Joe Paterno Sold His House To His Wife For $1 Before Sandusky Scandal Broke

November 16th, 2011 // 112 Comments
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In fairness, he also offered to sell me this stadium for a buffalo nickel.

If there was ever any doubt that Joe Paterno wasn’t aware of his former defensive coordinator, and almost successor, Jerry Sandusky‘s continual and repeated rape of young boys, The New York Times is reporting that in July, just months before the scandal broke, Paterno conveniently transferred full ownership of his house to his wife Sue to the tune of $1. While his lawyer claims it’s just a small element of a “multiyear estate planning program,” other legal experts say it shows the old man clearly knew this flying clusterfuck was coming home to roost:

Lawrence A. Frolik, a law professor at the University of Pittsburgh who specializes in elder law, said that he had “never heard” of a husband selling his share of a house for $1 to his spouse for tax or government assistance purposes.
“I can’t see any tax advantages,” Frolik said. “If someone told me that, my reaction would be, ‘Are they hoping to shield assets in case if there’s personal liability?’ ” He added, “It sounds like an attempt to avoid personal liability in having assets in his wife’s name.”
Two lawyers examined the available documents in recent days. Neither wanted to be identified because they were not directly involved in the case or the property transaction. One of the experts said it appeared to be an explicit effort to financially shield Joe Paterno. The other regarded the July transaction, at least on its face, as benign.

Ever since the grand jury report broke, it’s been heavily asserted that Jerry Sandusky’s predilection for young boys was an “open secret” in State College, and there’s no way that Joe Paterno didn’t know what was happening all these years and therefore quietly condoned it with his silence/minimal action. And now we find out he suddenly transferred his half a million dollar home to his wife mere months before a massive child rape bomb exploded leaving himself and the university open to numerous lawsuits? C’mon. There’s no way that’s coincidental. At this point, I’m actually starting to believe Paterno might be one of the people Sandusky allegedly pimped kids to, as some of you have commented. Granted, I could be wrong, but the way this fucked up train is derailing, it’s literally just a matter of time until we find out the entire football team orchestrated 9/11 if not killed Caylee Anthony while making the stock market crash. “Coach said we get Pizza Hut if that Dow tanks.”

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  1. Cock Dr

    Evidence suggests coach is a lying piece of shit looking to cover his own backside.
    Just like a lot of other folks in that cursed sports program.

    • you know, jerry sandusky ultimately can blame the science of his brain. or maybe he was raped as a kid himself. he’s clearly not chemically normal. the rest of them however did all this CYA shit with clear minds. every day you have to wonder what surprise is coming next

      • Cock Dr

        They told themselves that they were doing it for the school; for the precious money-making team.
        Somehow a very very fucked up mindset took over on that campus…no one was willing to speak up for those poor kids. What a bunch of self-serving assholes.

    • Mike Walker

      This site is satirical so I can’t take any of this seriously.

  2. jenyjenjen

    I said this was the case the other day, it will come out they have all shielded their assets. Just wait.

  3. Donald Trump

    I hope JoePA burns in hell for this inaction and enabling a child predator. The man is a piece of shit, and so are the douche bags that support him.

    • Jupe

      He is a piece of shit. How can anyone condone these actions.He should have fired him and made sure the law went after him.

  4. Venom

    What a scumbag.
    I am telling you, I think he might have been molesting little kids too, I think that there might have been quite a few others that were too.
    Is the FBI involved in this yet, because they need to be at this point.

    • Donald Trump

      I agree with you. If he wasn’t, he certainly foresaw himself being sued in some way over his inaction – hence the selling of the house, and whatever other financial arrangements he made.

    • Sliver

      Agreed. And people in high places sink real low.

  5. Terry

    Now people are just looking for things to be mad about. This is getting pathetic, Fish. No one cares anymore, this story is a non-event. Let it go. I feel sorry for all the losers who think that an elderly man using estate planning is a nefarious event. It’s not. JoePa did nothing wrong.

    • Donald Trump

      Fuck you Terry. If you don’t think protecting your assets (especially selling your home to your wife for $1.00) are the actions or an innocent man, you’re more fucked up that anyone here can ever explain to you.

    • Donald Trump

      Terry you must be in favor of child rape if you think JoePA did nothing wrong. Maybe you’re one yourself?

    • Venom

      Normal people put the house in a trust in their wife’s name and they do it from the beginning, not when they are 84 years old and days/months away from a scandal breaking.
      I am supposed to believe that Paterno all of a sudden decided to finally do estate planning at the ripe old age of 84?

      • Terry

        Elderly people looking to avoid probate in case of death do this. No smoke, no fire. Only an idiot thinks there is a crime here. Face it, JoePa is innocent of any wrong doing. I am sorry you are all so blinded by your ignorance to realize the truth.

      • stevebeagle

        c’mon man,,the timing is the 800 pound Gorilla in the room..

      • POWW

        You probably are correct but what about the wife? Does she deserve to go down also? Most of you probably cannot relate to
        a woman that is in her 80′s. What comes to mind is a woman from a different era that probably worshipped the ground he walked on, did everything for him and questioned nothing. Sad but probably true. Does she deserve to be homeless? Protecting her is about the only thing redeemable about Ol Joe at this point.

    • Indeed

      Terry = child rapist. Math is fun.

    • stratacat

      stop feeding the trollz

    • jenyjenjen

      Just go kill yourself you mindless sports-bot.

    • BE

      The constant references to this being old news from these Penn Staters has me wondering this wasn’t one of those “open secrets.” But either way, it’s obviously very big, includes a lot of people who have yet to be investigated and has a lot of money involved.

      As for Paterno AND Spanier, I am personally sick of people aspiring to such high ranking jobs then acting like that position doesn’t require handling difficult situations and with difficult choices just such as this. They get paid the big bucks to handle these, not just pass the buck and do nothing. If promoting McQueary for his inaction and silence is the best Paterno and Spanier they could do, then they too should be prosecuted to the full extent of any law they can go after them with – Gross negligence comes to mind.

      I doubt any of them are going to have financial difficulties. From watching the kickback, there are just too many (sick) supporters (like you Terry) that will find ways to make sure they don’t suffer too much once the media frenzy begins to die down.

      • Selling your house to your wife is not “estate planning”, it’s asset protection…and a fairly desperate attempt as well, not likely to succeed.

        All he had to do to make sure his wife had proper ownership in event of his death was to put her name on the title, or establish a trust or even just a will.

    • TerryTroll, “elderly people” who “want to avoid probate” set up their assets in a trust. If Paterno’s estate is as complex as his lawyer would have you believe, they’ll be avoiding probate this way.

      It’s a moot point, though – if Sue Paterno’s name’s on the deed – and since he sold her his “share” for $1, it appears that she is, she’d be a co-owner and joint tenant, so when Paterno died she’d own it outright through rights of survivorship. There would be no “probate” on that portion of the estate. And that means theer’s even less reason to turn it over to her for a buck – outside of trying to minimize his assets to legal exposure.

    • kimmykimkim

      For the record, Terry, I’m one of the idiots that thinks this guy did a lot wrong and is obviously trying to cover his own ass. See McFeely’s comment. And lick my sphincter.

    • Fribble

      Men put all their assets in their wife’s name all the time. The wife usually outlives the husband, so when he dies there’s no estate tax to pay. The wife gets to keep the things they earned instead of giving the $$ to Husein Obama.
      A common estate planning tactic. “Lawrence A. Frolik, a law professor at the University of Pittsburgh” should be disbarred for being so damn ignorant of basic planning.

      • wtf

        I don’t know how it works in the U.S., but here if the house is joint spousal property, there are no estate taxes to pay. The only thing he would have to do is make sure that the house is legally registered as joint property. I would be very surprised if it wasn’t that way there. This is very suspect timing. You can bet your sweet ass he is trying to make sure he still has a home after the lawsuits are all wrapped up. He deserves to lose it all, his wife doesn’t, that is unless he confided in her and she kept quiet too. Anyone who knew about this and kept their mouth shut is just as guilty as Sandusky.

  6. I’m going to let the courts decide. That’s how we do things here. Now, can we get back to crotch shots of Lindsay Lohan getting out of a car?

    • stratacat

      no wonder you’re so fucked up. who else BUT a child molester would ever want to see LiLo’s crotch shot.

      • I was gonna say someone into grannyporn. Lindsay’s looking like she’s aged a few decades recently. But it’s not just the age, it’s the mileage.

      • Schmidtler

        maybe that’s the elusive cure for pedophilia – force the offender to stare at LiLo’s fire crotch until they’ve lost all desire to reoffend? maybe unconstitutional as ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment though.

    • stratacat – you missed the point. This is Superficial, not CNN.

      • Sliver

        I happen to enjoy this coverage via Superfish. I don’t want to go to effing cnn or wherever and get depressed. Most of the posters here are anti-pedo, just as I am, and the comic relief and commisseration makes me feel better. Plus, the comments are fricken’ unmatched. Plus, I get to learn a little about law, mostly from justifiable. Works for me.

  7. Nicole

    I don’t see a thing wrong with this. His wife didn’t do anything wrong. If he saw lawsuits coming, then I think it makes perfect sense that he would want to make sure they wouldn’t lose their home. They are in their 80s. Secondly, the university has millions of dollars in insurance money. While Sandusky’s conduct will likely be deemed “intentional” and “outside the scope of employment” and thus not covered by insurance, Paterno and the others were carrying (or not carrying) out guidelines set in place by the university. In other words, its unlikely that they would get to his personal assets. But just in case, I think it was simply a smart thing to do so his elderly wife isn’t left without a home because of this mess.

    • Terry

      Considering no one has been convicted of anything anyway, I think we should operate under the presumption of innocent until proven guilty, especially with regard to benign moves like this that are really quite common among the elderly. There are those who would apparently rather live under sharia and stone him immediately, but those people are unamerican trash. They have no sense of morality or justice.

      • Nicole

        I think you are confusing the issue here. He doesn’t have to be found guilty to be found liable. Signing over his house has to do with civil lawsuits. I agree that he is innocent until proven guilty. But the standard in a civil case is much lower (more likely than not) (see OJ Simpson). The fact is that his will or intestate succession would give the house to his wife if he wanted that. No need to sign it over unless you are trying to void assets. Again though, its just a prudent move, innocent or guilty, liable or not liable, so that his wife and family can keep their home regardless of how this turns out.

      • Reading is Sexy

        Talk about willful ignorance. I’m sure you know what a Grand Jury is, and are deliberately refusing to understand the implications here. They don’t hand down indictments like candy, and they aren’t called over simple misdemeanors or a single felony violation.

        Or it’s possible you really are that stupid. So, yes, no one has been convicted. Yet. But an indictment is pretty much saying, “If we take this to trial, someone’s gonna leave in handcuffs.” It’s a legal tactic to force the defense to take a plea agreement.

        Try reading the Grand Jury’s indictment. It’s pretty clear on what happened. All you’re doing is defending the people who aid & abet child rapists. Which means you’re the idiot w/ no sense of morality or justice.

    • rough by design

      Aww you see, who says “JoePa” was incapable of providing of planned safety, shelter, comfort, and protection. Put this question to rest please.

      • BE

        Yes – Joe Pa cares about Joe Pa and not the long line of victims that have suffered mental and physical scarring as a result of Joe Pa caring more about his “legacy” than anyone not related to him.

        You’re all right. The man’s a saint. Setting up to defraud Medicaid and the Penn Probate court, I can see how we’d all be confused about his motives. After all, Paterno’s finaly taking action somewhere, huh?

    • BE, you can’t “defraud” probate, but you can avoid it altogether through setting up a trust for your assets. This was clearly done to divest himself of part of his assets in the face of the civil trials to come.

      The fact that he saw it coming back in July and did this shrieks of what Vince Bugliosi termed “consciousness of guilt”.

      • Schmidtler

        hey ‘redingissexy’ – you are ignorant of what a grand jury is, and what a grand jury indictment means. All it is, is the prosecutor goes before a panel of layperson jurists, puts forth the evidence they have against an accused, regardless of whether that evidence is substantiated or not, regardless of whether that evidence would even be admissible in court, and the jurists task is to determine whether, assuming everything the prosecutor has said is entirely true, if there’s enough there that the prosecutor would have a fair chance of convicting the accused at trial. No one speaks on behalf of the defendant, no evidence is presented to rebut the prosecution. It is a common phrase that ‘you could indict a ham sandwich’.

      • BE

        justifiable – I am merely saying – from all the excuses that this was merely “estate planning” – that the methodology – in light of the many – if you’ll forgive me – more legal options is actually wrong.
        And yes, you can (generally) avoid probate altogether. Sadly, there are circumstances where people will be required to pay probate and will try an cheat – just as people defraud the IRS. Although this instance in particular should not make anything necessary – mind you I was not licensed in Pennsylvania – but the states are generally pretty similar on such common areas.

  8. Tuppy

    Many, many people have adopted sports as their religion in this country, complete with huge stadium cathedrals and child-molesting priests, I mean coaches. This cynical machination on the part of an “innocent” really should remind fans that practically no one in these kinds of organizations gives a crap about the people that worship them… Just keep the money rolling in!

  9. rough by design

    Uh oh did Paula seek pit bull lawyer Marty Singer on the superficial ass?

  10. lily

    that is shady, but who knows why he sold the house…he is 84 years old and who knows how his health is after all….what i dont understand is how he and the others did not see this coming. joepa and the rest of those clowns testified in front of the grand jury more than a year ago regarding this situation, they HAD to have known it was coming. why joepa didnt just retire after last season is beyond me…this whole situation just keeps getting worse and more depressing for penn state. my heart goes out to the victims. joepa and the rest of the cowards involved should be ashamed of themselves, and deserve everything thats coming their way.

    • His health would have no bearing on his selling his half to his wife – since it appears she’s on the deed she’d own it outright on his death, there is no motivation here outside of asset divestiture.

      Paterno didn’t retire because guys like him figure they can do as they please, they own the place, and they can brazen out anything because, as you read here, iIt’s football”. If Paterno retired before he were damn good and ready [read: carried out in a pine box], it would mean there was a reason, as in he’d done something wrong. He did was the bare minimum of what was legally required of him, so how could he be “wrong”? Impossible.

      I hope he can be convicted of obstruction of justice and has to live in a cozy pied-a-terre with some bars where he can finally “retire” once and for all. And by retire, I mean “carried out in a pine box”.

  11. Melanie

    I hope old Joe goes to prison and is sodomized in the shower!!!! I hope the victims sue his pants off!!!!

  12. Johnny P!

    In related news, JoePA has been trying to unload his “esteemed reputation” (including all pennants, trophies, press clippings, accolades) for bargain basement prices.
    Joe: “The whole thing! One buck! Whaddya think?”
    Garage-sale shopper: “Oh, I dunno… it all looks kinda tarnished”
    Joe: “You’re breakin’ my balls! Ok, tell ya what: Seventy-five cents! No? Fifty cents and I’ll throw in this toaster-oven! C’mon, it’s over 40 years of work you’re lookin’ at here! “

  13. hubja

    The Penn State footbal team is really the illuminati!!!

  14. Dave Mustaine

    Look at the pic above of Paterno again.

    To the guys: Now picture him giving you a warm, wet BJ. No teeth.

    • baldoot

      Which would be mildly amusing if Joe Paterno was actually being accused of having sex with young boys. Only he isn’t. He’s accused of not taking thorough action when Sandusky was doing it.
      But, whatever…
      Enjoy your fantasies, dude!

    • +25 for use of the phrase “fondue head”.
      -125,000 for even imagining Paterno’s nose anywhere near your cock, let alone his toothless mouth.
      -250,000 for thinking of “warm” and “wet” without snapping your lunch on your keyboard.
      -175,000,000 for asking anyone else to join you in the above.

      “Fondue head” is taking on a whole new meaning here, and it ain’t one connected with Switzerland.

  15. Brian Wilson

    This used to be a good website. Time to call it quits Fish.

    • BE

      Here’s a novel thought.
      Unsuscribe your RSS feed and then don’t read the links you don’t like.
      As a female, I don’t open the female T&A here.

      You have the exact same option over ANY post.

      Go Fish!

      • Richard McBeef

        If you are not here for the T&A, what are you here for? The Penn State posts?

      • TomFrank

        The Skarsgård, McBeef. The Skarsgård.

      • BE

        Actually McBeef – I believe I located this site a few years ago when Tom Cruise was jumping on couches on the Oprah show. I come back occasionally to see what’s up in the pop culture world and smile at Fish’s take things.

        As a long time Big Ten football fan, nope – I am horrified by all this.

        But I have notices some disturbing trends coming out the internet for the last couple of decades -

        first, mainstream media is manipulated by large corporations – so the internet is it.

        second, the ego-centric attitude when it comes to what people expect and want is getting way out of hand in the sense that one can build their own bubble – where they seem to rot or get into trouble (I’ll expand on that one another time). Let’s just say, it doesn’t appear to bettering society as a whole – the callousness is rampant and often shows in comments – not just here – did you see the Penn State facebook comments?

        third, Fish, IMO – has spent the last eight years or so trying to be something of a voice of reason through all this media worship of personalities who can’t seem to wipe their own butt much less walk and chew bubblegum. The Kardashians? Really?
        It’s sickening that KJ’s biggest audience for that trashy book of her is 13 and 14 year old girls – now there’s a role model for you.

        fourth, the site’s name is the “The Superficial” and used to have a tag line that read “Because you’re ugly” – it has not nor has EVER been T&A ALL DAY for you guys…did ya ever even look at the title?

        Fifth and final – In an internet environment where sponsored sites such as E!, TMZ, etc. promote this madness without question – Fish calls it how we often feel about it.

        The fact that he likes women and posts T&A – well it’s Fish’s blog – nothing says I have to look at it – huh? Remember I could just as easily complain about the T&A but that’s Fish’s choice not mine.

  16. Jaba

    Its the tip of the iceberg… more universities to follow. Presidents and athletic directors across the country are trying to CYA right now.

  17. Deacon Jones

    This whole “scandal” has been brewing ever since May.

    It’s been well known, at least within the State College community, that this grand jury investigation was being conducted. So it was on the horizon for months when he sold it in July.

  18. D-chi

    Wait so, regarding the Paula Abdul thing. Did someone try to bring suit against Fish? Because I saw that disclaimer. Clearly some people called the wambulance on him. No one can take a joke these days.

  19. It’s not a big deal. It’s just a standard estate planning transaction. I wrote about it more here.

    • BE

      David – you obviously have NO estate planning experience whatsoever.

      If there was a trust – for this to legitimately protect the estate – it would have to be transferred INTO the trust and not his wife’s name. In light of the fact that a trust wasn’t used – trustee only means if his wife outlives him, Paterno tagged her to handle the estate probate.

      There are only 3 potential reasons to perform this transfer:

      Medicaid fraud – since Medicaid has FEDERAL RULES administered by every state and the look back period is now five (required) to ten years (some states) – then this really isn’t that hot of an idea. The two lawyers who don’t want their names attached to this know that -hence the anonymity. At best – it’s fraud.

      Avoid PA Probate – Again, given the attorneys surrounding Paterno – there are so many better ways to avoid sending a property through probate. And, since they’re still married this doesn’t make any sense either.

      Protect assets from litigation. Give that man a cigar! PA is one of the states that still maintain spousal assets are separate and therefore untouchable from litigation.

      For all the buzz about Joe Pa’s reputation and legacy – this just doesn’t make him look like the kindly old grandfather and coach as touted.

      So everyone

      • DaveR

        I’m an estate attorney.

        You are completely wrong.

        Transfers of real estate in trust are made via a deed to the Trustee of the trust.

    • Actually David is right on. When assets are transferred to a trust, the documents always show them being transferred to the trustee of the trust, for without a trustee, there is no trust. Every revocable living trust I have seen, and I have seen a lot, has all the assets being transferred for $1. I am sure this was a smple case of estate planning. I would also bet money that there is a revocable living trust set up for his wife where she transferred her assets to Joe as trustee for her trust.

      Note: I still think the guy is a dirtbag for not doing to stop child rape. But I seriously doubt this estate planning had anything to do with the rape issue.

      • People forget that many people do this as well for estate equilization. JoePa probably has a massive pension, and he and his wife needed to to some estate equilization of his estate. I get that there are portability provisions, but no one knows how they will play out, or if they last past 2013, so better to be safe than sorry.

        For those claiming it was done solely for asset protection, think again. Pennsylvania has a tenancy by the entirety, also known as concurrent ownership. This would protect from any claims against JoePa because his wife also co-owns. And this defense pretty much shoots down any claims of fraudulent transfer. Keeping the home owned jointly would have shielded it from creditors under Pennsylvania law. There was clearly another reason.

      • BE

        Not in my state. Over here we have to make the primary owner the Trust, not the Trustee.

        In fact, using the original owners name on a deed keeps it outside of the trust and subjects that asset to (most likely) unnecessary probate.

        The trust acts as an entity unto itself. But no matter, spousal privilege here – even in probate – would make that transfer superfluous because it’s understood that the home should go to the surviving spouse without probate taxes.

        So what’s the law in Pennsylvania?

  20. forrest gump

    psst: please look at the man’s face.

  21. Gaby sicard

    Joepa forever. Get your facts from grand jury and not from biased media before you make judgements. And to say supporters are douchebags? Okay, we’ll that’s completely inept thinking that supporting one thing makes thousands of people douchebags. You need to look at things from all views and see how things play out before you make comments that make you look uneducated because if you didn’t know many people did know and didn’t tell the police not jus joe and he did tell the campus police, the head, and the athletic director.

    • Geez, aside from “we’ll” for “well” and “judgements” for “judgments” and one huge long run-on sentence full of incoherencies and lacking in punctuation, (Paterno informed the toilet? That was what you meant by “head”, right?) you’re the perfect representative of the best that Penn State has to offer in this crisis, both in scholarship and deductive reasoning.

      3.6 GPA, amirite?

    • Donald Trump

      You obviously support child rape. How nice for you.

  22. Jim Jones

    OK. Paterno is officially a piece of shit. And all those wishy-washy sports casters saying he wasn’t getting a fair shake can go take a shower with Sandusky

  23. DaveR

    Todd, long time reader, first time poster. I think you might want to stick to commenting and concluding on things you actually know about.

    (1) There are PLENTY of valid reasons to make this transfer. I do it all the time, as, given that I do estate planning, IT IS MY JOB. It can be a transfer to maximize your estate tax credit upon death by not “wasting” a spouse’s credit due to an insufficient estate. It could be to simplify probate. It could be, as Mr. Shulman, for Medicaid planning purposes. It could be for a lot of things. Gifts (and a bargain sale like this is a gift) to a spouse, directly or in trust, are not subject to gift taxation (you are never taxed on a gift to a spouse, ever), so it’s a common, common planning tool.

    (2) And yes, one out of many of the things it could be for is asset protection purposes. However, in this case you’re saying that this was done because he “knew” that he’d be sued over this. Except… that doesn’t work. If you transfer assets out of your name with knowledge of potential liability, those assets are reachable by a successful litigant. If you want to protect assets from lawsuits — and this is something that doctors do all the time — you put them offshore, where a US court judgment cannot be enforced. You don’t give them to your wife. And you can’t put your Pennsylvania home into an offshore trust. So the asset protection you’re trying to impute in this case is impossible to actually achieve.

    • Heiny inspector

      Does anyone besides me think there are too many lawyers and wanna be’s posting here?

      • Schmidtler

        yes, please, let’s limit our discussion of legal issues to only the hysterical and uninformed!
        can we all agree that every post from anyone having any actual knowledge or insight should be met with a response accusing them of diddling children?

    • TomFrank

      Pretty sure this isn’t “Todd”‘s site.

    • BE

      Well – the inherent issue seems to be that different rules for different states. As the article doesn’t make Pennsylvania law exactly clear – everyone is judging based on their own states rules on such a transfer.

      Sorry peeps – didn’t know Pennsylvania was like that…

  24. Runes

    So JoePa sold his house to his wife for a buck, eh?
    Let’s hope JoeMama opens her eyes to her husband’s tacit complicity in child rape and sues him for divorce and 50% of everything.
    Not counting the house, she already owns that!

  25. Trina

    Now that you mention it, Joe Paterno does look like the child rapist that killed that little girl (turned prostitute) in Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train” video. Check youtube, minute 1:41. (I’m not saying he IS, just saying the resemblance is creepy.)

  26. Keep it Positive

    Hell is on earth! I am so disgusted with these selfish, vile people. : (

  27. JoePa Sucks

    So are the douchebag students of Penn State gonna riot some more over this news??

  28. Heiny inspector

    Can’t we get some of these lawyers to comment on the amazing disappearance of the Happy Valley DA? And why he chose not to prosecute? Surly there were tough child abuse laws on the PA books when Ray Gricar decided not to prosecute? And why did he remove his hard drive before he threw himself and his laptop into the mighty Susquehanna? Inquiring minds wanna know.

  29. PA Attorney

    For the record, a house held by Husband and Wife in PA is held as tenants by the entireties. It is already shielded from creditors. They are only able to place a lien on the property not force its sale or anything else. In PA a creditor only gets paid if the innocent spouse dies first and the home becomes sole property of the debtor spouse.

  30. The Royal Penis

    Why can’t some of the infamous Chicago thugs beating up random people on trains and in the streets mosey over to Paterno’s house and actually do what they “do” for good reasons for once?

  31. Knute Rockne

    Say it ain’t so Joe. Say it ain’t so. There is really no legal reason to put his house in his wife’s name, unless you are trying to hide your assets. This whole Penn State mess makes me sick. The one moral thing that the powers to be at Penn State could do now is close down the football program for a whole year. Oh, let’s see that would take moral courage (something that is lacking at Penn State).

  32. Still Proud Penn Stater

    I wish the media would do their homework before they post dribble like this. Joe and Sue Paterno were joint owners of the house so the house already could not be seized in a civil lawsuit. Joe is 15 or so years older than his wife. This was a part of their estate planning. I got news for the uninformed media and their followers. Joe has a beach house in Avalon, NJ that is worth millions (maybe 3 mill). Guess what? The house is only in his name. The house Joe sold his share to his wife for a buck is estimated at 500,000+. These people are trying to spin everything Joe does as evidence of something.

    It took the media 12 days to figure out that that scumbag Sandusky lives so close to an elementary school that the playground is touching his backyard. They were too busy treating Joe as the bad guy totally forgetting about the piece of trash Sandusky. Sandusky, Curley, Shultz , and Spanier deserve everything they will get but JoePa and McQueary has taking too much heat in this mess. They followed proper protocol at the University. I know a Notre Dame fan that hates Penn State. His wife works at Lehigh University in PA and according to her they have the exact same protocol and if they take action themselves, they would be fired. They have to pass it up the ladder and MUST leave it up to the higher ups to handle the situation.

    • Runes

      “…deserve everything they will get but JoePa and McQueary has taking too much heat in this mess.”
      They teach Engrish at Penn?

    • TomFrank

      I suppose now it’s the playground’s fault for touching Sandusky’s backyard, and not the other way around.

    • Sliver

      ” They followed proper protocol at the University.” Wait–WHAT? Is that all people do these days is the bare minimum? P.s. I would be willing to get fired in order to report a crime of such a serious nature like this. Protocol (or taking military orders) means shit when basically someone’s life is on the line. Especially that of a child, who will be permanently imprinted with memories that will forever haunt them.
      Ok, where is the KILL button for humanity? I know I left it here somewhere….

    • BE

      Here’s where that theory goes awry. After reading every word of the grand jury testimony, remembering that JoePa was a sprightly 71 at the time, JoePa’s influence at the university was and is enormous while not only did it involve JoePa’s department but his NUMBER TWO (intentionall chosen) – it is impossible for anyone (including the grand jury) but a PennStater (apparently) that JoePa wasn’t involved in the coverup and hence tossing the current and future victims aside for reputation. Is this admirable behavior from and admirable man?

  33. Go JoePa

    This, poor excuse for an article, is a fucking joke…dont think not one if u wouldnt do the same damn thing if u werent in his shoes, knowing that shit was about to hit the fan…jackass’s…

  34. Sliver

    I went to a depressing news site, btw (I know, I know) and I found this little juicy tid-bit:
    “People say there might eventually be 20 victims identified in this case, but who knows if the number might not be 200?” said Michael Dowd, a New York lawyer who has represented hundreds of child abuse clients. “The damages sought could total $100 million.”
    -New York Times

  35. lisa

    Ok for pedofiles @ Penn State but not gays. Saw Training Rules on netflix. Documentary about womens basketball coach that discriminated against gays and those accused of associating with gays. Ruined careers. Officials knew and didn’t care.

  36. Cowboy Joe

    Last time I checked, the grad student who watched a few of those Greek wrestling matches in the shower was still on the coaching staff, lookin at a nice fat promo with all the big daddies gone. No little kid should ever be coaxed into takin one for the team like that … But something tells me this whole shitstorm is more about bucks than buggerers.

  37. donald m mason

    fuck joe paterno and sandusky and that little grinning mother fucken little lying bastard that saw everything and did nothing to stop it. i hope all three of you get gang raped in prison by the badest mother fucken black dudes in there. then rot in hell. thanks for the space. don mason

  38. Joe

    Fuck you joe! If kids blow you should blow. You deserve to rot in hell. You ate the most pathetic NCAA coach of all time. Enjoy your legaxy

  39. The article says that it was transfer to her as TRUSTEE. We don’t know who the beneficiaries of the trust are, or if it’s a Personal Resident Trust or some other estate planning vehicle.

    Basically it’s all conjecture.

    - Tom from

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