Joe Paterno Basically Fired From Penn State

November 8th, 2011 // 172 Comments
Joe Paterno
Ben Roethlisberger
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After doing essentially the bare minimum – If not willingly engaging in a massive cover-up – to stop former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky from systematically molesting children through his charity work with under-privileged kids (That’s right, dude was raping kids whose lives weren’t shitty enough.), Joe Paterno is in the process of being fired by Penn State’s board of trustees, according to the New York Times:

Since Sandusky’s arrest Saturday, Penn State — notably its president, Graham Spanier, and Paterno — have come under withering criticism for a failure to act adequately after learning, at different points over the years, that Sandusky might have been abusing children. Newspapers have called for their resignations; prosecutors have suggested their inaction led to more children being harmed by Sandusky; and students and faculty at the university have expressed a mix of disgust and confusion, and a hope that much of what prosecutors have charged is not true.
On Monday law enforcement officials said that Paterno had met his legal obligation in alerting his superiors at the university when he learned of the 2002 allegation against Sandusky. But they suggested he might well have failed a moral test for what to do when confronted with such a disturbing allegation involving a child not even in his teens. No one at the university alerted the police or pursued the matter to determine the well-being of the child involved. The identity of that child remains unknown, according to the Attorney General.
Paterno has not been charged in the matter, but his failure to report to authorities what he knew about the 2002 incident, in which Sandusky allegedly sexually assaulted a young boy at Penn State’s football complex, has become a flashpoint, stirring anger among the board members and an outpouring of public criticism about his handling of the matter.

Good. Awesome. Fuck his legacy. I don’t care what kind of “institution” Joe Paterno supposedly stands for because he tells someone where to throw a piece of leather, but it’s safe to say it fails basically every single tenet of human decency when it responds to the following situation like so:

“Hey, this guy’s raping kids.”
“Yeah.. but football.”

Jesus. It’s child molestation, not your wife asking to take the garbage out. I don’t care how senile you are, it’s a pretty easy distinction. Mostly because of the molesting.

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  1. hbw

    In the shower? Guess it should be Prison Sex University.

  2. BeggingForFish

    Fish, I think I love you. Please, PLEASE – tell us about yourself!!

  3. Winnie

    Love the wanks who came on not to comment on the story, but whether or not Superficial requires some type of AP fact checker. Get a freakin job, did you bombard the NY Post for getting it wrong too?

    Remember what kind of site you’re on? The most awesome c*nty, ridiculously hilarious gossip site in the universe. Did you accidently bring up a news item you read here and quote it verbatim? Well then I believe the dickhead would be you.


  4. PT

    You have no idea what you’re talking about in this post. Joe Paterno is an amazing human being. He has inspired and helped more people in his lifetime that you will ever even dream of knowing. Why aren’t you focusing on Jerry Sandusky, the man who actually SEXUALLY ASSAULTED at minimum 8 children instead of the hero that Penn State students and alum everywhere love and respect. Unlike your shallow site, Joe Paterno has taken to the media reminding people to pray for the children victimized by this atrocity. Get your priorities in line before you disrespect a legend.

    • hownowbrowncow

      His “legend” will forever be marred by the fact that he was content to let his friend bone little boys. This went on for fifteen years and the man clearly knew about it, and even had a concrete incident.

      Whatever “amazingness” you think he has is completely invalidated by his complicity in this. Enjoy your degree from Pedo Sex University.

      • PT

        People outside of Penn State are completely ignorant on this issue. The actions of ONE man do not reflect an entire institution. Joe Paterno is the only one who has taken honorable path since the scandal broke. He has been the only one to respectfully step down and APOLOGIZE. Continue to throw stones, it will not change anyone pride in Penn State.

  5. Wolffen

    Regardless of what happens (and I hope JoePa gets canned like a Tuna for this) this will be a bad stain on PSU and PSU should be ashamed for their lack of handling in this matter. JoePa’s legacy is now toast…he should either be fired, or resign

  6. Mike

    My neighbor told me last night her kids were no longer allowed to wear Penn State sweatshirts and jackets because,in so many words and without actually saying it, others may think they are open for business. Holy shit.
    I went to PSU and I can tell you that the whole town is crooked and that if they just investigate a little deeper,ha, people will be shocked at this cover–up and the timing of it, all the way up to the current governor and the “missing local DA.”

  7. Dave Mustaine

    Its funny how this pedo story and that pedo Michael Jacksons dr. trial was the headlines on basically the same day.

    Look at the 11th degree of masonry, on where and how the get the pure male energy.

    SIck world if you ask me.

  8. Seriously

    If I worked with someone that someone else reported to me as abusive to children (Sodomy or any type of physical abuse) and then I reported it to adminstration… I am pretty sure that I would go one step further if I was NEVER contacted by the POLICE to make my statement and I would check in with the administration and see where we were in the investigation. I would make sure that it was at least reported to the police. JoePa may do a lot for kids, but the 20 or more lives that he allowed to be ruined because he only did “the minimum required of him” makes all of his work irrelevant. It also says a lot about his own character that he continued to work with this person around kids, and boys at that, and did not question it further!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yougotwest

    I have been a big fan of yours for years now because you tell it like it is, always. Props to you for putting shame on JoePa while most people in PA are so quick to defend him because of his dumb fucking coaching legacy. Anyone who covers for a piece of shit like Sandusky should burn in hell with him. Keep doing what you’re doing I love this website

  10. Troy

    There’s alot of fucked up people on here, your blinded by the person (JoePa), He may have told the AD but he was morally wrong. I hope that when another man rapes and ass fucks your 10 yr old son that someone will stand up and bellow it to the village. Doesn’t matter what Joe has done for ND, it all just went to the shitter. He will now be known for harboring a child molester for the rest of his life, this will now be his legacy. Im a big Dan Marino fan and if the same had happened to him I would feel the same. There isnt a crime worse that this and to be able to work beside this person(sandusky) for 10 years is discusting to say the least. It’s our duty to protect all children no matter whose child it is. I almost wonder if all the comments excusing Paterno arn’t molesters themselves, thats the only person who can’t see the wrong in this, people get your head out of your ass. My kids will never go to ND and Im sure there’s alot of others thinking the same. This will be tied to every graduate or anyone having associated with ND. You are now the most discraced university in the country and that’s a crying shame to have this fall on such a great instution. Sad day,

  11. Ken Silver

    Is Jerry Sandusky a Jew?

    Please! Somebody find out

    I bet one G that Jerry was Jewish

    Anyone know? Response appreciated

    • Ken Silver

      His father was jewish.His mother (nee Lee) was a Methodist
      Jerry was brought up as a methodist by his mother

      Evidently his gene gene pool was a bad mixture

  12. Pappy

    What the hell difference does that make?

  13. Ken Silver

    is jeey sandusky jewish

  14. Emma

    Joe Paterno didn’t even witness anything. He was told by McQueary and then he told the people above him…THEY didnt do anything. I hate how the media is blaming Paterno for all of this. Also, I dont think it’s right for McQueary to work this Saturdays game because he was one of the WITNESSES. If anything people should be pissed at him because he should’ve also told police. Granted, Paterno could’ve done more, but what evidence would he go on? He didn’t see anything. He’s would’ve gotten in much more trouble if he just started saying all this stuff without actually seeing any of it or having any real proof. I’ve read so many articles on how he witnessed something or saw something. He DIDN’T. He was told by someone and then Paterno told his supieriors. Now, because his supieriors didn’t do anything they all point the finger at Paterno…and just in time that he got his all time record wins. Why didn’t this come out earlier? Why now? I will say again that he could’ve done more, but to say that he did absolutly nothing is 100% wrong.

    • Sliver

      Sometimes, Emma, you moron, you have to rise above everything to see the truth. From the person who raped the boys to the ones who ignored it or did nothing…all of these freaks had one thing in common, but only one commenter has guessed it so far. If you don’t see it yet, you need to look closer.

  15. private ryan

    we had to kill ‘em to save ‘em sarge

  16. wrath of the lamb

    wrath of the lamb is on its way.

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