Joe Jonas Admits He Had Sex With Girls, Smoked The Marijuana Like A Cigarette

“Come along, pussy cat. We’re going to buy reefer from the Negroes. Yeah, see, yeah.”

In a surprisingly candid interview with Vulture, a now mustachioed Joe Jonas talks about his experience with the Jonas Brothers and all the Disney insanity that came with it. He also opens up about all the insanity over their purity rings which he says was just some bullshit they were made to do back when they were attending an Assembly of God church. A situation I can entirely relate to, so my pity might be greater than it should be here. Anyway, he said he was naturally banging fans along with famous celebrities like Ashley Greene [Ed. Note: You’re gonna wanna click that. – SW] and Demi Lovato, who teamed up with Miley Cyrus to get him to smoke pot. The whole thing is worth a read because, for once, Joe Jonas actually sounds like a normal person who suddenly got to have sex with lots of hot chicks but couldn’t tell anybody or Disney would murder and rape his entire family in their sleep like it did to Vanessa Hudgens’. Although, I may have read that last part wrong, but just assume it’s right. It sounds right.

Joe Jonas: My Life As A Jonas Brother – Vulture

Photos: GADE/AKM-GSI, Splash News