Joe Paterno Knew About Jerry Sandusky Abuse In 1976: Report

“How’s Joe Paterno? We’re gonna bring that back? Right? How about that whole deal? We do love Penn State.” – Donald Trump, 4/13/16

It’s been a long time since we’ve covered the Jerry Sandusky nightmare that should be a goddamn stench wafting off of Penn State that never goes away even if you’re holding your nose and screaming, “WE ARE!” at the top of your lungs, so let’s cover the basics. Until today, the very best case scenario is that Joe Paterno was made aware of Jerry Sandusky raping children in Penn State facilities in 2001 and informed his superiors that there maybe was some “horseplay” going around. Paterno then immediately went right back to focusing on his football team for the next ten years without bothering to make sure a child molester was brought to justice and not quietly brushed under the rug to protect Penn State. This was the bare minimum required of him by law, which sounds exactly like the actions of a hero coach who needed a fucking halo put back on his mural earlier this year. After being fired, Paterno himself said he said he should’ve done more, only to die two months later, presumably from the guilt. As he should have.

However, that’s the rosiest picture. According to the Freeh Report, Paterno allegedly knew of another incident in 1998 but did nothing to prevent Sandusky from using Penn State facilities or alert coaching staff to maybe watch out for an old guy raping kids in the showers. Which makes it even more shitacular that Patenro gave the bare minimum of fucks three years later with the Mike McQueary incident. “Success with honor,” was clearly just a hollow catchphrase to get a ball moved down a field.

But now things have gotten even worse for Paterno’s legacy thanks to one line in an insurance investigation that bolsters rational people’s suspicions that Paterno knowingly turned a blind eye to Sandusky for decades to protect a football team. Children were being raped – underprivileged children at that – but Penn State football is an institution, dammit. PennLive reports:

The line in question states that one of Penn State’s insurers has claimed “in 1976, a child allegedly reported to PSU’s Head Coach Joseph Paterno that he (the child) was sexually molested by Sandusky.”
The order also cites separate references in 1987 and 1988 in which unnamed assistant coaches witnessed inappropriate contact between Sandusky and unidentified children, and a 1988 case that was supposedly referred to Penn State’s athletic director at the time.

1976. 1976. A full 35 years before anything was done about Jerry Sandusky outside of, “Hey, Jer, maybe rape those kids somewhere else.” I don’t know what else you say here besides what should’ve been said all along. Fuck Joe Paterno. Fuck him right in his goddamn stupid nose until his glasses fall off. I don’t want to hear about his wins or THON or whatever horseshit Penn Staters think might actually justify looking the other way while kids were raped. Joe Paterno could’ve cured cancer, and it still wouldn’t be out of line to expect him not to protect a child molester. You call the cops, they show up, the whole thing maybe takes an hour. For Chrissakes, the guy was a white, male football coach in America. He could’ve called in an air strike if he wanted to protect those kids. But he didn’t.

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