Joe Paterno’s Wins Vacated From The Record Books, Statue Pulled Down

“I survived the Batman shooting for this? Goddammit, dad…”

After the Freeh Report hit, even the most die-hard of Joe Paterno fans remained quiet in light of damning evidence that showed he not only went along with “humanely” allowing Jerry Sandusky to walk free to protect the university but also knew of a prior 1998 incident making his actions (or inaction if we’re splitting hairs) in 2002 even more despicable. That all ended this weekend when word got out that Penn State was having Paterno’s statue removed (Which it did without incident Sunday morning.) and fans flocked to have their picture taken and cry over a man who let kids gets raped because FOOTBALL. Ironically, some of them threatened to barricade the statue with their bodies which is more than Joe Paterno did to stop child rape, but I’m sure he was just busy being the winningest coach ever. Except, surprise, he’s not anymore because the NCAA just vacated all of Penn State’s wins from 1998 to 2011 this morning. ESPN reports:

The NCAA has hit Penn State with a $60 million sanction, a four-year football postseason ban and a vacation of all wins dating to 1998, the organization said Monday morning.
“These funds must be paid into an endowment for external programs preventing child sexual abuse or assisting victims and may not be used to fund such programs at the university,” the NCAA said in statement.
The career record of former head football coach Joe Paterno will reflect these vacated records, the statement continued.
Penn State must also reduce 10 initial and 20 total scholarships each year for a four-year period, the release said.

Apparently this was an “unprecedented” sanction by the NCAA considering nothing like this has ever happened before. (See? You’re still #1 at something, Penn State. Hang that head high.) However, most people who understand college football way better than I do have pointed out this is a slap on the wrist to Penn State who despite creating a culture where children were raped for over a decade, and probably way longer than that, will be allowed to hobble along and then go right back to being a massive money-making behemoth instead of receiving the death penalty which was levied at a school that was paying its players. That’s the real affront to college football because, let’s be honest, the Catholic Church rapes kids all the time and no one makes them stop holding mass for a year. Why make a mountain out of a mole hill?

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