Joe Paterno Fired For Real This Time,
A.K.A. ‘Scapegoated’ In Moron Talk

November 10th, 2011 // 200 Comments
Joe Paterno
Mike McQueary
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“You saw 10-year-olds raped in the shower? — Ah, well. So, listen, on this next play…”

While Photo Boy stuffs the site full of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show pics, let’s take a minute to check in on ol’ Joe Paterno who announced his retirement yesterday and planned to finish the rest of the season except Penn State’s board of trustees had other plans and fired him effective immediately along with Penn State president Graham Spanier at 10 p.m. last night. And because we live in the greatest country on earth where football is basically religion now, a riot broke out in downtown State College by a bunch of jackasses who think sports are more important than making a growing list of child rapist enablers pay for being.. well, child rapist enablers. Except that dumb wasn’t contained to just Happy Valley, and if you’re like me you were slapped in the face on Facebook or Twitter with football worshipers acting like Joe Paterno was innocently nailed to a cross like Christ himself. So let’s address some of the more prevalent horseshit lines coming out of this thing, and keep in mind these are actual defenses I’ve heard from friends:

“Joe Paterno is a scapegoat!”
Yes, because clearly Joe Paterno is the only person suffering any consequences for this whole debacle, and he’s not one of at least five people as of this post either fired and/or arrested. That was just a mirage.

“If you’re yelling more loudly for Joe Paterno to be fired than for Jerry Sandusky to be strung up by his balls, you’re an idiot.”
This one boggles the mind and I saw this one repeatedly. Apparently if you support Joe Paterno being fired for letting this happen in his house, you’re sitting back going, “Now that Sandusky fellow, he’s alright…” Incredible logic.

“Why is no one calling for Mike McQueary to be fired?!”
You have to admire the simpletons that try to turn this into an either/or situation thanks to a brain mushified from watching men in tights move a ball down a field four hours on end. You can want Paterno fired AND McQueary fired at the same time. (I just blew your mind, I know.) They should both go down, especially McQueary who apparently sees kids being raped and doesn’t go, “Hey, stop raping that kid.” How do you even justify that? “Well, your honor, the old guy might accidentally bump into my pants with his naked erection. My hands were tied.”

“We just sacrificed an old man for a witch hunt. That’s what our society has come to.”
If holding every complicit motherfucker who let kids get raped to protect the reputation of a goddamn sports team accountable is a witch hunt, give me a Pilgrim hat and call me Miles Standish.

“But Joe Paterno’s legacy! Sixty years of coaching and this is going to be how he’s remembered?”
Kids. Got. Raped. Apparently that’s not as important as making sure a guy who devoted decades to a meaningless game is remembered as a dear, sweet grandfather type and not as an egomaniacal, good old boy who decided to quietly treat child rape like people in the 1950s treated spousal abuse to protect his “legacy.” Seriously, just fuck your hero worship. Right in the butt.

“I feel bad for Joe PA. Oh, and it’s a shame about the kids.”
Look back through your Facebook and/or Twitter feed and notice how many times you see that statement with the part about the kids added as an afterthought. “No, not the football coach! — Oh, right, those kids. I guess they kind of got it bad, too.” Priorities, America haz them.

I could go on and on with this, but bottom line, Joe Paterno was one of many, many people who covered up child rape to protect a fucking sports team and, surprise, he made himself the face of Penn State football, so of course he’s going to be the biggest target. That’s the price of a “legacy.” And if you’re looking at this situation going, “But he won so many games!” you’re part of the problem, I hope a professional athlete rapes your kid so I can go, “But look at those Super Bowl rings!” And I’m serious, you better tell me if it happens.

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  1. Que

    Que estuypdio.

    • That’s the best news I’ve heard all week. They should fucking kill all of those nittany pedo-lions!

      • Vane

        For real!

      • E

        Dont judge the entire University by the actions of a few. For people who are holding court on morals you should know better than to lump those who are innocent and naive in with the guilty.

      • Trillian

        Is there something about ‘all boys’ clubs that just somehow encourage this sociopathic bullshit and then causes them to close ranks to protect the dickwad? Churches, football teams, fraternities – wtf?? T
        o anyone saying, “well he did what he could, he reported it.” would that be sufficient if you found out your kid had been raped? Oh, that guy reported it, I should go give him a big fucking hug right now.

  2. Lightfailure

    “We just sacrificed an old man for a witch hunt. That’s what our society has come to.”
    If holding every complicit motherfucker who let kids get raped to protect the reputation of a goddamn sports team accountable is a witch hunt, give me a Pilgrim hat and call me Miles Standish.

    That seriously is the best line ever. Good show

  3. gingerpie

    this is actually the most well-reasoned blog post i have read about the whole penn state/paterno fiasco. bravo!

    • Norm


    • Capitalist Pancake

      2nd that. It blows my mind that child rape is fine for some people provided their team is winning.

    • Gerttastic

      It really is-so tired of hearing all the apologist/scapegoating BS. He goes down like all the rest of the assholes. And the students last night. Well, pathetic assholes comes to mind.

      • BE

        Paterno obviously ignored the whole situation to protect HIS legacy at this college. That’s the only motivation for taking such a risk in letting it continue. In addition to not wanting to get his hands dirty over this type of scandal. And these students LOVE him for it?

        I just don’t get supporting a psychopath. And all this hooey about innocent until proven guilty about his firing. Paterno’s the head of the frickin’ program. By job definition alone, he’s responsible – at best – for not knowing what’s going on at worst, he has a striped suit waiting for him for conspiracy.

        These are not hard concepts to grasp Penn Staters. Paterno wanted to be manager means he takes the heat. Age, position and wins have absolutely no basis here, morally or in a court of law.

        Unless of course, Paterno’s so senile he can’t wipe himself, much less raise a flag about raping children. But if that’s the case – there’s even more wrong with Penn State than we already see.

  4. Jim

    The problem I have is if you fire Paterno for not following up. Then how can the person who actually say the abuse still keep his job with the university.

    • Dude of Dudes

      That asshole should be fired as well. Possibly sent to prison to experience the crime he did not report first hand.

    • Moron hater

      Hey dumbass. Fish covered that. Fire his ass too. Learn to fucking read.

      • Really?

        10 years after that first incident he worked next to this guy knowing the university turned a blind eye to him fucking 10 year olds. Could you work 10 years next to a guy you knew would go molest a boy after punching his time card?

    • Can

      I mean… He didn’t follow up to make sure those babies buttholes were ok. That’s fireable in my book. It wasn’t pressing on his mind since it wasn’t his butthole, I guess.

    • Tim

      FYI, there is some sort of whistle blower law in PA that protects from losing his job over this issue. Not sure if it protects him from being charged criminally (probably not?) but I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of it with regard to him. I’m an atty and don’t quite understand the law. On one hand you want to protect someone from being fired because had McQueary not reported it who knows if Sandusky would still be doing this, but on the other hand you can’t give someone carte blanche protection just because they passed information on to a superior.

      • BE

        Sadly, Mike McQueary will likely get a pass legally because prosecutors will need adult testimony to ensure Sandusky goes to jail. And of course, McQueary will hid behind – “but I told the boss” and he didn’t do anything about it. Don’t we all wish he’d told a cop? Over ten years I’m sure he could have found a way to get police involved without revealing himself. Could easily have said someone else must have witnessed it and reported it because it went on for so long.

        I guess if you can ignore seeing the first victim then you can ignore all of them, huh?

  5. Hellz yeah Fish, go get em! I would flip out if that happened to my kid and someone used that logic. Flip oooouuutttt.

  6. mapaiko

    Right on. As a fellow Pennsyltuckian I understand the JoePa hero worship, but c’mon people…Kids. Got. Raped.

  7. Carles

    Pennsylvania is a fine state, but why the fuck is this even being mentioned on Superficial? Because you’re from PA, Fish? Fuck that. Give us more Lohan titties.

    • sweetwater

      Wow, your compassion is so heartening. I suppose it doesn’t occur to you that as this is a blog about pop culture, and that football for all intents and purposes is part of (extremely) popular culture, its justification for commentary need not be qualified. I don’t recall anyone complaining when the Superbowl was covered last winter. Not to mention that Facebook/Twitter is blowing up with the illogical and asinine comments that seem to pervade our culture these days–think before you speak. And, oh, yes, children were raped. You might want to think some more about how your words will be construed before you let yourself appear like a heartless jerk only concerned with tits that, frankly, aren’t that great. Should have at least called for Lively or something.

    • BE

      Get counseling, Carles.


  8. Dude of Dudes

    “Seriously, just fuck your hero worship. Right in the butt.”

    I laughed until I cried.

  9. wtf

    “If holding every complicit motherfucker who let kids get raped to protect the reputation of a goddamn sports team accountable is a witch hunt, give me a Pilgrim hat and call me Miles Standish.”

    Add me to the growing list of Superficial Puritans.

    • shibs

      Somebody needs to start a “Give Me a Pilgrim Hat and Call Me Miles Standish” FB page. If standing up against child rape equals a witch hunt, we need a lot more witch hunting in this country.

  10. I’m not big into sports so I don’t really know what’s going on, but this guys a pedo covering for other pedos? He’s gotten fired, what about criminal charges and all that?

    USA USA! (sarcasm!)

    • Jimmy

      You’re apparently not into reading non-sports related news either because this story is literally everyone now.

  11. I guess if he was covering for somebody who moonwalked while wearing a sequined glove, things would have worked out differently.

    • want meds


    • Or if he occasionally delivered sermons? I’m sorry, I know Want Meds already gave you the internet blessing of “Exactly.” but I don’t see how pointing out another case actually makes a point.

    • Jackson and his entourage got a Hollywood pass for the boy molestations. This guy, who has a 40+ year career is getting crucified for circumstantial evidence that he MAY have known.

      Point being – if you want to fuck around with boys, be a musician, preferably a racially ambiguous one.

  12. Bianca

    Thanks Fish, this is one of the best things you’ve written so far. The hero worship, while completely ignoring the actual victims, makes me sick to my stomach.

  13. Chelsea

    One of the greatest posts ever. I could write 10 blog posts with all the dumbass fucking status’ and facebook posts I’ve seen. “FUCK YOU GUYS YOURE JUST MAD YOU DIDN’T GET INTO PENN STATE!” (that was a real status). Yes, I’m mad I “didn’t get in” to Penn State and not that kids got raped.

  14. shibs

    I was right there with you until the last line. Seriously, take out the bit about hoping someone else’s kids get raped. I know you’re kidding, but it’s not a thing to wish on anyone or joke about, no matter how astonishingly stupid the parents are.

    That being said, your “give me a pilgrim hat and call me Miles Standish” line is quote of the year worthy stuff.

    I’d tear down every sports team in the country if it would protect one child, so I’m not at all sorry to see Paterno, Spanier and anyone else go.

    And as for McQuery? You don’t walk out on a child being raped and call your dad … you find a baseball bat and tell the old man that if he doesn’t back away from the boy his head will resemble a broken bowl of pudding, then you call the cops. He’s as morally guilty as everyone else and should also be fired, if not prosecuted.

    • Dufresne

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Sophie

      That was exactly my reaction. How do you see a ten-year-old child being raped and walk away? But I wouldn’t just threaten the rapist with the baseball bat, if you know what I mean.

      And yes, the last line of this post is indefensible and should be deleted.

      • BE

        Not really. Anyone with a brain and a heart pretty much feels the same way. Actually doing so, on the other hand…

      • Schmidtler

        yeah, throwing in that line about hoping someone’s kid gets raped just so he can prove he was right at some indeterminate point in time in the future to some unknown anonymous internet poster is flat out retarded, and absolutely destroys any shred of fish’s credibility regarding his feigned compassion for children who are victims of rape.

  15. Randy

    There was no reason to fire him. He didn’t do anything wrong and a bunch of zealous old women wanted a scapegoat so they destroyed the legacy of an old man to satiate their bloodlust. Anyone who thinks JoePa should have been fired is a human toilet.

    • Moron hater

      You are a fucking dangerous human being. I don’t want to ever meet anyone like you.

    • shibs

      A grand jury investigation found credible evidence that he was specifically told by an eyewitness on his staff that a former assistant coachwas performing anal sex on a child in the shower room of his football complex. He reported the incident in much less specific terms to his superiors, and later promoted the assistant.

      He deserves not only to be fired, but to be prosecuted for failure to report suspected abuse.

      • Random

        He reported the incident in the same terms. His bosses turned around and reported in less specific terms. Seriously, read the fucking Grand Jury Report. And at what point after 2002 did Joe Pa promote Sandusky? Because, see, he had retired in 1999. He had Emeritus status, but that isn’t under Joe’s jurisdiction.

        When he attempted to follow up, his bosses told him that it was being investigated. Should he have followed up further? Yes. But he really had no basis on which to go to the cops because he didn’t have any evidence. The GA should have called the cops and proceeded to beat Sandusky’s ass. But no one is mad at him. What about the Director of the University Police who, upon hearing about an investigation in 1998, stopped the investigation and covered that one up, too?

        Joe Pa had to be fired to help the university save face (because a bunch of dumbasses can’t read what really happened), but he’s far from being as complicit as you make him out to be.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Even if it turns out to be a mistake, you REPORT to the police, personally! Don’t leave that for someone else to do. The issue is too important! How can you need that spelled out for you? The kids are all that matters there!

    • Ur an idiot.

    • Samantha

      Pedo alert!

    • Jim

      Wrong. If he knew about it and didn’t do anything, he is as complicit as anyone else. Turning a blind eye doesn’t make him any less culpable.
      The whole lot of them should be fired and charges leveled where possible.
      This is inexcusable.

    • You are obviously recovering from some sort of brain injury. Speedy recovery, dear.

    • Jimmy

      “Should he have followed up further? Yes.”

      There you go. Legitimate grounds for termination. Now go dream your sad football dreams somewhere else you fucking sociopath.

    • Machetero

      Hey Random, this is what you wrote: “He reported the incident in the same terms. His bosses turned around and reported in less specific terms. Seriously, read the fucking Grand Jury Report.”

      I don’t want to read the Grand Jury Report.

      I feel very strongly that if you hear some subtle allegation that someone you work with is raping little kids, you should be pro-active in making sure the situation is investigated. You don’t mention it to your boss and then quietly go about your day.

      If any of these children had been in Joe’s family, or in the families of anyone who’s complicit in the general hush-hush response, I assume that the portions of their hearts that remain human would’ve demanded firm and immediate action, if not an indulgence in pure, blind-with-rage headbashing.

    • Sporange

      How this story didn’t end 10 years ago with a statement that said “I walked in on this motherfucker raping a child in the shower and killed him with my bare hands right then and there” is the question I have.

      I cannot understand the defect of thought that this was reportable to the University and not the police. If Sandusky had killed the boy and it had been witnessed, he would have known to call the police. Why is this different? Convict all these motherfuckers and let the cons sort it out in prison.

  16. TXGRL

    Excellent post. :) It is unbelievable, it makes me sick that so many people are supporting child rape. Because that’s what they’re doing, every time they speak out for any of the subhuman waste involved in this nightmare. There isn’t a punishment horrible enough for these monsters, but I sure would like to see us try to come up with a few ideas.

  17. Gomez abused

    As a 62 yr. old who suffered sexual abuse@ the age of 10 I know exactly what these children will face for the rest of their lives. Instead of taking down everyone you think is to blame why not spare these children more humiliation and being raped by the system again and judge the person that committed these crimes and also offer psychological help to the victims. They will need plenty of psych help to deal with the guilt and hurt these crimes cause to the assaulted.

    • JC

      With all due respect to what happened to you, I don’t think there’s any reason why they can’t find support for the kids AND take down everyone involved. In fact, I think it’s important for people to understand that there should be consequences for everyone involved with such a horrible thing, even if they’re celebrity football muckety mucks. Sure, it’s not going to deter anyone who’s set on molesting a kid, but if it makes one person in a similar situation think, “Gee, it would be super-skeezy of me to know about child molestation happening and not go straight to the cops,” then I, too, want my pilgrim hat.

    • Machetero

      Recovery of the victims is paramount, especially when we consider the decade or so that the victims have lived since their encounters with Sandusky.

      Gutting the infrastructure that cloaked the evil intentions of a twisted individual is also paramount. Had the coddling infrastructure been gutted at any point over the duration of Sandusky’s fucked up escapades, less therapy would be required for less victims.

      Instead, the infrastructure remained in place until now, and the victim list was able to grow however long as it did.

  18. rican

    The real slap in the face is Paterno’s take that in hindsight he should have done more, he prays for these children, great sorrow blah blah blah. Yeah right, his only regret is that not doing the right thing ultimately fucked up his legacy. Fry the old bastard, along with any moron that thinks his football greatness is a waiver for accountability.

    • Lisa

      I’m pretty sure his biggest regret is that he eventually got caught. He’s so sorry for those kids now, but what about 10 years ago when he could have stopped it? Yeah, spare me, old man.

  19. Cock Dr

    Wonderful writing……and I hope that the victims sue the SHIT out of Penn State because apparently the only thing a lot of people understand and care about is money not morals.
    Bring down the whole damned organization; make an example of them.

  20. Good roughing speaks for itself

    . Maybe Joe would’ve intervened if the victims were girls? My rationalization as of why he turned a blind eye. And it’s not perfect. Add me to the moron talk.

  21. Bane


    And it made sense this time…..

  22. Janice

    This is your best post ever. EVER.

  23. Fish deserves the Pulitzer Prize for this one!
    Thanks Dude. Great perspective.

  24. The Sheen

    Football cultists rioted. Another religious scandal.

  25. Anthony

    Can we really blame him for liking tight ends?

    • Anthony, with any serious issue, there’s always a line. And when you cross it, you risk morally deserving to know firsthand just how serious that issue is. Here, you would be buttraped as a ten-year-old child by a late-middle aged glorified gym coach, who would essentially adopt you for a while, abuse you as much as he possibly could, then move on to someone new. So is your dumb pun still funny?

      Also, anyone else think Seth MacFarlane must seriously be considering having Mr. Herbert run over by a Penn State bus?

      • Anthony

        Oh quit being overzealous and get off your high horse. There’s nothing in comedy that shouldn’t be joked about, it’s all about what the target is. I’m not making fun of children being raped, I’m targeting him specifically. I’m making light of the horrible situation, give me a break.

      • That’s kind of my point. Some things are so bad that any joke can’t be truly funny, and to acknowledge that fact can’t help but leave me up on a “high horse.” What you said is so goddamned stupid I can’t help but be above it — no one could. And “targeting him specifically” without acknowledging what he did is like talking about 9/11 while ignoring the Trade Centers.

      • wtf

        msctex is right, this isn’t one you joke about. Ever.

      • Anthony

        You’re gonna bring up 9/11? Really? Wow dude you must be a real fun guy to hangout with, I bet you bring up the twin towers way too often and let me guess…. you support the Occupy Wallstreet movement? If you’re going straight to 9/11 I’m pulling the First Amendment out. The whole point of comedy is to poke at taboo subjects. My point is that you’re probably a hypocrite when it comes to comedy like most people. Ricky Gervais, Daniel Tosh, Louis CK, etc they all poke at this kind of stuff. You may be more of a Jeff Dunham kind of guy though. You aren’t an authority on anything especially comedy which is always the type of person who complains the most. Obviously you’re “offended” so let me leave this by quoting a great man:
        “It’s now very common to hear people say ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights; it’s actually nothing more…it’s simply a whine. It’s no more than a whine. ‘I find that offensive,’ it has no meaning, it has no purpose, it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that,’ well so fucking what?”

      • OK. Let me put it this way. Take any of the greatest comedic minds known to humanity — the guys from Python, Mel Brooks, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Moliere, Groucho Marx, the writers of the second and third seasons of The Simpsons, whoever — and force them at gunpoint to make this situation funny.

        They would fail. But you think you can succeed. Jokes cannot be made about every subject because some things are not funny. Simple as that. And to pretend otherwise says as much or more about the person making the “joke” than even the perpetrator himself. This weird, relatively modern concept that B and C list comedians have a some kind of moral obligation to make light of tragedy is just stupid. Some shit is just shit, cannot be laughed away and — for the love of whatever is holy — shouldn’t be.

        The whole point of comedy is not “to poke at taboo subjects.” It is to be funny. I’m right there with you about the cottage industry “offense” has turned into in this country, and OWS is pathetic. But you’re somehow finding making a stupid, pointless joke as some sort of noble act, and that’s what gets me. Offending me takes an enormous amount of work, but one thing will get me every time, and that’s stupidity masquerading as insight. Well played, sir, well played.

    • j-sin

      Anthony you’re a fucking idiot. Let your kids get raped and see how funny you’d find it then.

      • Schmidtler

        so stating you hope his kids get raped so you can prove how it wasn’t funny for him to crack a joke about a situation involving child rape shows how impassioned you are on the issue of child raping? are you severely retarded? also, maybe you missed the monty python, mel brooks, etc attempts at finding humor in the plague, spanish inquisition, and an endless parade of other such tragic events in human history. if you don’t like Anthony’s comedy stylings, don’t watch his HBO special.

      • Gilbert Gottfried

        It’s still hard to believe a hard working, team player like Sandusky would do such a thing. He wouldn’t call it a day until he got some mud on his helmet. That’s dedication.

  26. Brandy

    Best thing you’ve ever written! Thank you.

  27. lynne

    best.article.ever. i thought it was only dumbasses on my facebook that were trying to defend joepa.

  28. Pat

    I went to Penn State and never once attended a football game. You’d be surprised to know that there are students studying in the library, the student union bldg., in restaurants, bowling, swimming, etc. during a game. I even had professors who poked fun at the whole Penn State Football saturdays thing, one likening them to the pagentry and frenzy of a Nazi rally.

    I’d just like remind people that those that are stupid enough to riot and place football above the welfare of children are not representative of a good portion of the student body who want to graduate and get a job. It would be like coming to America for the first time and seeing the Tea Party all over the news and drawing from them an overall picture of Americans.

    With that said: Joe is ulitimately a coward and NOT a leader of men. Yes, a terrible decision can destroy a lifetime of good works, & now Hamburger University and Clown College are on an even footing with my alma mater in the eyes of many.

    • Drundel

      Would you rather people think the imposter in the white house is a true representative for America?

    • Drundel, just shut up. Did you want him to list every group in America when making his point? He picked a group, deal with it. If it helps you sleep better at night, when you read what was actually a great comment, replace Tea Party with Occupy Wall Street protesters.

      Btw, it’s pretty scary that the only thing that jumped out at you from what he said was the Tea Party bit.

  29. Joe Mama

    If you find what SOME priests do to little boys in The Catholic Church to be reason enough to hate the ENTIRE faith, then you better damned well be burning your Penn State gear too, folks. BOTH institutions had people who covered up atrocities perpetrated by monsters, but you can’t condemn one whole group without condemning the other just because you want someone to root for during Bowl Season.

  30. John

    Very, VERY well said. If I could award you the Pulitzer Prize for Internet Blogging, I would.

  31. Cher X

    “give me a Pilgrim hat and call me Miles Standish”.

    It’s official Fish. I love you.

  32. stratacat

    i don’t have a facebook or twatter but i saw about a dozen douchefucks wearing lions sweaters on my way to work this morning and it took all i had not to kick each and every one of them in the vagina.

    i would be embarrassed and ashamed and outraged if something like this happened to my alma mater. these reactions are unfuckingbelievable.

  33. I wonder if Joe P would have had the same reaction if it had been his kids or grandkids who where thrown up against a shower wall and raped by a 60-something year old guy? Would he have just told the athletic director and let it go at that? I didn’t think so.

    • Machetero

      I keep thinking of that.

      Shit, upon even catching a rumor that their child had been sexually assaulted, most parents are transformed into blood-lusting animals who, while they may not be willing to actually act on their rage, certainly imagine the pain they wish to inflict.

      I imagine Joe, and anyone else who’d heard of the possibility that their good ol’ Sandusky might’ve been a monster, would’ve responded with far greater intent and purpose had the alleged victims been someone they loved.

  34. cc

    One of things I like about SF writer is the jaundiced view he takes of sports, professional and college, and the almost cult-like adulation shown to some athletes and teams. So thanks.

    Penn State in particular seems to be particularly rabid. The fact that a significant number of them rioted in defense of this asshole reveals they are a pack of morons.

    • Snack pack

      Yeah, keep in mind that these are the same idiots who light their own cars on fire when their team wins a silly bowl game. Definitely not the deep end of the gene pool.

    • Snack pack

      UC Berkeley. That matters how? When morons on that campus do stupid shit I call them “stupid shits.” If it was ever found that a longtime coach enabled (or at the VERY least turned a blind eye to) child rape by his best friend, and the university canned his ass, I’d double my donations to the University and call those protesting the “stupidest shits around who originated from a mere oil slick of the gene pool.”

  35. Mia

    Really liked this post. Well written for this serious matter. Good job, Syperficial!

  36. Johnny P!

    Having fucked up a long career as a “respected” coach, husband, father, whatever, he will spend the rest of his life – and beyond- with “The Brackets” now.
    As in:
    “Joe Paterno (who enabled child rape) was celebrated today at a special commemoration…”
    “Joe Paterno (who was found not guilty in 2012 of enabling child rape) was rushed to hospital today with heart complications…”
    “Joe Paterno (who remained silent on child rape allegations) died today aged 92 surrounded by family, etc etc etc.
    The guy will spend the rest of his life with his name always immediately followed by brackets in the news. As it should be.
    I hope the kid from a broken home who got molested in the showers got proper therapy and is OK now, and that Joe Paterno (who enabled said molestation by doing the least possible and letting the chips fall where they may) enjoys the rest of his life reading articles about himself, with his name followed by reminders of what he did (in brackets).

  37. Banester

    Bravo! Nothing makes me sicker than watching those fucks protest Joe being fired. Good thing they care so much about the boys whose lives have been changed forever.

  38. yikes

    Sandusky’s Second Mile Charity is being investigated for pimping out kids to wealthy donors. I kid you not. The disgrace has just begun.

  39. Fester

    I can understand why Penn St. fans compare Joe to the messiah. I can’t look at a picture of his face without saying, “Jesus Christ!”

  40. BeggingForFish

    Fish. Look in my eyes. Are you looking? I LOVE you! Excellent post, excellent logic, and way to call out the fuckheads who keep defending this pathetic man. As others have said, he’s only sorry now that it’s become public and ruined his precious “legacy.” From Penn State to State Pen…

  41. Apparently Penn State students think this is hilarious, as reported by a victim’s sister:

    “I’ve been going to minimal classes, because every class I go to I get sick to my stomach. People are making jokes about it. I understand they don’t know I’m involved and it was my brother, but it’s still really hard to swallow that.”

    • sam

      I heard that too. One joke is that if you got figuratively screwed, you were “sanduskied”.

    • Joe Mama

      This girl chose to go to Penn State after the staff there abused her brother and then did nothing about it?
      I smell bullshit.

      • Schmidtler

        maybe that was part of the coverup – they gave the victim & his family members scholarships to keep quiet? idk, just a guess, but this story gets skeevier and more twisted by the hour, so who knows? it does smell bullshitty though.

    • Gilbert Gottfried

      “but it’s still really hard to swallow that.”

      It was even harder for her brother.

  42. Get over it

    pescado, we have to teach people some common sense. yeah, we come here for entertainment and laughter, but some topics can’t be ignored. I’m one who knocked you for the outcry regarding chris/rihanna posts a while back but eventually understood your message. Its entertainment but its good to bring logic and reason. Not many celebrity sites/shows bring it home like you do. Just giving credit where it’s deserved.

  43. Hilarious

    Seriously, this is a fantastic post. You are right on target my man.

    It is just unbelievable that people worry more about the image of a meaningless game than real children being raped. Wow.

  44. Johnny P!

    “and I hope a professional athlete rapes your kid so I can go, “But look at those Super Bowl rings!” I’m serious, you better tell me if it happens.”

    I know you don’t mean that, man…

    • Schmidtler

      then you seriously underestimate fish’s priorities – being ‘right’ and having others accept his views as being correct is obviously much more important to him than pursuing the truth.

  45. sexybrains

    Those students are either ignorant of the facts or are moralless sickos just like Paterno and the rest of them.

    ‎”Upon learning about a suspected 2002 assault by Mr. Sandusky on a young boy in the football building’s showers, Mr. Paterno redirected the graduate assistant who witnessed the incident to the athletic director, rather than notifying the police. ”

    Every. Single. One. of the people who did nothing to stop that filthy pedophile should go to prison, including Paterno. He is an accessory after the fact and should be charged as such.

  46. Satan's bitch

    Thank you, Fish. Well done, sir, well done.

  47. Clark Kent

    Any comments from Hollywood on this (other than Kucher’s deleted Twitters)? If Sandusky was a famous director and he fled the country to avoid prosecution, would Hollywood rally behind him if he was later threatened with extradition?

  48. Leila

    YOU ARE AWESOME. PURE, RAW, PHENOMENAL,AWESOMENESS CONTAINED ON THIS AWESOME SITE. This was literally the BEST handling of this matter I have seen ANYWHERE. CNN, MSNBC, BBC [I can't bring myself to watch FOX]. THANK YOU.

  49. mind blown

    why arent these idiot students asking why an assistant coach when walking by the shower, seeing a grown man raping a child in the shower, walks away leaving that child to be further assaulted?
    wtf kind of place of higher learning is that place?

    • Jimmy

      One that makes a lot (and I mean A LOT) of money through its football program. What’s one (or ten. whatevs) raped child compared to keeping that football glory, and all the money it brings with it, flowing?

    • BeggingForFish

      EXACTLY!! What the hell is the assistant who SAW THE RAPE still doing at the school?? Apparently he’ll be coaching this Saturday. WHAT?? He. Saw. The. Rape. And he told his boss? Why didn’t he call 911 and say, “Yeah, there’s a guy RAPING a kid in the shower here at Penn State. Can you send a cop? Thanks.” THEN go call your boss. Criminal accomplice, anyone??

  50. DFCtomm

    I had a lot of respect for Paterno, but he has to pay. Now that we’ve eviscerated Paterno’s supporters let’s see what this site can do with those Jackson and Polanski apologists and deniers.

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