Joe Paterno Basically Fired From Penn State

After doing essentially the bare minimum – If not willingly engaging in a massive cover-up – to stop former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky from systematically molesting children through his charity work with under-privileged kids (That’s right, dude was raping kids whose lives weren’t shitty enough.), Joe Paterno is in the process of being fired by Penn State’s board of trustees, according to the New York Times:

Since Sandusky’s arrest Saturday, Penn State — notably its president, Graham Spanier, and Paterno — have come under withering criticism for a failure to act adequately after learning, at different points over the years, that Sandusky might have been abusing children. Newspapers have called for their resignations; prosecutors have suggested their inaction led to more children being harmed by Sandusky; and students and faculty at the university have expressed a mix of disgust and confusion, and a hope that much of what prosecutors have charged is not true.
On Monday law enforcement officials said that Paterno had met his legal obligation in alerting his superiors at the university when he learned of the 2002 allegation against Sandusky. But they suggested he might well have failed a moral test for what to do when confronted with such a disturbing allegation involving a child not even in his teens. No one at the university alerted the police or pursued the matter to determine the well-being of the child involved. The identity of that child remains unknown, according to the Attorney General.
Paterno has not been charged in the matter, but his failure to report to authorities what he knew about the 2002 incident, in which Sandusky allegedly sexually assaulted a young boy at Penn State’s football complex, has become a flashpoint, stirring anger among the board members and an outpouring of public criticism about his handling of the matter.

Good. Awesome. Fuck his legacy. I don’t care what kind of “institution” Joe Paterno supposedly stands for because he tells someone where to throw a piece of leather, but it’s safe to say it fails basically every single tenet of human decency when it responds to the following situation like so:

“Hey, this guy’s raping kids.”
“Yeah.. but football.”

Jesus. It’s child molestation, not your wife asking to take the garbage out. I don’t care how senile you are, it’s a pretty easy distinction. Mostly because of the molesting.

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