Right, Doc, I’m sure whatever Michael Brown did (if he did anything at all), warranted getting shot in the back while he was running away, hands in the air, unarmed. Give me fucking break.

      • Yeah, probably so. Cops have visible erections to shoot people. And dumbfucks want everything involving white cops and black people to be about racism. And other dumbfucks just want a chance to go loot the liquor section at the convenience store.

      • Deacon Jones

        Ferguson Looting Video Compilation

        Oh the pain! the pain!

  2. Hmm

    Scarborough is a moron. Mika literally accounts for about 90% of the IQ on that show. It’s literally like watching a Rhodes Scholar host a show with their Special Ed. little brother.

  3. Walter Peck

    Can we just get the 2nd Civil War over with already? I call Red Team.

    • JC

      This must be a philosophical hellscape for the gun-totin’-for-freedom crowd. “I hate the gubmint and got my guns in case I need to kill me some cops/G-men/soldiers/Sentators, but..but..but…they’re beating up and killing black folk, which I also want to do. Don’t…know…where…to…shoot…”

      • blargh

        I doubt there’s much of that going on. Once you embrace cognitive dissonance as a permanent psychological state (i.e. become a Republican), the need to rationalize your opinions is simply no longer a factor.

      • Butters

        This is utterly idiotic, but if it makes you feel good to stereotype Conservatives, I assume you are feeling pretty good about yourself.

        Have you ever actually heard a person seriously embrace the idea of “Killing all the black people”. Even the KKK doesn’t does say that kind of shit anymore.

        You can’t embrace true conservative doctrine and hate groups of people. The individual is all that matters and the ability to grow to her/his fullest potential.

        But keep believing what the groupists want you to think. It just keeps dividing up people.

      • Visible

        “Have you ever actually heard a person seriously embrace the idea of “Killing all the black people”.”


  4. It’s always nice to see city social services working as intended.

  5. Why does everyone latch on to this shit? Besides shit lords like Al Sharpton.

  6. The press can’t interfere with police work; 1st Amendment stops there, fellas. Whether they were or were not would, traditionally, be determined by a judge at arraignment.

    When I want to not-get arrested by cops, the first thing I do is f*ck with them in the middle of a neighborhood meltdown. Just like the first thing I do when I want to not-get shot by cops, I attack them. It’s got-damn Thursday: what are all of these people doing standing around in the streets? They’re all late for work!!!

    -3 St. Louis.

    • Please explain how working out of a McDonald’s is “interfering with police work”? I dunno about you, but if a bunch of cops marched into the Starbucks where I was using the WiFi to work and demanded to see my ID and can’t show a reasonable suspicion that I’m engaging in criminal activity, then I’m not the one that’s violating the Constitution. And I’d be interested in learning why taking a photo or a video of a journalist getting arrested under those conditions – or indeed, ANYONE getting arrested for any reason, isn’t covered under the First. Maybe you’d better redefine your definition of what “fucking with the cops” actually means before you start defending the Ferguson Gestapo.

      • Err first of all Starbucks(smug ahole w/latte). If you are at a Starbucks mooching free wifi in the middle of a civil meltdown, yeah I’m pretty sure the cops should come in and put a foot all the way up your ass.

      • D-chi

        Whoop, there it is. My impression is that the cops think they have carte blanche to do literally whatever they want in that town in the name of keeping the peace.

  7. This just in President Obama said the reason the black kid was killed by Police is Bush’s fault—film at Eleven.

  8. Jimmy

    Rand Paul, a man I rarely agree with, has words liberals and conservatives can both endorse:

  9. Oh BABY

    I don’t see you out there in Ferguson, Fish, supporting the rampaging, looting apes, spinning stories about how put upon they are because they’re black and that makes them entitled to act like jungle assholes, destroying what they don’t own just because their dumb black asses are pissed off.

    I am opposed to the militarization of the police. But when the cops are confronted with stupid, violent blacks, are the cops supposed to sing lullabies? Even YOU can’t be that much of a dumb shit, Fish.

    Shoot them all; maybe that will make other crowds of ignorant, selfish blacks think twice about destroying what they did nothing to build. Let’s go look and set fire to their homes so they get a very clear understanding of what they’re wrongly inflicting on others.

    You are a completely brainless douche bag if you fail to see how important it is to NOT excuse this kind of ridiculous, violent behavior.

    Lincoln was right. They should all have been shipped back to Africa. He didn’t want them here; he thought they were inferior. He was right.

    Yeah, I went there and no, I’m not sorry. Screw you, Fish.

  10. Blottter

    African Americans peacefully protest in Ferguson and are shot with rubber bullets and tear gas, and then arrested. A bunch of armed white idiots in Nevada point their guns at government officials and threaten to fire, and law enforcement does nothing. But this has nothing to do with race… Right.

    • Wolfy

      Every one of them is a victim until the truth comes out. Why do you never hear of a peaceful protest in America ACTUALLY being broken up by the cops with rubber bullets and tear gas? There isn’t one. If there was, this country would go out of their damn minds. You hypocrites want to shoehorn every minority story into a victimization tale. Talk about reactionary. The very thing you ostentatious bastards preach against. And to what end? To prove that it’s not their fault they burn down their stores or loot them? Why cuz they aren’t like us and are too dumb and not in control of their own emotions as to be civil and channel their rage productively like the rest of us when we’ve been wronged? Of course you don’t, because you think they are too stupid to act like “normal” citizens and their mob mentality is simply their cultural frustration. When the hell would that ever fly with anyone else? You wouldn’t accept that from your “Starbucks coffee sipping” friends. You’re the real racists. And condescending to boot.

      • Blottter

        Every report states the protests as peaceful. The people only report of property damage was of a small group throwing rocks at a couple of windows, and they were being dissuaded by the PEACEFUL protesters from doing so.
        Furthermore, even if the supposed looting happened, arresting those few responsible was the only option the Ferguson PD should have taken. Damaging property does not equal violence, and therefore does not require a violent response from the militarized Ferguson PD.
        Luckily, the protesters were peaceful and unarmed, because I doubt the police would have been as nice to the unarmed African American protesters as they were to the HEAVILY armed WHITE protesters in Nevada (which were pointing their weapons at LAW ENFORCEMENT).
        As for calling me a racist, I just happen to be a minority, so I’m a part of those minority stories you think I’m shoehorning.

      • Deacon Jones

        How about you watch this blotter and pull your head out of your ass-

      • Wolfy

        Most of us are minorities. The difference between you and I is I don’t make excuses for people acting stupid and having the police go after them for it. Behind every gang member killed is a mother crying her son did nothing wrong. When was the last time you heard them say, “Yeah, he was guilty.” Never. And you say as a minority you are one of those minority stories I highlighted. So you mean to tell me you see yourself as a victim? How very liberal of you. That is the kool-aid they feed minorities and unlike you, I didn’t bite. It’s much easier to say you are a victim because then you don’t have to try. You’d be surprised; the minute you start acting as if you have some control of your life how quickly you do, and subsequently how quickly you have no time for people whining that the deck is stacked against them in this country.

      • Blottter

        I’m lucky enough to be a successful professional, graduated from college and graduate school, and I am still painfully aware of how the deck is almost impossibly stacked against minorities of a low income background. The socioeconomic background you are born into determines the degree of the disadvantages you will face in life, and lower class minorities have the system stacked so high against them that it is almost impossible to get out of said background. The fact that some make it out, does not negate that despite trying just as hard, the system doesn’t allow others to make it as well, no matter how much control over their lives they try to exert.
        As for that video, none of the people shown were armed, or part of the protests, and the images in the video still make the violent militarized response by the Ferguson PD completely disproportionate. Again, damage to property does not equal violence, and therefore does not justify a violent response by the authorities.

      • Blottter

        And if you don’t think the odds are stacked against minorities, the profiling facts in Ferguson are but a small piece of what goes on nationwide: African Americans make up 65% of the population of Ferguson, yet they account for 86% of traffic stops, 93% of arrests after stops, and 92% of searches after stops. When stopped, African Americans are twice as likely to be arrested than white people, even though only 22% of searches on African Americans lead to contraband, while 34% of searches on whites lead to contraband.

      • As an aside, I do consider damaging property to be an act of violence. Am I out in left field on that one?

      • So when a neighborhood demographic changes you are all in for firing the white guy to put a black guy in his place? You would think an over educated Douche such as yourself would not be an advocate for racial discrimination. Additionally I suspect should a horde of hoodlums kick in your front door and steal all your shit then burn your house down that you would feel it to be slightly violent.

      • There are a lot of reasons why those numbers might look like that.

  11. RexSeven

    The left is close to their goal. Full on race war.

    • Because “The Left” is a monolith…goodness, you’re stupid

      • Wolfy

        Ah, nothing like a liberal to point out syntax errors as a way to make themselves feel better about their position. Because that is the measure of your beard-scratching intellect, hive-collective thinking, right? Or maybe, you just yell, “Meh, you no think like I do so I will make fun of you!”

      • That isn’t pointing out any sort of language error. Evelyn is pointing out that you’re lumping…you know what? If it wasn’t clear before, I’m not going to be able to make it any clearer now. Maybe look up the word monolith though.

      • RexSeven

        I think it is pretty monolithic. For instance, when was the last time a “pro-life” speaker was allowed at a democrat convention. Most people today (the right included) don’t think about issues. They parrot whatever their party of choice says.

        The left as I meant it, is the democrat party which demonizes anyone that stands in their way as racist. The left also subsidizes minorities into helpless voting blocks and tells them the reason they fail is because of the political enemies of the democrat party.

        And you disagreeing with this (because your party of choice tells you to) does change that it is right.

      • “And you disagreeing with this (because your party of choice tells you to) does [not] change that it is right.”

        That sort of kills any type of discussion doesn’t it? Just “Nu-uh. You’re wrong.”

  12. Kimmykimkim

    If you live in Ferguson, stay your ass in the house.

  13. Ferguson Law Enforcement

    oh help us G. Zimmy.
    you’re our only hope.

  14. doc

    Bitching about tear gas while your cohorts are throwing molotov cocktails is kinda silly. If the guy standing next to you is throwing a firebomb you’re gonna have a bad day. Personally if a firebomb is thrown at me from a crowd i’m opening up full auto.

  15. malaka

    all comments like oh baby’s do is provide evidence of a double standard.
    people make prejudgments of others
    prejudgements of people of whom there are literally billions.
    subsequently, they are treated differently.
    i don’t know how there would be any denying this factor.

    ignorance, prejudice, fear, intolerance, anger, hatred, paranoia, hysteria, despair and suffering…

    the relatively modern smartphone camera is one of the few peaceful defenses we have.
    but it can be perceived as a threat to those whom are its focus.

  16. Rivka

    I don’t know what happened in Ferguson and I do not trust Fox, CNN, the NYT, Rush Limbaugh, Al Sharpton, Fish, or anyone else I can think of to give me unbiased, non-partisan information. If I don’t have enough information and evidence about something to form an opinion let alone a conclusion, then I can’t have an opinion and I can’t form a conclusion.

    But there’s another approach: the partisan approach. The way this works is, if you hear that some privileged white lacrosse players have been accused of raping a black woman they hired to dance and strip at their party, and you have a certain kind of partisan allegiance, you take it for granted that the woman is a lying bitch, and if you have a different kind of partisan allegiance, you take it for granted that the white males are guilty as charged.

    We can apply this kind of “reasoning” to anything: the Zimmerman case, what happened in Ferguson, etc. And once you form an opinion or come to a conclusion based on the partisan method, you have license to attack and insult whomever you regard as the other. You can call them libtards or racists, fascists or totalitarian Marxists, etc.

    Is this leading anywhere? Perhaps to an idiocracy, as in the movie of that name?

    • Best movie ever and a sad reflection of reality. Clearly partisanship plays a key role, yet it is my humble opinion the realist let’s due process take its course and ignores all the horsehit spewed by left and right. Rrrrright up until you read some self righteous garbage spewed by some elitist and you no longer can stand it.

  17. I’ll be honest. I really though “Joe Scarborough is a Little Douche” would have been something we could all get behind.

  18. Joe is brain dead and Mika is just as brain dead. All of these talking heads talk… that’s it, Fox, MSNBC, CNN… talk. None of our media has critical thinkers i.e. discerning bullshit from facts. We have very few if any media folk that actively and skillfully conceptualize, apply, analyze, and/or evaluate information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. There is very little, depth, breadth, and fairness with these folks, they are told what to say and people eat that shit with wild abandon, cause it’s easier for the small brained fucks to be told what to think – see religion. So instead of letting Joe, or Mika, or Rush, or Bill-O, tell you what to think, how bout the vast majority of Americans read a fucking book and stop letting pablum tell you what to think. Fuck-Nuts… :)

  19. lb

    Micah looks skeletal.

  20. You people are pissing me off. If you don’t knock it the fuck off, I’m going to go out and light a bunch of random stuff on fire, then go steal a bunch of shit. That will teach everyone not to fuck with me…

  21. blerg

    hey joe, what do you know about Lori Klausutis?

  22. Kronaz

    You lefties are so confusing. You hate the cops, but you think they’re the only ones that should have guns. Contradictory.

  23. IfOnly

    Conservatives like Scarborough amaze me. They are constantly whining about “big” government, but fold completely in the face of that very government strong arming their fellow Americans. People like Joe also scare me, because he reminds me of citizens from our last world war. The citizens of Germany.

    • Good point!
      They also rolled over and defended the Patriot Act as well when Bush passed it. Can you imagine the response if Obama passed the Patriot Act?

    • No ‘conservative’ gets too excited to see storm troopers trampling American citizens period. That being said I’m not sure what is an appropriate response for rioting, looting private businesses, destroying private property etc. Those are legitimate game changers. Maybe the cops should just wheel up and sit on the hood of their car and watch the excitement . Therein lies the problem, liberals want their cake and want to eat it too, conservatives recognize the irony, nary the two shall meet.

      • Who doesn’t want to eat cake when they have it? Cake is delicious. Nobody ever says “I’ll have cake, but I’m not going to eat it.”

      • hey Person Arguing With Themself

        What riot? There never was a riot. I am also not talking about the looting, which, of course, the police were not around to stop. They were, of course, around to disperse protesters who were still present after dark. The protesters never rioted. There was one report of a brick being thrown and a Molotov cocktail that wasn’t even hurled. I’ve seen riots in Germany and Korea first hand. Believe me, this was not a riot. The only people rioting were the police when they launched the CS.

  24. Rivka

    Like I said above, I don’t know what happened in Ferguson, by which I mean, I don’t know how the shooting to death of Michael Brown went down. And I therefore don’t have enough information to form an opinion, let alone come to a conclusion, about whether Officer Darren Wilson (his name has obviously been released), was justified to fire his weapon at Brown. As far as I’m concerned, it’s entirely possible that Wilson had zero justification, legal and otherwise, for shooting and killing Brown. But it’s also possible that he was justified. How can I or anyone else here know without more information?

    A bit more info about why Wilson stopped Brown has come out, but it doesn’t “prove” anything. And that is that photos of Brown strong-arm robbing a convenience store have come out and are online. That’s why Wilson was dispatched, and that’s why he stopped Brown. What happened after that I don’t know.

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