Joe Paterno Basically Fired From Penn State

November 8th, 2011 // 172 Comments
Joe Paterno
Ben Roethlisberger
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After doing essentially the bare minimum – If not willingly engaging in a massive cover-up – to stop former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky from systematically molesting children through his charity work with under-privileged kids (That’s right, dude was raping kids whose lives weren’t shitty enough.), Joe Paterno is in the process of being fired by Penn State’s board of trustees, according to the New York Times:

Since Sandusky’s arrest Saturday, Penn State — notably its president, Graham Spanier, and Paterno — have come under withering criticism for a failure to act adequately after learning, at different points over the years, that Sandusky might have been abusing children. Newspapers have called for their resignations; prosecutors have suggested their inaction led to more children being harmed by Sandusky; and students and faculty at the university have expressed a mix of disgust and confusion, and a hope that much of what prosecutors have charged is not true.
On Monday law enforcement officials said that Paterno had met his legal obligation in alerting his superiors at the university when he learned of the 2002 allegation against Sandusky. But they suggested he might well have failed a moral test for what to do when confronted with such a disturbing allegation involving a child not even in his teens. No one at the university alerted the police or pursued the matter to determine the well-being of the child involved. The identity of that child remains unknown, according to the Attorney General.
Paterno has not been charged in the matter, but his failure to report to authorities what he knew about the 2002 incident, in which Sandusky allegedly sexually assaulted a young boy at Penn State’s football complex, has become a flashpoint, stirring anger among the board members and an outpouring of public criticism about his handling of the matter.

Good. Awesome. Fuck his legacy. I don’t care what kind of “institution” Joe Paterno supposedly stands for because he tells someone where to throw a piece of leather, but it’s safe to say it fails basically every single tenet of human decency when it responds to the following situation like so:

“Hey, this guy’s raping kids.”
“Yeah.. but football.”

Jesus. It’s child molestation, not your wife asking to take the garbage out. I don’t care how senile you are, it’s a pretty easy distinction. Mostly because of the molesting.

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  1. biglou

    no way, aint happening, this isnt espn

    • lily

      As a PSU alum, I am shocked/ashamed of my alma mater. they need to clean up shop and fire JoePa and the entire staff involved ASAP. such a shame to ruin a legacy like this, but fuck all of them who failed to do anything when this clearly happened multiple times.

      • RJ

        Me too, Lily. Been taking it hard all day, same with friends. Don’t be ashamed of anyone but the ones who did wrong. Fuck anyone who holds this against more than those people, namely the ignorant pricks out there holding it against the university.

    • LJ

      He made Matt Millin cry. He’ll be gone by Friday.

  2. Nittany

    He wasn’t fired. Where do you get your sports info? Perez Hilton?

    • TomFrank

      The New York Times headline reads, “Penn State Said to Be Planning Paterno Exit Amid Scandal.” Basically, you’re just arguing semantics.

      • Aja

        The Superficial (the site we’re ON) has a headline that says he was fired. He was not. Those are the facts. It may be coming, but he has not been fired as of this headline.

      • TomFrank

        Second paragraph: “The board of trustees has yet to determine the precise timing of Paterno’s exit, but it is clear that the man who has more victories than any other coach at college football’s top level and who made Penn State a prestigious national brand will not survive to coach another season.”

      • Aja

        Sorry, where does it say definitively that he’s been fired as of this moment? No where? Yeaaaah. Then you’re still wrong.

      • TomFrank

        Fine. Bask in the fact that, for a few hours, you were at best technically correct. And when he is eased out, let go, whatever, it won’t make a difference that Fish was early on the trigger.

      • Aja

        No, the NYT report was premature. The only thing Fish did was pass along a report and slap an incorrect headline on it. He even corrected it knowing that. When it comes to NEWS, it either is or it isn’t. Right now, it isn’t. I want the dude fired, don’t get me wrong, but let’s wait until the gavel actually DOES come down before we say it has come down.

    • Aja

      Seriously. I get that this isn’t CNN, but at least check your facts before that headline.

      • Mike

        He failed miserably at being a MAN and for not reporting to the police he should GO TO JAIL. I thought there were laws that if you saw a child being molested that you were required to report it. NO WAY he should get a walk on this. He should be FIRED immediately and anything named in his honor should be renamed.

      • Troy

        He will be fired dumb ass. He will never coach another game.

    • Any Guy

      um, welcome to reality Nittany. great name! i’m sure you’re proud today. when someone is forced to retire because of their actions (or inactions) the REAL world realizes dude was FIRED. ps – fuck Penn State.

    • Venom

      Oh he was fired, but at the level he is at you get to retire or resign so you can salvage your dignity.

    • Colin

      So do you believe it every time Fish uses the headline “So-and-so is Pregnant”? If you’re looking for actual news, that’s your problem for looking here.

    • rican

      Awesomw Fish, you have people coming here to get the news.

  3. *stands and claps*

  4. Derp

    If I wanted sports reports, I’d go to a fucking sports site. I get it’s your site (well, I don’t think that’s even wholly true anymore), but who really gives a fuck what some asinine, senile old fuck “supposedly/allegedly/maybe/etc” does? Are you going to start making a posts about Catholic Priests now, Fish? Might as well be consistent.

  5. Oprahwindfury

    Despite the nose…….Italiansssss……are not jews…

  6. Dave

    I’m sure the douche bag loser who writes this website really has all the facts and fully understands what the situation was to be able to speak of Paterno like that.
    Your right, Paterno is old and senile and will never have accomplished as much as you, which is gossiping like a school girl about people you wish you were

    • Any Guy

      yet ANOTHER butt-hurt (pun intended) Nittany Liars fan.

    • Snack pack

      Go pound sand. Or better yet, have Paterno get one his guys to do it for you. Sounds like you might enjoy that.

    • it had to be said

      Dave, dude, seriously. This is really bad. If Paterno were the man people think he is he’d resign because this all happened under his watch. THAT’S responsibility.

    • J$

      Did you read the Grand Jury Report? He was told by Mcqueary that Sandusky was sodomizing a boy in the shower…all he did was tell the AD and then let the guy hang out for another ten years and NEVER did shit else about it…Paterno is a POS

      • MD

        Awesome, I love how everyone on these boards is blinded by hatred for an old man (Paterno) that’s done nothing but help youth. You misinformed imbeciles! Do some research! Paterno, first of all was never told illicit DETAILS (i.e. Sandusky sodomizing the boy) only that Sandusky’s sorry ass was abusing the boy. Second of all he REPORTED IT TO THE ORGANIZATION AND THE HEAD OF CAMPUS POLICE! Thirdly, it didn’t happen “under Paterno’s watch” b/c Sandusky DIDN”T WORK AT PSU AT THE TIME! Fucking ignorant hate mongers, the lot of you! And yes I’m a butt hurt (no pun intended) PSU fan, but also someone who is willing to listen to the FACTS before passing judgement. Sandusky worked for PSU and I’m sure as shit not defending him!

      • Huh?

        Did you read the grand jury report (I’m pretty sure you didn’t, btw) because that’s not what it said.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        “only that Sandusky’s sorry ass was abusing the boy.”

        And that’s not enough for you?!
        You SUCK. Monster.

  7. Joe Paterno’s Legacy < Tebow

  8. Frank Burns

    Any of this concern about child abuse going to be directed at the Stodden girl?

  9. Richard McBeef

    Why do we care about Penn State football?

    Are there bikini pics?

    Is there an upskirt of the guy or something?

  10. Star Droppings

    Maybe Conrad Murray could be Sandusky’s prison physician. He knows how to take care of these fellas.

  11. skunk

    all the sports websites will sugarcoat this shit, at least Fish is telling the truth. Joe PA is a dirtbag who let his friend molest kids.

  12. Colin

    Wow, a lot of butthurt about this post. Let Fish work, people. This is as close as Pennsylvania gets to celebrity.

  13. Aja

    FALSE Check your facts Fish

  14. Aja

    From Too further chaos, the New York Times reported Tuesday that Penn State is planning Paterno’s “exit” soon. But Scott Paterno (Paterno’s son) fired back on Twitter saying “NYT report premature. No discussions about retirement with JVP.”

    • it had to be said

      Yes, because it will only be “retirement” if JoePa steps to the plate and “retires.” Otherwise it will be dismissal with cause.

    • Yeah, what’s Paterno’s son supposed to say? “I can’t believe my dad effectively condoned the rape of a 10 year old.”

  15. Pooter

    Why didn’t Sandusky just administer some Rohipnol to the co-eds and have his way with them? Why the little boys… I don’t get it

  16. EricLr

    Please, before you guys condemn him, just look at how many games he won!

  17. TomFrank

    “Do you think Michael Jackson is guilty of the charges against him?”
    “No, man. He made Thriller. Thriller.”

    • V

      The difference here, and you have to keep that in mind the next time you call someone a child molester, is that a jury found MJ not guilty of all charges. Unlike here. If you read the 2005 case you would learn that the family was caught lying the whole time and had once played the same trick on the owners of JC Penney. Not the first time they claimed rape from a very wealthy person.

      It’s more fun to say the tragic pop star was also a pedophile, but when you have the facts straight you feel nothing but pity for the poor man. seriously, that family was VILE. what mother uses her son’s cancer for profit?

      • “what mother uses her son’s cancer for profit?”

        You’ll find out as soon as Rob Kardashian gets cancer.

      • TomFrank

        I’m not at all comparing Sandusky or Paterno to Michael Jackson. I’m merely commenting on those people who excuse Paterno’s actions because of all the things he did for Penn State. Which you probably would have realized if you didn’t have a stick lodged so far up your ass.

    • TomFrank

      Okay, I’m comparing them a little bit. So?

  18. Aimee

    So we only get morally outraged about child rape/exploitation if it’s done to boys? If so, bring on more Courtney Stodden pics!!!!

    • Damien Karras

      Uhhh, seriously. It just so happened to be a boy in this case. I’m pretty sure people lose their shit no matter what the gender of the child is who gets raped.
      And Courtney Stodden may have the mentality of a child but is about as close to being a child as my grandmother.

    • it had to be said

      Courtney Stodden. 10 year old at-risk youth. Basically a wash.


  19. I’m with the others, if I want real news (which I don’t) I will go to a “news” website. I come here to look at boobs and make fun of train wrecks.

    With that said, I will wait to pass judgement on Paterno until all the facts are out.

  20. Bobo

    All these self righteous protectors of children- how many of you are proabortion hypocrites?

    • it had to be said

      Shut up, Pedobear.

    • V

      not the same thing, retard.

    • Colin

      So what you’re saying is that everyone who has sex while pregnant/with a pregnant person should be tried for sexual harassment, right? And BTW, there’s nothing self-righteous about saying HEY DON’T FUCK LITTLE BOYS IN THE SHOWER. That’s called common sense. Calling people “proabortion hypocrites” to try to marginalize child rape, THAT’S self righteousness.

    • Me

      “self righteous protectors of children”?!!?!? How the hell could you have a problem with anyone wanting to protect kids, you asshole.

  21. Satan's bitch

    Jesus Christ, whatta bunch of whiners. If I don’t like Fish’s post, I SKIP IT. It’s just not that difficult. You’re reading “The Superficial” ya fuckwits. Get past it or read something else.

  22. Aja

    Thanks for the headline clarification Fish. No doubt he SHOULD be fired, but as of now he’s not.

  23. James

    He hasn’t been fired yet. Your title is wrong. Also there is no need for harsh language if you are trying to write a professional article.

    • it had to be said

      Professional article? You new here?

      • TomFrank

        I think we’re getting a lot of newbies on this post as the Paterno story is just blowing up, and anyone Googling “Joe Paterno fired” gets this page as one of the top five hits (as I write this). Thus Mr. “You don’t need to use such salty language” there.

    • Expert on Everything

      yur dum

  24. V

    so scary the ammount of men out there that would rather stay quiet just to avoid a shitty situation. Those men are COWARDS and enablers.

  25. SFRowGuy

    Gee, when did Penn State become the Catholic Church?

  26. Jesus, this was LONG overdue. Paterno should have retired years ago. Too bad it took a bunch of kids getting fingered to make it happen. Penn State hasn’t won a National Championship since 1985, which is probably the last time JoePa got hard without male enhancement drugs. So he has the most wins…..Big deal. Who wouldn’t coaching 60 fucking years. Besides, he’s a liability on the sidelines. His knowledge of any wrong doing regardless of when it happens seriously tarnishes the image of Penn State’s program.

  27. jackalope28

    After years of reading your site, I’ve never commented until today.


    Hell yeah you should be outraged and indignant that a guy trying to pass as a protector of kids with tough lives (through the circumstances and choices of the parents, NOT THE KIDS) abused them and scarred them for life. To make it worse, there was a systematic covering it up at many levels throughout the Penn State organization in the name of…. football.

    Thanks for being a truly decent person, and I mean that 100% sincerely.

  28. Deacon Jones

    I guess the bigger question is, how much did Joe know?

    What did he hear?

    Did he hear more along the lines of

    “Hey, we caught Sandusky in the shower with some teenager.”
    or more like
    “Hey, Sandusky raped some kid like that scene in American History X”

    Having seen a local story a couple years ago turn into a full blown national story in a couple of hours, I can tell you, half of what this nitwits “write” in the press is all cut and paste.

  29. Longshot421

    Innocent until proven guilty and all that, BUT, if this in fact true, no punishment will be severe enough. The crime itself is reprehensible and depraved. Turning a blind eye to it for the sake OF A FUCKING SPORT?!?!?!? That is an evil that defies description.

    • Colin

      He is innocent, since he technically did what was required of him, and so he’s not being held criminally responsible. But that doesn’t mean that the institution that employs him can’t say, “Dude, that’s fucked up, pack your shit.”

  30. Doctor Joystick

    I live in PA also and your Paterno post is going to be a lightning rod of commentary from your followers ala Ryan Dunn. Not that I give a shit, but if Paterno was willing to turn a blind eye to a ten year old boy getting Deliveranced in the showers by one of his former coaches, what other violations have they been covering up at this program which has made him the winningest coach in college football history? I have an odd feeling we’re only scratching the surface here and are going to find out a whole shitload of other stuff that was taking place.

    Bravo to you for seeing through all the hero worship and calling it like it is. BTW, love the new layout of the site and the zoom feature is dy-no-mite!!!

  31. Expert on Everything

    I couldn’t even be in the same room w/someone who hurt a child on purpose. Let alone the standard by which you measure FUCKED UP -anal rape of a 10 year old boy??!! Paterno MUST be in on it himself and a Bangkok regular. It would haunt your nightmares if you weren’t in on it!! Didn’t Philly fans just win the absolute WORST fans in EVERY sport possible title? -And I’m here in real ass Oakland. Raidernation even makes me piss my panties. What is wrong with you PA (the entire state)?

    • Deacon Jones

      Hey, at least we dont run around like a bunch of monkeys bruning buildings and pulling people out of their cars and beating them over the result of a court trial.

      • Damien Karras

        One day, when I save up enough money, I want to visit real ass Oakland. I hear it’s way fancier than regular Oakland.

      • Randal(l)

        Fuck You Deacon,

        That was us here in Real Ass Los Angeles. I demand an apology


  32. Archies_Leach

    Something very strange about NittanyL fans going beserk on a celeb website called “thesuperifcial”.

  33. I just cant stop roughing you (Ray Charles)

    You sure he wasn’t wooing these kids because he looked Vince Lombardi?

  34. I just cant stop roughing you (Ray Charles)

    Wait! wrong person…recall

  35. All the people commenting on here about not wanting to see this covered on this site are absolute idiots. Fish didn’t attach this post to a brick and throw it through your Goddamn window. When there’s a post I’m not interested in, I just skip it. It’s not that hard.

  36. I’m a PSU student, and honestly, McQueary is the one that witnessed the event, and then told Paterno. Paterno was told no details, so it was McQueary that had the obligation to the go to the cops, not Paterno. What JoePA knew was heresay.

    • it had to be said

      Typical PSU student. If someone even told me that an employee (let alone a friend) was a child rapist, and had created a charity to feed him more children, hearsay or not, I would pursue that issue until it was dead. I would not do the legal minimum required of me. But then, the coach at my alma mater is not the “winningest” in history, so what do I know.

      • Huh?

        Bullsh*t you would go to the cops because you heard that someone else was breaking the law. Maybe if YOU witnessed it yourself, but you’re going to go to the police and accuse someone of something you didn’t see happen with a boy that you cannot identify in any way, shape or form? Bullsh*t.

      • it had to be said

        You must be a PSU grad as well. “Pursue that issue” does not mean call 911 (at least not right away). There is no evidence that JoePa even ever said “hey man, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve been hearing the craziest stuff. We need to talk about this.” Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

        You people are cowards on behalf of a man we now know is a coward.

      • What would YOU do? How would YOU find facts that even the man’s closest friends and WIFE did not know??? Where were you during the Casey Anthony investigation? You should go find baby Lisa!

      • DogBoy

        most relevant comment here. kudos IHTBS.

    • TomFrank

      “Heresay.” Wow, PSU must be some school.

      • TomFrank, I was actually writing in class and getting the evil eye from a professor. I should’ve double checked, but I’m pretty sure my professor was about to throw my laptop out the window.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        If you can actually sit there and do nothing after hearing about something like that, and allow for it to keep happening, then enjoy your sorry, selfish, useless sack of crap life. I hope no one ever helps you.

    • Onyx Blackman

      Read the grand jury finding. McQueary was found to be the only credible person they deposed. He testified that he told Paterno what happened Friday and the AD and VP of Finance a week-and-a-half later. Paterno knew all about it. Fuck giving that octogenerian i-tie a pass.

      • I read the Grand Jury finding. I did NOT see that McQueary told Paterno what happened.

      • hownowbrowncow

        You’re a tard who can’t read then, Bobbie. From page 7 of 23:

        “Joseph V. Paterno testified to receiving the graduate assistants report at his home on a Saturday morning. Paterno testified that the graduate assistant was very upset. Paterno called Tim Curley, Penn State Athletic Director and Paternos immediate superior to his home the very next day, a Sunday, and reported to him that the graduate assistant had seen Jerry Sandusky in the Lasch Building showers fondling or doing something of a sexual nature to a young boy.”

  37. I just cant stop roughing you (Ray Charles)

    Where is the picture of the rapist? Why is he being protected?

  38. “Hey, this guy’s raping kids.”
    “Yeah.. but football.”

    many complaints especially that this belongs on a sports site seem to miss the point. Fish made it clear that this is about covering up molestation not penn state, not college football not the bcs or any other bs but molestation. The chinese people legally don’t help a child some people rightfully scream, then when its an ‘american icon’ its ok to just do the legal things.


    The fossil is going to be 86 in Dec. Retire already Great Grandpa and give someone else a chance (anal rape not included).

  40. Dan

    If this is true I think we just throw him in jail with general population and see what happens.

  41. Donald Trump

    He won’t be fired. He will either “step down” or “retire”. They’re not about to throw out their beloved JoePA and tarnish his legacy with this.

  42. Johnny P!

    Old people!
    They do the darndest things!

  43. stratacat

    are all the other people who did nothing about the CHILD RAPE going to “step down/retire/fuck off” too? just this dude? no one else? no jail time? nothing? and everyone will ignore it because football?

  44. Randal(l)

    Fuck his legacy

    He reported an 11-year-old getting fucked in the ass as “Horseplay” and left it at that because the guy ass raping little children wasn’t technically on his staff anymore.

    Call me an extremist, but if I know someone is butt fucking 10-year-olds in the school shower maybe I would do more than report someone “horseplaing”

  45. Fribble

    “{L}aw enforcement officials said that Paterno had met his legal obligation in alerting his superiors at the university when he learned of the 2002 allegation against Sandusky. But they suggested he might well have failed a moral test…”

    So he tells the administration who are supposed to tell the Campus POLICE, but it’s HIS fault the admins do nothing?
    WTF, Fish? You rip the shit out of him because he did what he was SUPPOSED to do???
    You been taking legal lessons from Glamoria Allred? He told the admins so they could alert the police, as required, What the fuck do you want? He should behead the fucker and then drop his carcass off at your house so you can pour gasoline over it and set it on fire to satisfy YOUR sense of outrage?
    Get a fucking life.

    • RUSerious

      Wow, you don’t think that he could have followed up with the cops to see if they stopped the guy from sticking his needle dick in 10 year olds?

      Joe: “Well, I told the cops about this a year ago…wonder why he’s still having charity meetings in the showers?”

    • Randal(l)

      He told them about some “Horse Play” in the showers. maybe I’m not in touch with the Penn State slang you kids use nowadays, but I think in any language ass fucking an 11-year-old universally translates to something more than “horse play”

    • it had to be said

      Fribble, a decent man would have chased this allegation until it was resolved, one way or another. JoePa did the least he could while his friend raped at-risk youth. Fuck you.

    • Trying To Remain Calm

      There are requirements as an employee and then there are requirements as a human being.

      • BeggingForFish

        ^ ^ This. IF Paterno knew, and IF he just said, “Well, I told someone in authority, so I’m off the hook,” then he has FAILED at being a human. Don’t care how many games he won.

  46. Tuppy

    American football is insanely unsafe even when its coaches aren’t raping little boys in the ass while the institutions they work for systematically condone it. Training for and playing football causes permanent neurological and orthopedic damage to hundreds if not thousands of kids across the U.S. every year, not to mention the huge amount of physical damage done to the freakish “professionals” who play for the NFL.

    Just saying…

  47. Faythren

    Oh Fish, sometimes you make me swoon. You run a site like this but your commentary is brilliant.

  48. Leila

    seriously, i love this article. you got it so absolutely freaking right, it is ridiculous. it would be great if we lived in a world that gave more attention and time to protecting kids than watching the kardashians. if there is an ounce of truth to this story–and it seems clear that there is–this guy should get gangraped by a whole prison football team for the duration of his life.

  49. Maggs, California


    jackalope28 | November 8, 2011 at 3:35 pm After years of reading your site, I’ve never commented until today.


    Hell yeah you should be outraged and indignant that a guy trying to pass as a protector of kids with tough lives (through the circumstances and choices of the parents, NOT THE KIDS) abused them and scarred them for life. To make it worse, there was a systematic covering it up at many levels throughout the Penn State organization in the name of…. football.

    Thanks for being a truly decent person, and I mean that 100% sincerely

  50. Pat C.

    “No one at the university alerted the police or pursued the matter to determine the well-being of the child involved” So what were the names of all the others who heard about this and didn’t call the cops? Why should they get off free while Paterno takes the shaft for them?

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