Jodie Marsh has ridiculous breasts

August 28th, 2008 // 199 Comments

These are shots of British reality TV star Jodie Marsh at the premiere of Daylight Robbery. Jodie is apparently the scourge of the English celebrity scene and likes to show up at red carpet events in Spandex. Think Andy Dick but with gigantor boobs. That said, don’t tell me this isn’t Britney Spears in 10 years. I mean, just looking at that pouch, I’m convinced this actually is her sent back from the future to warn us about something. But what? Terminators? Global Warming? Heidi Montag? Tell us, Future Britney with Implants! I swear I’ll make eye contact – sort of.

EDIT: Added more pics because, well, yeah….


  1. Crazy Old Bitch

    Hey, speaking of ridiculous, has anyone else noticed what a ridiculous queer Tom Cruise is?

  2. Amy

    Somebody misses his mommy (50)

  3. Jennifer

    #52 – they all do, all the lil grown up boys. That’s why they’re so easy to manipulate. It gets boring after awhile because there’s no challenge to it.

  4. nelliemosa

    I’ve never felt more ashamed of being British…

  5. big bad bob

    that awesome. nasty … but awesome.

    bah ha ha ha

  6. Pussy Galore

    The Sisters of the Holy Cross called….they want their catsuit back!

  7. dude

    Run for your Rife! BOOBZILLA!!

    I’m a horny guy, but I wouldn’t touch that beastfreak.

  8. Greg

    She needs to get back to her job of ferrying lost souls across the River Styx.

  9. boognish

    Ridiculous breasts? Have you seen her nose?! She looks like the child-catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

  10. Ted from LA

    The Hulkster is looking good.

  11. insecthero

    Yeah, she’s definitely got a Michael Jackson nose going on. The boobs help distract from it at first, but once you see it, you see nothing else!

  12. WTF

    #50 you can suckle for silicone

  13. syn

    I am not easily offended, but this is repulsive.

  14. Beechum

    and a ridiculous nose.

    And damn right I would!!!

  15. Naddy

    Umm yes as a female I know that most men love to watch women like this one in porn videos because they love the whole fantasy aspect of it…when it comes down to it, you cant have a sleeze like her at home having dinner with your parents…unless ur totally f*ed up. At the end of the day the men will have enough of fakes and settle with the real.

  16. I didn’t even realize she had a face until I jerked off like 10 times in 5 minutes.

  17. Mr. Fritz


  18. pippy

    The end of her nose looks like a circumised man’s penis. (get it). Secondly,
    I have great titties compared to hers and I am probably twice her age. It made my day. lol.

  19. Jayfournines

    I’d like to hit that occasionally …but everyone’s right, you can’t take a skank seriously

  20. BikiniCop

    It’s my duty to arrest this bitch in the name of bikini law. To compensate you all for your burn eyeballs, I give you this.

    I know, I know, I can feel your gratitude oozing through the skin. Don’t forget to thank Patrick for his tremendous contribution to humanity on the way out.

  21. BikiniCop

    It’s my duty to arrest this bitch in the name of bikini law. To compensate you all for your fried eyeballs, I give you this.

    I know, I know, I can feel your gratitude oozing through the skin. Don’t forget to thank Patrick for his tremendous contribution to humanity on the way out.

  22. Vince Lombardi

    How much blow do you have to snort to get your nose that red?

  23. SATAN

    hey, at least she isn’t some pompous little wench like montag or hilton. this girl obviously knows she aint foolin anybody, her only reason for being is to be a human blow-up doll. more power to her.

    oh, and FUCK “takin her home to mom and dad”… i mean get a fuckin clue, bitches

  24. Nique

    EVERTHING about her looks ridiculous!!

  25. the sad thing is that if you wiped off half of the makeup and removed the retarded breast implants, she would be gorgeous.

  26. bozo

    She looks like a circus clown

  27. Rob

    she/it is fucking discusting. Is this what women strive to be? She/it looks like a man in drag. Let this be a lesson to you ladies: Hollywood is not worth copying. She looks like a ball of plastic and silicone…gross

  28. Harry Pyoobz

    What is it with British celebitches? They must all get their tattoos at the same crackhouse as Amy Winehouse.

  29. Nor Cal

    #39 YOUR EXACTLY CORRECT, additionally, she’s obviously been not paid enough attention to by her daddy or too much if you know what I mean. she feels the need to be the focus in the room, no matter what it is and sex will get you attention. cheap, easy and forgetfull attn. woo hoo. i’d rather have my man in love w/every part of my entireness and laugh at chix like that cuz at the end of the stamina, she’s gross, annoying and all smeared. ick.

  30. llllllllll

    She makes Phyllis Diller’s eyelashes look like baby infant lashes.

  31. pistolita

    AHHH!!! check out this woman’s “before and after” all of her facial surgery pics.

  32. Chenush

    I didnt know Michel Jackson is still alive.

  33. OhMyFuckingGod

    The mere fact that this chick is a “celebrity” in England speaks volumes.

    And thanks for ruining TV with the invention of mainstream “reality” shows. Now thats all we have here and to make things worse, there is a person with an annoying British accent on every one, which makes them all that more unbearable to watch. Thanks a lot.

  34. pistolita is stupid

    Your link shows this woman before and after MAKEUP. I don’t know how much you would have to search to see a pic of this thing before surgery. To my utter surprise, I just discovered she is only 29!

  35. Deacon Jones

    Too bad our secretaries at work dont look like this, I think everyone would be a lot more mellow.

    “Uh Miss Jennings, can you stop by my office” (finger on speaker button)

    “Sure Mr Jones. What’s the problem” (popping bubblegum, twirling hair)

    “Well, these TPPT spreadsheets are driving me fucking insane, and my fiance is a devil-bitch. I need some head, STAT”

    “OK” (puts down nail filer, reapplies lipstick)

  36. Melissa

    She has a ridiculous face, too. And by ridiculous, I mean disgusting.

  37. ana

    those boobs are natural

  38. Lipper

    Guess what? TCLTC!

    Oh. Someone said it already. Damn! But I STILL love typing it. Mmmm good times.

  39. bryce

    come and marvel at my daughters awesome booooobage

  40. rough daddy

    oh my god, could they be real? any brit cockmans in here, know about this krazy bitch? she looked fine before the surgeries, homely but fine!!!

  41. Deacon Jones

    Nice extra pics FISH.

    This is the kind of girl who calls you “daddy” in an 8 year olds voice while your fucking her. Totally insane, the perfect type

  42. jimbob

    She seems like a very nice person, and I would be pleased to eat her someday.

  43. gross

    It looks mantastic

  44. ummm...yeah

    remember to take some antibiotics BEFORE and AFTER you fuck that.

  45. Mike

    Her breasts are quite wonderful its her eye make-up that is most ridiculous !!!

  46. moi


  47. dr moe

    She was diagnosed with having Michael Jackson Syndrome

  48. #84 is a dick.

    cause u obviously are.

    big deal. i made a little mistake… u were right- that was a pic of her without makeup, not before surgery. there are therapists u can pay to help with your anger issues.

  49. sameshitdifferentyear

    I can smell the cigarette smoke breath and cheap faux designer perfume from here.

    Completely fake and washed up, if she was seafood she would be the crap you scraped off and left on the side of the plate…… and there’s not one guy that wouldn’t jump if she gave a signal to have the wildest night of their fucking lives.

    Common sense and common decency are two totally different things.

  50. Feminist

    But I have intellect and mroals! (gobble gobble, slurp, gulp)

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