Joe Manganiello is Single

September 16th, 2011 // 30 Comments

“That’s right, Skarsgard. And I can do this…”

True Blood star Joe Manganiello is a single man now after calling off his engagement to girlfriend Audra Marie which I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say has nothing to do with the fact that he stars in no less than 8,000 rape fantasies. Probably not a factor. Us Magazine reports:

After about a year and a half of dating, the hunky star, 34, and the model-actress announced their engagement in October 2010; he popped the question during a vacation in Italy.
At the time, Manganiello gushed to E! News of his love: “I always dreamed of finding someone who is beautiful and sweet, equal parts. And I did. From there she’s just unbelievably understanding and compassionate and patient from all the craziness that comes from this job and lifestyle.”
But by spring 2011, a source close to the actor noted he “refused” to set a wedding date. “He [went] completely quiet about discussing wedding details,” the source said.
As his then bride-to-be forged ahead with choosing her wedding dress, her bridal party and even her gift registry, “He [was] clearly having reservations.”

Except here’s the cringe part, ladies. Apparently Joe was spotted with Rose McGowan on Monday, but hey, maybe it’s just a have one-time sex with a chick who’s probably really self-conscious about her face and therefore overcompensates type thing. He strikes me as an old romantic.

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  1. Fred?Eric

    I’m getting a serious gay vibe here lately. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I expect to see Howard Stern’s video parody for Backside Boys “Every Homo” any minute now.


  2. Fred?Eric

    I’m getting a serious gay vibe here lately. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I expect to see Howard Stern’s video parody for Backside Boys “Every Homo” any minute now.


    If you look like RIcky Martin jump into the shower now

  3. ellie66

    man i was all happy til u mention he was seen with UGG rose mcgowen who looks like gross!

  4. Richard McBeef

    It won’t be long and Fish will be posting spunk spattered pics perez hilton style, but fish don’t fuck around with microsoft paint when you they can be made at home.

  5. Venom

    Fish, lol.
    Dude you are off the chain today.
    I think someone went to the store today and got some refreshments early.

  6. Gwen

    He’s not as fun as Skarsgard. This dude just seems like a giant piece of stupid meat with a small penis.

  7. Cock Dr

    He’s ok, in a greasy way.
    That nose will grow as big as a football as he ages. He’ll be able to have proboscis intercourse. Won’t that be fun.
    Got any naked pics? No? Keeping them all for yourself?
    Ok then, what’s next?

  8. youbetcha

    Thanks for taking care of the ladies today!

  9. I hope that picture just caught him the moment he was taking off his sunglasses because if he posed that way, he just rose to the Top Five Douchiest Guys Alive.

    • RB

      That picture seems pretty representative of his personality from what I’ve seen. Comes off as total douche to me.

  10. I have no idea who this is. Am I going to get kicked out?

  11. Satan's bitch

    For about one half of one second, I thought the headline said Joe Mantegna! This guy is a lot better looking at least – but the peeping over the specs pose is definitely on the douchy side.

  12. Joe Manganiello Single
    Commented on this photo:

    I just creamed my panties.

  13. Hey Joe did you hear your ex-fiancee bludgeoned Rose McGowan to death with the engagement ring?

    I guess that’s why they call it … True Blood


    (This is awful, I’m sorry)

  14. Joe Manganiello Single
    Commented on this photo:

    I think the song you meant to put is Hungry Like The Wolf.

  15. suck it

    He looks yummy from the front or the back. Side profile, not so much? But of course, I’d still do him.

  16. billabong021

    Bwahahahahah fish u always crack me up with those music n pic combos :DD

  17. lily

    so sexy, what an amazing bod…wish he was shirtless. every man should take his work out regimen and get on it ASAP because it doesnt get much better than this…

  18. Joe Manganiello Single
    Helena Handbasket
    Commented on this photo:

    This photo inspired a fantasy that caused me to spontaneously ejaculate all over my keyboard.

    Thanks a lot, ‘fish.

  19. Stephy

    Wow he is super hot!

  20. forrest gump

    he is willing to f*ck boy’s legally now………….

  21. Jiner

    he is hot but I thought he was about 43 based on his gray hairs in that beard.

  22. Jillia

    I don’t care if he’s gay. I don’t care if he won’t stay. I don’t care that he hangs out with Rose. I don’t care about his nose. I would fuck that man all day and night. I would fuck him with all my might.

  23. BrandiLye

    This is way late, but I’m so in love. I love this man. What’s his name, again? Doesn’t matter. Does not matter ONE BIT.

  24. Joe Manganiello Single
    Commented on this photo:

    “Wassup, Brandi?”

    “What’s up, Joe? WHAT IS UP, Joe?!”

    Mmmmph. Dang.

  25. mekare

    he is so damned hot&sexy! for me joe is one of the sexiest man alive! he is tall, dark&awesome! his hans are so big, perfect to touch…your negative comments are stupid. you don´t luv him, but don´t talk so bad about him. he is-i´m sure-a very nice&sexy guy. for me&many other women.

  26. mekare

    i mean hands not hans, sorry

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