Jodie Marsh has ridiculous breasts

August 28th, 2008 // 199 Comments

These are shots of British reality TV star Jodie Marsh at the premiere of Daylight Robbery. Jodie is apparently the scourge of the English celebrity scene and likes to show up at red carpet events in Spandex. Think Andy Dick but with gigantor boobs. That said, don’t tell me this isn’t Britney Spears in 10 years. I mean, just looking at that pouch, I’m convinced this actually is her sent back from the future to warn us about something. But what? Terminators? Global Warming? Heidi Montag? Tell us, Future Britney with Implants! I swear I’ll make eye contact – sort of.

EDIT: Added more pics because, well, yeah….


  1. This is a pornstar with a BELLY?

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  3. Fred

    Her breasts are the size of your tax bills if Obama gets elected.

  4. Doc Schweinstrudel

    What has come out of England!!! English Lady used to be a pattern of elegance,poise,grace and manners and for many centuries people of the world appreciated it. Now it seems the rules in the UK changed: the sluttier you are the more appreciation you get. There must be some limit to bad taste, vulgar, fake, incontigeous!!!


  5. jman

    i’m moving to england

  6. jman

    i’m moving to england

  7. Naddy

    Her nose looks like it has boobs

  8. Brandy


  9. jeffg363

    Seriously the nose looks burnt and smashed.. nice hoots though.. lol

  10. norton

    What is it with England pumping out talentless, fake titted “reality stars”?

    Additionally, she’s fucking fat.

  11. DUDE

    Has no one commented on the fact that her nose is fucking WEIRD??

  12. joey cantalopes

    Nobody noticed that she has a strange nose?

  13. Naddy

    ummm the whole forum is about her nose and her boobs dude #163

  14. billabong021

    Future britney? pffft i wish!

  15. Tim

    Her nose fucking scares me.

  16. surlywench

    Everyone seems to be concerned with the fake tits and smashed nose….but who the hell gets a tattoo of THEMSELVES on their arm? That’s fucking disturbing. I’m sure it will serve as a sad reminder of her fucked up youth when she’s an old sagging crone.

  17. iron

    God, this creature is the worst one yet. She makes Amy Winehouse look like a class act.

  18. dude_on

    She would make a great addition to the royal family. Hopefully one of the princes will tag it and make her the future queen.

  19. I would love to take a SHIT in between her tits.

  20. Yak

    I can handle the gigantic boobs even though I don’t care for fake boobs or the insecure fake women that get them. What I can’t stand is the horrible pig nose and all the tattoos. Why do women think they look good with tattoos? Nasty. I can only imagine what they will look like when they are in their 70′s, very classy.

  21. Pops

    I would so fuck the shit out of that! Those hooters would get a fucken workout!

  22. PSP

    Wow. How many beers did she drink to get a pot like that!

  23. Sher

    HAHA, Steve-O would love her! He’s the only other D-lister I can think of that proudly has a tattoo of themselves!

  24. Dorito Man

    Good lawd. She looks like a tranny.

  25. Jodi

    Those tits are nasty and she looks like a clown with that makeup

  26. joho777

    She looks like she used a paint brush to apply that makeup. And that awful orange fake tan.

    What a pig. She rivals Pamela Anderson for being fake.

  27. lilo


  28. lilo


  29. lilo


  30. jess

    Who the fuck is this BUTT UGLY OLD SKANK?

  31. rabbit


  32. Arioch

    I think her coloring warns of her being toxic. I’m not eating that shit.

    I’m very into women and I can say I find this shit repulsive. some of these comments definitely don’t speak for me.

    Yeah, hott, a woman who’s make-up with get everywhere and look hideous without it. Plus those tits just look fucking stupid. I couldn’t fuck her even if she had the best pussy in the universe and I had a twenty foot long dick.

    I like porn where the chicks look the opposite of this orange frankensteined monster. Plus I like brunettes. Oh and I like my women to be less obviously insecure. Oh and they have to be sexy. and attractive. and less nuclear orange like in color.

  33. J

    My hero.

  34. farty_mcshitface

    good god, this woman looks just like vintage trash. everything about her screams pure sleaze. she is a slight step above amy winehouse but, not by much. she does follow amy’s horrific overuse of eye makeup. got the racoon look going and it looks like shit!!

  35. icarus

    Fake hair: check
    Fake tan: check
    Fake teeth: check
    Fake nose: check
    Fake boobs: check
    Trashy tats: check
    Spackled face: check
    Slutty clothes: check


  36. icarus

    Fake hair: check
    Fake tan: check
    Fake teeth: check
    Fake nose: check
    Fake boobs: check
    Trashy tats: check
    Spackled face: check
    Slutty clothes: check

  37. malicious

    dumb tattoos ‘my crazy life’, ‘only god can judge me’ get a diary or something

  38. moobs

    Not feeling the butchy tats and michael jackson nose.


  39. Narcissist

    Looking raunchy.

  40. camel toe

    That, son, is what we call a sperm receptacle.

  41. Jenine

    Sometimes I’m amazed at what designers with produce. Honestly, who other than this girl would actually wear that? (The top I mean. She actually pulls off the pants and the boots reall well) Her eyelashes are missing huge chunks, but her hair is really nice.

  42. Dan

    Umm, Does she have a tattoo of HERSELF on her arm? What a narcissist! Have some freakin’ taste when you go out, especially if you are some sort of pseudo-limey celeb…

  43. Kristoffer

    What are you all talking about if she was my girlfriend i wud Fuck her and her giant (.)(.) every singel day shes that HOT

  44. Kristoffer

    What are you all talking about if she was my girlfriend i wud Fuck her and her giant (.)(.) every singel day shes that HOT

  45. shay

    how did she manage to get such realistic-looking implants???

  46. Johng952

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