Joe Paterno’s Wins Vacated From The Record Books, Statue Pulled Down

July 23rd, 2012 // 171 Comments
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“I survived the Batman shooting for this? Goddammit, dad…”

After the Freeh Report hit, even the most die-hard of Joe Paterno fans remained quiet in light of damning evidence that showed he not only went along with “humanely” allowing Jerry Sandusky to walk free to protect the university but also knew of a prior 1998 incident making his actions (or inaction if we’re splitting hairs) in 2002 even more despicable. That all ended this weekend when word got out that Penn State was having Paterno’s statue removed (Which it did without incident Sunday morning.) and fans flocked to have their picture taken and cry over a man who let kids gets raped because FOOTBALL. Ironically, some of them threatened to barricade the statue with their bodies which is more than Joe Paterno did to stop child rape, but I’m sure he was just busy being the winningest coach ever. Except, surprise, he’s not anymore because the NCAA just vacated all of Penn State’s wins from 1998 to 2011 this morning. ESPN reports:

The NCAA has hit Penn State with a $60 million sanction, a four-year football postseason ban and a vacation of all wins dating to 1998, the organization said Monday morning.
“These funds must be paid into an endowment for external programs preventing child sexual abuse or assisting victims and may not be used to fund such programs at the university,” the NCAA said in statement.
The career record of former head football coach Joe Paterno will reflect these vacated records, the statement continued.
Penn State must also reduce 10 initial and 20 total scholarships each year for a four-year period, the release said.

Apparently this was an “unprecedented” sanction by the NCAA considering nothing like this has ever happened before. (See? You’re still #1 at something, Penn State. Hang that head high.) However, most people who understand college football way better than I do have pointed out this is a slap on the wrist to Penn State who despite creating a culture where children were raped for over a decade, and probably way longer than that, will be allowed to hobble along and then go right back to being a massive money-making behemoth instead of receiving the death penalty which was levied at a school that was paying its players. That’s the real affront to college football because, let’s be honest, the Catholic Church rapes kids all the time and no one makes them stop holding mass for a year. Why make a mountain out of a mole hill?

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  1. NittanyFan87

    Their decision to force Penn State to vacate wins just proves this was a witch hunt against a dead old man. The vindictive insanity that resides within the NCAA and their slavish followers who applaud this “punishment” just prove how twisted and warped they are. Their only goal was to punish a corpse for a crime he didn’t commit.
    I feel sorry for all the people out there who think this is a good idea. You are unable to show any reason, compassion, or sanity proves that JoePa is the better man. He will be remembered as a hero who understood that one minor misstep can not undo a lifetime of good.

    WE ARE


    • Rico Jones

      Oh please go fuck yourself. Joe Pa was a piece of shit that knew all along what was happening. If Joe Pa is remembered as a hero I don’t want to be a fuckin hero.

    • DeucePickle

      We aren’t falling for this, Fish.

    • LRonHoover

      There is NOTHING heroic about being a football coach. Stopping a child molester would be. Let’s hope your dear old dead Joe Pa is getting ass raped in hell.

    • YagiSka

      “He will be remembered as a hero who understood that one minor misstep can not undo a lifetime of good.”

      Yeah, one (45) minor misstep(s) into a child’s butthole can not undo a lifetime of assisting someone in telling people how to play a game. JoPa understood that.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      You were very quick out from under the bridge, Nitt.
      Must have been lurking for ages desperate to comment, drooling and flipping through your kiddie porn.

    • I Googled “Sandusky 1987″ just to see if this idiot’s screen name was ironic as I thought it might be.

      And, Jerry was busy that year indeed. Looks like it might be his banner year for boyfucking, in fact. The kind of year a pedophiliac rapist looks back on with as much affection as an emotionally malformed monster can muster.

      YOU HAVE

      NO SOUL!

    • ace11


      Hope the bastard is roasing in hell!!!

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      I wish he wasn’t dead so he didn’t get to take the easy way out.

      Oh and I hope Sandusky gets about 2 feet of broomstick broken off in his ass.

    • Blubbo The Clown


      Fucking football assholes. Hope you get anally violated in a shower, EXACTLY LIKE WHAT HAPPENED ON THIS “OLD MAN’S” WATCH.

      If there’s a hell, hope he’s burning in it right now with an iron football jammed up his ass.

      • NittanyFan87

        Your hate and vitriol only further proves my point. You people who want to tarnish the good name of an old man and wish harm on others are the real monsters. The crimes of Jerry Sandusky are nothing compared to the evil that comes from the lips of those who would want to destroy Penn State. But we are too strong and will not allow you to drag us down!

        WE ARE

        PENN STATE!

      • Erin

        “The crimes of Jerry Sandusky are nothing compared to the evil that comes from the lips of those who would want to destroy Penn State.”

        Seriously? Child Rape is less evil than people saying, “Hey, these authority figures should have been more concerned that children on their campus were being raped.” Are you delusional?

      • Rico Jones

        Erin. Yes assholes like Nittany are totally delusional. There are football fans and then there are psychotic fans like Nittany. They will defend an organization to the death and say ridiculous things like we are worse than Jerry Sandusky. Nittany is a lunatic.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        You are an obvious fake, and you’re getting sloppier with your trolling.

      • NittanyFan87


        So you agree with the sickos who’s plan to combat sex crimes is to COMMIT MORE SEX CRIMES and then desecrate the memorial of dead man?

      • CranAppleSnapple

        No one thinks that, you pathetic asshole. Just leave.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        They DESERVE to be raped, because they think it’s hunky dory to do that to other people. But obviously no one plans to punish them that way.
        You know that damn well, you are just grasping at straws in your pathetic, obvious desire to get attention.

      • NittanyFan87


        I’m glad to see you being honest about your beliefs instead of trying to deny that you advocate sexual assault. You need to get help, you are a very sick person.

      • Mykl

        I don’t know the below link seems to have the best representation of how Paterno and company felt about their co-worker ass raping kids and not wanting to ruin people’s weekends and the college’s revenue curve… so your argument is very much non-existent:

      • CranAppleSnapple

        You’re a pathetic piece of shit. But I’m sure no one noticed yet.

      • stansu

        I am sure there are dozens of people soon to be sharing a prison block with sandusky, curley, or schulz, who will not hesitate to offer that kind of punishment when they get the chance.

      • Guest

        More sexual crimes? I agree that in calling you names people are undermining their own arguments but you cannot be this blind. I don’t know what “more sexual crimes” you’re talking about but your assertion that these people yelling at you are WORSE than Jerry Sandusky SERIOUSLY shows how in the dark you are. How can you say that calling people names is worse than not only taking advantage of young innocent boys, but ones that were particularly open to predators? I mean, Sandusky basically set up his youth program to identify young boys he could prey on and, in the event he was caught, be viewed as a more reliable source than the children.

        In the end the facts are:
        1. Jerry Sandusky committed these crimes
        2. Joe Paterno helped a lot of kids get into & make the most of their time at Penn State
        3. Joe Paterno won a lot of games
        4. Joe Paterno advised the President of Penn State to do something more “humane” rather than rat out Sandusky
        5. Joe Paterno knew of Sandusky’s “illness” and never once tried to help the victims
        6. Joe Paterno had 14 years to do more about this
        7. Being the winningest coach ever does not negate the fact that he acted poorly in this situation
        8. The victims were poor kids with no fathers and no one to look out for them. Knowing of Sandusky’s behavior, Paterno should’ve tried to help these kids. Period.

        I understand having pride in your institution, but turning a blind eye to what was done (or more aptly NOT done) is not helping anything, especially the reputation of this school and surrounding towns. And remember:

        There are 2 kinds of evil. Those who do evil. And those who see evil being done and do nothing about it. There’s no denying it, Joe Paterno messed up and nothing you do or say is going to change that. All it’s going to do is make you look like a worse person for even trying to defend him. Or in this case, telling people who are outraged by these crimes and lack of action that they are worse than Sandusky.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Damn well said, Guest!

      • YagiSka

        What’s with the “We” bullshit? Dude, being some obese spectator with a 6-pack of cheap beer and a tub full of nachos (and I’m guessing a child or two chained up in your closet? Hmm?) does not make you part of a football team.

        What is it with you sports neanderthals and thinking it’s your team? You can’t run. You can’t play sports. You can’t think up plays. You can’t buy the team. What you can do is turn calories into lard, purchase consumer goods with a logo, watch your TV, and get really, really excited when complete strangers achieve things. That’s your talent in life. That’s what you’re good at. You’re a loser. Own it.

      • NittanyFan87

        How do you feel about the band Rage Against The Machine?

      • Guest

        And (shockingly!) you had absolutely no response to my comment because it was intelligent and frankly, right. Apparently you’ll only respond to people who yell profanity at you. I presented an actual argument for why you’re wrong for standing up for Paterno and you responded….. crickets. You just validated everything I said with your silence.

    • archphoenix

      A “minor misstep” for a “lifetime of good?” Really dude? Your definition of living a good life is really different from mine. My definition of being a “good person” means you don’t let your pals RAPE CHILDREN. But hey, jus so long as you win some football games right?

    • Hoola

      Best to speak to victims of sexual abuse then you’ll understand the horrors of sexual abuse before trying to defend the people involved in this sick story.

      Educate yourself!

    • El Jefe

      Don’t feed the troll people.

    • murph

      YOU ARE


    • The Truth

      You are Penn State!? There is a better name for what you are: a child rape sympathizer.

    • JK

      You’re a fool. But that said I think what the NCAA did to his record was extreme. Even given they decided to go that way, it will never change the fact many who went there still love the guy(I could care less) and despite their record erasing shenanigans on their books, he still is the most winning coach there was so far and that will always stand because they can fuss and muss but they can’t erase history and fact.

      Much like how Pete Rose f’d up, and despite baseballs vindictive needs to keep him out of the baseball hall of fame, he still holds that amazing record of his. In the end for both it’s just symbolic bullshit doing a weak attempt at covering up years of solid positive history.

    • Guest

      I bet if these victims could’ve run a 40 in 4.0 seconds Joe Paterno et al. would’ve ratted out Sandusky in a second. Because, you know, Joe Paterno did so much for those kids at Penn State that his negligence in this case is overshadowed. I mean, he helped a bunch of privileged (monetarily or athleticly) kids get into college and become football gods. But the kids with no fathers and Sandusky pretending to be one to them so he could prey on them were of no concern. Because they weren’t going to help the university out with their amazing athletic skills.

    • Turd F. Jr.

      Really? He allowed children to be raped. End of story. I guess if you’re OK with that, you should have offered yourself ass-end up for ole Jerry-boy. END OF STORY.

    • Rowaenthe

      I love that…”Minor misstep”. I’m a publicist, and if you were my client (you wouldn’t be), I’d tell you to please shut the hell up and never speak again unless I write the words out for you in block letters.

    • JungleRed

      WE GET!

    • pat

      you know this is a troll post because it doesn’t simply say “first”

    • metal_gear

      Mr. Sandusky, is that you?

    • Dman

      Couldn’t of said it better. Thank you. And for all you dumbasses out there that think you are holier than thou, LOOK IN THE MIRROR. By the way, JoePa DID report to his higher-ups when confronted by the allegations, and was condemned by the liberal media (go figure) even before the trial of Sandusky happened, Go fuk yourselves you self-righteous pricks. Joe was a good man in a bad situation, and he’s got the record to prove it. My old man knew him personally and I’m willing to bet NONE of you did. GET OFF THE BANDWAGON TO MAKE YOURSELVES LOOK BETTER THAN THE AVERAGE PERSON. It ain’t workin, you assholes.

  2. Rico Jones

    That guy in the photo should have put his baby on the end of Joe Pa’s finger. That would make more sense as a picture.

  3. RJ

    You should stick to stalking celebrities, because this article shows you have no clue about college football lol.

    • bonerfest

      Maybe not, but he knows child rape is bad, which is all that really fucking matters here? You’re as bad as the dumbfucks groping Joe Pa’s statue in these pictures.

    • You say that like college football is supposed to be important or something. In the grand scheme of things, college football ranks right up there in importance with posting pics of Kim Kardashian’s fat ass in a bikini.

      Don’t ask me how I know Fish wears a bikini when he posts pics.

      • RJ

        No, I’m simply saying one of two things.

        A) Fish is discussing something where he lacks knowledge. Think of someone trying to debate politics when they don’t know the first thing about it.
        B) Fish hated Penn State before any of this all went down. For whatever reason (they denied his application, someone from there got a job over him, etc).

        I’m leaning toward the latter seeing as how child rape is not unique to Penn State, its happened in many schools of different levels. Just not as big a scale.

      • Reggy

        You’re going with the “child rape happens everywhere, so this shouldn’t get punished” argument?

      • RJ

        Did I say that at all? Holy shit, the black and white mentality of some people…

      • rjshouldbebuttfucked

        Okay. So you like football and it is very very important to you that before Fish posts about this that he learns the trade first? :)) lol It isn’t about the sport but what has been allowed for years to take place. No one is putting words in your mouth or understanding you incorrectly. You’re just plainly putting your beliefs out there by your simple defensive comments.

      • My only beef with this entire Penn State debacle is blind hero worship. I live in PA and have been watching people around me do everything from mental gymnastics to straight up putting their hands over their ears and going “LA LA LA LA” because Joe Paterno won a bunch of football games. And then to turn around and call allowing a child rapist to rape more kids for years as “so he made one mistake” is fucking asinine beyond belief. You let kids get raped, I don’t care if you coached football for 100 years to perfection and built 20 children’s hospitals, you fucked up. If you sacrificed innocence out of fear of tarnishing your legacy, you immediately failed the most basic test for being a decent human being.

      • rjshouldbebuttfucked

        This is why this is my most-visited site. After Facebook :))

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Perfection, Fish.

      • El Jefe

        Well said Fish, well said.

      • RJ

        Which unfortunately is the case. In a school of 40,000 and a million alumni, you’re going to have some blind worshipers. I have a couple friends who still side with him, one of them I got in a huge argument with the other day.

        Unfortunately, when you write the article as you did, taking sarcastic pot shots at the University as a whole, you add to that ignorance that much of the general public has adopted. Just look at half these comments, most notably the one I responded to where someone took the couple hundred idiots that rioted as a representation of the entire fanbase mindset. And if you don’t think anyone is blaming the University as a whole, take a look at the NCAA’s ruling today. Even ESPN was calling it unfair.

      • blah

        Unfair? Tell that to USC who received comparable penalties 2 years ago for giving money to players. Or to SMU who received the death penalty for it. Defending and covering up for child rape is NOT comparable to paying players and neither should the penalties.

      • RJ

        Actually I have said that before, how it was unfair to punish USC as a whole because a few people ruined it. It was right stripping Reggie Bush of his Heisman. Meanwhile, Pete Carroll made a run for it to the NFL, leaving USC to deal with his problems.

      • JungleRed

        Dear Fish,
        Please stop breaking the fourth wall.
        It makes me nervous.

      • It makes me nervous too. SEXY nervous.

    • bored

      Well when you sound like you are defending the famous football coach or the sport, it is easy to assume you are okay with the whole ass-raping of kids. A lot of people do not give a rat’s ass about football which this clearly is not about. If you do not care about the kids who got raped just shut your mouth and quit making yourself look like an asshole.

      • RJ

        Pretty sure just above your post I wrote how I wasn’t defending any of JoePa’s bullshit. I can’t help you if you’re an illiterate dumbass.

    • Jack Ketch

      RJ, it is you who has no clue clue. Idiot Sick.

    • Jack Ketch

      RJ, it is you who has no clue clue. Go fuck yourself.

  4. Livinus Nwambe

    Penn State’s fucked. The people defending this asshole need a reality check, because they’re advocating that pedophilia is okay as long as there’s football to back it up. I think that the NCAA should’ve exercised the option to completely excise Penn State from football for a year. It doesn’t matter how sorry they are, it was an institutional issue that didn’t see any correction for the duration of Paterno’s career. That says more about Paterno than anything else. Though, his family is innocent in all this, their contributions to the community should not be diminished in stature because of Paterno Sr.’s actions.

    • Rico Jones

      Well said. It just goes to show how sad and sick a place America has become. When you have people defending someone like Joe Pa just because he won footballs games it really shows us where societies priorities are.

      • Trek Girl

        @Rico Jones : you wrote “It just goes to show how sad and sick a place America has become”.

        Do you really think that this is the first time a cover-up of this nature has happened in America? This has happened before. It does absolutely no good at all to act as if it hasn’t. Surely you haven’t already forgot about the priest sex abuse scandal.
        Cover-ups and scandals like these are also not unique to America. They have happened all over the world for years, decades, centuries, etc., and it’s ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

      • calmdowngirl

        No one is suggesting otherwise. You came up with that all on your own. It just so happens that another disturbing event such as this occurred. Yes it happens everywhere I suppose but the topic is about Penn State so it of course was commented how this country is turning out to be in really bad shape.

      • Trek Girl

        @Calmdowngirl: RJ said “It just shows how sad and sick a place America has become”.
        Do you see the word “America”? By saying America, instead of Penn State, or the world of university football, or just something more specific in general, he is essentialy saying that America has reached a new low – not just Penn state or the world of university football. I didn’t come up with anything all on my own; I clearly quoted him and then replied to that quote.
        It doesn’t “just so happen” that another disturbing event like this occured. This happens all the time. Seriously, this is not a situation that happens sporadically, hence my “this is not new and it doesn’t do any good to act is if it is” sentiment. If you had a decent grasp of history or just fairly recent history, which I’m starting to think you might not, you would know this.
        I should also point out that your last sentence – “Yes it happens everywhere I suppose but the topic is about Penn State so it of course was commented how this country is turning out to be in really bad shape” – does not make sense. Which one is it? Are you saying this is just about Penn state or are you saying it is about the whole country, because you just contradicted yourself.

      • Rico Jones

        Trek Girl are you mentally retarded or something? Yes I said America has become a sad and sick place. Never said the rest of the world was any better. But I don’t live in the rest of the world. I live here. In America. And America has become a sad place.

      • Trek Girl

        I’m not retarded, clearly.

        The situation that happened at Penn state has happened many, many times before, all over the country for decades upon decades. If you think that America is any more of a sad place than it was before because of this situation, then my gosh, you don’t know jack about history.
        I honestly hope the punishment that the NCAA handed down and the anger with which this country has responded makes America seem a little less sad to you, because if nothing else, the response to this situation is proof positive that most people do not abide sexual abuse, and they hold the people who see the abuse yet do nothing about it as responsible for the abuse as the abuser themself.

        Just for the record, I am not saying that this situation is not horrible, outrageous, or downright shameful; I am saying the opposite, in fact. I am trying to make it clear that when people act like the Sandusky/Penn state sexual abuse case is something that is unusual instead of recognzing that this happens far too often, you don’t do anyone any good, much less the people who are abused and the people who have dedicated themselves to preventing these crimes, helping the victims, and prosecuting the people who commit the crimes and those who aid them.

      • youragingidiot

        It was pointed out that America is turning to be a sad place because well this concerns American citizens for the most part. It really was that simple. Those who committed the crime and those who are standing behind those criminals is making this country a sad place. Do you get it now? Geesh anyone else probably got it.

    • DeucePickle

      The only problem with that is, maybe I’m wrong here, but no one that was involved in this whole thing, is still employed by Penn State, so punishing the program isn’t really teaching anyone a lesson. They should find everyone that was involved at the time and fire them from their current jobs.

      • Trek Girl

        I think the reasoning behind the decision to vacate the wins from the record book, fine the school, and ban them from bowls for a period of time was to make it clear and really drive the point home to other schools that putting football over the safety and welfare of children will not be tolerated. According to some other websites I read, they considered banning the school from all games for a year, but decided that these punishments would be more appropriate.

      • DeucePickle

        I think you’re exactly right about that but surely, hopefully this isn’t a lesson any other school would need taught to them. At least I would hope not.

      • Trek Girl

        It is necessary for it to be made clear, unfortunately. There are a lot of things that people turn a blind a towards when it comes to sports and other university affairs.

  5. “and cry over a man who let kids gets raped because FOOTBALL.”

    You’re typing like I was talking this weekend – HAMMERED.

  6. Joe Paterno Statue
    Rico Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    Shouldn’t that sign read: Joe Paterno – Penn State’s Representative In Hell.

  7. RJ

    For those that didn’t see the NCAA announcement, Mark Emmert said “we’re not going to take into account any individuals in this situation.” That $60million must either come from football or academics, not from any other sport.

    So basically blame the University as a whole and try to ruin innocent kids’ lives because a few other assholes ruined kids’ lives…makes sense.

    • skidmark

      I read in another article that $60 mil is equal to the gross revenue from the football program in one year. shouldn’t affect anyone except for football, the kids will be alright

      • RJ

        Which is going to significantly drop as result of all the other penalties. I hope you’re right and its OK. I don’t even give a shit about the state of the football program success-wise. I’m worried about the academic side suffering at all, especially for the students there now. Contrary to so many idiots on here and in the world, Penn State never put football above academics. This is where the NCAA not only got it all wrong, but are fucking hypocrites at that being that the changes they brought to the BCS will put MORE emphasis on money, not less.

    • Trek Girl

      “…ruin innocent kids’ lives…” Which innocent kids are you talking about if not the victims of Sandusky? The football players at the school now or who have already been set up to play for them can go to another University of their choosing or stay at Penn state and keep their football scholarship even though they’re not playing.
      It does suck that they are being affected by this too, but they have options.

      • RJ

        Not just the players, but the students and everyone else affected that had nothing to do with it. Please don’t go assuming that I’m in any way equating them to anywhere near the level of the real victims of Sandusky. I’m just making a point by quoting Mark Emmert straight up saying they aren’t going to individualize anyone in here, when in fact that’s exactly what the problem was: a bunch of individuals.

      • Trek Girl

        @RJ: Ah, I see what you mean.

        The problem might have been a bunch of individuals, but when it comes to a situation like this, punishing the individuals and the individuals alone just isn’t going to cut the mustard.
        If the people who knew what Sandusky was doing had spoken up immediately, it is likely that Sandusky and the people who covered it up would be the only ones punished, but because it went on for over a decade, well, now everyone gets left holding the bag in some way. It may be harsh, but that’s usually what has to be done to get people to open their eyes and see just how horrible sexual abuse and the covering up of said abuse is.

        Everyone at Penn State didn’t have a hand in this, but everyone who works there is now on notice that if they see something like this going on, they better speak up about it immediately or risk the good standing of the whole organization.

      • RJ

        So are you assuming that no one ever at Penn State would have spoken up had they been in the same situation? That a point has to be made to show everyone how serious child molestation is? In that case, why not punish everyone in the world? Should we punish cities with high crime rates simply to show everyone that murder and theft are going to be even less tolerated now? There are tons of Penn State people who would have acted against this in a heartbeat just as you or anyone else speaking up on this comment section would. That’s what’s pissing me off about this whole situation. Believe it or not, there’s actually people out there who treating Penn Staters as if they were criminals themselves.

      • Trek Girl

        I’m not saying that nobody would have done something about the abuse ever, but for over a decade – a freaking decade – Sandusky was able to abuse these children, and very influential people knew about it. When very influential people in an organization know about something like this and don’t do anything about it until their hand is forced, the punishment is usually a big, far-reaching one.
        It’s not right that people at Penn state had who had nothing to do with this are being treated like criminals, and hopefully the people who are doing that will stop. This is a messy situation; had it not been allowed to keep going, so many people wouldn’t be having their names dragged through mud. This NCAA ruling and the media attention should make it clear that it’s better speak up as soon as possible instead of sitting on ones hands worrying about sports or a reputation than actual people.
        It sucks that so many people who weren’t involved are being affected by this and are having to change their plans, but this had to be done – the NCAA had to make a point, and I think they made it pretty well.

      • “There are tons of Penn State people who would have acted against this in a heartbeat just as you or anyone else speaking up on this comment section would.”

        Yeah, and every single German under the Third Reich would have stepped forward and said “no” – if only they’d known what was really happening in the camps. You know, the ones that were just outside of town, that deposited all that ash all over everything.

        I’m sure there are “tons of Penn State people” who would have done that, and danced on the head of a pin or flown to the moon, too – and that number is, oddly enough, exactly the same number as the people who “acted against this”: Z-E-R-O.

        That number includes the janitor who witnessed Sandusky raping one child; Mike McQueary, who saw Sundusky raping another; coach Joe Paterno, who was told by McQueary that he saw Sandusky raping a child; athletic director Tim Curley, who was told by Paterno that McQueary had seen Sandusky at work; vice president Gary Schultz, who was informed by Tim Curley that Paterno had the incident reported to him; and President Graham Spanier, who wants everyone to believe that he “did all he could” as the situation went on – FOR FOURTEEN FUCKING YEARS.

        OVER TWO DECADES – and not peep one.

        What you’re looking at is a conspiracy of silence that goes up a distinct chain of command – and not one single person, from a custodian to the university president, stood up and said, “Enough.”

        No one is saying the people who attend the school, or instructors from other programs are “criminals themselves” – stop with the hyperbole. But your immature argument that we should “punish everyone in the world” rather than an institution whose representatives not only covered this up as if it were of no more consequence than a smelly cat turd, but chose to enable more victims to be abused, is ridiculous.

        When the Catholic Church’s complicity in covering up the actions of its pedophile priests came to light, there were a lot of apologist hand-wringers who stood around bleating about how it wasn’t fair to put such a heavy burden on the Church, because there were plenty of good priests, and compensating all the victims would actually hurt a lot of innocent faithful, since the Church would have to suspend programs and close churches – and why should people who didn’t do anything wrong have to suffer?

        FYI, it’s people like you, who float crap arguments like yours, that will increase the scorn that’s being rightly heaped on Penn – hopefully for at least 14 years. Keep up the good work.

      • RJ

        My bad, I didn’t know EVERYONE at the school knew about Sandusky raping kids. I sure as hell didn’t for the five years I went there. Guess its still my fault though…

        “That number includes the janitor who witnessed Sandusky raping one child; Mike McQueary, who saw Sundusky raping another; coach Joe Paterno, who was told by McQueary that he saw Sandusky raping a child; athletic director Tim Curley, who was told by Paterno that McQueary had seen Sandusky at work; vice president Gary Schultz, who was informed by Tim Curley that Paterno had the incident reported to him; and President Graham Spanier, who wants everyone to believe that he “did all he could” as the situation went on – FOR FOURTEEN FUCKING YEARS.”

        I see only a handful of criminals you listed there. The “tons of Penn State people” I was talking about were students, teachers, etc. Maybe not all, but definitely a lot. That’s my point. And if you think no one is throwing everyone Penn State related into the fire like that, then you need to pull your head out of your ass. Because that’s exactly what’s happening. Its exactly why the NCAA ruling was bullshit.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        You’re getting angry because you went there. That’s not our fault. Put your anger where it belongs, on the rapist and conspirators. Be thankful you weren’t raped too, and don’t have to be there anymore. You are no longer in the vicinity of hell, and you had nothing to do with it, so stop sniping at people who have every right to be angry at the criminals.

      • The kids who were raped weren’t students, so RJ wasn’t at risk – it was much younger children who came from troubled families, who were already marginalized, that Sandusky preyed on. The fact that the Penn admin didn’t think their lives and bodies were worth as much as their football program, and is still trying to minimize their role in the coverup and enabling, is why the NCAA made its “bullshit” ruling. The NCAA has a sense of proportion – which you and the Penn trustees apparently do not.

        As for “only a handful of criminals” – just how many criminals does it take to make that ruling acceptable to you? Just how many victims to legitimize it? Unfortunately, that “handful” were the ones running the show. They had the ability to do the right thing, and they emphatically chose not to – for 14 years. And since it was all done for the glory of Penn State – now it’s fitting that they get to reap the true benefits of what they sowed. What the trustees and administrators did was disgusting, and the fact that the guilty are still offering lame excuses, and the alumni are coming up with shoddy justifications to whitewash their conduct means none of them really get it.

        Pity you don’t, either. Your attitude of “oh, well, we should just blame the whole world, then” is incredibly petulant and childish.

        Yeah, a lot of people didn’t know – but their current attitude in trying to minimalize what went on sure as fuck suggests that if they had known, they’d have thrown the inconvenient kids under Sandusky and walked away.
        Because, you know – football.

      • RJ

        lol Justifiable, easy to spit simple, and apparently false bullshit when you’re pointing the finger. Cuz of course, everyone’s entitled to their “opinion,” you know…lol

        As for me calling the NCAA ruling bullshit, obviously you missed my main points in that A) I’m only concerned in not wanting to see academic funds (I never said anything in regards to how it affects the football team) and B) not even in relation to Penn State, simply pointing out how hypocritical the NCAA’s “academics before football” notion was.

        And what attitude would that be that shows every other Penn Stater would have acted the exact same? I’d really like for you to spell it out if you can. I don’t get where the hell you’re thinking anyone is trying “minimalize” anything, because they sure as hell aren’t. If you can point out a legit example, then I’ll tell you whoever is trying to do that can go fuck themselves too. But meanwhile, its shit like Fish’s article and many of the comments in here are keep jabbing at EVERYTHING Penn State as if we’re all at fault. Which goes back to me saying again, its easy to spit simple bullshit when you’re just pointing the finger. If you were in my position, stuck between these assholes on here and all over and the assholes who are still supporting JoePa, you’d be reacting the same fucking way.

      • RJ

        lol You really think I’m not angriest at Sandusky, JoePa, and the others that we’re actually at fault? As if I need to lead all comments with that? (Which apparently I’ve actually had to do a couple times) haha Holy shit…

        Anyway, I read a post on Facebook the other day a friend was told by a couple coworkers he should be fired and burn his diploma. Guess what breeds idiot mentality like that in a country populated by such? Simple black or white shit like this article. That’s why the NCAA punished the entire University, because they’re trying to placate to the public.

      • Guest

        @RJ: Did you even READ that post? The first thing the person said was that it wasn’t everyone’s fault. He specifically stated that the teachers, students, etc. were not at fault. I love how you people just read what you want to read and interpret what you want from it so you can attack it and make it fit to your argument. The person opened up their narrative with ITS NOT EVERYONE”S FAULT AT PENN STATE. The fault lies with you (and people like you) constantly DEFENDING those who DID DO WRONG. No one is saying that the entire school should be punished. That students with nothing to do with the football program should be penialized. All they’re saying is that these men, who knew of the crimes and did nothing about it, are to blame and should be punished. They should also not be lauded by the Penn State community despite their aggregious missteps.

      • RJ

        What post? There’s a lot of posts here. Go ahead and point it out and I’ll retract whatever I said to them.

      • Read what Trek Girl wrote – you obviously skipped over her posts.

        And as much as you’d like to minimize things and characterize the Penn administrators and trustees as a “group of individuals” – that’s the worst sort of lame rationale I’ve heard yet. What bullshit. They didn’t act as private individuals, they acted in their capacity as representatives of the university. And in that capacity, they made their decisions to cover up the abuse, and further enable a pedophile to prey openly using their facilities, for the supposed good of the university. And since they did, the university how has to bear the responsibility for what was done in its name. For 14 years it had the kudos for the football program, and not a single concern for either the coverup or the winning program’s role in Sandusky’s attracting new victims. Now the bill for all of that is due – and tough motherfucking shit for Penn if the interest is boo hoo crippling.

        You cannot separate them from the institution they served, any more than you can let the Catholic Church off the hook for what it knowingly allowed to be done in its name. And I’ve yet to see Fish calling for the university itself to be leveled, academic programs bulldozed, or professors burned at the stake – that hyperbole is yours. If you see it on other sites, don’t lay it at Fish’s doorstep.

        What is being excoriated – and rightly so – is the university’s parade of half-assed excuses and the fans’ whining about how a winning legacy really shouldn’t be tarnished by turning your head away from one little kid being butt-fucked, and the alumni’s justifications about how harsh the penalty is and how it’s being visited on the wrong people and how it’s big-time unfair to take down the statue they paid for. And yeah, you’re in that number.

        Get your head out of your ass and learn to read and you’ll be a fuck of a better representative for Penn than you’re being right now.

      • RJ

        So the difference between you and Trek Girl is she was kind enough to come out and mention that, but again never actually gave me a legit reason why she thought that way. I get it, you both are simply stating your point of “We’ll you apparently had a few crazy fucks running your school. Tough luck, now you gotta deal with us trashing you all!” The big difference there is Trek Girl at least has her head on straight but is simply contradicting herself. Where as all you’re coming off as is a bitch riding some invisible high horse.

        But on the other hand, I should thank you for proving my point with the government/country analogies. You did agree with me on those right?:

        “They didn’t act as private individuals, they acted in their capacity as representatives of the university/country/citizens/people/etc.”

        Ok, good. And I won’t even get into the whole other argument of if it was really a cover up over football or something else, say friendship. Who knows, you’re guess is as good as mine. Bottom line is the shit happened.

        “You cannot separate them from the institution they served, any more than you can let the Catholic Church off the hook for what it knowingly allowed to be done in its name.”

        That’s funny, I have quite a few Catholic friends and never have I held anything the Priests did against them, nor did I ever assume they would agree with or defend anything the Priests did. I do however assume because of the way you’re acting about this, you go around everyday throwing some snarky attitude toward Catholics.

        “What is being excoriated – and rightly so – is the university’s parade of half-assed excuses and the fans’ whining about how a winning legacy really shouldn’t be tarnished by turning your head away from one little kid being butt-fucked, and the alumni’s justifications about how harsh the penalty is and how it’s being visited on the wrong people and how it’s big-time unfair to take down the statue they paid for. And yeah, you’re in that number. ”

        That’s a lot of different mindsets you simply lumped together, especially since I’ve already mentioned several times I’m not in the number of a couple of those groups. Now we’re just back to square one, proving you to be some judgmental bitch who only sees black and white. Which in that case, I really, really feel bad for anybody that has to put up with you in your personal life.

      • Do you have to work at being so deliberately obtuse, or does it just come naturally? No one here is holding individual students responsible, any more than individual Catholics are privately liable for the predations the Church allowed. And while I have no use for its prelates, I don’t throw attitude at its flock – unless, of course, they attempt to rationalize what those in charge did to cover up their crimes. If you actually read what I wrote you’d get that, but it’s much more fun for you to posture and wrap yourself in a martyr’s flag. But for you to try and parse culpability so that no mud sticks to you, when no one gives a ripe fuck about you in the first place, is ludicrous. I know it’s hard ro accept no one cares about you in all this – but seriously, we don’t give a shit about you. You are not one of the victims here, so get over yourself.

        There’s no “different mindsets” at work here – you just don’t want anyone to have to pay for anything, to the extent that you’re actually fabricating excuses for the guilty.

        “And I won’t even get into the whole other argument of if it was really a cover up over football or something else, say friendship. Who knows, you’re guess is as good as mine”

        Are you fucking kidding me? Yeah, Spanier was probably Sandusky’s bestie, no other reason would possibly explain it.
        Of course, you seem to have totally missed the point that covering up rapes of children and enabling future asssaults is not acceptable. FOR WHATEVER REASON. The fact that you’re actually trying to make it about some other loyalty, not football related, because that somehow makes it acceptable on some level, is nauseating.

        And for that, you can go fuck yourself. You’re everything I’ve actually come to expect from Penn, and more besides – as though they aren’t going to suffer enough, here you are, representing. It obviously pleases you to think you’re privileged to see things in shades of gray, but that gradation you perceive arises solely from your pathetic attempts to move the dirt around so that it doesn’t stick. And you suck at it.

        P.S. It’s “your guess”, numbnuts. In fact, judging from your use of both logic and grammar, I’d say it’s probably way too late to worry about Penn’s academics taking an undeserved hit.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        *Hearts Justifiable*

      • JC

        I heard that the university is providing an English tutor and a box of crayons to every professional football player–er, I mean “student athlete”–to help them apply for transfers to other schools.

    • Considering how many of the little assholes went on a riot when Paterno’s name first came up in the investigation, I’m really not all that fussed.

      • RJ

        A few hundred idiots represent the mindset of the entire 40,000 student base?

        Please, tell me why we shouldn’t nuke every country that sees a small terrorist organization emerge from it?

      • lol rj

        lol because you are talking about an entire country and comparing it to what? Pick another comparison.

      • RJ

        Ummm…its a pretty simple, straightforward analogy. Everyone else gets it. I can’t help you if you don’t.

      • If *you* can’t get that “destroying a country with a nuclear bomb” and “punishing a football program” is a false equivalency, this debate is already over and everyone else is just waiting for you wind down so you can be declared the loser.

      • RJ

        Maybe I was making you two think too hard.

        The point is simply that you shouldn’t punish the entire population for a few bad people. See? Simple analogy. Hopefully that explanation doesn’t hurt both your heads even more.

      • lol rj

        Thanks to the comment above. Guess you’re the one who didn’t get it RJ. You’re comparing what…annihilation to the sanctions given to Penn State? Cheers! :D

  8. Glass

    I’m actually OK with these penalties. I’m so disgusted with the “football first, humanity later” approach people have with sports, but I can live with PSU still being able to play football. Them not being able to play any postseason or bowl games will probably drive a ton of star players to other schools, and I bet they’ll see a HUGE decline in new applicants since there’s no chance of being in any championship games. Basically, the hot dog vendors and ticket takers don’t lose their jobs, but the sports program has their balls in a block of ice for however many years it takes for them to bounce back.

    One of the ESPN commentators actually said (near-verbatim) “obviously this is a near-fatal blow to the Penn State sports program, an unprecedented punishment. Some would argue the effects Paterno and Sandusky had on the lives of these kids are just as strong, but having these victories taken away will change the record books forever.”

    I hate sports buffs. So much.

    • cc

      That makes two of us.

    • TL

      I don’t have an issue with punishing Penn State for what happened, but I’m not sure the NCAA actually has the authority to punish Penn State for what happened. Legal laws were broken and the perpetrators are either punished, in the process of being punished, or dead. As Penn State people are fond of saying, no NCAA violations during JoePa’s tenure.

      I’m not really sure what the sanctions and punishments are going to do except punish the current group of players, when it involved things that happened when they were barely old enough for little league football. Everyone else involved has been punished (or will be punished) legally, which is far more severe; or in the case of McQueary, it will end his career anyways, which it should.

      The only real retroactive penalty that makes sense is the vacating of the wins, which will hopefully curtail some of the misplaced deification of Joe Paterno at Penn State.

  9. sayitaintso

    Someone should take a flamethrower to that place. Evil beyond measure. Also, that first guy that walked in on DandyDusky, after emphatically stating what he walked in on in the shower, should have intervened right then & there. They are all dirty. Torch the place.

  10. Confusus

    “After the Freeh Report hit, even the most die-hard of Joe Paterno fans remained quiet in light of damning evidence..,”

    Except that not all of them have remained quiet and accepted that evidence, much less PSU’s punishment–see the comments here:

    • A bunch of dickheads are ranting because they think football is more important than kids getting raped in the shower? How is that at all surprising?

  11. See, OJ Simpson? All that trial drama and you could have just done this:

    Judge Ito: “How you you plead to the murder charges against you?”
    Simpson: “FOOTBALL.”
    Judge Ito: “Case dismissed. Fuck yeah!”

  12. Joe Paterno Statue
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Hero worship can be a very dangerous thing.
    I wonder how long it will take the general public to forget the equation: serial underprivileged child rape + coach & management coverup = Penn State football

  13. Former Penn Fan

    All that work to make a statue and then extend the wrong finger to the world. The middle one would surely have been more appropriate to show the world how much football meant and how little common decency meant in that seamy world of sexual abuse of young children. F_ck Penn State forever.

  14. anonymous

    Actually, the Catholic Church has been forced to stop saying Mass for a year, or really forever, at the hundreds (if not more) of parishes that have had to be closed and sold in order to cover their fines and lawsuits that have ensued from their own sexual abuse scandal. Just as “innocent students” are supposedly being punished by the NCAA decision “innocent Catholics” are being punished. I personally think the school should have lost their football program, if not forever, at least for a year or so. Because the football/sports hero worship will never end.

  15. What Penn State did was disgusting, but every school in the NCAA has egg on its face. You wouldnt believe the shit I’ve heard from guys that played in Division I got away with. Passed out cheerleader gangbangs, slamming cars into campus buildings drunk, beating the shit out of people, all conveniently “handled” by the schools so their star players dont get suspended.

    The NCAA should give itself the death penalty.

    • RJ

      Oh, look, someone on here who gets it.

      Even despite all that garbage you mentioned that goes on, I mentioned above the NCAA’s main point today was about lessening importance on football and more on academics, yet the changes they made to the BCS put more emphasis on money. And it took them how long to finally develop an academic standard for student athletics to meet.


    Your punishment must be more severe.

  17. Joe Paterno Statue
    StayPuft Overlord
    Commented on this photo:

    Sandusky…You missed one.

  18. Can I just point out that was one hideous fucking statue anyway?

  19. Joe Paterno Statue
    King Diamond
    Commented on this photo:

    Pathetic humans. THey should be spitting on this statue or defacing it.

  20. Joe Paterno Statue
    Commented on this photo:

    You’d think someone with a kid would be, if not smart enough, at least emotionally connected enough to realize how fucked up wanting to pose for this picture is. Given the context, it looks like an offering.

    • Rico Jones

      You would think that but it is more likely that these two would actually sacrifice their child to get tickets to the games. This is a classic example of idol worship right here. And there is nothing more pathetic than people who worship sports figures.

      • Guest

        I don’t even understand what the big deal is about Penn State. Personally, I thought it was somewhat of a party school and as far as football goes ? I like sports and follow them but I never even knew that Penn State was so much of a powerhouse that people would defend it to the death. I think the real discussion here should be about the NCAA and Division I sports in general. Like someone pointed out here, many athletes in Division I sports get away with murder. The athletic departments in these schools hold too much power because of the revenue they can produce. The problem here is the act of making the athletic department stronger than the school as a whole. If you read the Freeh report you would’ve seen that Joe Paterno and the athletic department had quite a powerful hold on the school. Curley and Paterno told Spanier to keep it quiet (which he did) and all the parties failed (multiple times) to inform the Board of what was going on. Even when Sandusky was being investigated in 1998, no one told the Board and when they did ask the specifics of the case were not discussed and severely down-played. For the Board to just sit back and be satisfied with that response just shows how little hold they had on their employees. Or at least how much trust they had in them. Paterno and Curley basically dictated how the school handled this and there in lies the problem. Too much power. And too much intra-collegiate responsibility. If crimes like these were MANDATED to be reported to an outside policing institution rather than the school police this would not get swept under the rug or concealed.

        Honestly, I think the removal of the statue is a hollow and sloppy response to a horrible chain of events. If anything, the entire Board as well as any of the staff that existed during this time should be immediately fired and the school’s athletic department should be punished. In fact, I think the department should be dissolved and not allowed to start again for some time, while a complete overhaul is made of the department and it’s dealings and power within the school. And all those men (Curley, Spanier, etc.) should be put in jail for obstruction of justice, aiding and ebbedding, perjury, and violation of the sexual crimes act.

  21. Joe Paterno Statue
    Commented on this photo:

    *snaps fingers* “Gar-con- one more child please! Oh, nevermind- it’s already here.”

  22. bored

    At first I thought the baby had its finger raised up to make a #1 but it was the dad’s finger!

  23. Randal(l)

    This means nothing.

    Penn State loves child molesters. Since Sandusky was first arrested Pedo… I mean Penn State has raised over $200 million from people who love fucking children…I mean alumni.

    WE ARE


  24. Jlpook

    Who knew that child rape could “un-win” games… I wonder what else it could undo.. That bad mexican food you had for lunch? That speeding ticket you got last week? 9/11 ??

    Think of the possibilities..

  25. Joe Paterno Statue
    Snack pack
    Commented on this photo:

    One of these days I will give up having hope for the human race. Images like this are helping that along.

  26. Alex

    This sanction is a display for America that college football leadership is not God. Plain and simple. You can cry all you want about how it hurts the university as a whole and that one mistake doesn’t equate to a lifetime of charity. College football has a long way to go before the millions of fans actually start believing that they can have a life and something to look forward to rather than college football. But for the rest of the country that hates child molesters regardless of who they are, WE ARE SANE.

  27. El Jefe

    Damn, they got fucked in the ass (appropriate if you ask me). I thought the NCAA was going to puss out on this but they went hard at them. I still think the football program should have been banned for at least 5 to 10 years though, but hey.

    I hope that money from the fines go to the victims though, where it belongs.

  28. Joe Paterno Statue
    those are some sick parents
    Commented on this photo:

    How sick are these two? How would you explain to the child when he learns to read and ask why he has a picture with the child rapist? Some people just should not be allowed to breed.

    • As much as Paterno is a POS, I feel like I should clarify that he isn’t the actual rapist. Just a sick fuck that looked the other way so as to not ruin his legacy (well, THAT worked out…) or rock the moneyboat.

  29. Janice

    Not sure how anyone can call this “a slap on the wrist.” I’m a big football fan who has never been a fan of the NCAA’s rule-mongering, but in this case they pretty much got it right. These sanctions will cripple the program for years and break the secretive culture there. Yet by allowing the games to still be played (and shown on TV), area businesses won’t be penalized as heavily. PSU fans are extremely loyal; they will still show up to fill seats in the stadium and at local bars/restaurants. Attendance will be down somewhat as the team loses more games than it would have, but it could still be manageable. And by allowing athletes to transfer to other schools without the mandatory one-year waiting period, they avoid penalizing the players too much.

    There’s always collateral damage with NCAA sanctions, but I think its actually a good balance between targeting the program itself and sparing those not at fault.

  30. Joe Paterno Statue
    Harry Oreola
    Commented on this photo:

    Ok, ready? Say ‘SLEAZE’!

  31. Johnny P!

    The statue came down, but the library is keeping Paterno’s name.
    Which makes sense, since the motto of libraries is:

  32. Buck

    its amazing that one gay guy can take down a historic football program, an legendary coach and tarish a highly acclaimed university.

    • Schmidtler

      One guy couldn’t and wouldn’t have taken down the whole University / football program – it took the cooperation of the head coach, university president, board of trustees, assistant coach, and all who knew of and agreed to all cover up what they knew about the one rapist guy. If anybody at Penn State had immediately called the cops and insisted on a full and transparent investigation, and immediately banned Sandusky from the campus the first time his raping was made known to them, then Sandusky would have been the only one to suffer. No one is suffering because of what Sandusky did, they’re suffering because they obstructed justice and willingly cooperated in a conspiracy to conceal what they knew, allowing a predator to continue to use the campus / facilities at Penn State to keep raping children.

    • kimmykimkim

      Um, Sandusky is NOT a gay man. He is a pedophile who targets little boys. He is not interested in adult men. Don’t insult gay men by suggesting this man is gay. He is a pedophile. What would you call him if he had been raping little girls?

      • st

        Okay. Sandusky is a pedophile. And a rapist. And gay (or bisexual). If he were into raping little girls he would be a straight (or again, bi), pedophiliac rapist. Being a rapist or pedophile is not about sexual orientation. But neither does it exclude orientations. Here is a guideline:

        Not all rapists/pedophiles are gay.
        Certainly not all gay people are rapists or pedophiles.
        Some (few) gay people are rapists and/or pedophiles.
        Jerry Sandusky, a child rapist, liked his sex (rape) with males (boys), thus making him gay (or bi): a gay child rapist.

      • kimmykimkim

        St: no, he is not bi either. He’s a goddamn pedophile. You’re obviously an idiot. I refuse to argue with ignorant people. Do not group pedophiles into the GLBT community.

      • st

        Please read my comment: Not all pedophiles are gay. Some (few) gay people are pedophiles. Jerry Sandusky is MSM. He is gay. This is NOT mutually exclusive from pedophilia. This doesn’t make his child rape any better or worse; it has nothing to do with the nature of child rape, but ONLY with Sandusky’s personal preferences.

        There are also people who sexually abuse children of the opposite gender. These people are straight child rapists, and they are just as bad. Sandusky is not one of them.

        Perhaps you feel there is an unfair stereotype that says pedophiles tend to be gay. If this does exist, it is unfair and I, too, oppose it. But the logic I offer is not meant to perpetuate that stereotype. I’m sorry if you felt it did. I used the term bisexual to point out that not all MSM are completely gay, nor are all MSW completely straight. My bad; I shall try not to confuse you in the future.

  33. kimmykimkim

    Hahahahaha! Ahahahahhahahahahahaha! Good! Now just demolish the entire campus. Penn State is synonymous with little boy butt rape.

  34. Mike Hunt

    Punishment shows the original perps the consequences and deters the original offenders and all others from committing similar
    acts . Penn state gets punished so that the attitudes will be changed and that other universities see how letting a football first mentality can hit them in the wallet and in prestige.
    You can bet that every university int he Big ten is house cleaning right now , literally.
    The Sandusky’s of the football world better run and hide. Jerry should be in a very dark place and experience what he has administered on his victims repeatedly.

  35. Ruth

    I love you Fish.

  36. cc

    Somehow that statue should be incorporated into an episode of Mythbusters.

  37. I like how certain people can ignore pedophillia when it’s connected to something they love. Religion, football, celebrities etc. Double standards are a hell of a thing.

  38. Joe Paterno Statue
    Commented on this photo:

    just coincidence for a fsu t-shirt with bobby bowden now becoming the “most winningest coach in college football history?” i think not.

  39. Meh

    I love how you guys keep harping on how they should have gotten the “death penalty.” Truth: what the NCAA threw at PSU today will cause lasting damage to that program for much, much longer than the sanctions will last. Penn State would have come out of this better if they had been given a forced year off. I’m banking that university is looking at about 20 years before their program recovers. I’ve got nothing for Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno and whoever else had anything to do with this hideous scenario, but it’s a vicious punishment that the entire program will suffer because of the actions of a few people. Doesn’t seem right. Just saying.

  40. Logic

    This is stupidity on the part of the NCAA and society in general, talking about “how they would help the children” but failing to see the opportunity to fix a wrong. So you wipe out 11 years of records, all AFTER Sandusky left. You punish innocent kids who were like 7 or 8 years old when Sandusky was fired, they probably didn’t even know him. Meanwhile, Sandusky (the actual rapist) keeps his 3 National Championship Rings? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense…………… Then the NCAA pockets 60 million for their own corrupt organization. Why not let these innocent football players and kids now keep their team, make PSU spend every cent of football revenue for the next 4 years on charities, helping children, etc? Aside from letting a community try to find redemption for the sins of something that happened almost 15 years ago., Do you know what $500,000,000 could have done to make the world a better place. If people really cared about the welfare of children they would have seen this opportunity and been outraged. It just shows how full of shit most people are, and how fake the NCAA is. Shame, could have gone a long way to fixing a wrong… this accomplishes nothing.

  41. Jeremy

    I am a true Penn State fan, I am disgusted right now to be a true fan, Here are the facts the way I see them. Joe and Penn State told the Pennsylvania State Police about the shower incident, The police conducted a investagation, The evidence was taken to the DA and no charges were filed. Joe didnt turn a blind eye at first but clear pressure from people with more influence than god changed that. There is much more evidence that proves this is one of the worst cover-ups since Lee Harvey Oswald was given a bolt action rifle and asked to pose with said weapon. I will always love Penn State and we will be better someday, dont give me that bleeding heart shit about Joe is being too harshely punished or the NCAA made an example of us. We are damn lucky that Beaver Stadium is still standing and we are even able to play any game at all. May God help with the healing, Because Penn State sure didnt!!!!!!

  42. Born Again Quaker

    Penn State sucks. And so does U-Penn for that matter too (my old alma mater). I should have gone to a cheap public school and gotten the same education for far less. Oh well FUCK THE SHITTANNY LIONS! AND FUCK THE QUAKERS! I like the Steelers though. They’re cool.

  43. Joe Paterno Statue
    Turd F. Jr.
    Commented on this photo:

    Two thumbs up, Buttman!

  44. I can’t believe everybody that is trashing such a fine man as
    JoePa-thetic. Or is it JoePa-thletic? Isn’t certainly isn’t JoePa-ethical. But JoePa-terno’s turn to get Jerry Sanduskyed does have a ring to it. Of course I mean all of these things in the nicest way possible.

  45. Where is my white out so I can get rid of the extra “Isn’t”?

  46. Joe Paterno Statue
    Commented on this photo:

    Enabler? What does that mean anyway? The way you use the word, walking next to a pedie on the sidewalk would make you an enabler. It’s become a meaningless word. Which fits this well, this is a meaningless slideshow.

    And if you believe the Fleece Report proved anything besides Paterno knew of the 98 & 2001 incidents, then you are a birther candidate.

    • Janiece Senn

      So your saying because he only was confronted with the fact that his side kick was raping boys two times he was not such a bad guy? He allowed this pervert to flourish and rape more boys for only 14 years so give him a break because he got teams to win games even if his coworker was raping them and he chose to turn the other way. This is shameful and yes the man enabled the pervert access and immunity for rape. That is fact and he had to face that fact before he died in shame.

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